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Dreams of Reality

By Sandy

A woman sat, tears falling unheedlessly from her sad blue eyes. She held herself tightly, a pathetic shield from the empty cold that was threatening to invade her. Her body betraying her by trembling and shivering. She hung her head, her tears silently dropping onto her lap.

Talia Winters watched this display from a distance, a cruel smile upon her full lips. Where a beautiful, warm woman once stood, a mockery resided. A cold clone of hate and tyranny that was created for malicous intent.

"Susan, dear come here," She called to the woman she had reduced to a shivering child. Susan looked frightened as if wanting to run and never return. She reluctantly walked forward, meeting the statuesque blond before her with a submissive look upon her pale face.

"Y-yes?" She asked quietly not looking Talia straight in the face.

The blond telepath reached for Susan, pulling the stiff form toward her. She felt the resistance from Susan, but knew she was not going to move away.

Talia dug her nails into Susan's back, making her cringe in pain, but still not trying to get out of the grip she was entraped in.

"Who are you?" Talia asked provocativly as she continued to drag her nails across the delicate, exposed skin of Susan's back.

"I don't know," Susan said sadly, keeping her eyes shut tightly, trying to let her mind go blank, trying to avoid the minor pain.

"Who do you belong to?" Talia asked, stopping the small torture of making Susan bleed with her sharp nails.

"You," Susan whimpered, as Talia bit her neck. Talia nodded, pulling her head from the skin she had been nibbling on to see Susan open her eyes.

"That's right," Talia whispered as she claimed Susan's soft lips.

Susan tried not to return the kiss, trying to show some self control in the insane world in which she now resided. But the feel of Talia's lips upon her own, the feel of Talia's hands caressing her instead of hurting her was to much and she let her eyes slip closed and kissed her back. She moved her hands from around her own body and slided them around Talia's waist, keeping her close.

A thousand years past, or maybe it was a moment, but Susan got up enough courage to pull away and ran for all she was worth. She blindly ran through the shattered realm that used to be her mind, trying to escape the monstrosity behind her. Tears stung her eyes, her hair whipped around her, but she ran, she tried.

She fell to the ground, a hard cement that when she touched it her hands were black and her body fighting it.

She looked up and saw Talia, who was standing there as if nothing was everything and everything was absalutely nothing.

"It's been awhile since you've tried to run, love, but no matter what, you can't escape me," Talia said menacingly, bending down and pulling Susan to her feet, where she promptly hit her across her face.

The slap stung, but what stung worse was when Talia took her nails and once again dragged them across her skin. This time she cut Susans face, making the blood drip around her eyes, as if she were crying bloody tears.

"It would be so much easier if you would give yourself to me," Talia said soothingly, removing her nails from Susan's face, licking away the blood from them. She leaned in and licked Susan's face, enjoying the coppery taste that the blood had.

Susan stood still, she didn't know who or what she was, but something deep inside stopped her from letting Talia rule her completely. A picture would present itself in the front of her mind, it was Talia, but not. She was smiling a kind, loving smile and no malice or hate was in the grey depths of her eyes.

Talia looked into Susans' eyes, noticing the faraway look she had, knowing that whatever she was remembering or seeing was the thing that kept her from owning and destroying Susan. She slapped Susan again, hard enough to make her stumble backwards.

Talia advanced on Susan hitting her again and again until Susan fell to the ground. She didn't make any attempt to stop these blows, only curling up her body and trying to lessen the them by turning her head. Talia leaned down, anger burning in turning her cold eyes into leaping fires.

She opened her eyes and looked around, wondering where she was. Something on the tip of her senses, a memory of this place right in front of her, just out of reach. She grabbed it, finally understanding the full truth of everything.

The tracks of dried tears that had come from her dream became wet again as she cried and cursed god. Hopelessness overwhelmed her, despair filling the bleak void inside. Through her tears and sobs her mind whispered a name softly.

Susan didn't sleep that night or any other night, images and thoughts of love and hate coursing through her mind, unrelenting in their quest to cause pain. A faint smile haunted her minds eye, a smokey laugh, all keeping her from slumber. Nothing was real anymore, everything just a dream.


The End.

"Delta leader to delta wings, show's over. Let's collect the stragglers and return to base." ( Sighs and Portents )