05/10/01 - I have revamped and redesigned my movie rating system, due to some existent inconsistencies

05/05/01 - I am in the midst of redesigning my site, and the first changes are in effect now.  I have seperated the site into two sections, (which contains my reviews and listings of movies I've seen, theater and video) and (a listing of movies coming theaters, and video release dates.  Please let me know what you think


My revamped rating scale for reviews.  The ratings are classified by how much I would spend on seeing it, if I could rate the price by the entertainment value of the movie.  Click on the titles to see the review.

$$$$$ Worth whatever you have to pay to see it
$$$$ A definite full price feature, a matinee would be a bargain
$$$ Matinee at best, even a good rental, nothing more
$$ If there's nothing else at the video store and reruns on TV
$ Don't waste your money, free is too much to pay for this one.

2001:A Cinematic Odyssey  

Scoreboard (as of 01 June 2001)

Number of movies I've seen: 56
Average rating:

Number of 2001 releases 24
          - In Theater: 24
          - On Video: 0
Number of 2000 releases: 32
           - In Theater: 6
           - On Video: 26

Theater Video
Moulin Rouge ($$$$$) Shadow of The Vampire ($$$$)
What's The Worst That Could Happen  ($$) Vertical Limit ($$)
Pearl Harbor ($$$) All The Pretty Horses ($)
Angel Eyes ($) Duets ($$)
Shrek  ($$$$) What Women Want ($$$)
Knight's Tale, A  ($$$) Urbania ($$$$)
One Night at McCool's  ($) Miss Congeniality ($$)
Mummy Returns, The  ($$$$)
Memento ($$$$)   Tigerland ($$$$)
Tailor of Panama, The ($$$)   Bamboozled ($$$)
Blow ($$$$)   Hamlet ($$)
Bridget Jones's Diary ($$$$)   Million Dollar Hotel   (0)
Along Came A Spider  ($$)  
Someone Like You  ($$$)   Dancer In The Dark   ($$$$$)
Caveman's Valentine, The  ($$$)   Tao of Steve, The  ($$$)
Enemy at The Gates  ($$$$)   Eel, The  ($$$)
15 Minutes ($$$)   Wonder Boys ($$$$)
Mexican, The ($$$$)   Under Suspicion  ($$$$)
Sweet November ($$)   Beautiful  ($)
      Drowning Mona (0)
3000 Miles to Graceland ($)   Woman on Top  ($$)
Quills  ($$$$$)   Groove ($$)
Save The Last Dance  ($$$)    
Hannibal ($)    
Chocolat  ($$$$)    

2001:An Oscar Odyssey: My Picks and Rambles on the Oscars
Nominees for 73rd Academy Awards

A Dose of Reel-ality - My 2000 Year in Review

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  (Release dates courtesy of Upcomingmovies)

Theater     Video
May 27th   May 22nd
Pearl Harbor     Before Night Falls
    Requiem for a Dream ($$$$$)
    Vertical Limit ($$)
June 1st     May 29th
Animal, The     House of Mirth, The
Moulin Rouge Traffic ($$)
What's The Worst That Could Happen     Shadow of the Vampire ($$$$)
June 8th   June 5th
Evolution   Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon ($$$$)
June 15th   June 12th
Atlantis: The Lost Empire   Cast Away ($$$)
Tomb Raider  
June 22nd June 19th
Dr. Doolittle 2 O Brother Where Art Thou ($$$$)
Fast and The Furious Pledge, The
Proof of Life
Save The Last Dance ($$$)
  State and Main ($$$)


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