Into the darkness, I step, cautiously, but rudely pulled in, once I've broken the threshold, the dark cloak surrounds me

my exit disappears, my path, fades..I am forced to wander, alone,through the murkiness, through the unknown

moving forward, but going nowhere, sinking, falling, yet moving, towards an invisible, unattainable goal,

climbing the mountain..yet feeling it sliding down as i do, the goal, unseen, but there

...worth fighting for...worth working for, yet not known.

Easier to go back..give in..yet unsatisfying..the climb to the top, the effort required

seeming futile, seemingly hopeless..trodding forward only on faith

until that moment,when the darkness cracks, the view becomes crystal clear

and the effort,the work seems worthy, the joy, the prize, overcomes you..

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