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By Xavier

Part Two: When Itís OverÖ

It had been over three weeks since the mysterious stranger had left her apartment, leaving a note and one of the best cup of coffee she had ever tasted behind. Ace, such a strange name, Allison mused, staring at her own console, but not really seeing it. The information kept scrolling down with her command, but she wasnít reading.

Her case was dead, and her protest went unheard. The boss wasnít going to tell her who took over the case or even if it was being investigated. All he said was for her to just forget about it. There was nothing she could do about that now, of course that didnít make her feel any better. Her partner, Josh had said the same thing to her. Come on, Ally, just forget about it, itís out of our hands, thereíll be something else come along and keep us busy enough, he told her with his boyish grin a few days ago.

Well, she probably had to take his advice now. It was not something she did often, but exception had to be made every once in a while.

But she wished that the woman would not just disappeared entirely, though.

That was probably the only thing she allowed herself to think about that involved with the case. There was no evidence, of course, to suggest that this woman was involved in anyway. Actually there was no evidence of anything, and she was the one that was standing in the middle of the room. But Thomas was so sure that she was, somehow.

And that she played the important part.

"Hey," a sound coming from behind her made her jump in her seat.

Turning toward the sound, her brain registered, rather slowly, that it was her partner, Josh Carter.

"Whatís up?"

"Nothing," Allison shrugged, watching him eased himself into the seat opposite her. "Why?"

"Well, you looked as if you were light years away, I thought Iíd call you back to Earth." He said with a chuckle.

"Right." Thomas murmured; her voice low.

"Are you still fuming over the case?" Carter frowned as he recognized that look on her beautiful face, the look he would see everytime something at work wasnít going her way. "Youíve got to let this go, there will be a new case for us to have a headache over soon anyway."

Thomas resisted the urge to roll her eye at the truth in the statement.


"Do you think she will catch on?"

"Yes, soon she will." A deep voice echoed in the empty space. "She is, after all, the best among us." Words spoken with great distress, a dark shadow leaned against one wall, while the other standing still. "But if we could just elude her for a while longer, just long enoughÖ Just long enough for father to finish, then we might have a chance."

"Sometimes, I think all weíve ever done were just futile."

"No," came the firm reply. "All of thisÖ. It has to mean something."

"I hope so, Brother."

"Now we better get going." The one that was leaning against the wall said after a moment of silent. "You know what to do, right?"

"Yes," the other nodded.

"Make sure she found what we want her to find, and nothing more."

"Itíll be really hard, you know how she is."

"Yeah I know, but try, for now we just need her to be away, after that, it wonít matter much."

Another nod and the two shadows stepped away from each other; then each headed off in the different direction.


Ace was, once again, in disguise.

Standing in front of one of the largest club in the city, she stood tall, her hair cropped short, the skin darker, hair lighter. Her deep green eyes searching the crowd that were waiting to get inside the club, there was no one she recognized, no suspicious character.

There will be plenty of those once Iím inside anyway, she thought to herself as she stepped forward and the doorman let her in without questioning her. There was always easier to use other peopleís identity, especially when the identity she used was one of the regulars.

She had taken the identity earlier in the evening, just a small sample of the DNA and she was more than ready to change. She couldnít help a small smile that came to her face as she thought of the real person that she hid away in one of the warehouse.

She didnít hurt him by any means, simply drugged him enough to keep him unconscious for the next ten hours. She hoped that it was enough time for her to find out what she needed to know, it would certainly be such a mess if he woke up before she could get back and return him to where he should be.

She stepped through the doors into the completely different world from the outside.

The music blasted in the deafening volume, mass of bodies moving, grinding. Spotlights shone in different spots and Ace could see tables scattered around the large room. A long stretch of counter against one side and she headed toward it.

"Good evening, Mr. Larson."

Ace turned leaned against the counter top, looking at a young man in white shirt and bowtie, one of the bartenders, "good evening." She replied.

"The usual, sir?"

"Yeah," she replied taking a seat on one of the empty stool.

A moment later a small shot glass was in front of her, and she drank it down in one gulp. Alcohol had no effect on her physiology, of course, but sometimes the feeling of fire burning down her throat was a good enough for her. Tonight, however, she couldnít let herself enjoy that, she had work to do.

"Anything interesting?" She asked non-committedly.

The same bartender was at her side at once, leaning down and lowering his voice, which, in a place like this, was more of a scream. "Well, there are some parties in one of the room on the side, if youíre interested."

"Which room?"

"Antigravity room."

Ace pretended to be thinking for a heartbeat before nodding in acceptance.

She could almost see the bartender rub his hands together in glee as he gesture for her to follow him. She got up from the stool and followed him into one of the doors on the side. These doors were not hidden, but simply locked and those who had the money or the privilege were the only ones that could enter.

Behind the door was a hallway, and along both sides of the hallway were more doors.

Ace looked around her and committed every single detail into her memories; this would come in handy later, she decided, if she had to raid the place. She almost didnít stop when the young man in front of her stopped at one of the doors.

She shook her head mentally and looked at the door that was being opened for her, there was a small sign in a shape of feather on the door, but other than that it was in no way different from the other doors around them. As she started to step inside, the man looked expectantly at her and she remember to thrust a few folded up bills in his hand.

The young man looked in his palm with a satisfied grin, then turned and walked away.

Well, guess that is enough; Ace thought to herself before entering the room.

The synthetic human had never really understood the concept of tipping, she knew what it was, but she never really understood the reason that it was required. To her, people in the service meant they were in the service and it was their job to serve and they all got reward for it in the form of wage, so why was it important to give extra amount of money? For doing their job? For doing their job well?

She stopped the train of though as she found that the room was larger than it appeared. Standing in the dressing area, there were a few people getting dress in the suit that decided specially for this room. Personally she wouldnít need to get change, but simply take off what she was wearing on the outside, though the color of her outfit would look strange, since everyone else was wearing some of the most colorful outfit she had ever seen. Well, except the ski outfits that she had seen in the history files in her lessons. Some of those people in the 20th century had such weird taste in clothing.

After waiting for the other to leave she pulled one suit out of the locker and proceeded to put them on.


Thomas pinched the bridge of her nose and close her eyes tightly, true to her partnerís word, she was now having a major headache over the new case that just suddenly landed on her desk. It was nothing new, just homicide, this time there was no twist, no mysterious woman leaping out of the window.

And she didnít know if it was a good thing or a bad thing.

On one hand she shouldíve been happy to have this rather ordinary case to follow instead of the impossible one like the last one, but on the other hand no homicide was ordinary. At the moment though, there was a definite lead for them to follow and she expected this case to be close within a week and the killer in the locked-up then moved on to other things.

Opening her eyes, she ran a hand through her blonde hair, Thomas saw her partner standing across the room from her, looking as relax as he ever was. Something that she envious of very much. She didnít know how he made it seemed as if everything was right with the world. Nothing seemed to bother him at all.

Feeling embarrassed at her own thought she straightened up in her chair. The clock on her desktop letting her know that there wasnít much time left before the end of her shift and that she would be free for a quiet evening at home with nothing more than just the her thought as her company. And lately she didnít want to be alone with her thoughts, since they seemed to center on a certain mysterious woman.

Allison had made several inquiries about any attack that happened three weeks ago, but there was nothing, or rather nothing that stand out to her and all of them had both parties, not missing anyone.

She wanted to know if there was any dangerous killer loose somewhere in the city. Thomas couldnít imagine anything that could make the kind of injuries she saw on the womanís back being carried around in the street without anyone take notice. It was just not possible to her, but apparently it was.

Or if anyone noticed, no one was coming forward.

Really, what do you think you are going to find? She asked herself. Or letís be honest here, you really didnít care about the killer let loose, you just want to know something about that woman that had you so stirred up.

Shaking her head at the line of thought she decided to finished up the paper she had in front of her before retired for the evening that she wasnít looking forward to.

Josh Carter looked up and saw his partner shaking her head, and he wondered if she was all right. Allison had been anything but normal in the past few weeks and he was starting to worry. He had never seen her unsettled with anything, not even when the case that landed on their laps were so brutal that everyone hurled. No Allison Thomas was strong and steely and often she was the source of his strength.

He suspected that it was not the previous case that had her like this, it was the woman.

Josh had seen her, only once, very briefly, but he knew that Allison saw her more than that, and possiblyóhe suspectedóinteracted with her as well. He noticed that she made some queries about some attack a while ago and he asked her about it but all he got was some non-committed answer about her hearing something strange.

He didnít believe her.

This saddened him. The thought that there was something that his partner felt the need to keep from him made he wanted to grab her and shake her, hard. He wanted to remind her that they had been partner long enough that she could trust him, even with her personal matters.

Everyone needed to confine in someone, and as far as he knew, Allison Thomas was as private as they come, and she really had no one that was close enough to her that could be her confident. He knew of no one that was closer to her than himself.

Maybe he just needed to make more afford.

Well, start with a dinner.


Floating around the room, a lot of the other patrons looked as if they were high on some kind of drugs or the other. There werenít that many people she could get much information from, but then she didnít think this place would be all that useful. As for the information, she got them all right, just not those that related to her case, but a lot of stuff from other cases that the police would be drooling to get them.

Ace had the inkling that someone was leading her in the wrong direction.

But who could possibly be this careful that she couldnít see it from the beginning.

Ducking the near miss collision, Ace pushed herself against the wall flat, realizing not for the first time that allowing herself to float in the middle of the room and think wasnít the best idea. Not when everyone else didnít seem to be doing any thinking at all while they shot from one side to the other and bouncing around like the drunk that they were.

"Shit!" She exclaimed, as yet again another figure curled up into a cannonball shot her way.

That was when she decided that she had enough for the night, since nothing else she was going to learn in this room would be any useful in her investigation. Though there were a few things that might just help a certain detective in her other cases.

The thought made an unbidden smile come onto her face.

Detective Allison Thomas was different from anyone else she had ever met in her brief time under the sun. Something about her imprinted into Ace eidetic memories, something that she couldnít identify just yet, but hoping that she would, soon.

She still remembered that morning, when she woke up to find the detective fast asleep in the chair beside her, even in her sleep, Ace could see the line etched into her beautiful face from worry. She wasnít sure if the worry was for her, or it was just something else that went wrong that day, but she found herself hoping for the first rather than the later.

She remembered everything about that night: remembered clearly how she followed one of the lead, only to find herself trapped and attacked. Steel claws cut deep into her back, deep enough that she couldnít follow the attacker. Not that she didnít try, she did, but the injury was just too severe and she couldnít keep up and had to stop after a while.

She still didnít know why she went to see the detective instead of just going back to where she was staying and just lick her wound quietly.

With a firm pushed of her hand the prosecutor descent to the bottom of the room, the weightlessness didnít bother at all, on the contrary it was familiar to her and she took comfort in it. But this was not the time for her to even be thinking about rest and relaxation like the environment around her seemed to lure her into so leaving seemed to be the best option for tonight.

There would be more for her to do.

Too little time, she thought to herself.


"You want to go get something to eat?"

Thomasís head snapped up from looking at the drawer of her desk at the invitation. She narrowed her eyes slightly at the slight figure of her partner, Josh Carter. She couldnít remember the last time that he asked her to join him for dinner, except the time that he felt the need to talk to her about something.

And she had a feeling that she would not like it one little bit.

Carter let the silent stretched out for a few heartbeats as he placed both hands flat on the desktop, hovering over his partner, waiting for her to make decision. To be honest, he usually didnít ask her to join him for dinner, lunch maybe and not so often, at that. Despite the fact that they both were single and rarely date anyone, they kept their lives pretty much separate from each other.

It worked well for them over the years, but he had a second thought and wanted to fix that. She was; after all, closest he would ever get to a best friend. Besides, over dinner with a few drinks might loosen her tongue enough to let him into whatever it was that bothering her.

"No, thatís all right. I have a date." Thomas replied after letting the silent stretched.

She returned to packing up and arranged things in her drawer. She didnít need to look up to see the look of total surprise on his face, she already knew that it was going to be there.

"A date?" An unmistakable note of surprise laced into the question.

"Yes, a date." Thomas confirmed the statement again.

She knew that this would surprise him, actually it surprised her more to have said that in a way of refusing his invitation. She wasnít sure why he would asked her to dinner, suspected that it had a lot to do with how she had been for the past few weeks, she didnít feel comfortable with that.

"With who? I meanÖ itís not that you couldnít get a date, but I meanÖ" He stammered, trying to correct his statement, which he knew that it sounded totally horrible the way it came out.

"I have a dateÖ" she stood up, picking up her purse. "With a hot brunette."

With that she walked away, chuckling at the gapping Josh.


The detective made an exit of the building and headed for her car, parking in the parking lot behind the precinct. Sometimes, on a good day she would take public transportation to work, but not this morning, she was a running a bit late to be waiting for the train to get to the station and took her time walking.

She knew why she was late; she had spent last night waking up to every little tap on her window.

Allison bit her tongue when she thought of the statement that she gave her partner. She really didnít need to look back to know that Josh Carter was probably have his mouth hung open wide enough to catch something. Actually she was surprising herself by saying that. The fact that she hoped the statement was true was enough to make her wince internally. It was a strange feeling to be hoping for someone instead of the usual running away from them.

For most of her life, Allison Thomas never had a shortage of suitors.

Stood at 5í8", with her blond hair and blue/gray eyes. Allison Thomas has the body that a lot of people would kill for. The slim, well tone body that she usually hide underneath of loose pants suit and dress shirt, though they would give enough hints of what was underneath that she had, both men and women approaching her.

Walking up to her car, she used the key to unlock the door and tossed her bag and jacket inside before getting in. Sitting in front of the steering wheel-- something that she often used despite the smart chip that the vehicle now a day hadóshe turned the ignition and engaged the auto-drive. She didnít feel like driving tonight.


The car pulled out of the slot and started for the destination set within the memory.

The drive only lasted for twenty minutes, and it was due only to traffic, she forgot how busy the road could be if she leave once her shift was over. More often than not, her job required some late hour work and she didnít mind, as long as she didnít have the evening planned.

And now she remembered why.

Pulling into the garage of her building. She didnít care to notice anything as she exited the car and got into the elevator. Her home was a loft apartment that she bought after her father passed away and left her with considerable heritage, enough for her to buy this place where she would not be able to afford it on her salary alone. It was an old factory building that had been turning into housing unit, large apartments with high ceiling was very desirable these days.

The sun was only starting to set as she entered her quiet apartment. The orange ray of the dying sun shone into the large windows of her living room, the curtains were left open. Normally she wouldnít leave them open like that but for the past few weeks she felt the need to be able to see outside the windows, especially at night, and it was not for the view.

The prosecutor went back to her own place, after she took the unconscious man out and put him in his own vehicle she drove it to the clubís parking lot and left him there after making sure that he would not remember anything about the night. The drug that she used would have after effect like hang over and all he could remember would be a lot of drinks too many and fell asleep in his own car after getting out of a night full of party and drugs.

And to assure that he would remember it that way she went ahead and used several things that the government would deny of their existence. But they were useful, very useful.

After leaving the car in the parking lot there was nothing else she could think of for her to do, she could try and figure out why all of this was happening, and how Derek was involved in all of this. She had thought about it none stop whenever she had the chance, and still nothing her brain could come up with make sense to her. For someone as important and influential as Derek, he was virtually harmless to anyoneís advances. The scientist was more than content to his research and the growth of each new generation of the synthetic ones. Though there was much politics around everything about the projects, about her kind, no one ever target him as someone to be rid of. That much she knew.

Ace stepped into one of the shadowed corners of the building surrounded her, determined now more than ever to solve everything before the other founders were targeted, if they were to be targeted at all.

That would be some publicity for the unit, she thought with a dry laugh.

Thomas had long since stopped pacing about in her living room and settled down in front of the large screen which at the moment played clips of the vid that she had borrowed from the library. The cut and dry information was being read with synthetic voice of the computer-generated documentation. Most of the stuff on it was just what most people know about the Special Prosecutor. Public information that she couldíve found out from anywhere. Personally, she thought that watching the movie was probably gave her more information on them than these documentaries and probably a bit more entertaining.

Rubbing her tired eyes, she leaned back in her over-stuffed chair and decided to rest her eyes for a few minutes while forcing herself to continue to listen to the words spoken with as much emotion as the computer could generate.

Soon, she fell asleep, the curtains floated with the soft breeze coming from the open window.

There was no visitor this night.


"She stopped following the trail we left for her." A voice said urgently.

"She figured it out?" Came a quick question, the owner of the deep voice stopped whatever he was doing and turned to the other.

"No, I donít think so, but she might pretty soon." There was a note of desperation.

"Sheís Ace, we have to come up with something more than this to distract her."

"What about that cop?" The second man stepped back into the shadow as he made suggestion. His tall, thin frame wrapped in form fitting black suit blend easily into the darkness.

"What cop?" The second man, shorter, rounder than the first one involuntarily stepped forward then stopped himself. "What is it?"

"She seemed pretty keen on this detectiveÖ butÖ."

"But she wonít distract Ace from task at hand, no more than holding a gun to her head would." The second man finished the thought.

"I donít know."

"We are not going to involve anyone else in this."

"Yes, father."


For tonight, she wasnít going to chase another empty trail, definitely not tonight. She had had enough, after staying up for at least fifty-two hours straight with no more result than just dead ends, a lot of it. There were ways that she could go about doing this, a lot more ways than perhaps whoever that was starting all of this realized, but the prosecutor was tired tonight and she wanted something else to do.

The free status was a good thing, at least she worked at her own pace, and her own pace was a hell of a lot faster than anyone could imagine, she still felt the need for some kind of a break. Normally she wouldnít know what to do with a free time, but this time was different. She had somethingÖ or rather someone in mind.

A visit with certain blonde would brighten up her night, definitely.

Deciding to go about this the normal way, Ace strode up to the street, with a raise hand, soon a yellow cabby stopped for her. She pulled the back passenger side door open, the old cab driver turned back to look at her over his shoulder, he gave her a friendly smile and asked where she was going.

Ace returned his smile and gave him the destination. She watched as the driver nodded and turned back to facing the front then he started driving. Settled back against the worn-out back seat, Ace content herself in just looking at the traffic and the people.

And for once she felt like she was one of them. One of those people that she was born: raised and live to protect.

The cab driver looked at his passenger through his rearview mirror. He noted the way she leaned back, looking tired but content. He normally didnít care to look twice at his passenger; he had never felt the need to bother with them. So many people came and gone each day that all he cared was that they werenít trying to rob him. He would treat them as respectful as they treated him.

This one however, was a bit different. She looked different, somehow and he couldnít really pinpoint it. Maybe it was the way she dressed. He had a glimpse of her attire, underneath the long, black trench coat that she wore. She didnít look like someone how would be walking around in this kind of neighborhood. It was too dangerous.

He had a free range in observing her at the moment, because her eyes were close, he couldnít really tell if he was going to have the guts to be looking if she was fully aware of his gaze, but before he could decide bright blue eyes open and looked directly at his own.

He quickly pulled his gaze away and directed it at the traffic.

Several minutes later they came to a stop in a trendy neighborhood, where it used to be district of old factory that had been closed down due to depression and turned into loft apartments for those that had enough money and wanting to follow the trend of city living to buy.

"Here it is." The cap driver announced as he pulled up to the sidewalk and put the car into park.

"Thanks," Ace said, opening the door while handing her credit card to the driver.

It took the man only a few seconds to insert the plastic card into the slot in the meter on the dashboard and handed her a pad for her to key in the tip. Aceís skilled finger danced over the small keypad and input the amount of money that she knew wouldíve made the driverís night, she handed it back to him and took back her card. He mumbled thank to her once he saw how much she was giving him but she didnít care to wait, closing the door she quickly disappeared in the mass of bodies.

Ace strode quickly, she had pulled up the city map before she left her place and now in her head was the perfect memory of where her destination located and how many steps she needed to take to get there. Counting her steps she smiled with a small satisfaction that her estimation was correct and she entered the building.

Once inside she went up the staircase, she couldíve used the elevator, but feeling like stretching her muscle a bit, she walked. Once she got to the 4th floor of the building she located the small chime and pressed, she didnít really need to look at the name, she knew exactly who she was going to see.

It didnít take long for the voice to come over the intercom and Ace announced herself then waited.

The detective was lounging around in her living room, after a long day at work and a few cases that came across her desk today, she decided that she deserved some nice quiet evening at home. So as soon as she got back she went straight to the fridge unit and pulled out a bottle of red wine.

No Vodka tonight, she thought to herself. She wanted to be able to soak in the tub and read instead of sitting on the bathroom floor in the morning with her head in the toilet. Even the thought of the mysterious woman name Ace was far from her tonight. She was too tired. And after spending every night for the past week leaving the window unlocked and sometimes even open that she woke up to the freezing cold apartment with no one showed up she decided that tonight wasnít the night for that.

And she wasnít going to wait up anymore. At least not this night.

Just when she put the wine bottle on the counter and looked for the opener, the intercom sent out a high pitch sound, indicated to her that someone was at the door. Frowning to herself; Allison let her long legs carried her over to the door, on the panel near the door frame was a monitor and intercom. The security camera outside the door showed her an image of a woman, but she couldnít really see more than that, because the woman was looking down, unlike most of her friends that would look up at the camera so she could see who they were.

"Yes?" The detective said, then the image on the small screen showed the woman looking up at the camera; she could feel her heart pounding in her ears. The woman was smiling sweetly at the cameraóat her.

"Itís Ace," came the reply. "May I come in?"

Even in all her bravado she was still a bit nervous as to how her visit would be perceived. Previous time that she was here she had been basically forcing herself inside and gave no choice to the detective. Ace looked up at the camera and smiled, trying to keep the look of confident on her face, and acted as if this wasnít the first time she come here like this. Her internal clock kept her well aware of how many seconds and nanosecond had past while she waited.

It took her nearly a whole minute before she could get over her initial shock and quickly, without a second though, she unlocked the door and let her guest inside.


Ace stepped inside as soon as she was granted the entrance. Stopping just inside, the synthetic human waited for the detective to turn around and face her, her hands tucked inside the pocket of her jacket, unsure of whether or not she should take it off, or if she was going to get the chance. Maybe the detective wasnít the type that would make a scene outside of her privacy and would throw her out soon. In that case there would be no need for the jacket to come off.

For the first time in a very, very long time, Allison didnít really know how to react. She had been waiting for this mysterious woman for the past weeks and now she was here, she didnít really know what to do or say. Taking her time while she locked the door. Finally she turned to face her guest.

Facing each other, Allison Thomas was nervous, and it was clearly shown on her face while Ace appeared calm and composed.

"I hope Iím not interrupting anything." Ace started, still not taking her jacket off.

"No," the detective shook her head then indicated that she should give her the jacket.

Ace slowly shrugged off her jacket and handed it over to the other woman, noting the differentiation in their height now that the good detective was barefoot, and how soft she looked with the tail of her shirt hanging loosely instead of tucking neatly in the waistband of her slack. The straight, blond hair was also a bit tousle as well.

"Why are you here?" Thomas asked as she led the way into the living room.

This wasnít something she intended to ask, nor the cold and indifferent attitude that she presented, but she really didnít know how to act. She didnít look back to see if the woman was following her or not, she was sure that the tall brunette would.

"Iím here to see you, detective." Ace said lightly, her long stride kept up with the quick pace as they made short journey into the neatly arranged living area. "I was hoping that you would want to see me as well."

"You have something to tell me about the case?" Thomas sank into one of the over-stuffed chairs and waited for the answer as her guest settled into the other.

Ace faked a pain look on her face, "awÖ You know I canít tell you anything about the case. Iím only here to see you, this is personal. Please, Iíd rather we not talk about work."

The detective stared at her for a moment, considering the gesture and the words. They sounded sincere to her, and if she was honest to herself, she wanted it to be. She had been wanting to see her, and talk to her ever since that night and that kiss.

"All right," Allison said softly, unconsciously her body relaxed.

"Thatís great," Ace smiled, leaning over with her elbows rested on her knees. "Because I really want to finish what I started the other night."

Allison stared at the woman sitting across from her. She didnít need to ask what Ace meant by that and she was both surprised and excited at the declaration. She had never once wanted anyone as much as she wanted this woman in front of her now. The fact that she knew next to nothing about this woman did not bother her one little bit.

"I think maybe we should at least properly introducing ourselves." Thomas said, attempted to slowing things down a little, though mostly she was just trying to get herself not to show how much the though of kissing this woman appeal to her.

But her attempt didnít fool Ace at all.

Grinning, the synthetic leaned in even closer and introduced herself, "hi, Iím Ace- XZ5121: Ace1, a special prosecutor here on Earth, and you?" She intentionally dropped her voice a few octaves.

The tone itself sent shivers down her spine, and Allison felt her throat gone dry. "IímÖ Allison Ann Thomas, DetectiveÖ"

And before she could finish her sentence, the synthetic reached out and took her by the arm, pulling her closer then kissed her. Hard.

Soft lips met; hands slowly, but surely, started exploring. Ace murmured something that Allison couldnít make sense of, or rather she lost all her ability to comprehend it as she was kissing the pale neck.

Allison felt her inside melt at the touch of soft lips on her skin. She threw her head back, giving greater access to the caressing lips. Fingers in her hair, tangling, massaging her scalp, it was both soothing and arousing at the same time. A hand pulled her shirt free from the waistband of her slack, once it came loose fingers started trailing up the delicate spine.

A mouth came up and claimed her lips, she couldnít suppress the shiver that she felt running up and down her spine, seemingly in time with the trailing fingers. She wanted to protest, but felt too weak to utter a word to stop all of the activities.

Their lips and tongues met in a slow, sensual dance where no one lead and no one follow, but rather moved with mutual decision, they matched each other move for move, though all seemed to be within their instincts. Allison soon found that she was pulling the other woman tighter to her own body rather than pushing her away as she told herself she should in the beginning, but at this point she really didnít care.

She wanted her, she realized, and she had been wanting her ever since that first time they met.

Ace patiently trailing her hand over the smooth back, her fingers came to stop at the band of silken fabric and quickly she undid it, chuckling as the detective let out a startle gasp when her bra suddenly came loose. Her shirt was still on.

Feeling impatient and annoyed at the other womanís seemingly slow progress, Allison pushed her away and took a hold at the hem of her shirt then quickly pulled it over her head then she tossed it carelessly to the floor, not once look where it had landed.

Ace couldnít help but laughed then she followed suit, she undid the clasp of her form fitting black suit and let it fall away from her body, leaving the detective gasp at the way the fabric became loose and easily came off of her body.

"I though I would have to yank that off of you." She said in astonishment.

"We need something that would help us get it on and off quickly, detective." The synthetic grinned then guided the detective over to the couch, which wasnít too far away and then lowered themselves down, "though youíre still overdressed."

Falling onto her back, Allison felt two hands came to the waistband of her trousers, and soon she had no idea where the last of her garment went, though she honestly didnít care in the slightest. The leather felt a bit cool and sticky on her back, talented mouth rained kisses and small, gentle bites on her flesh.

Ace lost herself easily in the woman beneath her, she committed every inch of the feminine form into her memories, and she knew she would replay this moment over and over again, but later, a lot later. Right now she was more concerned with the sensation that she intended to evoke within the other womanís body. The synthetic used her extra senses with abandon, she wanted to know every little twitch in the muscle that the detective made with each touch, each degree of the temperature that rose, each drop of sweat, she wanted to be aware of all of them. Her keen ears picked up each breath, every small little gasp, and everything the detectiveís breath caught in her throat she felt herself respond in kind. The skin underneath the pad of her fingertips soft and yielding as she let them be her guild.

She moved lower on the quivering body, hands were tangling in her hair, grip so tight it almost hurt, she could see the heated trail of the kisses she plant along her path. "So hot," she murmured.

Allison arched her back, wanting more contact, but her movement met with a firm hand, pressing down, the force was enough to let her know not to move, not to rush anything. Ace took her time as she traveled downward, even as the sounds that the other woman made were telling her how much of a torture she was bestowing upon the human.

Licking the droplet of sweat from the plain of taut, washboard stomach, the synthetic turned deft ear to the sounds and gesture of urgent needs that were being uttered. Detective Allison Anne Thomas was now left in a heap of quivering flesh. She could feel the heat pulling at the juncture of her legs, the muscle in her stomach contract, uncontrollable moans issued from deep within her and all she wanted was for the other woman to go faster to take her.

To take all of her

Finally Ace took mercy, and she went right to the source of the heat, moving her entire body to the edge of the couch, she placed both of her hands on the soft thighs. First kissing the inner thing, pressing her cheek against the heated skin, she inhaled deeply, the musky smell was intoxicating, and she knew without touching her that, it would not take much, and as much as she liked to play game she decided that she would not delay this anymore. She had waited long enough, and she knew that the detective would echo the sentiment.

Allison inhaled sharply when she felt soft cheek pressed against her inner thigh, knowing that it would not be too long now. And she was right, her legs were pushed apart with soft hands, she felt hot breath on caressing her even hotter flesh. There was no need for her to even look to know that the woman was hovering just above the most intimate part of her body, the knowledge alone almost made her climax.


Then she felt it, and she let out a breath that she had been holding in anticipation. Soft tips of the fingers touched just above the crease, moving downward, passing around the bundle of nerve ending that was now extending beyond the normal hiding place. The caress was enough to make her involuntarily arch up to meet more of it, and this time, Ace didnít deny her.

The synthetic lifted both legs of the woman who lay openly before her up, she placed them over her shoulders, like seeing the flower opening its petal at the first light at dawn, she felt the breath catch in her throat. Leaning down, Ace took her first taste.

A gasp reached her ear, and she flicked the tip of her tongue over the small, erect nerve bundle. Gently, she teased her, with her fingers, with her tongue. And by the time Ace was ready to continue, Allisonís entire body turned into nothing more than just quivering, raw nerve.

With the first touch at her tender opening, the detective cried out, her back arched higher, slowly several digits entered her, filling her. "I love the way you feel," floated into her ear, though at the moment she didnít have the capacity to comprehend the meaning of those words.

And soon she could hear nothing but her own cry echoing in the dimly lit living room.


With one arm supporting her head, Ace stared up at the ceiling. On her shoulder was a blonde head, resting comfortably, Allison was asleep. Never had she felt this way about anyone; or any sexual encounter that she had had over the year, the synthetic human closed her eyes and replayed the love making over and over again in her head. Sometimes she loved having eidetic memories.

The image of the silken gold of the humanís hair fell over her chest, the way her head thrown back in the throw of passion, that pale throat slowly flushing, starting from her chest upÖ The way those hands gripped tightly to her shoulders, nails digging into her flesh, the way it almost hurt.

Allison had fell asleep-- after they both were satisfiedóon the couch where they had been making love. At first the synthetic was going to just stay right where they were, but after a few minutes of trying to stay on the couch without one of them falling down, she decided against it. And so she picked her up and carried her over to the bedroom.

Ace looked around herself, as much, as her position would allow. Her eyes could pick up anything, no matter how dark the place was, the room was spacious, with hardwood floor, large, king size bed dominated the room, the bed was placed on the platform built right underneath a large bay window, and she could just imagined how the morning sun would wake the beautiful detective each morning for the window was facing east.

She imagined that the entire room and its owner would look absolutely beautiful in the morning light. Being what she was, she could never have what she saw now, always on the move, one assignment after another, always working, she could never find a place and called it a home. Her home was the center; her home was the Moon.

Looking at the sleeping woman again, she noted how peaceful she felt right now, even on the verge of breaking the case, the time that she had never been able to settle down for more than five minutes at a time, this was the first. Well, a lot of things this night were her firsts.

The first time that she ever stayed the night after the activities, the first time that she could imagine walk into the door as a visitor many more times after this night. Actually it was the first time that she ever felt her chest constricted, her heart beating wildly in her chest when she met someone, or even just being in the same room.

And she wondered what it was that she was feeling.

Sighing, Ace decided that it was something for her to think about, but another time. Right now, she just wanted to lay here and enjoy the warmth. Even if she got kicked out in the morning.


"Well, you look chipper this morning."

Thomas grinned at the teasing tone from her partner, she sat back in her chair, tossing the report onto the desktop and looked at him, waiting for more comment.

"Did you have a date last night?"

"You could say that," she replied, unable to erase the silly smile off of her lips.

Waking up in the arms of the most beautiful woman youíve ever met would do that to you, she thought wryly to herself, recalling the morning. When the first light hit early this morning she woke up to find two strong arms holding her firmly, yet gently. It was a surprise to her, especially when she couldnít remember the last time she allowed that. Couldnít remember the last time she fell asleep with someone in her bed at all.

And that was when she noticed that she couldnít remember how she got to bed in the first place.

Then a stroke of her hair alerted her to the fact that her bedmate was already awake, and watching. They said good morning and she didnít feel like getting up at all. Actually, to be honest to herself, she didnít even want to come to work today, she just wanted to spend the day in bed and continue where they left off the night before.

Unfortunately her sense of duty wouldnít allow her and also Ace needed to get to work again, after playing hooky for the night.

So she watched the other woman walked away in front of her building, and left with a promise of another night spending together.

"Youíre going to tell me about it, arenít you?"

Joshís query brought her out of her muse, he had put on the look of boyish charm that seemed to get him pretty far when interviewing the witnesses, but at the moment it didnít work on her.

"No," she replied shortly.

"Come on," he protested. "Iím your partner."

"Still a no."

"Ally, I told you about my dates."

"Not for the lack of protest from me."


The synthetic human had been sitting in her own place; virtual computer unit was ready for her to use. She pulled on the black gloves then with a firm tuck at the back of a large gargle made sure that the screen that she was going to be looking at would not fall had she move to abruptly. Now ready, Ace quickly uplink, connecting her own unit to the secured line of the Government system.

From here she would be able to monitor everything that went on, every little transmission, every piece of mail, notes on public line or private line. Nothing was a secret here.

Since this case started she had connected to this line once already, but she didnít know what she was looking for then. This time was different; she had an idea of what to look for, even though it was nothing more than just an idea, but she was sure that she would know once she came across it.

There, she was linked; everything was there for her to take freely. With a simple command she backdated it to when the first murder had occurred. From there she pulled up logs from the hotel, the travel agent, the flight log, anything that Derek Rein, or rather, Walsh had been in contact with. At the moment nothing for any of them was of interest to her, she had known all of that before. She needed to find something else, something more.

Just as she was about to change the direction of her search, something came up, just a small communication log the day that Derek died. A log small enough for anyone to miss, small enough that even though someone came across it they wouldíve dismissed it as some ordinary communication.

But Ace wasnít just anyone.

The log indicated to her that whoever it was that used the communicator in the hotel was at the hotel room some thirty minutes before Derek arrived. The communication lasted for only two minutes, but it was enough for Ace to track it down. As she mentally checked her own memory, according to the hotel, the room that Derek booked had been emptied for the previous two days, so there was no way anyone could just get into the room and use the comlink.

Like a good game of cat and mouse, the prosecutor used her own tracking code and went through every little strands of information that was available. There were some blocked being put up in an attempt to disguise the destination of the call, but there was no block that was perfect, or at least there wasnít one that she came across yet. Thought these were a very attempt, very good, indeed. But it took her a mere second to break through it. Then the link took her through hundreds of direct routes and a thousand more rerouting, at times deposited her into some garbage, the files that were of no use to anyone, but she didnít let up.

Finally, the hard work paid off.

"Gotcha," she said to herself.

The file came open and the content revealed to her. And Ace couldnít help but felt sick to her stomach.

Everything traced back to the Moon.

She would have to go back there.

But first she would have to see Allison.


Special Prosecutor, Ace- XZ5121: Ace1, reported back to the central command at 1200 hour.

Stepping off at the spaceport, Ace reported herself back to the facility as soon as she was in. Consciously, she let her eyes shifted from the brightly blue regard to that of the silvery metallic color that her eyes originally were. Silver eyes, a tale tells sign of the special status of synthetic human.

Immediately, she went to the lab. Checkup was one of the things she needed to do everytime she came back here. Ace didnít like to be poke and prod around, but knew that it was just for procedures; and if something seriously was happening to her they would be able to catch it before it became something incurable.

It took her an hour to be rid of the doctors and scientists and got herself to the control room. From there she reported everything that had happened and what she had found.

"You can proceed with whatever you feel that is necessary, Ace." They told her after she finished.

She was the best and they trusted her implicitly. They was no reason for them not to, she was born, and live to serve human.

On her way out she entered the unrestricted area and into the garden. This was where all those people that take tour of the facility could enter and move about freely. Smiling to herself, Ace tucked her jacket straight and leaned back against one wall and watched a group of neatly dressed middle-age men and women whom listening to the guide with keen interest.

She had always loved this place most in the institute. As a part of the training, all trainees would spend most of the off-time from classroom playing, but it was not just the playing. Everything about the games they played were designed to enhance their ability. They moved faster, kicked and threw harder.

On the far side of the lush green lawn a group of the children were playing. Ace could see the tour group went closer to the playing kids.

ĎAnd here are the class, the children would be monitor 24 hours a day, everything in their activities were designed to teach and prepared them for the job that they will, one day, receive.í She heard the words spoken.

ĎThey look just like normal children.í One of the men commented.

At the same time, a football was being thrown toward the group.

Ace allowed herself a small laugh, as one of the visitors caught the ball and nearly fell to the ground. They were unaware just how heavy those balls were and how much power it took to throw them around. It amused her to see the surprises on these people and she knew that Allison would be just as surprised. Sighing, this was something she didnít really need to think about now.

She didnít get the chance to see the lovely detective before she left for the moon and she had yet to had the time to call her. She intended to see her, right after she got the last clue that led her here, but unfortunately she couldnít get in touch with her, the detective got tided up at work that night and as a result she didnít get to say good bye. Ace wondered if the detective would feel the same way they she did now, this emptiness inside of her from being so far apart. The time that she spent with her before that, she had to leave early, and didnít leave her a note, unlike what she did the time before that, and now she felt that she shouldíve.

Suddenly the laughter and sounds of people depressed her and quickly, she went deeper into the garden and entered the smaller section of the garden that set for other research, letting the door close behind her, the sign ĎRestrictedí was flashing.

Unexpectedly, someone was already inside.

"Who is there?" She asked, a prickling feeling in the back of her neck put her on guard.

A shadow of a man stepped closer to the light, and yet still remained in the dark. With her keen eye she could see him clearly, even down to his silver eyes. He was synthetic human, and from the look, he wasnít one of the one were in active duty. And it occurred to her that this was one of the prototypes, those two generations before her.

"Iíve been watching you, Ace." The prototype spoke quietly. "Ever since the whole thing started."

He stepped out into the light. Ace eyed him in silent, her hands by her side as to appear non-threatening, but she knew that he knew better. Even though he was a prototype, he was also trained similarly to her, the different was, the prototypes were never meant to be use in the field.

The prototype was dressed in what they all were issued, black sleeveless form fitting suit, mock turtle neck that had small insignia, indicated their position and identification, his hands wrapped in black gloves, her keen eyes spotted a white wristband. With first glance no one but those that had used it would now that in that small band, housed laser generator unit that could easily cut ten-inch steel.

Ace knew she was at disadvantage. She, herself, also had the same exactly, or rather in some way newer, better unit. But with luck she had taken it off and left it in her jacket pocket. She wouldnít have enough time to take it out and put it on now, not without alerting him into attacking her first: which he seemed only ready to do.

"X-11," Aceís keen eyes focused on the insignia on his collar, and she read his designation. "Youíre one of the last ones." She stated; there was no emotion in her voice, just the fact. Like reading from a book, reading from something that had nothing to do with her at all.

"Yes, I am one of the last. And you." He pointed at her. "Going to have to stop here."

Bright red beam shot straight ahead, the aim was deadly, except Ace was moving too fast for the manual tracking to be possible. Especially, the tracking made by a prototype. There were reasons why they were just prototype and were never sent into the filed. Last she had heard was that they were going to be used in more experiments.

Is that why all of this? She thought to herself as she found herself on top of the shelves. Shoving her left hand into the jacket pocket, she pulled out her own wristband and in one quick move she put it on and activated it.

X-11 made an adjustment to his weapon and aimed, he really didnít want to kill her, though he doubted very much that he could. Ace was the strongest, the fastest, she was the best and a prototype like him could never hope to match her in anyway, but all he wanted to do now was just to slow her down a little. He needed to give the other the chance to finish what they started.

He shot at the moving woman thinking that it would not be long and he could possibly get away afterward. But that was his last shot as the prosecutor ducked and made a fast turn to face him and aimed.

Red beam sliced through the plants and right at the male figure across the room. Sound of burning leaves reached the keen ears and there was also the sound of the laser slice through the flesh, sound of breath being interrupted, body fallen.

She got him.

"Why did you do it?" She asked, kneeling next to him. "You know you canít possibly win."

"I know." X-11 said quietly, his eyes blurred. "ButÖ just one life, and the rest of us may get the chance."

"What do you mean?"

"YouÖ" He reached up and touched her cheek. "Your life, you got to where most of us could only dream of. Youíre the best, but theyíll still get rid of you."

Ace gritted her teeth, trying not to show how her inside was thrown into complete chaos with the dying statement from the X-11: Prototype XB-N55122-0. He was just trying to escape the fate that all of them would be facing in the end. She had known this and she excepted it.

Being the best didnít mean she could get away from being replaced.

She just didnít think anyone would be doing all of this, all of the stage murder, all of the fault trails they left her, something that required much more than just an ordinary synthetic to do, but then the person that was running this was probably one of very few that could fool her for this long.

The prosecutor had never regretted being who she was, she was taught to do well, to be the best, all of them were, and that she had exceed every expectation gave her the privilege, though her privilege had limitation. The one person that treated her like a daughter, was the one person that threatened to ruin everything she had been taught to protect.

Even though it was with a good cause she still couldnít let him go.

This had to end.


Ace quickly put on her space suit, the thick material felt heavier than it normally did on her, she put on the white helmet, feeling its weight settled onto her shoulders. She knew that by the end of this day everything would end, and that the case would be closed, like it should be.

But the thought did not comfort her in the slightest bit.

Now that she knew who she was hunting she wasnít looking forward for everything to unravel.

Today she had killed her own kind. No one would dare say that it was her fault, it was her responsibility, and she carried it out well. But just this once, she wished she wasnít what she was. That she was something else, someone else, in some place far away.

That she was not ĎAce- XZ5121: Ace-1.í

Heading out of the dressing area, she went right to the airlock, there was no need for her to notify anyone.

Normally, the airlock was off-limited to civilians without the company of the officer of the institute, but someone had broken the rule and used the airlock. Forcefully, she thought with grimace as she entered the code, the door behind her shut down, and the airlock slowly released the breathable air from around her while it granted her the exit.

Outside, the vehicle had been waiting for her as she had programmed it to. Ace carefully placed her foot outside, activating the magnetic boots as she did so, the boots would provide her the ability to move a bit easier. The lighter gravity of the moon would make everything a bit more difficult, but nothing was beyond her ability. She had been trained in this place after all. Though often trained without the boots to help and she did well in both the simulation and the actual situation, she still preferred to have the boots anchor her down.

As a young child she was one of many synthetic humans that were created for the job, there were so many of them, but few positions were available. It was like putting hundreds, thousands of bugs in a jar and sealed it shut and let them fight and eat each other, and the last one remained would be the chosen one.

And she was the last one remained.

So she was placed as one of the special prosecutors, and she was the one came on top, her responsibility was Earth. Knight-1 oversaw Mars, Spade oversaw Epsilon and a few others prosecutors that oversaw every other planets and space station that human had colonized.

The small space mobile shot forward with all the power that the latest version of vehicle could provide. In front of her a trail, it was fresh she could see it, her eyes focused in on the trail and magnified, then analyzed it. She pulled the image then pulled the information from the data bank, compared it, turned it around, see it from every angle and then it gave her approximate time of how long ago the trail had been made.

"Twenty minutes," she said to herself. "Iím close."


Ace stood in place, seemingly stunned by what was unraveling right in front of her. Her face turned pale, her hands were shaking. She had seen so many things in her life, hundreds of lives that were lost because someone else decided that things were their to be taken, that lives of the others were nothing more than just a piece of glass that they could break with no consequences. She had seen death and all the tragedy entailed, but none of her experiences had ever shaken her like what was happening in front of her now.

"Father," her voice was barely above a whisper. "Why?"

Emotions were filling her; emotions that she was not familiar with, emotions that she could not identified.

Derek stood rock still, staring at one of his creations, one of his children. His favorite daughter. He had lost so many things in his life, work was his only companion, and these lives that he helped created, but nowÖ

Ace Ö

His daughterÖ

He had always known that she would be the best, he had watched closely to her process from the fetus until she was ready to breathe on her own and raised to be one of the Prosecutors. Through the control process of creating a synthetic human, there were no chances to be taken, all the fetuses were tested and made certain that they were perfect before they were allowed to be grew to the next stage, but to him she stood out.

They were all his children, even though to the others they were just tools, just something they could always made again and again. They were of no value, no more than just another piece of equipment. He couldnít let them be destroyed.

No, he could not let them be destroyed.

He had tried all he could through the proper channels; he didnít want them destroyed when they were still at the prime of their lives. When they worked so hard for those who created them, he didnít want to see them be put down like some sort of an animal.

"They were going to get rid of you." He whispered.

Ace enchanted hearing could pick up every word he just said. She felt like crying.

"They were going to get rid of you after they through with you, after you burned yourselves out and they will get rid of you because you are no more to them than just a tool."

"I know that, father." She said to him, her voice filled with sadness. "It is a rule we all except, we all know where we are going after we are of no use anymore."

"But it is wrong!" He shouted.

"We born to serve." Ace announced simply.

"And when we are no longer measure up to the standard we know that someone else will be chosen to take our place. I know this, Knight knows this, all of us know where we are headed, and we accepted it."

"It is wrong." Derek broke down, tears slid down his cheeks.

"Iím sorry, father." She whispered, one hand raising up.

"AceÖ" Derek said quietly, knowing what was about to happen to him, though needing to say something. "You look like her. It was my own selfish reason to make you look like her. I loved her so much I couldnít bare the thought of losing her foreverÖ and I made you. And to know that you wouldÖ that they will get rid of you whenÖ I canítÖ"

"Mother." She whispered; her voice didnít carry through.

In truth, as a synthetic human, she had no mother or father. But as she grew up, training and learning her own purposes in life and the maker of her own, Derek was considered a father, and he was close to her. For as long as she could remember, he was always there, congratulate her on each and every new achievement that she managed. He had always favored her. She had learned, too, that his wife whom had been his inspiration past away with incurable disease and that she looked just like her.

She knew that it was the reason why he had loved her so much.

She was like a daughter he never had.

But she had no idea that he was the one responsible for the way she looked.

Derek smiled, seeing the end of his road. "Iím proud of you."

Closing her eyes, Ace triggered the laser beam setting on kill. She had no other choice, the order she received was explicit in their command. Everything was to kept as quiet as possible, no one outside should know what was going on. It wouldíve been a controversial if the information leek to the press that one of the founders betrayed them. What little information that they ever allowed for the press would not be enough anymore, once it happened.

Bright red beam shot straightforward, hitting the middle of the wrinkle forehead.

There was no sound.

Opening her eyes, she forced herself to watch as the body in front of her collapsed. It was as if the time slow to the point of almost stopping, she could see each little movement, and knew that she was going to be torment with the images over and over again.

It was all over; she stood still, giving herself a moment before called in for the clean up.

After all the work, she wasnít about to be the one that had to clean this.


Allison paced about in her living room. She had heard the news, the mysterious dead of one of the founders of special unit. In her research she came across him and the history, and from what little she could pry out of Ace, she knew that he was important, not just to the unit, but to Ace herself personally.

She hadnít heard from her ever since before the synthetic left for the moon, but she saw her the night before that. That night the woman came to see her and they made love, but when she woke up, Ace wasnít there. And this time there was no note. It didnít take a genius to know that there was something more to the story, but she could not just go around and try to find this out on her own.

And she didnít think she wanted to.

She just hoped that the prosecutor would come to her and that what they had between them wasnít going to just end with the case. That they had something more than just a fling, because she certainly felt more for her than to have just a few encounters. Allison felt bad for having to stay late at work that night, if only she had been home, then they wouldíve spent the night together and maybe she would be able to get a little more information, and at the very least she wouldnít be as worried as she was right now.

A knock on the window broke her muse, the detective stood up and moved over to the window. She could feel her heart hammering in her chest. The windows were close, Ace had not really enter the apartment through them ever since their first time together, Allison had expressed her permission to allow the other woman to come through the front door, even given her the access code to her place.

Pulling the heavy curtain out of the way, a smiling face looking back at her, a playful grin, the silvery eyes sparkled. Allison quickly unlocked and opened the window for her lover.

"Hey," she greeted, stepping away so that the synthetic one could enter the place without knocking her over.

"Hello," Ace replied, leaping inside. "It gets kind of chilly out there."

"Yes, I know."

Ace was dressed in her standard black, the black jacket fitted across her broad shoulders, fasteners were all in place, but she had no weapons visible. Meant she wasnít on duty.

"I was starting to afraid thatÖ" Thomas started then trailed off, wasnít sure if she should voice her fear to the other woman, especially that she didnít know if her sentiment would be return in kind. Or if she was the only one in this, and the thought scared her.

"Ö that I would just disappear?" Ace finished her thought for her.

A crooked smile came over the cool expression of her face, Allison didnít need to reply and the synthetic knew her answer. With one quick sweep of her eyes, she noticed the casual way the detective was dressing tonight, she didnít look like she had been to work, the jeans and T-shirt was a testament to that.

Ace reached out and pulled the detective into her arms. She could hear her wince at the coolness of the material of her jacket, and she chuckled quietly. "I wouldnít leave, not unless you tell me to."

"Good cause I wonít."

"We need to talk." Allison Thomas said firmly before they could start on something else that would take her mind off of the topic entirely.

"All right," the prosecutor agreed slowly.

They settled on the couch, sitting close together, the prosecutor narrated the events in chronological matter in her analytical tone, completely cool and detach: though Allison knew that under the surface she was far from calm. She knew how much this had to hurt her. Slowly, efficiently, the story came out, the story that no one else other than those that involved would know. It was not the public information after all.

Ace went on and told her about how the rules were set for the efficiency of the job, and that her Ďfatherí was planning on replacing all those other directors with the synthetic human that he had secretly bred and then changed the rules, allowing them to live far longer than what previously allowed. The goal was noble, Ace had agreed, but the way that he went about doing it was wrong.

Those prototypes, she told her, were due to be destroyed. It was cruel but it was inevitable. Allison asked quickly, what she meant by destroyed, but Ace wouldnít tell her, or rather she was unable to tell her.

"Itís really something you shouldnít know anyway," she smiled, sadly.

"And after all you did for them, they would get rid of you just the same?" Allison asked in a high voice, she couldnít believe what she was hearing. "They canít do that."

Sighed, Ace placed a hand on her knee, hoping that the gesture would calm her down a little while she explained. "No, itís not like that, not anymore. It wasÖ" she trailed off, trying to come up with an easiest explanation that the detective would understand.

"In the beginning the deterioration of the synthetic human was so rapid and to wait for it to finish us off would be painful, that was why the rules were established in the first place, to put us in a dignified dead instead of letting us suffer. But now that they found a way to delay that, they considered to change, but father thought that it was too slow, the development too late, and that there would never be an establishment of the new rules, not even long after he dies, so he went ahead and planned this."

"Was he right?"

"I donít know." She paused, "but I donít want to talk about this now. Iím here to see you."

The detective smiled and leaned over to kiss the sad line of her lips, arms came up to wrapped around her and there was nothing else that matter anymore. With a soft sigh, the synthetic responded by running a hand over the expand of her back then pulled the material free of the waistband.

Ace leaned back on the couch, taking the detective with her.

And in the dimly lit room two bodies entwined, hearts pounding, muscles contract, sweats glowed in the soft lights Murmurs of confession, and cries of passions filled the room long into the night. Bites that stung and soothing kisses were exchanged as well as promises of many more nights like this one until neither of them could not move anymore.

Late into the night as they settled in each otherís arms, Allison extracted one more promise from the synthetic.

"I promise." Ace whispered, kissing her. "Cross my heart."

"Good," the detective said, closing her eyes.

And she knew that they would still be there the next morning, right now, she wanted to sleep.

Just a peaceful sleep in the arms of her lover.

The End