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Gonna Get Dis Crunk? V 3.0

Formally known as:
Da ‘NSYNC Page

Welcome to Gonna Get Dis Crunk! I finally moved! First and foremost, I have to give a special thanks to everyone who has let me use pictures, sounds, news, etc. Especially The Official 'NSYNC Page Also a very special thanks to NSYNC for their music and for the positive message they have given.

"The advice we always give is to just stay dedicated to it, and always have something to fall back on" ~Lance Bass
“Always try your best, if there’s a weak spot, try to work on it,try and put all your effort and focus into it”~Joey Fatone
“You could be a nobody one day and a big star the next day, and be a nobody the day after that”~Chris Kirkpatrick
“Have respect for everyone”~JC Chasez
“Whatever your dream is you have to practice your craft and make it the best that it could possibly be” ~Justin Timberlake

--Quotes taken from ‘NSYNC: ‘N the Mix

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