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Miles Logan - Martin Lawrence

Detective Carlson - Luke Wilson

Deacon - Peter Greene

Tulley - Dave Chappelle

Director: Les Mayfield

Previews:  Mystery Alaska (finally, this one's coming out, getting tired of the previews), The Best Man, Dog Park, Stuart Little


I was not really sure what to expect when I sat down to watch Blue Streak. The previews, made it seem like a rather one-note comedy, which could be drilled to death early, and never recover. Also, I worried, that the film makers tipped too much of their hand, by showing all of their funniest scenes off to get us in the theater, then not being able to support that with an entertaining movie. Then I stopped, in my mind, and said, Shut Up!, it's a movie, quit thinking, and sit back, and enjoy it for what is supposed to be, entertainment.

So on that basis, here’s what I thought of the movie. It is advertised as a Martin Lawrence comedy, and fans of his TV series will not be disappointed, he is at his normal manic best. He slips in and out of characters, and throws a lot of energy into this character. I just felt like sometimes he was trying too hard, when he really did not need to. Blue Streak would work for me, with even a toned down Martin, because it’s another in the long line of buddy-cop movies, and it both pays tribute, and adds some new touches to that genre. Actually, Dave Chappelle, as his "partner" in crime so to speak, steals most of the comic moments and made me laugh more than Martin did. See him in 200 Cigarettes, and in the uproarious night club scene in The Nutty Professor, for more of his talents. Also, Peter Greene, a name you may not recognize, but a face you definitely would, plays the perfect and required bad guy here. He does it well, with calmly chilling, and spooky look, see The Usual Suspects (my favorite movie, in case you didn’t know), he’s Redfoot, or Pulp Fiction, he’s in the ummm, hardware store scene, and that’s all I have to say ‘bout that.

Down side, Luke Wilson really looks out of place here, playing the action, comedy, straight man, whatever you want to call him. It just doesn’t fit him, he’s more at home with his aloof cluelessness in more edgier comedies than this one, I loved he, and brother Owen, in Bottle Rocket, here, Luke seems a little lost,

On with the movie, I loved the idea, the irony of hiding a jewel in an abandoned building, then have it be a police station. What is even more enjoyable is where they take it after that, they pay homage to Lethal Weapons, as most buddy cop movies do, without ever losing its entertainment factor or focus. Okay, time for me to put the critical hat back on, while I wrap this us *clearing my throat*

Ultimately, Blue Streak leaves most of its funny moments in the previews, but never lacks watchability. The story is a bit predictable, but also original in points, with Martin trying to seemingly save a ship that’s not sinking. The performances all fit, with the exception of Wilson, who seems to stand out a bit here, and the ending a bit silly, but in the overall scope of being entertaining, which is what Blue Streak’s intent is, it is a success. A matinee here would not be a waste, Martin fans may like it more, but I believe you will too, and if you do go, save me a seat, and a doughnut. ($$1/2 out of $$$$)

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