06/05/01 - 10:58 am

Dear Alicia

Felt the sunrise in my mind
A day I wasn't sure I'd find

'Cause the night time always brings the rain
But this morning I just don't feel the pain

And I have searched for so long
But now you're here and here to stay

Sometimes sis, my own words, poetic or not, effective or not, good or bad, cannot reflect or say it as well as someone already has.  Sometimes the key is not knowing what words to say, but which words, even if they have been said before, the key is in the utilization, rather than originality.  Knowing when to say something is just as important as knowing what to say.  Also, knowing when to shut up, and let someone else do the talking (obviously something I'm not very good at)..so I'll leave it with this:

Welcome back Cameron, this is the first of many steps.  Every great journey, whether travelled before, or for the first time, begins with one step, one small step, which turns into a series of small steps, and before you know it, and look back, you've come so far, without even knowing it.  You've brought happiness and relief to those who have waited so long to see your smile again, hear your voice again, and see that light in your eyes once more.  Stay strong, be patient, keep fighting, know that love, and true friendship, will always prevail, if you just believe in what you know, and trust in what you believe.

The light in your eyes
The warmth of your breath
The feel of your hand
In mine

Something new every day
And every little thing you say
Now I can feel my heart again
That's just somethin that I thought would never mend

Now I can feel the tears wellin' up
'Cause now you're here and here to stay

The light in your eyes
The warmth of your breath
The feel of your hand
In mine

Light in Your Eyes - lyrics by Ron Fenton, performed by Deep Elder 

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