The Brotherhood Bot Project

** The Brotherhood Bot Project **
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The Brotherhood Bot Project :
In its most basic form the project gives you four new bots to challenge yourself with. The fun and fascinating part of the project is that the four bots are actually "replicas" of The Brotherhood, designed to act and fight much like their respective members. In other words, there are four bots, Brother Phthora, Brother Kato, Brother Seppuku, and Lost Sister, and each one of the four fights and acts like their human counterpart does, i.e. the Brother Phthora bot prefers the same weapons I do, runs a map in the same style I do, etc. This of course, is limited by the AI technology of the bots themselves, but will surely bring you a challenge in a new and different way.

If you're looking for bots that could easily have been mistaken for being left out of the original package by ID, then you'll be surprised by this one. As stated earlier, these are designed to be replications of The Brotherhood, which excludes them from your standard run-of-the-mill bot. No new models have been created, but new skins to give The Brotherhood a distinct look have been. The Project also includes custom sounds to further exemplify the personalities of each bot. And of course, new chat texts, weapon weights, etc -- you know, all that makes up a bot! And having said all that, it is now necessary for me to make the standard disclaimer.

** WARNING!!! **
Whereas Quake III is rated MA for mature audiences, THIS GOES DOUBLE FOR THE BROTHERHOOD BOT PROJECT!!! To maintain the aspect of personality replication, the bots say and do things HIGHLY un-botlike!

You have been warned.

The idea behind the project is simple. It will provide you with the opportunity to play against The Brotherhood at your own leisure. Of course, it won't be as much fun as the real thing, but if you can't have that, then this will do. Good luck, and above all, have fun!!!

The Brotherhood Bot Project
Creation : Brother Seppuku
Design : The Brotherhood
Skins : Brother Phthora
Sounds : The Brotherhood
Programming : Brother Phthora

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