About Me - And My Best Friend


(Last Updated: 15 January 2016)


Many people who create Web sites include a page of information about themselves. So this is my personal info page. But you can also read about my best Friend. More about Him shortly.


First though, a few words about me. I have been born and bred in Wellington, the capital of New Zealand, It is also the world's southernmost capital city. Anyway, I am also 43 years old and have lived in Wellington for most of my life. But between 1982 and 1984 I lived in Washington, D.C., America's capital. At present, I’m unmarried and have no children.


My education was at Scots College (where my favourite subjects were French, History and English) and Victoria University, from which I graduated with an Honours degree in French. I am a man of letters and love languages, being fluent in French and German, and also reasonably well acquainted with Spanish and Norwegian. For a job, I presently do freelance translation, with about 95% of my work being from German to English. Translation is a great job for me because it combines my main skills of analysing and understanding foreign languages with the enjoyment that I get from writing in the English language. It is my career, but I would like to move from freelancing to permanent work some day. For the time being though, I’m quite happy doing freelancing. I trade under the name of WriteWord Translations. Remember that name if you need a German, French or Spanish text translated!


Above all else these days, I like to read the Bible, the Word of God, and visit Web sites such as Kjos Ministries, Way of Life Literature and Chick Publications. I also enjoy listening to sermons on SermonAudio, and my favourite preachers include Jason Cooley, David Cloud and Scott Markle. I have Facebook and Twitter accounts too, but am not into social networking all that much. Collecting is my principal hobby. In addition to Kinder Surprise toys, I also collect (or used to collect) Yowies, Smurfs, Mondos, Kiwi Folk, diecast toy cars (mainly Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Siku and Fun Ho!, but many other brands are also represented in my collection), Whitman's Looney Tunes, Crazy Zoo toys and books (particularly series like the Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew and Three Investigators). While I don't collect McDonald's toys, I do like getting those related to my other hobbies (so I have a few McDonald's Hot Wheels cars and Smurfs). And I quite like some of the Snoopy World Tour toys. Similarly while I don't collect cereal or trading cards seriously, I have accumulated quite a few of these over the years.


In addition to Bible study and collecting, I like creating Web sites, playing simulation games on Steam (especially Euro Truck Simulator 2, Microsoft Flight Simulator X, Train Simulator 2016 and OMSI 2), surfing the Internet, talking to people on Facebook or MSN, reading a good book, having a brisk walk and watching the occasional bit of TV (nowadays I’m really only into quiz shows like The Chase Australia and Millionaire Hot Seat, and I just love University Challenge—go Victoria!).


I don't play any sport, but love watching or listening to cricket, and also quite enjoy rugby and American football (having lived once in Washington, D.C., I support the Washington Redskins). Another sport I like is baseball, and I support the Washington Nationals and Baltimore Orioles.


Some things I don't like so much include Harry Potter books and films, Twilight books and films, and basically anything that promotes occultic concepts or practices, the regularity with which Australia beats New Zealand in just about every sport going (though we’ve done all right against them in rugby and even cricket recently!), dogs, heavy metal music (or any sort of rock music), the occult (Harry Potter books are full of it, by the way), station wagons (no personality!), passive smoking, religious bigotry and hypocrisy, Aussie flies, the Wallabies, the Dallas Cowboys, the New York Yankees, Brussels sprouts, bullies and bad traders.


Some of my favourite cities and towns include Wellington (my home town – best place there is!), Wairakei, Washington, D.C. and Niagara Falls. There are also a few places that I would not be in a hurry to visit again, but I shall refrain from mentioning them lest I offend anyone who comes from them and chances to read this page.


My general political views are mostly right of centre, but I am in favour of New Zealand becoming a republic one day, as I think we are an independent nation and are mature enough to be ruled by a New Zealand Head of State, democratically elected by the people. However, if we do go down that road, I think we need to give careful consideration to what form a New Zealand republic would take. Meanwhile, the current system seems to work pretty well. Another thing I favour is a new flag, preferably one without a Union Jack and with a silver fern (the current flag is too much like the Australian one, anyway.) So I will be voting for Kyle Lockwood’s design in the March referendum. Also, I am opposed to nuclear weapons. Going back to the right wing, I am against abortion (I consider the murder of unborn children, for that is what abortion is, to be one of the biggest abominations of the modern age) and euthanasia, the legalisation of cannabis (or any hard drugs) and the legalisation of gay "marriage". (Marriage was created by God to be between a man and a woman—the Western world’s opinions on marriage might have changed in recent years, but God is eternal and His values and laws never change. It is to New Zealand’s eternal shame that this country has now legalised same-sex “marriage”.)


OK, now I said I was going to talk about my best friend (or rather, Friend). His name is Jesus. If you want to find out more about Him, and how you can get to know Him personally, like I do, click here.


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