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Four Feet Under - A collection of games that never made it.


Northwest Airlines: Flight of Fear -- It's obvious I hate Northwest. So I made a game off of it, sort of like Hell-I-Chopper. The weird thing fly a CHOPPER....? There's a nice explosion when you die that makes the game worth downloading.

Hell-I-Chopper -- This 2-D helicopter shooter almost made it, but died of some stack space errors. Hit almost any key on the keyboard and you will fire a cool weapon. It has two completed levels with little challenge.

Super Blario Mothers 6 -- Ugh, how embarassing. This was a small engine for a 2-D game with a tree and a cloud and the option to jump, but I tossed it to work on Population: Zero.

Untitled Flight Sim -- This flight sim is a little better than Blario Mothers, with the ability to shoot down an enemy jet with your guns. And that's basically it.

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