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(Last Updated: 21 September 2009)


This page is basically an extension of the Links to Other Kinder Surprise Sites section. Here, I will highlight one site per month that I think is particularly worth visiting. Sites considered for inclusion in this section will be ones that are of real value and usefulness to collectors in some form or another. Sites not considered will be those that merely contain peopleís swap lists or that havenít been updated for about five years and are thus not terribly relevant any more.


I alone decide the winner, but feel free to e-mail me if you think a site deserves accolades here. As long as you donít nominate your own site, Iíll consider it! However, at the moment Iíve already got quite a few sites lined up Ė just have decide who will win in what month!


Click here for the Winnersí Archive. Or scroll on down to see which site had the honour of winning the September 2009 Kinder Surprise Site of the Month award.




Collectorman's Web Site

The author of this site was formerly based in Eindhoven in the Netherlands, but now lives in Belgium. This site is devoted not only to Kinder Surprise toys, but to Yowies, Choco Eggs, Mondos, Tazos (or Flippos) and assorted cards. Some great photos of recent Kinder variations. Impressively up to date, and everything is in English too.


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