Galaxy Quest

Date:    December 30th, 1999


Jason Nesmith - Tim Allen
Alexander Dane - Alan Rickman
Gwen DeMarco - Sigourney Weaver
Fred Kwan - Tony Shalhoub

Director: Dean Parisot

As a result of the Star Trek TV series which ran for about 7 seasons, we now have a fanaticism and following that Gene Roddenberry could not have possibly imagined. Born out of this simple show, were movies, other TV series, conventions, and fan based organizations. All of which have gone far beyond the realm of just like minds gathering together. It was only a matter of time before Hollywood pointed it’s eye at this area of society, and this year has brought a couple of examples. I have not seen the documentary "Trekkies" yet, but I am curious to, however, I have now seen Galaxy Quest which is an obviously Trek inspired spoof. The previews made it appear as if this would be a complete cornball film. This may have scared some people off, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Galaxy Quest was a television series that faded into the sunset, while it’s stars attempt to continue on by capitalizing on their fame. The lead is Tim Allen, in true Shatneresque egotistical mode, along with Rickman, channeling Leonard Nimoy, Weaver, vamping it wonderfully, and Tony Shalhoub, proving again that he steals scenes in any movie he is in. Together, they are a near perfect ensemble, providing the right amount of intelligence and mockery. They, along with spirit of this movie, walk the line of never taking themselves, or their characters too seriously, yet not making light, nor fun of them. This movie really could’ve been something pointless, brainless, and utterly silly, the difference here is that the screen writers scribed an intelligent script, with just the right doses of humor, intelligence, emotion and reality. There’s even a message that die hard fans can rally around.

Galaxy Quest is obviously inspired by Star Trek and Star Wars. However it also looks at societies view on celebrity status, the way stars see themselves and the way we see them. This is a topic that EdTV tried, and slightly failed to do, but Galaxy Quest hits the mark. The only stumbles come when some of the jokes fail (ala Mystery Men) and an unnecessary romance subplot that I could’ve lived without. These are minor stumbles, but not complete collapses, because again, the intelligence of the script never lets the movie fall apart. Yes, it is totally predictable. Yes, it has good guys, bad guys, cheesy catch phrases ("Never give up, never surrender, I was waiting for "To infinity and beyond next") and self referential mockery. Yes, like the Star Trek movies, Galaxy Quest plays out like an extended version of a television series. The plot is simple, and completely predictable, not requiring much thought, but it is also totally, and completely entertaining!

Ultimately, Galaxy Quest lets you turn your brain off, and still enjoy the film. It reiterates the oft forgotten premise that movies are made to be entertaining and fun while also being intelligent and still carry home a message. Sometimes, if you let go of reality, you can discover who you really are. Living in a fantasy world can delude you, but if you allow it to, can also open your mind and eyes to realities around you. Even helping you discover what is most important in life.

Galaxy Quest is a total blast, a wild fun ride. It is a simple move that you makes you smile, makes you think, touches your heart and gives you a whole new perspective on fan conventions, fanboys, and overzealous, get-a-life people in general. Take this quest, never give up, never surrender, just see it!  ($$$ out of $$$$)

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