Here's the obligatory (ooh big word) links section. Just make sure no pandas see where your going, the infestation has already spread far enough...

Oh and a disclaimer, some of these are VERY ODD! View at your own peril.


Anarchius who?
the official site of the up and coming local band (well, sorta), anarchaius.

Nick's World
another friend owned site. this one got itself restricted on aol. i think it has something to do with the dancing communists :)

Lena's Page (old, never updated version)
Another site of a friend. this one is just getting started.

The Schwartz's Lair
okay, so it hasn't been updated since 98, it's still one of the most original websites i've ever seen.

Area 51's MST3K Sound Vault
a collection of sounds from one of the funniest shows EVER.

Toshi station
a star wars/ 70s pop culture site.

a collection of interactive, internet based art.

The Captain James T. Kirk Singalong Site

the homepage of one of my favorite  tracking groups.

Outpost Daria
a good collection of Daria related stuff.

the best site I have seen when it comes to console rpg type thing-eees

Googleshng's page of rantings
some nice rants and the SCARIEST ANIME PICS IVE EVER SEEN

The Losman's Lair of Horror
movie reviews for REALLY odd movies

The Misanthropic Bitch
a funny, only partly serious opinion page

"The problems of the future, today!"

Mr T vs Everything
pretty self explanitory

The Hampsterdance
dancing hampsters! AAAAAHHHH!