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In All Changes ( Transition )

by Xavier

A market place on Babylon 5, Zocalo was as always, busy. People walking around looking for merchandise they wanted. It was one of the busiest places on Babylon 5. This was the place where everyone, human, or alien would come to look for things that suited to their needs.

Babylon 5 was the fifth station on the Babylon Project. The last station of its kind after the first three were sabotaged and the fourth one disappeared twenty-four hours after it fully operated. Babylon Project was the dream given form, started ten years after Earth/Minbari war. It meant to be the place where human and alien could come to understanding. To prevent another war, working out the differences between species.

Talia Winters, the second commercial telepath that assigned to Babylon 5 after the first telepath, Lyta Alexander. Alexander was assigned to the station for only short period of time. After six weeks of station on Babylon 5, she was recalled back to the Psi-Corps Headquarters. The assignment had then, fallen on Wintersí lap. A tall woman clad in form fitting business suit. Her shoulder length blond hair was loose around her beautiful face, the right side was tugged behind her ear. While waiting for the merchandise she had purchased. She pulled out a credit chit from her pocket, and handed it to the woman who attended the small boot.

At the transpoter tube a mountain of fabric and armor moved across the place, Kosh Naranek, an Ambassador from the Volon Empire. Everything about the Volon was a mystery. No one knows what he looked like, how big or small he was. All other could see was his encounter suit which made up of a marble like head gear and wide shoulder padd, his chest plate which where the translator was. The rest was an exotic, silk like fabric. Kosh barely appear anywhere, unless for some important business. The Volon Ambassador searched the place, looking around the busy place. After a few minute of scan he found what he was looking for, Talia Winters the stationís resident telepath. She was standing at the small shop, buying something apparently. He headed for the blonde woman.

Talia took the merchandise, which being put in the small bag. She turned around to head out of the place. Kosh intercepted her immediately. Without looking up the telepath nearly walk into the fabric, which made up Kosh encounter suit.

"Ambassador Kosh." Startled, Talia said. She took a step backward, and looked up. Trying to catch her breath. She felt her heart leaped up in her throat.

"Is there something I can do for you?"

Talia asked immediately. She knew that Kosh, like any other, would never approach her unless he wanted to do some sort of business, or negotiation, which needed a telepath to sit in. This was however, the first time the Volon Ambassador had approached her.

"I wish to engage in your services." Said, Kosh, in his melodic language and then translated by his translator that placed on his chest.

"For what?" Talia asked again. She needed to know more of what she had to do.

"Business." Kosh answered, which was not helpful. He often spoke in riddle and more often than not confused everyone, included Winters.

"What sort of business?"


"Ambassador I'll be happy to assist you, but there's certain detail I must know before taking any commission. Not to mention getting clearances from..." Talia told him exactly what she needed to know before she could take the commission, but Kosh cut in before she could finish her sentence.

"All arranged as is payment. We will meet in Red 3 in the hour of scampering." Said the Volon Ambassador as he turned and left the area. Left the telepath to stared after him.

"The Hour of Scampering."

Talia repeated his words, then sighed in annoyance and if a little frustration. She wondered if all Volon talk the same way Kosh did, or it was just him. The telepath shook her head slightly then headed toward the transporter tube. She had to get back and start check on the clearance and detail that the Volon said was already arranged.

And she couldnít think of any kind of business that the Volon Ambassador would be indulge in.


People were entering and exiting the terminal in a flurry of activity. Everyone was hurried to get to their transporter, which were arriving and departing every hour.

Babylon 5 was visited by the ships in an average of fifty to sixty ships per day, from different places, and worlds.

Na'Toth was the attaché for the Narn Ambassador. A fine figure of female Narn, the race which looked reptilian. She requested information of the arriving transporter from the Narn homeworld as she was here on Ambassador G'Kar's order to meet someone. Apparently the transport would not dock for another seven minutes, which did not give her enough time for her to wander around, so she let her eyes roam instead.

A woman caught her eye, the woman was talking to security at customs while he checked her ID. The security man looked at her ID then looked back at her. He frowned slightly then made her take the hood of her cloak off. She did with an annoyance clearly on her face. While she was arrived in Minbari transporter and dressed in Minbari clothing, she was not a Minbari. Her dark brown hair was at shoulder length, and cat-like eyes, with her pupils an oval shape. Her eyebrows made her appear as if she were frowning. She carried a travel bag over her shoulder.

After a moment of watching, a sudden rage filled her. She would remember that face even is she was in hell. The Narn quickly closed the distance.


"Deathwalker" NaíToth cried in rage as she crashed the woman to the deck.

NaíToth started beating her, the woman was in no position to fight back against the strong Narn. By the time the securities got to her it was almost too late. The woman was already unconscious and NaíToth was in no rage that they couldnít reason with her. They pulled her back and dragged her out of sight.

"Let me go! Deathwalker, Deathwalker!"


Winters rubbed her eyes tiredly, she had went through all the information that the Volon Ambassador sent to her. So far everything was in place, the clearances that she need, and he had paid her top rate. The information on the business deal, however, was a different story. After went through it a few times, she still couldnít figure it out, who, or what she had to deal with.

It usually was a good idea for her to understand whom she had to deal with, who she had to scan, before hand. If it was human it would easy for her, but if it was alien. It was probably a good idea for her to know which race, she would be dealing with. Since the mind of human and aliens were different.

Sighing out loud, the telepath dropped the transparencies on the desk.

"Iíll just have to ask him that," she muttered under her breath.

Talia paced around in her small quarters, there was nothing else for her to do at the moment. Ivanova was still on duty, and it seemed like she was always busy with endless problems.

The Second in Command of the station and her had formed an unexpected relationship on the romantic level not long ago. Talia had fallen for her since the first day she laid her eyes on her in C&C. The regulation dictated that she had to logged in with the second in command of the station. After several failed attempts in contact her. She had decided that it was best to meet her in person. Which she did, though the Second in Command had not paid any attention to her, and dismissed her in the rude way Talia didnít give up in talking to her. She had caught her again in the Zocalo, talking with Garibaldi, but Ivanova had walked away as soon as the telepath approached.

Winters was a little frustrated then that Ivanova was rude to her, and when she met Garibaldi in transpoter tube she asked him just that. He had told her about the Lt. Commanderís personality, gave her a suggestion at the best time to approach her, and where. She was gratified. Then he had asked her out. She simply gave him a smile that let him know she knew exactly what he had in mind, and wasnít about to fall for it. She hadnít known that the transporter tube encounter would become a habit on the Security Chiefís part. Since then it seemed like every times she used the tube he was always there to intercept her.

After the incident with Jason Ironheart and Psi-Cops Ivanova came to see her, she dropped the barrier for the telepath to see a part of her besides the command and duties. They had come to understanding and Ivanova no longer pushed her away. They became friends, started spending some time together. Soon after they discovered their mutual feelings for one another.

Talia was surprised at how fast things were going. Now they spent almost every night in each otherís company. The relationship was unknown to anyone else on the station. It was the Lt. Commanderís idea to keep a low profile, at least for the time being. The telepath understood the reason why, or at least one of the reasons why she wanted to keep it a low profile. And she had absolutely no objection about it. In any case they were together and that was all that matters to her.

Glanced at the chrono-display, Talia noted that she had at least twenty minutes before the designated hour to meet the Volon.

I guess I better get ready.

She then, headed for the bathroom to fresh up a bit, and headed out the door.


The incident earlier with the attaché of the Narn Ambassador had ended up with NaíToth arrested and the woman she attacked in MedLab, barely breathing. Garibaldi informed his CO about the incident on the way to see the Narn in question.

Garibaldi informed the Commander about the woman that was attacked while they were heading at the holding cell where NaíToth were being held.

Michael Garibaldi, the Security Chief of Babylon 5, was a tall man dressed in gray security uniform. This job was his fifth after being fired from the last four while he was on Mars. He came to the station because his friend, Jeffrey Sinclair the Commander of the station asked him to come and work with him. Garibaldi agreed immediately. Like most people that failed in most of the jobs, he wanted to prove himself somehow. That made him leave everything on Mars and came to Babylon 5. He was on the right track so far.

"Theyíve the identity on the victim." Sinclair asked as they waited for the transporter tube.

"According to her ship ID. Her nameís Gailarlobo. Sheís free trader, came from sector 47 on the way to Earth."

"Thatís a Minbari space." Sinclair stopped Garibaldi, a look of puzzlement on his face.

"Minari ship, Minbari clothe, Minbari ID, but sheís no Minbari."

"NaíToth give you any reason for the attack?"

"Nothing intelligible. She was totally berserk when we hold her in. Kept yelling Deathwalker."


"I thought you might remember that name. I know I do."

Garibaldi shrugged slightly and as the tube doors slid open, they stepped in and gave the computer their destination. As they arrived at the holding cell, where they held NaíToth, the Narn Ambassadorís attaché. She was sitting quietly, two securities stood behind her. In case that she decided to go berserk again they could hold her down. Sinclair walked in, Garibaldi at his heels. The Commander stopped in front of the Narn.

"NaíToth, Why did you attack that woman?"

He started ask her in neutral tone, he wanted to know the reason why she attacked the woman that didnít even see her coming. And possibly didnít even know her. The Narn remained quiet. The look of rage still etched strongly on her face.

"Listen sister if she dies youíll rotten in the cage until your spots turn gray." Garibaldi said in annoyance. She wasnít cooperated, even when they tried to help.

"NaíToth we want to help you, but you have to tell us why." Sinclair tried again.

"It is ShuaníKar, the blood oath. When the Dilgar conquered Hyích 7, my grandfather and his family were there. Deathwalker used them in her experiments, they all died." She said in bitter tone, gritting her teeth. She took a deep breath, then continued in a stronger voice. "Except my grandfather who managed to escaped back into Narn, but not before she implanted a machine in his brain." Then she low her voice slightly, the pain advidence in her tone. "It slowly kill his mind and spirit, and we could do nothing but watch. When he died my family took a ShuaníKa, and now our vengeance is at hand."

"The Dilgar invasion was thirty Earth years ago. If Deathwalker is alive today sheíll be an old woman."

Sinclair offered reasonably, he wasnít about to believe that the woman she had attacked was a war criminal known as Deathwalker. Not yet anyway. The woman that was attacked wasnít an old woman that they expected the Deathwalker would be, if she were alive at all.

"Her face is carve into the mind of my entire booth. I smelled my grandfatherís blood on her hand. I tell you it is she."

NaíToth shouted, she wasnít buying the logical explanation from the Commander.

GíKar arrived at the holding cell a few minutes later. He quickly appologized for the attacked upon the woman by his aid. He offered to reparation to the victim. Sinclair replied by saying that if the victim was going to survive he will let her know of his offer personally.

GíKar angrily staring at NaíToth, she looked away. He then, turned to the Commander and asked that his attaché be release to his custody. Siclair refused, but agreed to house arrest. The Narn Ambassador acknowledged that and turned to his aid.


She quickly rosse to attention, then GíKar marched out of the room, NaíToth was at his heels. She stopped in front of Sinclair and bowed. She then walked out of the room.


The telepath strode through Red 3. It was time for the meeting with the Volon Ambassador. As she approached the area, she could see him at the table. She didnít know why Kosh picked Red 3 for their meeting, and in the busiest time of the day, the Hour of Scampering, as he called it. She sighed quietly and approached him.

"Ambassador Kosh," she greeted the Volon. "All the clearance is seem to be in order and the pay is really generous, but there is something I still donít understand."

"Understanding is a three edged sword."

And as she was about to ask him further, someone approached them.

"Oh, Kosh, you old dog. You didnít tell me you were bringing a date." He said as soon as he saw Kosh with someone.

A short man, dressed in strange looking suit and a funny hat stepped close to the table. He was the other half of the negotiation, apparently. Talia couldnít help but smiled at his remark, she looked back at the Volon and then introduced herself, before the man took his imagination any further than he already had. She was amused at the fact that someone would take her as the Volonís date.

"Iím Talia Winters, licensed commercial telepath, Psi-Corps rating P-5. Iíll be sitting in on the negotiation on behalf of Ambassador Kosh."

"Ah, Iím a twenty-three myself. A good number," he said with a smile that never left his face even after Talia introduced herself as a telepath. "Call me Abbut."

"Please, scan Abbut. Report to me his thoughts." The Volon requested, and inclined his headgear in her way. The lights on his chest plate flickering as he spoke.

She arched her brows slightly, but did what she was told. It wasnít something new to her, if her client wanted her to scan someone she would in the condition that the subject agreed. Which he was, but the way he delightfully excepted was very strange.

"Oh, goody. Nothing like a good mind scan to clear the old processor."

Winters took a deep breath, and looked at Abbut. The man had his eyes close, both hands pressed to his temples as if he was concentrated hard on the scan. The telepath frowned in concentration also, but after a minute her expression changed into confusion. She sensing nothing from the man, his mind was empty, which was not possible, unless he was able to block her scan. But in that case she would know immediately.

"Ms.Winters?" Kosh voice snapped her out of it, as if he was noticing her expression.

"He has no thoughts. At all." She said in a wondered voice. "It as if his mind was empty."

Kosh, however did not express anything that indicate he was expecting something other than this.

"Excellent. We may now commence our business."

Then he turned his headgear toward the man.

"Abbut?" he prompted him to begin the talk.

The man cast the suspicious glanced around them as if afraid of being listening in, before spoke in the even more suspicious tone of voice. The low, almost whisper tone of voice.

"Crab Nebula."

Talia tried not to roll her eyes, but she couldnít help it. This was going to be the strangest negotiation she had ever indulge in. Already she had an annoy feelings about the whole thing. She was certain that she wasnít going to understand any of the things they talked about.

Or even if she wanted to.


Lt. Commander Susan Ivanova pacing back and fort in front of her console. Garibaldi told her about the attack, and asked her to get the flight plan of the woman. Apparently the woman was planning to go to Earth. Which was nothing unusual about it at all.

Lt. Commander Susan Ivanova was the Second in Command of Babylon 5. She radiated a sense of command, her presence hold the attention of everyone nearby. A tall attractive woman dressed in dull blue EarthForce uniform. Her long dark brown hair was braided tightly. Her jaw set firmly, showing sheer stubbornness in her feature. She was a sight to be held, of course if anyone was braved enough.

She didnít like the situation with NaíToth, already her senses telling her that this was going to be trouble. She knew a few things about Deathwalker. Though she wasnít completely convince with NaíTothís claim, but she knew that if other people know about this. It wouldnít matter if she was really the Deathwalker, or it was just a misunderstanding.

In front of her, the large window showed the view of space. A Jumpgate opened and a small liner cargo made an entrance through the Vortex. Ivanova reached for the switch, and opened the channel to the shuttle.

"Centuari liner cargo, you are now ready to dock in Docking Bay 8."

"Understood Babylon Control."

Ivanova gave them the clearance, then watched the small liner begin the docking procedures. She could do all this without even looking. Since, she had been doing it for hundreds of time. Everyone in C&C working efficiently, trying to get the job done as quickly and as safely as possible. When the procedures completed, the Lt. Commander started to pace again.

Corwin looked up at his Commanding Officer as she starting to pace. It seemed that she was more cheerful and relaxed than usual in the past few weeks, and even actually nice to work with. She was less likely to kill someone that come in her part in the morning, not that it didnít happen. It still happened, but there was something different, something that he couldnít explain. But he knew one thing if she was in a good mood, they better not say anything to ruin that. He still wanted to live to see tomorrow.

Lt. Corwin forced himself to bring his thoughts away from the Lt. Commander and back to his work. She was a little more nice to work with didnít mean she would tolerate any mistake that happen because he didnít pay attention to his work.

He sighed inwardly, and concentrated on his console.


"Her vital sign are stabilized, but I still canít match her species type."

"Why donít you try Xenobiogenic file."

The doors to MedLab hissed open, admitted the Commander of the station in. Franklin looked up from his task.

"How is she?"

Sinclair asked as he stepped closer to the patient.

"Better than she should be considered the velocity of her attack. Her metabolism is astounding, repairing the damage in extreme rate. I wish I knew what her species was. Iíve never seen anything like her. Her DNA doesnít match anything we got on file."

"Sheís a Dilgar."

"Dilgar?" Stephen echoed. "Dilgar is a death race those few that was left after the invasion died when their sun went Nova."

Instead of answering the doctor, Sinclair turned to the computer console nearby.

"Computer, load history file EA. 2230, reference Deathwalker."

"Commencing, Deathwalker habituate used to refer to JhaíDur." The computer answered in its syntethic voice. "The most influence leader of the Dilgar invasion of the Non-Aligned sector in 2230, rank Warmaster. Specialist in Biochemical, Biogenetic, and cyberorganic weaponry."


Sinclair pointed to the image shown on the screen. "This was JhaíDur thirty years ago."

"Well, sheís too young to be JhaíDur, too old to be her daughter." Franklin wasnít convinced at the Commander conclusion and he stared at the screen for a moment.

"There might be another explanation." He said as he walked around the bed that contained the attacked victim.

"Computer, scan subject for cryogenic freezing or body alteration."

Franklin gave the computer a command and ran the medical probe over the prone body slowly.

"Commencing, scan negative." The Computer answered promptly.

"Iíll have them send all their file about the Dilgar there must be an explanation."

The doors opened with a faint hiss as Garibaldi entered the room. He was carrying a bag with him.


Both looked back at him as he approached.

"You are not going to believe this." The Security Chief said, he pulled out a uniform from the bag that he had with him. He showed it to Sinclair.

"A Dilgar uniform."

"Rank Warmaster, the name plate read JhaíDur. NaíToth was right itís her." He pointed at the woman.

"The uniform doesnít prove that. Did you find anything else?" Sinclair wasnít about to just concluded the whole thing because the woman had the uniform with her. There had to be more.

"Only this."

Garibaldi reached into the bag again and pulled out a small container. It opened with a hiss revealed a small tube, and inside it was clear reddish liquid. He handed it to Siclair.

"Doesnít look like any kind of drug Iíve ever seen."

"Doctor?" The Commander took one close look and passed it to Franklin.

"Iíll run some test on this."

The Doctor took a very close look at the drug. He had never seen anything resembled this before either. Obviously, the drug was very important. He noted from the way it was packed, and sealed in the container.

"My father flew for EarthForce during the Dilgar invasion. He was there when they retook Ballas. He never forgot what he saw. If this woman is JhaíDur..." Sinclair started to speak, he glanced over at the woman.

Before he could finish his thoughts a link came in. With aggravated sigh he tapped on the link.


"Commander." Ivanova voice came through the link. "You have a gold channel transmission from Senator Hidoshi."

"Iím on my way."

He then turned to Garibaldi and gave the last instruction regard the situation. He was not totally convinced that the woman was actually the Deathwalker.

"Post a full detail here until she could be move to the maximum security area. And keep a tight lid on this Michael. Until we figure out whatís going on I donít want any rumors going around the station."

He told the Security Chief then turned on his heels and left the Medical Facility.


Sinclair was looking over some transparencies, he was waiting for the transmission from the Senator.

"Commander Sinclair."

An image of Senator Hidoshi appeared on the screen behind his desk. He quickly got up and walked over the computer monitor. The senator was a middle age man in his sixties. The age showed in his face and gray hair that once was black.

"Senator Hidoshi, what can I do for you?"

"We understand that the woman name Gailarlobo was recently attacked there. Is she alive?"

"Yes, in recovery."

"Excellent, when sheís fit to travel you will send her to Earth immediately."

"We found the evidence that this woman might be the Dilgar war-criminal, Deathwalker."

"Deathwalker is long dead Commander. This is a priority order."

"Without more information I canít."

"Commander Sinclair, all information in this matter is on the need to know basis, and you do not need to know." He paused. "Have a present day." the man bowned his head slightly and cut off the transmission, left Sinclair staring at the blank screen.

He didnít like this, if the Senator contact him like this and gave him the order personally that meant there was something more to the matter than they willing to let anyone know.

At the same time Doctor Franklin was watching the particle break down to small molecule in the microscope. It was unlike anything he had ever seen or heard about before.

"Incredible." He murmured as he looked at it from different angle.

The computer screen showing him the molecule of the drug inside the vial.

Behind him, the victim of the attack was slowly opened her eyes. She couldnít figure out how she got there or where it was, but the confusion last for only a minute when she saw what Franklin was doing. She quickly and quietly slid off the bed and crossed the short distance.

Franklin was startled when his patient got up and took the drug from the table near him.

"How dare you prying into my life work." She stated angrily.

"Youíre too badly..." Franklin started, he was truly amazed at how well she already recovered. She shouldnít even be able to get up let alone sneak up behind him like this. He tried to pull the vial back. The woman pulled back slightly

"Iíve had worse. I want to see Sinclair now." She demanded as she took a close look at the vial.

Franklin quickly contacted the Commander, he wasnít sure that he would be able to handle her by himslef. Already she was making a demand, and she was apparently strong enough to walk around.


A call from Franklin came in, told him that the victim was already up and around. She demanded to see him immediately.

"Iím on my way." He replied shortly and left his office.

"Commander," The sounds of Centuari Ambassador calling to him as he walked down the corridor. "Commander, is it true?" Londo started as the Commander stopped and waited for the transpoter tube. He had heard about the incident and Deathwalker. It was in him nature to know what was going on, and if the rumor was true. He wanted to know about it.

"Is what true?" Sinclair asked him, he knew what the Ambassador was talking about, but he wasnít going to tell him exactly what he wanted to know.

"They say you have Deathwalker in custody."

Sinclair stepped into the tube and before the doors could slid shut he smiled at Londo, then said in a non-committed tone.

"You should know better than to listen to the rumors Ambassador."

Left Londo standing, he felt incredibly stupid.

Entered the Medical Facility for the second time of the day, Sinclair saw the woman whom NaíToth claimed was Deathwalker standing in the room. Franklin stood nearby with medical probe in hand.

"Iím Commander Jeffrey Sinclair. You asked to speak to me?" He started as the woman turned to face him. She cast a glance in the Doctorís way. Sinclair understood the implication of the look.

"Doctor would you give us a moment, please."

Franklin staring at him for a moment, then made an exit. He wasnít happy about being dismissed out of the MedLab.

"You know the way of command. The Wind Sword are right to fear you."

"What do you know about the Wind Sword?"

"They shelter me for many years... in return of certain services." She made an obvious observation of him. "They speak of you often, Sinclair. They say you have a hole in your mind."

"Who are you?" Sinclair asked, he didnít like what he was hearing, and he didnít like the way she observed him.

"I am Warmaster, JhaíDur of the Dilgar."


"So they called me."

"If you are JhaíDur youíll be much older."

"The answer is in this vial, the result of a lifetime of research and experimentation. A uiversal anti-agapic."

"Iím not familiar with the term."

Sinclair watched the woman who had jut claim that she was who they said she was, Deathwalker. As soon as he said that he didnít understand the term that she used for the drug, she started to explain to him of the term and that it worked. As she was the living testimony of the success. He didnít think it was possible that someone would be able to produce a drug that would ensure the immortality. Though she was there to prove to him, the best prove of all. And she promised that with the help from Earth Gov. she would make it for all before the end of the year.

Sinclair ordered security to put her in the secure quarters. He had to talk to his command staff. Something about this bothered him. JhaíDur wasnít the sort that would do something like this out of the good of her heart. If she even had one. She once infected the entire population with the decease just to see what would happen. It resulted in the death of millions.

Now, there was first thing he had to do. To find the Lennier, aid to the Minbari Ambassador.


"Then the willows must scuttle carefully," said Kosh.

"Does Saturn have rings?" the strange man asked.

"The talks are over for the day." Kosh declared, "we shall come in again tomorrow at the hour of longing."

"Suits me." Abbut said and shrugged.

Then the Volon walked toward the nearest transporter tube. Talia bit her lower lip lightly then decided to get some answers from him.

"Ambassador?" she walked after him, "Ambassador Kosh."

The Volon Ambassador stopped waited for the tube to open.

"There is a question."

"Yes, Iíve been scanning Mr. Abbut all day and his mind was still just as empty as when we started. And these phrases you keep speaking in they donít make any sense."

"Ah, you seek meaning."


"Then listen to the music not the song." Kosh said as the doors slid shut.

Talia frowned in frustration. She turned and walked back to the man, who still standing at the table. He was also looking at her.

"Mr. Abbut, can you tell me whatís the negotiation was all about?" she asked somewhat bluntly.

"I could," he responded and then looked around as if he was afraid that someone would listening in on their conversation. "But itís not good to reflect too much."

Suddenly, images flashed in the telepathís mind. Momentarily confused, Talia closed her eyes, startled at the images.


"No, Iím just tired. I think Iíll just go back to my quarters and rest for a while." She rubbed her temple lightly, feeling drained and a headache coming on.

The man quickly agreed and asked her to join him in a meal. Talia didnít answer him, but the look o her face was cleared that she wasnít in the mood for any of the thing he suggested.

"Maybe another time?"

The telepath simply nodded and walked away.


Meanwhile Sinclair was looking for the Leniere, the aid to the Minbari Ambassador. Delenn was currently back on Minbar, so he was the only one that could confirm to what he had learned.

He found the young Minbari wandered around in the market place. He approached him immediately.

"Mr. Lennier."

"Oh, Commander."

The Minbari immediately stopped and bowed his head in Minbari style.

"Iím sorry to disturb you but wih the Ambassador Delenn off the station. I need your help. Have you heard about the incident at the custom today?"

"Yes, shocking. The Narn did seem to be the most passionate people."

"Are you familiar with the name Deathwalker?"

The young Minbari confirmed that he was familiar with the name. He told Sinclair of what he learned about Deathwalker. The young Minbari was a little too innocence sometimes. When he as asked about something he would explain exactly what he knew. Just what he was allowed to talk about, of course. But that was too much for Sinclair to listen to at the moment. The Commander stopped him by telling him that the victim of the attack was, as NaíToth claimed, Deathwalker.

"The woman claimed that sheís right. She also said that it was the Wind Swords who sheltered her after the invasion."

"The Wind Swords, they are the most militant of our Warrior Caste, but even they wouldnít harvest such a beast."

"It was possible that she was of service to them. Could you check with your government see what they know."

"I can not speak directly to the council without permission, but I will contact Delenn."

"Thank you. I also ask that you keep this information confidentcial for the time being."

"You may rely on my discretion, Commander."

Lennier said and bowed his head. He then, walked away.


GíKar headed for the quarters that held JhaíDur, in from of the door there were two guards on watch. He requested the entrance, the door slid open, and there she was sitting at the couch. She was dressed in Minbari cloth of Warrior Caste. A dark grey shirt with chest guard in the middle. Sitting in the dimly lit quarters, JhaíDur listened to the offer being made by the Narn Ambassador.

He started appologizing for what happened to her without the mention of the attacker. Then make an offer to the woman. A very generous offer. Her eyebrow raised up at his offer.

"For what?" she asked

"You discovery, of course." GíKar responded promptly. "The anti-agapic."

"Youíre very well inform, GíKar."

JhaíDur got up and walked around the table, pouring some kind of liquid into her glass. Then she started to speak.

"Our report always say you were a cleaver one," then she went on to tell him that if the Earth Alliance didnít interfere with the war they could have won, and Narn could have defeat the Centuari. The Narn Ambassador quickly agreed, but told her that they were not done with the Centuari yet. He told her that with her discovery she could help the Narn defeat the Cetuari.

"Whatever Earth Alliance promise you we will triple." GíKar made another offer to her, trying to give her an offer that she could not refuse.

"Tempting." she remarked. "Grant me one more thing." She turned to face the Ambassador, granted him her full attention.

"Name it." The Narn responded eagered to close to deal, thought that he had the upper hand. He wasnít expected of what about to be asked of him.

"The head of the animal that attacked me. Within the hour." She made the request, and watched the Ambasadorís reaction.

GíKar face turned dark, he could never do that to his aid. NaíToth had saved his life once. He could never kill her to fulfill this monster request. He quickly turned around and walked out without agree to the request that she made.

He did not know if she knew that the attacker was one of his own, or even that she was his aid. He didnít think so. But here she was wanted him to kill another Narn for her. He couldnít do that, not even if he would lose his chance. The anti-agapic would fall into Earthís hand, and he had to prevent that somehow. There must be something he could do. He mused while headed for his place.

Deathwalker watched him leave, as soon as the door slid shut she laughed out loud. She knew that he would never do what she asked, but her plan was going to be very successful with Earthís help. Or if he decided to do what she requested she still going to get her plan going anyway.


Winters walked back to her quarters, she felt strange. Nothing about the talk made sense to her. She often didnít understand everything in the deal, in that case she would concentrate solely on monitoring the thoughts of her client. That wouldnít bother her as much, because at least she had some ideas what the talk was about. But this one wasnít like the usual negotiation that she would sit in and make sure her client got the honest answers. She had scanned the man for the whole time and his thoughts were as emptied as when they were started. This was starting to frighten her.

Entering her quarters, the telepath flopped down on the couch. She felt relief at being in the her own familiar environment once more. She looked up at the computer console, there was no message for her. Talia sighed, she was hoping that she would get some messages from Ivanova, but there was none.

Sheís probably busy.

She knew how busy the Second in Command could get when something went wrong. She tried not to feel so disappointed about the lack of communication from the Lt. Commander. She had to keep in mind that Susan Ivanova was working in a very important position, and she put her work in first priority, everything else came after.

Talia shook her head slightly and took her gloves off. It was the luxurious that she was allowed to have in private. Outside everyday among normal she, like every telepath, had to wear glove and badge. The gloves were there to prevent from accidentally scanning anyone. Talia was only a P-5, which was at the average strength for a telepath. She was a close proximity telepath and could not block out the strong emotions, especially if she touches the person, which was why the gloves were so important.

Looked at the time, the telepath frowned slightly then got up. She decided that she might as well get something to eat, since there was a pretty good chance that Ivanova would not be joining her for dinner tonight. For a few days now that they hadnít had a chance to spend time together. Mostly just a few quick kisses here and there, then Ivanova had to run for another emergency.

She headed for the computer console, and ordered dinner in instead of going out. She was too tired the scan she did for Kosh took a lot out of her. Though all of that was pointless. The manís mind was empty that she might as well be scanning the statue. The result would not be any different.

The dinner delivered a few minutes later. She wasnít enthusiasm about eating by herself either. After a few bites the telepath just pushed it away from her and finally threw it away. She decided to turn in early, since there was nothing to do, and she still had to work with Kosh tomorrow. Maybe some rest would ease up her mind a little.


Immediately after talking to Lennier, Sinclair called for the meeting with his command crew. Which were Ivanova, Franklin, and Garibaldi.

Franklin confirmed that the woman was who she claimed to be, JhaíDur. He had contacted Earth to get the data, name, picture and file that would prove it.

"And prove her claim about the anti-agapic."

"Anti what-pic?"

Garibalid blunted out, he had never heard of that term being use before.

The Doctor opened his mouth to offer the explanation to the term, but the Lt. Commander cut him out.

"An immortality pill. The Russian Consortium had been research in that direction for years with no success."

"That because thereís no such thing."

The Security Chief wasnít about to believe something that the war criminal, JhaíDur claimed. It could be just the lie for all he knew. He had never heard of such a thing really existed.

"My analysts said that sheís not." The doctor said.

Sinclair chimed in by telling them what Earth Central wanted them to do. Garibaldi stared at him with disbelief, he wasnít about to just let JhaíDur slid out of station, and act like she had done nothing wrong.

"Justice or immortality, and intriguing choice." Ivanova remarked, she didnít like the prospect of the Deathwalker got away with the crime that she committed anymore than any of them, but if there was a direct order then it had to be follow. There was nothing they could say that would make Earth Central change the decision. Especially if there was something like immortality pill at stack. She wasnít going to say anything much this time.

Garibaldi however expressed his opinion about the issue very loudly, in outrage tone of voice. He wasnít about to buy into the story here. If Deathwalker infected the entire population just to see how it would effect the race, then it was highly unlikely that she would feel any different now. Certainly not feel remorse enough to make the immotality pill just so that people that she tried to kill would be able to live forever.

If she felt any remorse at all.

Garibaldi suggested that if the serum was real then they could just took it and finished the drug themselves. Franklin shook his head in disagreement. He explained that the drug was too complex and they would take a very long time to finish it without JhaíDur input. If it was at all possible.

Ivanova chimed in her opinion about the morale standard and told them that this problem was just too big for them to decide. And they should just let the Earth Central take care of it. Sinclair agreed.

"I want JhaíDur shift recharge and a fighter escort ready in one hour. Weíll take her through Blue 5 to avoid any attention."

Ivanova nodded in acknowledgment then made an exit with Doctor Franklin. Garibaldi stayed behind and stopped the Commander as he was going to leave himself.

"What the hell are you doing Jeff?"

"Following the orders."

"Those orders stink. Whatever JhaíDur pedaling doesnít change what she is."

"I know damn it." Sinclair said loudly, he wasnít happy about the deal, but there was nothing he could do. He thought his friend should understand the chain of command better than to ask. Besides, the discovery was the main thing why Earth Central even made the deal at all. Once they believe that the drug was real then the benefit to everyone was something could make them over look the thing she did in the past. "But if Doctor Franklinís right her discovery will bring a future free of decease, aging, death all across the galaxy. She can save more life than she took and she can make the death she cause have meaning. Isnít that what consider?" He tried to make his friend see what being considered here.

"You better pray to that god of yours youíre right, because if any of the league Ambassador find out about this deal, theyíll tear Babylon 5 to pieces." Said the Security Chief then he too, left the room.

An hour later as he, Garibaldi, and the security team escorted JhaíDur down the corridor of Blue 5. They found the league of Non-Aligned worlds waiting for them ahead.

Damn. The Commander cured silently, then he motioned the security to stop. It was clear that the representative wanted to talk. And he had a pretty good idea what it would be about. Not that it was hard to guess by the look on their faces.

Ambassador Kalika stepped forward, apparently she would be the representative of the League of Non-Aligned worlds


Talia slip under the cover of her bed. She sighed as her skin touched the cold expand of her bed. After got involved with the Second in Command of the station, she had found out, for the first time in her life that going to bed by herself at night was almost unbearable. Every time she reached out at night she would jolt awake when she found the empty space next to her instead of the warm, exquisite body of the beautiful Lt. Commander.

Oh, grow up, Talia. Youíd been sleep alone for years. She told herself.

So, she closed her eyes, forced herself to relax and started to use the breathing technique. That wasnít so helpful for her, she rolled over and wrapped both arms around the pillow, buried her face in it.

Finally she fell asleep, uneasy as it was.

A door slid open with a faint hiss. Ivanova walked in, she was trying to be as quiet as possible. She knew that the telepath was already asleep. It was fairly late, Talia wasnít the type that would stay up half of the night doing something. It took her a minute for her eyes to readjust to the dark. Once she was able to navigate by in the dark room, she quietly moved toward the bed. She felt bad that she didnít send a message to tell Talia that she would come over before hand. Then she didnít know how long she would have to be in C&C, and she didnít want the telepath to wait up for her.

Ivanova took a moment to look at the sleeping form of the beautiful telepath. Then slip into the bathroom, prepared for bed. She had some night clothes in Taliaís quarters, and the telepath had told her once that she could always use her clothes if she wanted to. Which would not be any problem since Susan was only slightly taller than her. Ivanova stripped down and pulled on a night shift. A blue silk shirt felt cool and smooth against her skin, she let down her hair and brushed it out.

She took a minute to relax and pushed all the troubling thoughts aside. She hated to go to bed at night with something unfinished. The decision of the council came out somewhat different from what she expected. She thought they would be able to make JhaíDur pay for what she had done with countless lives. But the Centuari had withdraw GíKar, the Narn Ambassador voted no, and surprisingly Lennier, represented Minbari while Delenn was gone, was also withdraw.

They made a deal to share the success of the anti-agapic drug. If it ever be complete. Tomorrow they will transfer the Deathwalker to Earth. Ivanova didnít like anything about the deal, she didnít like it at all. She was hoping that they could trial JhaíDur for what she did, when the Ambassadors knew about the Deathwalker. Now everything was even more complicated than before.

Why is it that thing canít just go smoothly.

Emerged from the bathroom, she put the light out. As soon as she pulled the blanket back Talia stirred, then her eyes flickered open. Blinking with sleepy confusion, finally her eyes focused on the woman who stood beside her bed. Susan could only smiled apologetically at her.

"Sorry, I didnít mean to wake you up." She whispered.

Talia smiled back and reached out for her.

"Come here."

Ivanova complied, quickly slid under the cover. The bed was already warm by the telepathís body heat. Talia waited until the Lt. Commander settled in comfortably then snuggled closer to her. Head resting in the nook of her shoulder, arm threw across her chest. Susan sighed deeply, hand caressing the blond hair.

"I miss you."

"I miss you, too. I was going to send you a message, but I figured you were busy. I didnít want to bother you at work."

"Youíd never bother me, Talia." Susan said quietly then kissed her forehead to emphasize the words. "I think your message would brighten my day up. Even if you send it just to complain about me making a mess in your quarters. It would still be better. You had no idea how many goons I had to deal with today." She couldnít help rolling her eyes.

Talia laughed softly as she felt the tension starting to leave Susanís body and mind. She never thought that anyone would be brave enough to tell the Second in Command of the station that she did something wrong. At least not without a PPG rifle in hands and backup of the whole security team.

"You are not going to believe who had requested my service today." Talia started in mysterious tone of voice.


Susan perked up slightly at that, she knew that sometimes the work that Talia did was a little unusual, but the telepath was never sounded so mysterious like this.



Ivanova repeated then turned to look at her with wide-eye. The Volon Ambassador was the most mystified figure she knew. She had never known him to indulge in business before, any business. And for him to even request the telepath to sit in on the negotiation was strange indeed.

"You are kidding."


"Kosh had you sit in on the negotiation for him?"

"Uh-huh, though I donít even know the content of the negotiation."

"Why? I would have thought that you would know everything."

"Not everything, but usually I would have an idea of whatís going on." she paused. "But not this one, they were talking in riddles, and they didnít make any sense. And the information that he gave me wasnít exactly explanatory."

Susan could detect some frustration in her voice, she knew that Talia didnít like to be kept in the dark. She liked to know what she was dealing with. Maybe that because she was a telepath, and being in the dark wasnít something that usually she found herself in.

"Maybe Iíll tell him Iím not going to do it."

Talia frowned slightly at the thought, she didnít like to just drop the client because the job was difficult, besides there was a contract. But somehow this was different from other commissions that she had. Something about the man, Abbut, made she feel uncomfortable and if a little frightened. She, then took a deep breath trying to bury the feelings deep inside, so the Lt. Commander could not pick it up. Though she was just a latent telepath, their physical and emotional connection made Ivanova sensitive to her, much more sensitive.

"Relax, Iím sure itíll work out." Susan reassured her gently.

Talia sighed and buried her face in the warm hollow of her shoulder. "Youíre right. Iím sorry, you must be tired and here I am, complaining. Go to sleep now." Then she reached up to kiss her cheek, reaching out with her mind to caress Ivanovaís.

"UmÖ good night." The Lt. Commander said as she stifled a yawned.

"Good nightÖ"

Susan closed her eyes, feeling the soft touches of their minds as their bodies entwined.


Walking to Red 3, Talia Winters was at the rendezvous with the Volon Ambassador. She decided to tell him quit. She didnít want to but the encounter was scaring her. And she wasnít actually needed in the negotiation.

"Ambassador," she greeted the Volon Ambassador. "Iíve thought about it over night. I donít believe I can continue with this assignment."

"Your believe does not enter into it. We have a contract." Kosh said dismissively.

"I know that, but you donít really need a telepath." Talia argued.

"What is need compare to the path."

The telepath opened her mouth to argue further, but Abbut arrival interrupted her.

"Ah, Ms. Winters." He said with obvious pleasure. "So lovely to see you again."

He took her hand and placed a kiss at the back of her gloved hand. Suddenly the images came back to her, she saw herself in a room full of flickering lights and mirrors. When the images faded away she took a deep breath to calm herself down. It seemed that she had no choice but to continue on with the assignment.

And while the telepath was having a hard time at the negotiation Ivanova was having what appeared to be as difficult time on C&C.

"Lt. Commander, something coming through the Jumpgate."

Ivanova looked up from the report and calmly walked up the short stair, straight at the main console. The Vortex opened, admitting a ship in.

"The Drazi Sunhawk." Ivanova identified immediately, she knew it was the sign of trouble. She didnít need to ask to know what they were here for.

"All station at alert." She gave out the command. "Station one open up the comm channel to the Drazi vessel, station five go to hyper track."

The Lieutenant informed her that the channel was opened. An image of Draziís captain appeared on the small screen in front of her. He stated his rank and intention clear to her.

Ivanova took a deep breath, her trouble had just begun.


The Council called a meeting in order to determined what to do with JhaíDur. The representative of the League of Non-Aligned worlds came up to give them a speech about what Deathwalker had done to them, and their homeworlds. They stated clearly about what they wanted to be done regarded the Deathwalker. Sinclair agreed with them, but there was nothing he could do on his own. He called a vote from the Advisory Council.

Sinclair left the Council Chamber with a major headache. He would want to have a trial on the station, but he couldnít go against the direct order from Earth Gov. He was hoping that if two of the four major Ambassador would agree on that, but it didnít turn out the way he was hoped for. He was even more surprised when Lennier, since Ambassador Delenn was off the station and left him to represent the Minbari, chosen to stand down instead of vote to put the Deathwalker on trial.

He didnít like the to compromise in morale issue like this. He didnít agree with Earth Central. Just because she discovered the drug suddenly everything sheíd done, every life she took meant nothing.

All he could do now was to contact Senator Hidoshi and inform him about the deal theyíd made with the League of Non-Aligned worlds. He knew that Earth Gov. would not like the decision he made. Because they wanted to keep the discovery a secret, but it will have to do.

If they donít like it just let them argue with the representative from the Non-Aligned worlds. Sinclair thought as he headed toward his office.


Ivanova entered her quarters, she took a minute to leaned against the wall as soon as the door slid shut. The event ended, finally. Though it wasnít in the way that anyone expected. They finally let JhaíDur go, and Kosh just ordered his ship to intercepted and fired upon the transporter that carried the Deathwalker. No one could have known that the Volon was going to do that.

Kosh had shown no interest in the deal from the beginning. He declined to participate in the Council meeting. Ivanova knew that he was indulged in some business deal that required Taliaís assistance. She thought that he was busied with other deal.

Damn, who would have thought. She thought with an ironic laughter. That after all the aggravation with the Council and Earth Central and the Volon came in, Boom. It was all over. We shouldíve just let the Volon take care of it.

Not that she didnít like what he did. She quite agreed with it actually. It was what the Deathwalker deserved for what she had done with countless lives. She knew that there was nothing Earth Central could do after this now. They could just take it up with the Volon Government, but the Volon would not bother with them.

She loosened her jacket collar and turned to the computer screen.

"Computer, get me Talia Winters."


After a minute of connecting the line the screen responded. At first Ivanova thought that maybe the telepath was still out in some negotiation, but dismissed the thought, since Kosh showed up in C&C that meant the negotiation should be over by now.


The screen turned from the BabCom logo to the telepathís face. She didnít look so good from where Ivanova was looking. But the weary look on her face changed the instant she saw whose message it was. A smile lit up her face.

"Talia, I was wondering. Would you like to go out and get some dinner tonight?"

"Sure, but give me a few minute to fresh up."

"All right."

"Where to you want to meet?"

"How about Iíll meet you at your quarters."

Talia nodded, she was tired but if the Lt. Commander wanted to go out for dinner, then she wouldnít disagree with her. It wasnít the everyday occurrence that Ivanova wanted to go out in public after work. Then people tend to leave her alone when she was in company of the Second in Command of the station. She was assured that she would have a quiet evening.

"Iíll see you in fifteen minutes?"


Then the communication cut off, BabCom logo appeared on the screen.

Ivanova quickly headed for her bedroom to change, she had fifteen minutes, which was a lot for a soldier like her. Ten years in military supplied her with the ability to change very quickly and be very organize even when she was in a hurry. A habit that she wasnít able to break.

After a minute of looking through her closet, Ivanova settled on a pair of slack, and black silk shirt. She let her hair down from the tight binding, and bushed it out. She spent a few minutes fussed with her hair, and wondered why the hell did she leave it long in the first place. After checked her chrono-display one more time, she left her quarters.

A few minutes later she arrived in front of the door of the stationís resident telepath. She tugged at her shirt then reached for the doorchime. Before she could touch the button the door slid open. She was taken back slightly, but realized that Talia probably detected her thoughts.

"Hello," Ivanova stepped through the door.


Winters was sitting quietly in her quarters, hands holding her head. The scanned gave her a headache, and the images that kept popped up in her head scared her. She was trying to get some answer from Kosh, but there was no use. She still couldnít figure it out why he wanted her thoughts, her fears. There was no one she could complain to. She went to see the Commander, but there was still nothing he could do, and even though he seemed concern at the time. She still thought that he didnít actually care about a telepath more than just a professional concern of someone that he had to work with at one time or another.

Or she could tell Ivanova, Talia immediately dismissed the thought. Ivanova already had to deal with a lot of problem each day. She didnít think this would be fair to her, to burden her with another problem. Sighed quietly she started moving around the small quarters, absently tidied it up. A beep from the computer startled her.

God, what now.

She hoped that there was not about work, or the negotiation. She was too tired to take another job at the moment. Silently praying that if it was about another commission it could wait for tomorrow. At least sheíd probably feel better by then, she always had. Then again if she didnít she still had to take the job, the more she spent time thinking about what happened to her the more she didnít want to do anything. So, it was better for her to deal with it as quickly as possible.

Turned to the screen.


An image of seemingly very cheerful Ivanova looked back at her. A smile spread across her face.

"Talia, I was wondering. Would you like to go out and get some dinner tonight?" The Second in Command asked casually smiled displayed across her fine feature, an indication of a job well done in C&C.

"Sure, but give me a few minute to fresh up." The telepath responded immediately.

"All right."

"Where do you want to meet?"

"How about Iíll meet you at your quarters."

Talia nodded in agreement. If there were anything would make her feel better about the whole incident. It was to spend her time in the company of the beautiful Lt. Commander.

"Iíll see you in fifteen minutes?"


The screen changed to BabCom logo when she cut the communication. Talia looked down at what she was wearing then frowned slightly. Sheíd have to change into something that would allow her to relax instead of this business suit. She picked up a black dress and sweater, and head for the bathroom.

A few minutes later she felt a familiar presence of Susan Ivanova at her door.

"Open." she commanded the computer to open the door for Ivanova.


Susan looked a little startled.

"Hi," Talia walked out from the ensuit dressed in long black dress, her hair swept up. She was putting on her earring. "Iím almost ready."

"Hey, thereís no hurry." She smiled at Talia, appreciated at how the telepath always dress up nicely every time they went out together.

Ivanova opened her arms as Talia stepped close to her, welcome her into an embrace. Then Talia stepped back slightly Ivanova immediately kiss her. Slowly the kiss became more deep and passionate. Then they parted catching their breath. The second kiss followed then the third.

"I think we should leave now, or we never going to get anywhere."

Talia said with a chuckled deep in her throat. Ivanova nodded in agreement, but didnít let go of her. Finally, Talia pulled away.

"Come on. Arenít you hungry? I know I am."

The Lt. Commander only smiled back and let herself being led out the door.

"Do you have to wear that all the time?" Susan asked as they walked down the corridor, headed for the nearest transporter tube. She was watching the telepath pulled her gloves on.

"Susan, you know itís the rule. Telepaths had to wear Psi-dampening gloves at all time while out among normals..."

Actually Ivanova knew that, but she thought it must be very annoying to have to wear gloves all the time. She knew she would be. Sometimes she couldnít understand how Talia excepted those rules so easily.

They settled into a comfortable silent as they waited for the tube.

"So, where do you want to go?"

Talia shrugged and let her know that the decision was hers, she had no problem with any place that the Lt. Commander wanted to go. Besides, she wouldnít be paying any attention to the place they were in as long as she was with her.


"Iíve never been in this place before." Winters said as she followed Ivanova into a small restaurant.

"I didnít think so." Ivanova responded with a grin on her face.

There were quite a few people occupied the tables already. The place was small, but very nice and clean, with comfortable atmosphere the lights were dimly lit. A waiter walked toward them as soon as he spotted the two women at the entrance. He introduced himself and showed them a quiet table in the far corner, well away from the other occupants of the place.

He handed them menus, and left to get them the drinks they ordered.

"So, you like the place. I hope."

Talia looked up from the menu she was reading, smiling.

"I do. Do you come here often?"

"Well, every once in a while. I like this place. Itís quiet and the food is good."

Talia took a good look around the place one more time then looked back at her menu, deciding what to order. Finally settled on something light. The waiter came over with a bottle of red wine. He asked if they were ready to order anything. Ivanova gave him their orders. When the man left, she poured the wine in both glass and handed one to the telepath.

"So, how was the negotiation with the Volon?" Susan asked, sipping her wine.

Talia sipped at her own glass, she took a chance to decide what to tell the Lt. Commander. She wasnít about to tell her what happen, not yet anyway.

"Well, it was strange, very strange. Iím glad itís over."

"Oh, who did he deal with anyway?" Ivanova asked idly, she wanted to know, but didnít want to make it sound like she was trying to pry into something she wasnít suppose to. With this tone of voice, she let Talia know that if she didnít want to tell her, then she didnít have to.

"Heís an alien name Abbut. Mr. Garibaldi said he was a vicgar."

Ivanova opened her mouth to ask more, but the look on the telepathís face made her stop. Talia was uncomfortable she could see that. And she felt something from her. Sheís frighten, Ivanova thought, then on impulse she reached over the table and took Taliaís hand, squeezed it gently to reassure her. They sat there looked into each otherís eyes. Until the waiter brought them their orders, Susan let go and sat back slightly when the dish being place in front of her.

They started dinned and carried on the conversation. Ivanova was trying to keep herself from asking Talia more about the Volon. Since they became involved not long ago Talia had yet to refuse her anything. She, no doubt would not refuse if Ivanova wanted her to tell, even if it made her feel very uncomfortable. She simply didnít want her to feel that way.

"And here we were get all aggravated with the situation." Ivanova went on to tell her about what happened on C&C earlier. Lightening the mood. "The League Ambassadors had been arguing about JhaíDur for hours. When they decided to send her to Earth and continue on with whatever she was working on, Kosh showed up on Observation Dome, and BOOM. He blew the transporter up to high heaven." She paused to sip her wine. "If I knew he was going to do that Iíll let him take care of her from the beginning. Save a lot of time." Ivanova paused to take a breath, an amused smile on her face as she watched Taliaís reaction. "Oh, youíve got to see the look of their faces. I almost bust out laughing."

Talia was laughing hard, she almost choke on her wine. She got the mental images of a few of the Ambassadorsí faces. Ivanova laughed with her, then she settled on watching the telepath, sipping her wine. Though there were still snicker escaped her lips. She watched the dim lights cast shadow on her porcelain skin, her cheek flushed slightly from the alcohol content, and laughter.

"I think we should leave before they come and tell us to." Talia said glanced at the waiter that waited nearby. Most of the other customers were already left, they were one of the last ones.

Susan finished the last of her drink and called him over. She pulled out her credit chit, but Talia already had hers in hand. She gave the credit chit to him. Ivanova was staring at her with disapproving look when she turned back to face her.


"You shouldnít have."

Talia raised her eyebrows in questioning.

"Well, I was, after all the one who asked you out."

Winters opened her mouth to answer her, but when the waiter returned with her credit chit she just left that line of conversation at that. She pocketed her card and got up after Susan, the Lt. Commander gestured her to go first, then she followed right behind her. Walking down the corridor, Ivanova wanted so much to hold Taliaís hand or rest her hand on the small of her back, but she decided that it wasnít appropriated in the public place like this, beside she was the one that wanted to keep the relationship a low profile. While she was fighting an urge to do what she really wanted, Talia gave her a small smile, letting her know that she, too, wanted to do the same.

Ivanova realized that maybe she was thinking a little too loud.


She was standing in a room, there were mirrors all around her, images reflected back to her. Ivanova looked at the images that supposedly her, but they were not. Talia. She had never seen the telepath in that outfit before, but before she had time to examine her look, the door behind her opened with a faith hiss. She felt apprehension, and a little fear. A man, nicely dressed in black suit walked in with a bottle of some kind in his hand. For some reason she knew that his intention whatever it was, wasnít a very good one.

Suddenly she woke up with a start, breathing hard. She immediately turned to her partner in bed. Talia was tossing and turning beside her, both hands clung at the bed sheet in death grip. Susan shifted her position slightly, and held her close. Despite her own nightmare a few minutes ago. She pushed her own fear aside all she was concerned about right now was to hold the telepath, and calm her down.

"ShhhhÖ Talia itís OK. Iím here, Iím right here with you. Itís all right." She whispered in her ear. Wondering if the dream she had was Taliaís and not her own.

But instead of going back to sleep, like Ivanova was hoping she would, Talia woke up. She let out a cry, and wrapped both arms around the Lt. Commanderís neck. She reached out with her mind to fine a safe place in the other womanís mind. Susan winced a little at the contact, she knew that Talia was scared and needed this mind contact, so she just let her. She pushed her fear aside, hid it behind the strongest mental barrier that she could build. Slowly the telepathís body relaxed as Susan make soothing noises in her ear, let her know that she wasnít far away. When she finally calm, Talia pulled back from her and sat up.


The telepath nodded, wrapping both arms about herself. Her blond hair disarrayed beads of sweat appeared on her forehead. Susan reached out to brushed a few lose strands aside, tugged it behind her ear.

She understood that two telepaths in the same area could share in dreams, and they had shared their dreams almost every time they share their bed. She was, after all a latent telepath. Talia told her once that it wasnít so much of the fact that she was a latent telepath, but because they had formed a bond physically and emotionally. That had served as a link and made them very attuned to each other.

"Care to tell me?"

"I.... It was nothing."

Susan looked at her, concerned, she pulled her down into her embrace. "Come on, itíll make you feel better." She stroked her back gently, trying to comfort her. Talia took a deep breath debating whether to tell the Lt. Commander about the dream. If she tell her sheíll have to tell her about what happened at the negotiation with Kosh.

Ivanova looked down at the beautiful face, Talia went very still, and she thought that the telepath might fall asleep. Once she saw that she wasnít, Susan prompted again.

"I was in a dark room, very dark... and there were mirrors all around me, and reflections everywhere..."

"A man came in with a bottle in his hand."

Taliaís head snapped up to looked at her, her beautiful blue/green eyes bright with tears.

"You... you shared into my dream..."

"Obviously." Ivanova noted dryly. "But I woke up when he entered the room. I just knew that his intention wasnít a good one. Then what happen?"

"He was trying to kill meÖ" the responded was low, a voice just above a whisper. Her body trembled with fear. "He walked toward me, pressed me against the wall, and thenÖ he break the bottle. And... and he was going to... stab me..." She described the vivid nightmare. Closing her eyes, the details still clear in her head.

Then Talia decided to tell her the whole thing, the negotiation with Kosh, and what brought the nightmare to her. "Yesterday and today during the negotiation I had these flash back in my head, the images. At first it didnít mean anything just a few images in my head, and I thought I was just tired, but it wasnít that. It kept appeared in my head again and again. Susan, it wasnít an accident it was deliberately provoked."

Ivanova tightened her embrace a little kissing her forehead now and again while Taliaís voice starting to crack as she told her what happened. The telepath went on to tell her about the incident while she was working on Mars colony.

"Four years ago on Mars colony there were series of murders. They made me scan the suspect in murder case. It turned out that he was the serial killer they were looking for. It was... frightening. Things that live inside his head Susan... terrible things..."

"Was that what the images you saw?"

She nodded and held her breath, trying not to cry. "Iím sorry you had to go through that with me." Tears came with her words. The Lt. Commander held her even tighter, she rested her chin on the top of the blond hair. Gently rocked her, whispering soothing words to her. She felt a certain remorse at the knowledge that the telepath had to go through all that, and there was nothing she could do about it.

"Itís all right. Everythingís going to be all right. Iím with you now..."

Talia cried silently, buried her face in the warm hollow of strong shoulder, felt Susan opened up her mind. A permission to go inside. Talia couldnít help but let her mind touched hers, feeling love and tenderness enveloped her. Finally the tears subsided, and she fell asleep. Ivanova lied still when she felt the body in her arms went completely relaxed. Only then she closed her eyes and let herself fell asleep. Promising herself that they would talk of this further when Talia was ready.


"C&C to Commander Sinclair." Ivanova spoke into her link.

A transmission came in for him from the Senator. She was certain that it involved the earlier incident about the Deathwalker and the way Volon just blew the transporter up. She was glad that she wasnít the one that had to deal with it. She knew that they would have to deal with the aftermath.

"Sinclair here."

"Commander, you have a gold channel transmission from Senator Hidoshi."

Ivanova had an amused smile on her face as she heard a sigh through the link. Dealing with Earth Central was something she could do without. Diplomatic was something that wasnít in her job description, which was good. She didnít have time to play diplomat with all the annoying Ambassadors.

"Lt. Commander thereís Drazi captain wanted to talk to you, sir."

"Drazi?" she turned to the Lieutenant, questioning him. She didnít remember have any Draziís ship schedule for another two hours or so.

"Yes, maíam. Theyíre early."

"Open a channel." She told him and tried to stifle a sigh.

Ivanova knew that today wasnít going to be nice and quiet. She wished that the universe would give her a few days to rest before another crisis. Though what she had to deal with today was relatively small, compared to some. There was a few more hours left before her shift would be over. She wanted to go back to her quarters and have a talk with Talia.

This morning the telepath promised her that they would talk about the nightmares further. She felt very disturbed, and before she left for duty this morning Talia was trying to reassure her that everything was all right. That it would go away and there was no need for her to be worry.

Ivanova refused to be assured though. She wanted Talia to talk about it, to share it with her. She couldnít remember seeing Talia looked so somber in the morning. Unlike her, the telepath was a morning person. Every morning she would wake up looking fresh and fully rested. While Ivanova looking like she was ready to make a kill, or explode at whomever, or whatever that came in her part.

Snapped herself back to reality, Ivanova straightened a little as the screen showed a face of Draziís transporter captain.

"Babylon control, Drazi transporter request a permission to dock."

"This is Babylon control to the transporter. You are not schedule to dock for another two hours." Ivanova responded gravely. She was more than just a little annoyed with the arriving before time. It was always cause more problem for her.

The Drazi captain started making demands for docking right away, and told her in great length how important the cargoes he carried were. Telling her that he needed to dock now. That was the end of her patience, when the other transpoter, which scheduled to dock arrived right behind them. She immediately told him to move aside. He refused her command, and would not move until she allowed him to dock.

"Drazi transpoter, we can not allow you to dock. Youíre going to have to wait for your schedule." Ivanova said, nearly shout at him. "Now, move aside." The look on her face was more than just the slight frown now. She was thinking of what she would do to him if she could get her hands on that neck of his.

The Drazi captain lingered for a moment longer then moved aside as she ordered. Allowed the transporter to dock. Apparently he knew of her reputation, at least well enough to do what she said.

"Thank you." The Lt. Commander hissed under her breath, the told Lt. Corwin to give the other transpter a clearance for docking.

Ivanova was more irritable this day. She had been fairly easy going for the past few weeks, but this day she was back to her normal dark self again. Her face was clouded since she stepped into C&C as if she hadnít slept at all the previous night, but it was the usual reaction that they used to almost every morning. But this morning her mood seemed darker than that even Sinclair and Garibaldi stayed clear out of her way.

Sheíd been yelling at her crew all morning, which was seemed normal... but not quite. Lt. David Corwin, an Operator, was sneaking a glance at her anytime he had a chance. He noticed the little changes in her mood today, more sour. Her attention wasnít as absolute at the task as she always had. He wondered what was wrong. She seemed worried about something, he quickly turned back to his station as Ivanova caught his glance and gave him a stern look.

He suddenly thought that he better start mind his own business and check the time for next arrival freighter.


"Ms. Winters."

Winters turned at the sound then tried not to sigh as she recognized the person who called her. It seemed that her time in the garden was up.

"Mr. Garibaldi." The telepath said in a way of greeting. She wasnít in the mood to tolerate his usual attempt in hitting on her. Wishing that for once he would just leave her alone.

She was just got back from another boring negotiation between a Centuari and Drazi. There were the usual things going on, both tried to cheat the other. The easy deal that should end after an hour of talk turned out to be two hours of arguing and accusing one another. It took all her concentration to get both of them to agree. She was tired and wanted some peace and quiet. Which were two things that she wasnít going to experience at the moment. She wondered why the guy was trying so hard even when he knew that he hadnít got a prayer with her.

Or maybe I didnít make it clear enough. Talia thought crankily.

Garibaldi, the Security Chief of Babylon 5, he was in his usual patrol around the station when he saw Talia Winters entered the garden. He knew she came here often. Maybe because the fact that it was one of the most quiet place on the station. But he didnít know if it made any different when she still could hear the thoughts of others. After watching her for a while, until he was sure that she was not with anyone. He then, decided to approach her. When he entered she was sitting at the entrance of the maze. There were a few people in the background.

"I havenít seen you around lately. How are you?" He asked, with a characteristic grin on his face. One he thought was charming.

The telepath looked at him with forced patience. She came here to escape noises, and thoughts of others. There were not so many people around, less thoughts to bother her. The peaceful sense of growing plants helped her relax somewhat. The background noises werenít as loud in here as outside. She sighed quietly and responded to his question. She definitely needed to get out of here.

"Iíve been busy, Mr. Garibaldi. Is there something I can do for you?"

"Well, I ah... Have you heard about what happened yesterday?"

He tried to engage her in conversation, and stayed away from his usual jokes for the moment. Garibaldi noticed the strange look on her face when he mentioned the previous day. At the end of the day she came to the Commander, and he was happened to be there with him. Winters was there to make a complain about the Volon Ambassador. She seemed frustrated and a little frightened. He knew that the complain wouldnít do her any good because the Volon wouldnít acknowledge it anyhow. He was certain she knew that too, but maybe she wanted to tell someone about it.

"Yes, Iím aware of that. Is there anything you want, Mr.Garibaldi?"

Her tone was clearly annoyed, and Garibaldi wasnít stupid enough to miss. It was cleared that she did not want to talk about the previous day, but didnít occur to him that she did not want to talk at all. At least not to him.

"No, nothing. I was wondering if youíd like to have a cup of coffee." He asked lamely.

The Security Cheif knew that his attempt at conversation had failed miserably. He wished that she would just warm up to him a little. After all he was always nice toward her. Wondering how could she be nice to Ivanova since the first day, when Ivanova was rude to her.

"No, thank you. I am tired. I think Iím going to get back to my quarters and rest for a while. Have a nice day, Mr. Garibaldi."

The telepath turned around and left, leaving the man dumb struck. Wondering what it was that he said wrong.

Damn, he cursed. I shouldíve just keep my big mouth shut.

Shaking his head Michael Garibaldi left the garden to continue his patrol.


Ivanova paced around in her quarters, she couldnít sit still for a minute. She came back to her quarters right after her duty shift. Talia was still nowhere to be seen. She went over to the couch and sat down, tried to calm herself.

Oh, this is insane, Ivanova thought. Sheís probably caught up in some negotiation. Just calm down, will you.

Got up and started pacing again, Ivanova looked at her chrono-display. She was surprised to find that she was a little early than her usual arrival time. Which was probably why the telepath wasnít at her door yet. Talia usually got to her quarters just about the time she herself would get back from C&C. She sighed audibly and sat down again.

A few minutes later the door slid open, Winters stepped in. She was startled when she saw that the Lt. Commander was already there. She was too tired and dread of the issue that Ivanova was going to talk to her about. So much so that she didnít even notice the mind presence in the room before she entered.

"Ah.... Hi, I didnít know you were early today." Startled, the telepath said in apologetic tone.

Ivanova shrugged her shoulders lightly and got up to pulled Talia in an embrace. The telepath happily stepped into the embrace, both arms entwined around the Lt. Commanderís neck. They kissed, slowly, lovingly.

"Youíre all right?" Ivanova asked after a moment, but didnít let go of her.

Talia nodded. "Iím just tired." She murmured. "The negotiation was a total waste of time."

Ivanova chuckled at the remark.

"Donít they all."

Then the Lt. Commander released the embrace and pulled the telepath to the couch with her. After they settled down comfortably. Susan looked at her for a moment, the expression of determination was on her face. She knew she had to start or Talia would never talk about the nightmare. The telepath seemed to know what she was thinking, though she hadnít scanned her, not even the surface thoughts.

"Talia..." she started, her tone uncertain. "About the nightmares last night. Do you have them often?"

Winters closed her eyes and tried to find the way to explain this to her.

"Actually, no. I do have them every once in a while. Last night was the first time in months." she paused. "Susan, you have to understand every time I scan someone there would be backlash. Well, not always, but it depends on the situation and the nature of the scan."

"Backlash?" Susan asked in a puzzled voice.

"Itís like ... I donít know how to explain this." Talia said then frowned, trying hard to put her thoughts into words. Actually she could just show her by send the telepathic projection directly into her mind, but she knew that even though the Lt. Commander trusted her and opened to her. Ivanova was still unease about direct contact in her mind.

For a person who hid away, totally closed to all telepaths for over twenty years. It was hard to suddenly let go of that self-preservation, and let a telepath go inside. Not even when the telepath was someone she loved.


"When... you scan someone itís like you relive the experience, and when that experience had strong emotions attached to it, a teep will relive all that like it was theirs. Sometime thereís emotional spill over. Itís kind of stay with you for a while."

Ivanova absorbed all this with difficulty, she wasnít sure that she like the sound of that concept.

"That was why I chose to become commercial teep in the first place. I donít have to do deep scan on anyoneís mind. All I need to do was to do the surface scan."

Ivanova nodded again, then she spoke. "The scan you did on Mars must be very... deep."

"In criminal cases, yes. Usually we have to go fairly deep." Talia responded, her tone somber, eyes down cast. She knew Ivanova would bring the subject up eventually, she didnít want to talk about it. But she promised her they would, so now sheíd have to.

"Do you always have this nightmare every time you do that?"

"Well, I donít do that sort of scan on the daily basis."

Ivanova opened her mouth to ask further, but Talia forestalled the action, telling her.

"Susan, really it was all right. I donít think Iíll have more of that tonight."

The Lt. Commander frowned she didnít like it, but maybe Talia was right. It wasnít like she had the nightmare on the regular basis.

Well, if thereís more nightmares like that again Iíll take her to Stephen see if thereís something he could do.

Talia grimace as she detected that particular thought, then let it go.

"So, are you hungry?"


Ivanova pulled the telepath under her, placing kisses all over her face and neck. Then she moved up to capture her lips in a deep, passionate kiss. Felt the lips part, inviting her in, she darted out her tongue, tasting her sweetness. Talia reached out, arms entwined around her neck. She used her hand to hold the back of the Lt. Commanderís neck, the other tried to loosen her hair from the tight binding.

"Donít you think... we should.. go into... bedroom?" Talia asked between kisses.

"Um.... no, here is fine." the Lt. Commander said dismissively and continued to kiss her. She nibbled her earlobe, kissing her cheek and chin, then made her way back up to kiss her lush mouth again, and again. Losing herself into the taste and feel of the velvety soft lips.

She wanted to take her right here and now, on the couch. She was too eager to take a few more steps into bedroom. Ivanova quickly straightened up and undid each button on her suit when she was stymied by the collar of Taliaís business suit. Her hands were shaking so much that she had to stop and took a deep breath before continued to undress the telepath. Susan pulled her dress down passed her hip and her beautiful long legs, then her garter belt, and stockings. Finally, she got her clothing off with the help of Talia. Left the telepath naked, her porcelain skin contrast to the dark leather of the couch. Her face flushed a delicate shade of red.

Ivanova stood back for a minute to take in the beauty that lay in front of her. Her hair spread out on the arm of the couch, and around her beautiful face. Her chest rose and fell as she breathed. Ivanova thought that the telepath was the most beautiful woman she had ever seen, full breasts tipped with the small delicate nipples, long sinuous back, flat abdomen. She, then leaned down to kiss her, slow, soft and more passionate, much more. Talia sat up slightly and unzipped the Lt. Commanderís jacket. She pushed it off her shoulders while Susan was still kissing her. Her sleeve shirt followed, then her pants and undergarments. Talia tossed them all aside as she ran her hand down the soft silky skin of Susanís back. Her other hand wrapped itself in the thick dark hair.

Ivanova made a sound in her throat, one of pleasure. She ran her hand down, stroking Taliaís side and hip. Then moved it upward, cupping a full breast, rubbed her thumb over a hard nipple. The telepath let out a gasp at the contact. The Lt. Commander released her mouth, nuzzling her throat, she felt hard edge of teeth close over her collar bone.


Ivanova moved down to her breast. She took up the caress with her lips and tongue. Talia felt her free hand reached down to stroke her inner thigh, a light caressing. She raised her knees up as Susan settled down between her legs. For long moments, Ivanova kissed and sucked on the stiffed nipple, alternated between the two. Talia tangled her hands in thick hair, held her head fast in place.

"Oh, Susan...." She moaned.

Finally, Ivanova left off her breasts and traveled ever downward, placing kisses all the way. She paused at her naval, she proceeded to lick and jabbed her tongue into the indentation there. Talia chuckled at the sensation, then moaned as Susan reached the juncture of her legs. Talia held her breath in anticipation, but the touch never came. Susan chose to kiss her inner thigh, caressing with her lips.

The telepath knew that she was teasing her, and wanted her to lose control, but she determined not to. Susan grinned as she felt Talia tensed up, she kept kissing downward to her knees then back up again, coming closer all the time. Suddenly she felt Talia slipping into her mind, ever so gently. The telepathic touch of love and passion. The Lt. Commander paused briefly and tried to relax as the passionate thoughts filled her mind. She, then rose up and kissed her lips, hard. A hand reached down to the juncture where the moisture awaited. Fingers part into the wetness, slipping easily into the silk slick interior.


Talia gasped at the penetration tightened her arms about the Lt. Commanderís neck slightly. She threw her head back, eyes closed as Ivanova started to withdraw a little then returned back inside her. She let out a little cry as Susan found the sensitive ridge of flesh and manipulated it with absolute precision. Talia started to undulate against her. Soon, together they found the familiar rhythm.

Talia let out little cries and sighs, her body covered with respiration, both of hers and Susanís. Building up pleasure, they felt themselves going higher, and higher. Orgasm was fast approaching, the telepath digging her nails into the smooth back of Lt. Commander. They felt the walls slowly crumbled then broke. Suddenly Ivanova felt herself being swept up in the tide of delight with Talia, passion, and love filling her. She reached up to capture the full lips into a fierce kiss. Talia responded with a deep groan in her chest. Susan felt her fingers being held in the incredible tightness.

Susan...a thought echoed in her mind. I love you...

Ivanova felt the boundaries between them fade away, their minds melt into one. She felt as if her souls had became one with Taliaís. Then, she felt the sudden exploded as both gladly leap off the edge. They clung to each other, afraid to let go, bodies trembling as wave after wave of climax caught them, swept them away.

Talia was barely able to stay conscious, she caught Susanís limped body on top of her. Trying to catch her breath, Talia swallowed hard, her throat dried from tried to draw breath. She cradled her with both arms, stroking her back soothingly, kissing her cheek, and nuzzling her dark hair now and again.

Finally, after a long while, Ivanova was able to pull herself up, and off the telepath. She got up and pulled Talia after her. Decided that it was time for the change of scenario, Talia followed her into the room. Once inside she pushed the Lt. Commander back up on the mattress.

"My turn." Talia said in a husky voice.

She hovered over Ivanova who stretched out over the soft mattress, looking up at her with soft smile on her face. Talia pressed lightly over her exquisite body, then started kissing her softly on the lips. Susan wrapped both arms around the telepath, pulled her tighter, encouraging her to rest all her weight on top of her. Talia hesitated for a brief moment before she allowed herself to press down.

"Can you breathe?" Talia murmured between kisses.

"Iím breathing fineÖ"

The telepath smiled broadly then captured her lips into another passionate kiss, taken her breath away. Again she felt telepathic contact in her mind, but she no longer felt the usual unease. Talia began to gently send the love, passion, longing, and desire into the Lt. Commanderís mind. Ivanova caught her breath as she felt the desire in her manifested itself to match the telepathís. Talia grinned at the reaction she was able to get out of the woman underneath her. Ivanova closed her eyes, her breathing labored. She ran her hands up and down Taliaís smooth back, got the feel of bumpy ridges of her spine. Talia left her mouth and made a path downward, her hair fell over the Lt. Commanderís face, and down to her chest. She threw her head back, her hands moved up to tangled in the soft blond hair, stroking gently. She held her head tight when the telepath reached her breast, and feasted on them. Carefully monitoring the Lt. Commanderís reaction, she alternated between kissing and nibbling her nipples. Moving downward, Talia placed soft kisses in the valley between her beasts and nibbled the soft underside of her breasts.

"Talia...pleaseÖ" Susan pleaded. PleaseÖ

The telepath smiled, but did not increase her pace. Downward still, Talia paused at her naval, kissing her there. Ivanovaís whole body tensed up, she needed her now, but knew that Talia wasnít going to listen to her. Finally, Talia reached the soft thatch of dark hair between her legs. She gently nuzzling her, breathed deep the scent of Susan.

Talia... I need you.. Her desperate pled echoed inside Taliaís mind.

Ivanova shivered, then spread her legs at the gentle insistence hands. The telepath stroking her inner thigh, soft caresses that let her know what would be coming next. Suddenly she felt fingers penetrated her, tongue found the bundle of nerve ending. Susan arched up, wanted to feel more pressure, but the telepath pulled back slightly.

Donít move. Taliaís smoky voice commanded her, the voice was deep inside her head.

Ivanova held her breath forced herself not to make any move. A difficult task as it was, her whole body went rigid. Talia slowly returned her lips and tongue to the Susanís little center, she gently teased it, and entered her with two fingers at the same time. Ivanova moaned low in her throat, hands reached for something she could hang on to. Immediately the telepath reached out with her right hand and captured the groping hand in her own. Susan arched up, her breath came into short gasp, all the walls she put up to keep everything out dropped, allowing Taliaís mind in totally.

Yes, open to me, Susan... feel me with your mindÖ

The telepath kept up her motions, until they were all too much for Susan and she climaxed. The orgasm came like a tidal wave, caught her and swept her up, she felt the telepath cradled her mind with her own. Everything was forgotten, as she lost her capability to comprehend all information.

Talia slowly withdrew as she felt the spasm subsided. Slowly she made her way up, placing kisses on the way. She pulled the Lt. Commander close to her, cradled her, afraid that maybe she went to far, or too deep into her mind. Talia drew the blanket over them both, as the perspiration started to dry off in the chill air.

"Talia..." Whispered, Ivanova

"Iím right here."

"IÖ I felt you inside..."

"I know..." Talia said quietly, her voice barely above a whisper. She was afraid that she had just scared Ivanova by went inside her too deep. Went to the place she never wanted her to go.

"I mean, Iíve never felt anyone so clear in my mind before, not even my mother."

Talia tightened her embrace, hand stroking the soft dark hair, letting the woman talk. She had felt wondered as she was inside her, to see her true self. It felt so good to be so close to her. But she still wasnít sure if Ivanova was ready for that.

"Talia... I love you.."

That answered her troubled thought. Ivanova was ready for the contact, she felt relief. Susan cupped her cheeks in both hands, then brought her lips down the meet hers. They kissed long, sweet, there was no passion involved this time, just the soft kisses that comforting and communicated their feelings. Snuggled closer to each other, Susan rested her head on the telepathís chest as Talia wrapped both arms around her. She buried her face in the nook of the other womanís neck, then closed her eyes.

Feeling more safe and secure than she had ever felt before.


Garibaldi watched the Lt. Commander strolled down the corridor rapidly. Apparently she was not headed for the messhall as she usually did every morning. He moved in to intercept her.

"Good morning, Lt. Commander." He greeted with his characteristic grin on his face.

"Mr. Garibaldi," she nodded at him, there was no usual annoyed expression or dark cloud on her face, which was strange.

He noticed that Ivanova was in a pretty good mood in the morning for the past few weeks. Indicated something happened to her, good things he assumed. And he wanted to know what it was. He hadnít seen her in the casino after her duty shift either. It was her habit to stop at the casino, or one of the bars in Zocalo before returned to her quarters. In the past nights he hadnít seen her in any of those places, and he was beginning to wonder if something was going on with her that he didnít know about.

"Havenít seen you in the messhall today. You skipped your breakfast?"

"No," said, Ivanova. She still strolled down the corridor without even slowing down for the Security Chief.

"No?" Garibaldi queried, "where did you eat then? In some café in Zocalo? I didnít see you."

"No, Garibaldi and I donít think where I eat my breakfast is any of your business." She replied tartly. "And now I have to get to C&C, is there some other place you need to be, Garibaldi?"

Ivanova then quickly walked away, before he could make her feel any more annoy than he already had. The Security Chief stopped and turned to the other direction. Actually he and the Commander, Jeffrey Sinclair planned a practical joke on her this morning, but she didnít show up, so they had to put off that for another time. He knew that it annoyed her when he and the Commander looked too cheerful in the morning while herself was half awake, and cranky. He was glad, though that he didnít have to work up in C&C.

Then, Garibaldi started his usual patrol around the station.


Ivanova was holding her head in both hands, she didnít feel so good since lunch. She wished that the pounding in her head would stop soon. The Lt. Commander spent a few minutes debating if she should go to MedLab and get something for her headache, then she decided against it. All she wanted right now was to get back to her quarters and curled up in her bed, get away from all these noises.

The agonizing headache made her less aware of how much she feel the presence from people around her. She had always been aware of them, but not so clearly. This day was different than any other day. Ivanova however, was too much in pain to notice anything.

Finally, she gave up, not longer able to contain the headache, she informed Sinclair that she was going to see the doctor, and would take the rest of the day off. He agreed with his voice heavily laced with concern. Sinclair knew his Second in Command well enough to know that whatever it was that made her see the doctor must be very serious indeed. Lt. Commander Ivanova wasnít in the habit of seeing the doctor every time she didnít feel well. In fact she was quite insistence on staying away from MedLab as far away as she could.

The doors to MedLab slid open, admitted a tall figure of the Second in Command of the station. This faint hiss alerted Franklin, he looked up from his work to see the Lt. Commander entered the room. On her face was the expression of barely contained pain.

"Ah, Lt. Commander." Franklin greeted. "What a surprise, how may I help you?"

"Yeah, Iím about to explode right now."

Franklin frowned slightly, then asked. "Whatís wrong?"

"This headache is killing me, can you do anything about it?" She started to fidget; her hand was rubbing the back of her neck.

"Here, go over there." The doctor gesture over to the bed, while grabbed the medical probe from his desk. Since he started working on Babylon 5 the Lt. Commander never stepped into the MedLab excepted when he insisted she come in for a physical check up, and that took a lot of effort on his part. For her to voluntarily come in indicated that he should not treat it lightly.

Ivanova pulled herself up on the bed quietly, she didnít like MedLab. The smell and the feel of it made her feel unease. She wanted to get this over with as quickly as possible. She gritted her teeth hard, hands clung to the bed sheet.

Franklin raised his eyebrows, looking up at her. He then, diverted his attention to the small screen in his hand, trying to find out what was wrong with her. There was nothing wrong with her physically, but her neural pathways were slightly over active. Which was fairly strange, and he didnít know what to make of it.

"What?" Ivanova asked as soon as she noticed the confused look on his face.

"UmÖ thereís nothing wrong with you, but Iíll give you something for that pain."

She nodded, that was all she wanted. She watched as Franklin grabbed the injector from the nearby table. He loaded pain killer in, then injected it into her body.

"Here this should help with your pain. If it still bother you let me know." He said as her put the injector away.

"Thanks," Ivanova said, feeling a little better when the pain started to fade away. "I think Iíll go back to my quarters to rest for a while."

"Good idea," Franklin agreed readily. "Oh, I saw Ms. Winters the other day."

Ivanova who was slid down from the bed and was ready to get out of the facility stopped in mid stride, and turned back to face him immediately.

"She was here? Why?" She asked urgently, then wondered why Talia hadnít told her about visiting MedLab.

Franklin raised his eyebrows at her tone of voice. The look on the doctorís face told her that she was showing a little too much concern. So, she calmed herself down and put the blank expression on her face. She wouldnít want the doctor to be able to confirm his suspicious about them because she was being careless about her facial expressions.

"Oh, she was here for physical check up." Franklin hid his grin, the expression on the Lt. Commander amused him a little. He saw them together a few times, which only served to arouse his curiosity. He had heard so many times about how much she hated Psi-Corps, and that she would never allow any telepath to get close to her. But he knew that Talia Winters was quite insistence in get close to the Lt. Commander.

The few conversations that he had with Winters were quite short, and rare. Since both of them had very little to do with each other. But on all of them mentioned the Lt. Commander, and how she was rude to her. He got the impression of attraction here, and it seemed Ivanova had finally dropped her guard and let her in. He was glad, the telepath seemed to put a lot of effort into get on Ivanovaís good side. But the urgent tone that Ivanova used told him that she was very concerned, perhaps more than just a friend would.

"Itís nice to have someone come in on their own free will. Of course, unlike most of you," Franklin glanced at the Lt. Commander. "That have to call over and over again before you decide to come in, kicking and screaming."

Ivanova just made a face at him. It was true most people in command staff hated to come in MedLab, unless something was actually wrong. If not... well, no one wanted to even walk by the facility.

"Well, Iíll see you around then." Ivanova said and left the place before she could entertain Franklin any more than she already had.

Doctor Franklin watched the Lt. Commander left the place.


Ivanova entered her cabin, she was tired, more tired than sheíd ever been in years. The pain killer seemed to do its job well enough. All she felt was fatigue, and a little drowsy. She suspected that the doctor gave her a little sedative with that pain killer, but she wasnít about to get angry at him. All she wanted to do now was to get a little rest and a nap if possible.

She loosened the collar of her jacket as she walked inside. Unzipped her jacket, Ivanova threw it over the back of a chair. She sat heavily on her mattress, then fell backward, sprawled across the bed. She kicked her boots off, and closing her eyes.

She soon drifted off to oblivion.

There were voices... voices everywhere. She was screaming as loud as she could, but there was nothing coming out but silence. The voice grew louder, and louder, and louder. Until she couldnít distinguish one voice from another. She saw herself being tied down on a chair, a metal chair. The chair was cold, it was as if she was sitting on ice. Tried to move but she couldnít.... figures, shadowy figures circling her as the voices grew ever louder.

No, she cried out. But there was nothing, no respond from any of them, as they continued to circling her.

She tried to shut them out but she couldnít. She couldnít move. A shadowy figure stepped closer to her, in its hand was an injector. She screamed, but the figure didnít seem to notice, or cared. He lifted her hand up, she tried to pull back, but she was too weak. She felt as if the voices were going to crush her into pieces. She watched as the needle sank into her flesh. Then she saw herself slowly turned to someone else.

Susan Ivanova sat bolt up right in her bed, screaming.


On the other side of the station, Talia Winters was sitting in on another negotiation. Theyíd been trying twice now, but there was still no success since both sides were not about to be honest with each other. She sighed quietly, tried to look attentive.

Winters watched as both Drazi, and the Centuari arguing with each other. She was very bored, the negotiation was just like the day before, a total waste of time. Theyíd been sitting here for hours and there was nothing they agree yet. Talia wanted to ask why they decided to do business with each other in the first place.

Suddenly she heard someone screaming inside her mind. A familiar voice.


And she felt a burst inside her head. Winters knew immediately what was going on. She stood up and excused herself from the table, both Drazi, and Centauri looked at her in startled confusion.

"Ms. Winters." One of them started. "Where are you going?"

"Yes, where are you going? Our business is not conclude yet."

"Iím sorry, but something coming up and I have to go. You can make another appointment with me later, but now I have to go."

And before they could complain any further she fled the room. At first she didnít know where to find Ivanova, it wasnít the end of her shift yet. She could be anywhere on the station. Her eyes caught the sight of communicator on the side, she headed toward it.

Put her credit chit in, she asked for the link to C&C. An image of Lt. Corwin popped up on the small screen. Apparently he was surprised to see her. He didnít know her personally, of course. But he heard about her from some of his friends, and once saw her up in C&C introduced herself to the Second in Command. Being the only telepath on the station made her easy to identify.

"This is C&C, Ms. Winters. What can I do for you?"

"Lieutenant, if I could speak to Lt. Commander Ivanova, please." Talia said urgently.

"Oh, Iím sorry maíam. Lt. Commander Ivanova left a few hours ago. She said she wasnít feel well." He replied evenly wondering what was going on. "If you want I could check in for you." Then offered some assistance to her.

"No, thank you." Talia said and cut the communication, she now knew where Ivanova would be.

The telepath headed for the nearest transporter tube. She tried to get to the deck that contained the stationís personal quarters as quickly as possible. She was fidgeting the whole time as the tube traveling. The doors slid open she darted out, didnít wait for the doors to fully open. Talia strode down the corridor as quickly as she could.

Barely able to keep herself from running.

As soon as she entered the Lt. Commanderís quarters she heard a scream. Ivanova was dreaming, apparently, and struggling with something. She sat up right in her bed, both eyes still close tight. Talia crossed the distance between them and took the screaming woman in her arms.

"Susan," she called her, but there was no respond, so she tried again, and again.

Voices started to overwhelm her, old, young, male, female. They were so loud that she couldnít hear her own scream. Suddenly there was one voice, clearer than the others. One voice inside her head.

Susan... listen to me..

One very familiar voice.


Yes, Iím here with you now. Everything is going to be all right.

Ivanova opened her eyes to find the clear blue eyes were looking at her, watching her with concern. Arms holding her in comforting embrace.

"Talia... what happen?" She asked, tears brim her eyes. "Oh god, there were voices... Talia..."

"Easy, you just took a mind burst."

The telepath held her even tighter, hand brushed the strands of loose hair off her forehead. She was concentrating hard, trying to keep the voices out for her. Ivanova squeezed both eyes shut, the voices came back as she felt panic rised up her spine. She knew what that meant.

Susan, listen to my voice.... concentrate, imagine a wall just behind your eyes....Talia sent urgently. If Ivanova got panic and let the voices overwhelm her, Talia could lose her, and it would be hard to get her back. Possibly would never be able to get her back.

I canít...

Yes, you can. Imagine the wall, build it up brick by brick. Feel the texture, itís real. The voice will go away as the wall go higher.

Ivanova took a deep breath and tried to do what she was told. Her eyes screwed shut, sweat began to poure down from her forehead. Her breath shallow, she concentrated hard. Slowly the voices fade away into one indistinguishable background hum.

Yes, like that.. just like that..

Talia slowly withdraw her help, testing if the Lt. Commander was able to hold the shield up by herself. Ivanova seemed to be all right, the wall didnít crumble and fall like she afraid it would.

"Talia..." said, Ivanova, her voice cracked.


"Stay with me, please..."

"Of course, let me get this off you." Talia said, gestured at her damped, and somewhat wrinkled uniform.

Ivanova nodded tiredly and pulled herself away from the telepath, just long enough to get the cloth off her. Talia carefully unbuttoned her shirt and pulled it off, then her pants followed into a pile on the floor. Talia pulled out a black silk shirt for her, Ivanova slipped it on then lied back down. Talia pulled the blanket over her, then slid off her suit jacket and shoes. She got under cover with Susan. Wrapped both arms around her, Ivanova gratefully snuggled closer, buried her face in the warm hollow of her shoulder.

"Talia.." The Lt. Commander started.


The telepath was stroking her back gently, her mind still maintained the mind contact with Susan, making sure that the wall she put up was stable enough, and to comfort her.

"How did you get here so fast?"

"IÖ heard you from across the station. I heard you scream inside my mind." Talia replied softly.

"You did?"

"Yeah, I contacted C&C, they said you didnít feel good, so I tried to get here as fast as I could. You were screaming when I got here."

"It was... terrible, Talia. I couldnít..."

"Shhh... itís all right. Weíll talk about this later." The telepath whispered as she kissed her forehead, hand never stopped the gentle stroking motion. "Now, I want you to rest."

Ivanova nodded obediently, then close her eyes, knowing she was safe here in these arms.


"I donít understand, Talia. I mean, why now?"

Ivanova held the coffee cup in both hands, staring into the dark liquid. The throbbing headache she had the night before was gone, but the shock of discovering her own telepathic ability was there. Talia had been holding her all night, and she appreciated that greatly. She hadnít had much sleep though. She would fell asleep and the dream would come back and haunt her. When she woke up from the nightmare, she would find the telepath still awake and stroking her back, soothed her with gentle, loving gesture. If Talia wasnít there she very much doubt she could even hear her own thoughts.

Talia placed breakfast in front of her, Ivanova wasnít in the mood to eat anything though. She grimaced at the plate and looked up at the telepath. Talia sighed and pulled the chair close to her, she seated herself comfortably.

The night before had been difficult. Susan would fall asleep for short period of time and came awake with a jerked, body shuddering. The telepath hadnít slept all night, she couldnít. Not when the person she so adored was living her own nightmare. When Ivanova eventually got up this morning, Talia insisted that she take a day off. Which the Lt. Commander reluctantly agreed. Talia knew that Ivanova put her duty first priority, but she didnít think that Ivanova would be able to get through the day without going insane. The wall she put up wasnít strong enough yet.

"When I was little my mother used to scan me. She would go in and show me how much she loved me. When I got older, I learned to keep her out when I wanted to." Susan said, her eyes took a faraway look. "And Iíve never be able to read anyoneís thought but my mother." She then, turned to Talia. "I mean you told me that usually telepaths have mind burst when they hit puberty. Iím not exactly a teenagerÖ"

Talia put a comforting hand on her knee, then she spoke softly. "Susan, I donít think how it happen is our concern right now. We should be more concern about your training."

The Lt. Commanderís head snapped up at her words.

"Training?" She gasped in disbelief. "I canít believeÖ how am I suppose to get training? Youíre not suggest that I join the Corps, are you?"

"No, Iím not suggest that you join the Corps, Susan. I wonít do that to you."


"But you do have to train, you have to learn how to shield out everyoneís thoughts, and how to hide from Psi-Cops."

Finally, Ivanova nodded her head in understanding. She didnít like the idea, but she had no other choice. Even though Talia was the only Psi-Corps telepath on the station, and she knew Talia would never turn her in. There would be time that other Psi-Corps might show up on the station. And she had to be able to hide from them.

"Then we should start as soon as possible."

"Yes, but now Iíd like you to eat your breakfast, please."

She smiled as Ivanova gave her a startle look. Then, the Lt. Commander turned to her meal, she consumed it with less enthusiasm than she usually did. The telepath observed her with worried expression on her face. She couldnít remember how she felt when she had mind burst, when her telepathic abilities first manifested itself. But she was very young then, only five years old. She wished that Susan didnít have to go through what she, herself went through. She couldnít even begin to imagine what it felt like.

To have her own fear came true.


"I canít do this."

"Yes, you can. Just concentrate."

The frown on Susanís face just got deeper. The beads of sweat appeared on her forehead as she concentrated hard. Talia observed her closely, she didnít want to push the Lt. Commander too hard, but it seemed that she had no choice. She remembered the first time she leaned how to properly block out all the noises. It took her nearly a month, and she had a P-10 instructor to help her. Talia was only a P-5, and she had no experience in teaching anyone about this whatsoever. She could only try to help Ivanova as best as she could.

They had set up the test a few days ago in MedLab. Ivanova agreed to let Franklin know about her ability. After all he was a doctor, and if there was anything at all wrong physically at least there was a doctor that they could trust. Franklin set his private Lab for them to take a test. The results however, were quite astounding. It turned out that Ivanova was very strong, and no one was more surprised than the Lt. Commander herself. She always thought that if she were a telepath at all she would be no more than a weak, P-1.

Ivanova let out a frustration sigh, a deep frown on her face got even deeper. Talia reached over and clapped her bare hands over hers. Gave the Lt. Commander a chance to rest by helping her blocked out the voices. Ivanova closed her eyes and slumped forward, rested her forehead on the telepathís shoulder. Talia hugged her, hand stroking her back in a reassuring, soothing manner.

"Why is this so hard?" Ivanova asked in tired voice.

"Itíll get easier with practice, Susan." Talia whispered in her ear. "Youíre still new at this. It took me nearly a month to block the voices properly. Youíre doing better than I was."

"Well, thatís encouraging." Ivanova replied, her tone laced with sarcasm.

Talia didnít say anything to that, she just continued to stroke her back, and kept blocking for her. She was also very worried. Ivanova was very strong, a lot stronger than Talia herself, and it was very hard to teach someone who was so afraid and a lot stronger than her. Someone as strong as the Lt. Commander needed a teacher who knew how to handle at least a P-10. A teacher with a lot of experience. And Talia was simply not qualified.

For the past few days neither slept very well. Ivanova was having the same nightmare over and over again, and Talia was too worried about her to get any rest. For the first time in so many years, Ivanova was taking her leave time. Others in command staff were worried about her, and Franklin was telling them that Ivanova was having a worse kind of flue, and very contentious, so that no one was trying to visit her. Talia was sorry that the doctor had to lie for them.

"Would you like some coffee?" Talia asked softly after Susan went quiet.

"Um... that would be nice.." The Lt. Commander replied in a tired voice.

The telepath gently pushed her away, and got up from where she was sitting. Ivanova sighed, regretted the lose of the source of her comfort. She watched as the telepath prepared the coffee. She noticed the dark circles under her eyes, and how pale her skin had become. The telepath was looking so thin she was almost gaunt.

Susan knew that Talia was blaming herself for this, for what happened to her. The telepath was trying very hard to help her in every way, she stayed up all night with her when she had nightmares. Talia tried to teach her everything she could remember from her own training, she took her time to explain everything to her. What she couldn't remember she would do an extensive research on it. The Lt. Commander appreciated that greatly, she remembered how difficult the first day was for her. If Talia hadnít been there she was sure that she would go insane from all that voices inside her head.

The Lt. Commander got up from where she was sitting, coming around the counter, she slipped behind the telepath. Talia smiled faintly as she felt the presence behind her and arms wrapped around her waist. Ivanova placed a soft kiss at the nape of her neck then, rested her chin over her shoulder.

"Thank you."

Talia glanced back at her, "Itís all right, I needed some stimulant anyway." She said, not misunderstood Ivanovaís intention, but did not want to mention anything.

"No, not that. I mean..." She paused, "thank you for being here with me. I donít know what I would do without you."

The telepath turned around to face her, she raised both hands up and held Ivanovaís elbows lightly. A soft, tired smile on her face.

"Youíre welcome."

The coffee was ready as the machine gave out a signal. Ivanova reached over to the cupboard and took out two mugs. The telepath took them as she handed them to her. Ivanova leaned back against the counter, watching Talia poured coffee into both mugs, then added some cream into hers. She handed one to the Lt. Commander.

"Thank you." Ivanova murmured, taking a sip of her coffee. She felt a little better as she savored the rich, smooth taste of the coffee. Then thinking that it was worth the effort she put into pulled her rank to had the coffee grow in hyponic garden.

They both went back to the couch and sat side by side. After a minute of comfortable silence the telepath put her mug down and turned to the Lt. Commander.

"All right, are you ready to start again?"

Ivanova made a face, let her know exactly what she thought of the idea. "Youíre so cruel." She whined. "Can I have five more minutes?"

Talia reached out and took her hand, squeezed it gently. "Susan, I know youíre tired, but..."

Her words trailed off when Ivanova presented her with the look, a puppy dog look. And Talia had very little defense against that, she felt her heart melt at the soft blue eyes the Lt. Commander presented her with.

Susan watched for her companionís reaction to her puppy dog look. She knew that Talia wouldnít be able to say no. The telepath was trying to look stern, but then her expression crumbled. The Lt. Commander knew that sheíd won as the soft look came over the telepathís face, and the stern look fade away.

"All right," defeated, Talia said finally.

Ivanova smiled sweetly at her, acknowledged her victory.


Lt. Commander Ivanova returned to duty after a few days of training and learning how to block out the thoughts of others around her. Though the voices in her head were still fairly loud, compared to before all this happened. But when she no longer pay any attention to them they seemed to fade away in the background. The voices were no longer threatened her, now they were just annoyed her.

The Commander and Security Chief questioned her as soon as she returned to duty. She didnít give them any more than just the vague description of how she was feeling. When they started to ask further she gave them a stern expression, telling them that she had work to do, and had no time for any of this. She could barely stifle a laugh when they practically run out of her sight.

Now she didnít think about her raging abilities much, since there was traffic to be direct. Arriving, departing ships. It seemed that this day would be quiet, just what she was hoping for. The Ambassadors, transporterís captains, lurkers seemed to behave themselves today.

Ivanova stood in front of the main console, looking out into the space through the bay window in front of her. The Vortex opened and yet another freighter entered. Her hands ran over the controller with practice familiarity. She directed the freighter into the docking bay with ease.

At first when she stepped into Command and Control she was afraid that she would not be able to hold up the block, that it would crumble and fall down. Despite the encouragement Talia gave her, she was still very much unsure of her ability to block out the voices. Right now though, it took very little effort on her part to hold up the block.

The signal of the Jumpgate about to open pulled her out of her muse. She looked up and waited until the transporter exited the gate. She confirmed the clearance and allowed them to dock. She was glad that today, there was no stubborn captains to ruin her nice quiet little day.

Commander Sinclair sat in the far corner of C&C, where his private station was. He was watching his Second in Command with curious expression on his face. He had wanted to visit her while she was sick, but Franklin made it cleared to him that whatever it was that she got was very contagious. And he should not see her, or he might catch the bug himself.

He frowned slightly, Ivanova certainly did not look as if she had just recovered from some nasty virus, at least not to him. She looked fatigue, but that was about it. Shaking his head, Sinclair returned his attention to his console.


Winters was waiting for transporter tube, she had to meet her client in twenty minutes. She had considered using the stair, but then decided against it. She was too tired to climb the stair. Now, she just hoped that the Security Chief would not wait for her in the tube again.

The lights lit up, indicated that the tube is ready. The doors slid open, the telepath looked up. There was Garibaldi stood just inside, grinning. Winters sighed tiredly, she had no choice but to step inside. She could use the stair, but that would make her late for her appointment, which was not acceptable.

"Ms. Winters." The Security Chief greeted her cheerfully.

Talia simply nodded, then looked straight ahead.

"Destination?" A cool, unemotional voice of the main computer asked as it was programmed to.

"Blue 14" The telepath answered promptly.

Garibaldi observed her closely. He noticed how thin she was, her pale skin looked even paler than usual. He hadnít seen her around while Ivanova was sick. This was the first time he saw her in week. He wondered what was going on with her right now. He had a feeling that something was going on, and whatever that was going on with her involved the Second in Command of the station. He hated when he had bits and pieces of information and couldnít put them together.

Talia was glad that Garibaldi did not try to hit on her like he always did. Instead he just kept looking at her, and that she still could tolerate. The proximity of them both made it hard for her to totally forget that he was in the transporter tube with her. She knew he wanted to say something, but whatever it was it took some time for him to think. And she was more than glad.

Garibaldi glanced back and fort between the wall and the stationís resident telepath. She didnít pay any attention to him whatsoever. He knew one thing for certain, whatever he wanted, or needed to know he could never be able to get out from either the telepath or the Lt. Commander.

The Security Chief turned to the woman, opened his mouth. Before anything could come out the tube came to stop, the blue lights along sides lit up, indicated that they had reached the destiny. The telepath waited until the doors opened and stepped out. She walked straight ahead without looking back.

Talia walked through the commercial section of the station, eyes searching for the place where she was supposed to meet with her client. The day that Ivanova had mind burst, she got up and left the place. If she remembered it correctly she practically run out, and raised a few eyebrows in the process. Her Drazi client had arranged another meeting, and again required her service. She was glad that he did not complain with the Corps. If he did, she would have a hell of a time trying to explain her urgency.

Reached her destiny, Winters could just see her client sat at the table. She was hoping to get here before she arrived, but... well, that didnít happen. Talia looked at her time piece, found that she was still early for the appointment. She straightened a bit and approached the table.

At the table a woman, she was around mid thirties, very attractive with her long blond hair, fair skin. She was wearing a tailor brown suit. Apparently she noticed the telepath at about the same time, and she stood up.

"Ms. Winters." The woman greeted with a genuine smile on her face. She offered a hand, and Winters took it, they shook hands firmly.

"Ms. Fletcher." The telepath replied with a smile, an impersonal smile, which she favored all of client with.

The woman released her hand and gestured at the seat beside her. The telepath took a seat quietly, they settled comfortably, waiting for the other half of the negotiation.

Fletcher watched the telepath closely for the first time. She saw her before, of course, but not in person. She saw her image on the file, and when she contacted her to make an appointment. She thought then, that Talia Winters was the most beautiful woman she had ever seen. Now, when she saw her in person, just a few feet away from her, the telepath looked even more beautiful.

And as if Winters was reading her thoughts, she turned and looked at her, then turned away. Fletcher winced silently, it was entirely possible that the telepath picked up on her thoughts. She looked down at her own time piece, there were a few more minutes left before the other half of the negotiation would arrive. She took out the transparencies and looked through them, helped her took her mind off the telepath.

Talia glanced at her client, she felt something from her, something very close to desire. Not that it was hard to pick up on those sorts of feelings, especially when it directed at her. After all she was a close-proximity telepath, it was impossible to block out the strong emotions.

Talia had studied the content of this negotiation thoroughly, and she did not think that there would be any problem. Both sides of the negotiation had worked together before a few times, and all of them successful. She was glad to say the least, the deal was not overly serious, and both parties were friendly. She was certain that they would close the deal in a short time. A nice break after all that thing with Kosh.

A middle-aged man approached the table, a sign to begin the negotiation.


"Itís good doing business with you."

Fletcher nodded as she stood up, took the proffered hand and shook firmly. The man turned to Winters and took her hand in a friendly handshake. The telepath gave him an impersonal smile. He gave one last nodded and left the place.

Fletcher stood side by side with Winters as she watched the man strode away. Talia started pick up all the transparencies and packed up, getting ready to leave the place. The deal had gone smoothly as she hoped, there was no tension, just the friendly atmosphere. She suspected that the reason they had telepath presence at all was to bring the professionalism into the deal, and nothing more.

"Itís been great working with you." The woman said to her.

Talia smiled and nodded, and offered her hand.

"Thank you for the commission, Ms. Fletcher. I hope weíll have a chance to work together again."

And as the telepath was ready to leave.

"Would you like to have a drink? Iíve never been here before, and I was wondering if you could show me around."

Fletcher asked with a present smile on her face. The telepath looked at her for a moment, and appeared to be thinking.

Talia thought about the invitation carefully, she did not want to be rude, but she had to meet Susan in about an hour. And for some reason, she found that the womanís intention was questionable.

"Iíd love to, but I canít." The telepath said apologetically. "I have some business to attend to."

The look of disappointment came over her clientís face, but she covered that fairly quickly. The disappointment was gone as quick as it appeared.

"Well, maybe some other time?"

"Some other time." Talia responded, then gave her a farewell nod, and departed.


Susan entered her quarters to found that someone was already there. She heard the shower running, a sly grin appeared on her face. Dropping her jacket on the bed, she loosened her sleeve shirt and took off her boots. She stepped inside the small bathroom. The shower door was close the steam made it impossible to see the person inside, but then she didnít need to see to know who was inside.

Quickly, she stripped off her cloth, and tossed it aside. Ivanova moved as quiet as possible, she opened the shower door. A sight of the naked telepath stood under the shower greeted her. Talia was apparently too indulged to hear her coming. She took a minute to admire the way water sprayed over the pale skin, which was flushed a ruddy pink from the heat. Talia put her head directly under the spray, her blond hair soaked, lay tight against her skull. Her eyes were closed as she let the water washed away the remaining suds from her hair.

Ivanova slipped in behind her and wrapped both arms around her slim waist. The telepath let out a startled gasp when suddenly arms sneaked out from behind her, then she settled back against the strong body, knowing full well who it was. A smile came upon her face as she felt the Lt. Commander placed kisses on her shoulder, and neck. Ivanova reached over, took her chin between her thumb and index finger, then turned her face, and kissed her hard. Her free hand ran down Taliaís abdomen, and she felt the telepathís hands came up and held her hand. After nearly a minute she released her.

"Hi, Iím home." Ivanova said with a wicked grin on her face.

"I can see that." Talia laughed as the Lt. Commander abruptly turned her around, the telepath immediately threw her arms around her neck. "Will you wash my back?" She asked, and smiled at her sweetly.


Susan reached over the shelves contained the supplies, she took a sponge, and some soap from the dispenser. She kept Talia where she was, facing her, and began lather her back. The telepath rested her head on the Lt. Commanderís shoulder, and closed her eyes. Ivanova took her time scrubbing the soft, pale skin. She lowered her shield a little so she could feel Talia in her mind.

Susan smiled faintly as she felt the content happiness that the telepath was feeling entered her mind, there was no trace of stress that she knew Talia felt days before left, and she was glad. She knew that as much as she herself, felt stressed out, Talia felt it even more, though she tried to hide it from her.

Talia sighed quietly, she knew she could stay here, in her loverís arms forever. She didnít expect the Lt. Commander to get back so soon. She just wanted to relax a little before they started their lesson. Sheíd been very indulged that she didnít feel her coming, but glad that she didnít. Finally Ivanova stopped scrubbing her back, and gently pushed her away, nudging her under the nozzle let the water sprayed over her.

Ivanova watched as the water washed away the soap down her sinuous back and down the drain. She looked up to see the telepath grinning at her and took the sponge from her hand.

"My turn."

The Second in Command was more than glad to let her, she turned to face the wall, rested her palms against it. She felt the telepathís hand brushed her hair aside and started scrubbing her back and working the soap into lather. She closed her eyes, her smiled widened as she heard Talia humming absently. She didnít think she had ever heard the telepath hum before.

Talia stopped what she was doing as she sensed the amusement from the Lt. Commander.


Ivanova looked over her shoulder at the telepath.

"What, what?"

"You were amused," Talia accused.

Ivanova laughed and turned around to face her.

"Did you know that you were humming?"

"I was?"

Ivanova laughed again and circling her waist, then leaned over to kiss the tip of her nose. She then, felt the embarrassment from Talia, so she pulled her closer.

"Never heard you humming before." Ivanova teased, "very cute."

"You!" Talia exclaimed, and slapped her shoulder lightly as Ivanova laughed, then she silenced her with a kiss.

"UmmÖ you finish my back?" She asked between kisses, the telepath nodded. "Will you do my front now?"

Talia replied by tossed the sponge back on the shelves and picked up the soft cloth, poured some liquid soap over it. Ivanova obligingly stepped back a little, granting the telepath an easy access. She started soaping up the Lt. Commander, she started from her collar bone and down to her breasts. She felt something stirred within her, but Talia didnít linger on those spots which would bring her pleasure, instead she passed on to her belly and up again. Then she realized that the telepath was teasing her, the grin on her face confirmed her suspicion.

She suspected that Talia was enjoying teasing her. She wanted very much to pick her up and took her to bed. Then they could start they real playing there. She bent down slightly when Talia done with the cloth and gave her a shampoo bottle, indicated that she wanted the telepath to wash her hair also. Which she obligingly complied.

Ivanova closed her eyes blissfully, she loved the way Taliaís fingers massage her skull gently and thoroughly. Finally the hands stopped, and she sighed, regretted that the process was finished, wishing that she could enjoy it a little longer.

Talia nudged her under the nozzle and she watched the soap washed away down the drain.


Ivanova sat down comfortably on the couch, hands toweling her still damped hair with the small, white towel. She was wearing comfortable clothe, knowing that Talia wanted her to relax a little while longer and then theyíd start another training lesson.

She sighed quietly, Ivanova didnít like any of these lessons, though she knew she needed it. She dread to think of what Talia had in store for her today. Sometimes she thought that the telepath pushed her too hard.

Talia looked up from where she was sitting and saw the frown on the Lt. Commanderís face.

"Whatís wrong, Susan?" She asked, concerned.

Ivanova shook her head, "no, nothing. Iím just thinking about something."

"Oh, are you ready now?"

"Yeah, I guess." She paused, "You know, I can think of other thing we could be doing right now, besides the training."

Talia chuckled softly, the same thought had crossed her mind more than once. It would be so easy just to forget about everything and make love to her, but the training was very important. The sooner they finish the training the better off they were. It would ensure Ivanovaís chance of hiding from Psi-Cops, if they happened to be on board.

"Well, how about Iíll keep the lesson short today?" Talia offered.

"I was hoping we could do something else today." Susan started when she saw Talia frowned. "Come on, Talia. Weíd been training for the last two weeks." She whined.

The telepath sighed quietly, trying to decide if she should give the Lt. Commander a break. She could understand that all the exercises were quite boring, she remembered how she was while at the Psi-Corps Academy. But this was different, Ivanova didnít have as much time as she had.

"No," Talia said firmly, then felt bad as the expression of disappointed child came over her loverís face. "I promise to keep todayís lesson short." She said, gentling her tone.

Ivanova nodded in acceptant, she put the towel down and reached for the brush. She bushed out her long hair briskly, she was taking no pleasure in this task as she usually did. The telepath noticed that and regretted that she didnít allow her to take a break. She knew that the Lt. Commander was upset, and Talia didnít even have to scan her to know that.

The Lt. Commander ceased the brushing when she saw the regret expression passed over Taliaís face. She realized that maybe she was acting very childish, and Talia was only wanted to help protecting her. Susan reached for the telepathís hand, and pulled her over.

"Iím sorry. I know you put a lot of effort into helping me, and youíre worry about me." She hugged her tightly, "I guess, Iím bored, and tired with these lessons."

I know, Susan, but please pay attention. I donít want anything to happen to you. I wonít be able to live without you. Talia sent telepathically instead of speaking out loud.

I promise. Susan responded.

"Okay, now we should start."

They spent about ten minutes or so meditating before started to do anything else. Then when Talia determined that the Lt. Commander was ready, she started by testing the block Susan erected to keep the voices out. She was satisfied when Ivanova had no trouble keeping the thoughts of other people nearby out of her mind without much effort on her part.

"All right," the telepath said, finally, after she was certain that the other woman would no longer have any trouble with blocking otherís thoughts out of her mind. "Now, I want you to try and keep me out."

Ivanova looked at her with some confusion in her eyes, she didnít understand why Talia would want her to try that. It was cleared that she had no trouble keeping the block up.

Talia noticed that so she spoke up. "I just wanted to make sure that your block would not suddenly crumble and fall when you were hit by very strong emotions." The telepath clarified.

She then, reached out, and with her bare hands she held Ivanovaís hands in her own, intensified the contact. Susan closed her eyes and concentrated, hard. At first she felt Taliaís thoughts intruded into her mind like a tidal wave, but they didnít hurt her like the thoughts from others, didnít make her feel like her head was going to explode from the intensity of it. Though it was fairly hard to keep them out, she started to feel the strain of concentration.

Slowly Taliaís voice began to fade away, little by little she felt as if she heard the telepath talking from distance, and finally the voice became just one of the background hum. Indistinguishable from others.

She felt the telepath pulled her hands away, then she opened her eyes. Talia was smiling softly at her.

"How did I do?"

"You were great, Susan." Talia responded, her smile widened, indicated that the exercise well done, and that she was satisfied with the Lt. Commanderís work. "How are you feeling?"

"It wasnít so hard." Ivanova said with a smile of personal satisfaction. "Not like the first time."

"So, youíre ready for another one." Talia said, and it was not a question.

She chuckled when the smile that was on the Lt. Commanderís face a moment ago disappeared without a trace. The telepath couldnít help but leaned over and gave her an encouraging kiss on her lips.

"You are so cruel," she mumbled under her breath.

"What was that?"

"No, nothing." Ivanova said quickly. "So, what do we do next?"

Talia offered her a sly grin. "Now, I want you to hide from me. Do anything to hide your telepathic signature from me." She then, studied the Lt. Commander closely, "do you think you can do that?"

"I can try." Ivanova replied in a not-so-convince tone. She should have known when Talia said she was going to keep the lesson short meant that there was something difficult for her in store. Ivanova bit her lower lip, she could never hide her telepathic signature from Talia, no matter how hard she tried.

Talia closed her eyes and concentrated on the Lt. Commanderís voice. She gently pushed and feeling the Lt. Commander trying to push back, to push her out. Slowly she became less aware of the presence of Ivanova. She opened her eyes to find her loverís eyes were screwed shut tight, sweat began to pour down between her brows. All the indication of the concentration was visible for her to see. She was feeling a little of Susan, that even though she didnít want to admit that she was now, a telepath; she still allow Talia to teach her and tried as hard as Talia would require her to.

Though she was a very impatient student and a very difficult one on occasions.

Pulled herself back to the task at hand, Ivanova presence fade away a little more, but not enough. She sighed maybe she should give her a little more clue, she thought. Stopped Ivanova with a hand, the Lt. Commander opened her eyes and looked at her quizzically.

"How do you feel?"

"Lousy." Ivanova quipped, she rubbed her temples with both hands.


Susan nodded, she closed her eyes and leaned back.

"Well, we could stop now, and do it again later..."

"Like, maybe tomorrow? Or better yet, next month?" Susan chimed in.

"Tomorrow." Talia said with a smile.

"Yes!" Ivanova threw both hands up in the air.

Talia laughed at her actions, sometimes the Lt. Commander acted no different than a child in front of her. Ivanova now had a big smile on her face as she started to go through the stuff in kitchenette. She grabbed a bottle of vodka from where it stacked with a lot of other beverages. She picked up two small glasses and came to where Talia was sitting.

"Oh, no." She said quickly. "No, vodka for me."

"Come on, Talia. Just a few shot wonít kill you." Ivanova said playfully, she knew very well, that Talia didnít like vodka, she told her that it was a little too strong for her taste. Ivanova once, convinced her to drink with her, and she ended up with a splitting headache the next morning. It was the first time she learned how cranky the cool, impassive, and conservative telepath, could be. She remembered how she had to get the pills from Garibaldi, just so that Talia could survive the morning.

"No, not for me, and I think I can find something else that Iíd rather be doing with you right now." She paused briefly, let the Lt. Commander guess her intention. "Of course, if you want to drink Iíll leave you to it."

Then she got up, spared Ivanova a single glare over her shoulder, and headed for the bedroom.

"Oh, no you." Ivanova called out. "Come over here."

"Well, you are going to drink, so Iíll go to bed." She made a run when she saw Ivanova abruptly got up and followed her. As the telepath reached the bed the Lt. Commander caught her with a few long strides, toppled her over the firm mattress.


"I changed my mind. Iíd rather do what you had in mind." She said, still lying on top of Talia, as she struggled to get out from underneath the Second in Command.

"What I had in mind?" Talia queried.

Ivanova laughed again, then she took both of Taliaís hands in her own and pinned them over her head.

"Yes, what you had in mind." She replied and kissed her possessively.

Talia chuckled and playfully tugged at her hands, testing the hold Susan had on her. Ivanova wasnít going to let her off that easy, though. A sly grin displayed on her face, she kissed her again, and again. The kisses became deeper, more passionate, and more forceful.

Susan nibbled at her bottom lip, and gently sucked on it. Suddenly she had an urge to bite down hard, to draw blood, but she suppressed the urge; and traveled downward. Talia sensed the desire manifested in Susan, and something else, but she was too occupied to pay much attention to them. Susan was now, kissing and nibbling at her chin down to her throat.

Ivanova kissed and sucked at the base of the pale neck, testing sweat as the perspiration broke out over the telepathís entire body. Talia moaned softly, she felt the Lt. Commander increased the suction, and was certain that by tomorrow it would leave a red mark on the base of her neck. Ivanova lowered herself a little more unbuttoned the Talia shirt as she did so. One hand still holding the telepath down at her wrists. She inhaled the flowery scent of lotion Talia used deeply, the sweet smelling scent.

"Susan..." Talia moaned, "je te désire...."

Ivanova eyebrows shot up at the language that Talia used, she had no idea that the telepath could speak more than one language. Maybe that was because she had never thought that Psi-Corps would ever care in other thing than just to train their member to be strong telepathically. Then it occured to her that Talia was a commercial telepath, after all it was better for her to learn more than one language for the convenient of the clients. She herself, knew more than one, even in this day an age that everyone spoke the same common language.


She didnít, of course, needed translation for what Talia just said, she could understand it telepathically. She knew what Talia wanted keenly, as if it was her own. Ivanova fumbled with the buttons on Taliaís shirt, it seemed as if her hands were not quick enough. So, she let her hands go and rose up on her knees, pulled the telepath up with her.

With the Lt. Commander still straddled her thighs, Talia reached for the hem of her shirt and pulled it over her head. She tossed it aside and looked pointedly at Ivanova, expected her to loose her clothe as well. Took her clue, Ivanova got off her and started stripped down. She took the hem of her shirt in both hands and pulled it over her head, with Taliaís appreciative eyes followed the pale skin that being exposed. She tossed all the clothes aside, not caring where they landed. She looked at the telepath, who was raise upon her elbows, looking like a perfect statue of goddess, created by the master.

Ivanova couldnít help but feeling her breath caught in her chest at the sight. Talia was, indeed very beautiful. Her porcelain skin was flawless, her eyes were blue, bright as the sky on the summer day. Her lips were naturally red, full and soft. Her full breasts, tipped with delicate pink nipples, were now rise with every breath she took. She felt saddened slightly as the little changes in Taliaís physical appearance came to mind. She was definitely lost some weight as Ivanova noticed that her ribcages were looking a little more pronounced than they were a few weeks ago... before her talent manifested. Before her world got turned up side down by the new discovery.

And while she was studied her love on the bed, Talia was also watching her, allowed the Lt. Commander to do the inspection as she pleased. The telepathís eyes roamed over the trimmed athletic body that stood beside the bed. Her long hair fell about her face, tumbling down her shoulder and back. Ivanova rarely let her hair down, she was always had her hair up in tight braided or tied up in a ponytail. Her piecing blue eyes were the certainly the center of everyoneís attention. They were the first things that caught her attention, among other things up in C&C when she first arrived here.

Ivanova climbed back up, and knelt beside Talia, placing her hand over the pale shoulder, she ran it up her neck. Cupped the soft cheek in her palm, Susan leaned down and placed a soft kiss on the full lips. Both eyes closed, she smiled against her lips as she felt a soft hand of the telepath running up, and braced her elbow.

They continued to kiss for several moments, enjoying the touch and feel of each other. Susan caressed her loverís cheek as she lied down beside her. They both shifted their positions slightly so that they came facing one another. Talia closed her eyes, running her fingers through the Lt. Commanderís long, chestnut hair, she felt the hand cupped her buttock and squeezed lightly. Ivanova reached further down and pulled the slim thigh up to rested on her hip.

Ivanova dropped the wall she erected slightly, letting her mind entwined with Taliaís. She let out a gasp as she felt the intensity of the contact. Then she intentionally sent a rush of feelings to the other woman, dominating over her.

"I want to make love to you..." She whispered low in her throat, sounding a bit forceful. "Let me make love to you.." She then added.

Make love to me, Susan...

The Lt. Commander rolled her over on to her back, and placed nibbling kisses down her chin, her throat. She closed her teeth over the collarbone, resting on one elbow Ivanova caressed her with her free hand. Talia threw her head back as she felt the hard edge of teeth close over her nipple, she moaned as the Lt. Commander manipulated her sensitive nipples with hand and mouth. She so enjoyed the feel of Ivanovaís lips and tongue caressed the sensitive nub.

The Lt. Commander spent her time caressed her breasts before decided that it was time to continue downward. So, she moved downward, kissing the underside of her breasts, making a trail with kisses, hand caressing the hard ridge of her ribcages. Like she noticed before, the telepath was losing weight, maybe not enough for anyone else to notice, but of course she did.

Kissing each ridge gently, she felt saddened at the way she gave the telepath a hard time earlier. Talia seemed to sense that and reached down, tangled her hands in the thick dark hair, caressing, letting her know that it was all right, that everything was all right. Ivanova looked up at her and smiled gratefully then went back to the task at hand. She finally reached the juncture of her legs, with the lights from the living area she could see how arouse the telepath was, the thatch of blond hair was glistered with moisture that overflowed.

Let me love you... She sent.

Talia spread her legs apart, kept her hands wrapped in the thick hair. She sighed happily as Ivanova placed kisses on her inner thighs, teasing her. Susan slid down, her body nearly hang off the mattress. She rested the slim thighs over her shoulders, inhaled the musky scent of Talia deeply.

Talia gasped as she felt a warm finger pressed against the throbbing ridge, the center of her nerve ending. Susan gently filled her with her long digits, placing a kiss on her naval, felt the heels pressed to her back as she set up the pace, feeling the silk slick interior. She took the ridge of nerve ending between her lips, suckling on it firmly.

"Susan... oh god.." she breathed. Please... donít stop...

I wonít, Susan responded

The telepath arched her back, and started undulate against the invading fingers, building up the familiar rhythm. Ivanova dropped her block, sending the thoughts of love, and passion to her. She felt the tight band of muscle started to pulse in regular rhythm.

Taliaís breathing labored, a fine sheen of perspiration broke out throughout her body, and she felt the abdominal muscle contracted. She dropped her block completely, wanting to feel her lover with her. The voices fade away, she felt Ivanovaís in their place, feeling the love and desire that the Lt. Commander had for her echoed inside her mind stronger than ever. She pulled her inside her, let Ivanova feel all that she felt for her.

Ivanova quickened the pace, picked up her rhythm a little. Suddenly she felt the thoughts of Taliaís poured into her mind like a tidal wave, reflecting the love back at her. Somehow the contact was so much stronger than it had before. She felt what Talia was feeling keenly, as if she was at the receive end. Momentarily making her dizzy, and nearly knocked her off the balance. She quickly recovered, and took a deep breath. Ivanova now slow down, trying to get some control back. She felt what Talia needed, but wasnít ready to give to her just yet. She heard Talia cried out in protest.

Grinning slyly, she sent. Not yet love, not yet.

She continued to caress her, knowing that Talia was almost there. Ivanova concentrated hard tried not to let herself caught up in waves of passion like she usually did. This was like some kind of a challenge, and she liked to be in control.

Talia swallowed hard, her mouth dried from drawing breathe, sweat dampened her forehead. She could feel Susan tried to keep calm and control. She felt a little frustrated at that way Ivanova kept her on the edge, and when she opened her mouth to protest the Lt. Commander simply ignored.

Susan, please.... Talia pled. Oh, god.... Oh.... Susan...

The telepath reached down and grabbed Ivanova by her shoulders. She pulled her up, and kissed her fiercely. And when Susan pulled back she wrapped both arms around her neck tightly.

"Please...." A harsh whisper of someone who was kept on the edge, and now could no longer stand it came into her ear.

Finally she thought that she kept Talia on the edge long enough, so she quickened the motion of her hand. Pushed herself up on her elbows, Ivanova leaned down and took a nipple into her mouth, sucking, biting gently, her thumb rubbing over the bundle of nerve ending. Ivanova dropped the block once again, letting herself fall into the pool of passion. Her mind entwined with her lover, seeing their love reflected back at them from every part of their bodies. Talia tensed up, her body hot, slick from the perspiration. She dug her nails into the soft muscle of the Lt. Commanderís back, all thoughts were cast out of her head, voices disappeared.

"Susan... Susan..." She repeated over, and over.

The telepath felt herself hovering at the brick for a fraction of eternity and then gladly leaped off the edge. She let out a soft cry, her back arched off the mattress. Ivanova gasped at the force of Taliaís climax, the boundaries that exited between them disintegrated, the tide swept them both up, they felt as if their souls became one with each other. She collapsed.

Slowly they both came down, Ivanova picked herself up from the top of Talia, barely kept herself conscious, she climbed up and collapsed beside the sated, and spent telepath. She looked into the big blue eyes, saw the love, longing, and devotion in them. She kissed her softly, unable to speak at the moment.

Talia pulled the blanket over them both with shaky hand. This was the first time after the ordeal that they were able to make love. They were afraid that the Lt. Commander would not be able to keep up, now that she was a strong telepath, the feelings when they were joined could hurt her if she hadnít learned to keep up the strong block. And they both were worried constantly, when they were not content and happy it was hard to pay attention to their love making.

They snuggled close to each other, continued to keep the link between them.

"Thank you." Talia whispered finally, after she was able to catch her breath.

"Youíre welcome." The Lt. Commander replied with a hint of humor in her voice.

The telepath placed a kiss on her shoulder and put her head down, threw an arm over her chest.

"You know," Ivanova started conversationally. "The first time you entered my mind it reminded me of my mother."


Susan nodded, "when I was little she used to scan me, show me all the love she felt for me. She showed me wonders, singing the lullaby." She paused and gave Talia a kiss on her forehead. "When I got a little older, I learned to keep her out when I wanted to... Then the Psi-Corps came and forced her to choose, they wanted her to join the Corps, but she wouldnít."


"After ten years of that, I guess she finally had had enough. One day, she came to my room to watch me play with the dolls." She paused and gave out a humorless laughter. "Yeah, once upon a time I played with dolls, can you believe it?"

Talia reached up and caressed her cheek with the back of her hand, she felt all the pain that Ivanova hid inside, the loneliness of a girl who lost her mother. She wished there was something she could do to make the pain go away. She couldnít comprehend the lost, maybe because she had never lost her parents the way Susan did. In fact she didnít even remember what her parents looked like, or if they ever existed in the first place.

"And she had this look on her face, you know. It was as if she wanted to burn that moment in her mind, like she wanted to keep this one perfect moment with her." She held her breath for a moment, afraid that she would cry. She didnít know why she talked about her mother. Maybe because the contact tonight was stronger than the previous ones, she didnít know. She had never talk about her to anyone before, and now she wanted to tell Talia everything. Though, she didnít know what she was expecting from Talia.

She rolled over a bit, so she could see Talia, so she could see her face, and those blue eyes that so captivated her. A tear rolled down her cheek unnoticed, Talia wiped it away with her finger. The telepath waited for her to finish what she stared. After looked at her, studied her for a moment Ivanova continued.

"After watching me play she told me to go to the neighborís house, the cousin, and remain there until she come and get me. So, I waited and waited until it got really dark.... My father came home and he came get me. He told me that Mama went away. I didnít know it then, but I knew that I would never see her again."

Then she looked at the woman next to her expectantly. "Talia, promise me youíll never go away," she said with so much intensity and pain. "Promise me youíll stay with me."

Talia placed her hand over the soft cheek, looking intently into her eyes, and made a promise sincerely.

"Iíll never leave you."

Ivanova closed her eyes, she felt as if that was what she wanted, what she needed to hear, a heartfelt promise. And best of all, she could feel that Talia was sincere. The telepath continued to stroke her cheek gently, she pulled her even closer, wrapped both arms around her.

Talia slid down a little so that Susanís chin would rest on top of her head, slowly she felt herself drift off. The Lt. Commander felt that too, but made no objection about it. She looked at the empty wall of her roomÖ thinking.

"Iím going to fall asleep." Talia warned in a slightly sleepy voice, the voice made her smile.

"Um-hmm, goodnight." Susan said quietly and kissed her.

"Bonne nuit, mon amour..."

Ivanova pulled the blanket tighter about them and continued to look at the empty space on her wall, hundred different thoughts running through her mind. She felt the body in her arms began to feel relax, and the soft breath against her throat was even out. The telepath was already asleep.

Sheís probably worn out. Ivanova thought with a humor.

Finally she let herself drift off to the unconsciousness. The welcoming rest after a long and busy day.


Standing in front of the control console, the Second in Command of the station, Lt. Commander Susan Ivanova. She looked out into the velvet blackness of the space in front of her, hands clasped behind her back.

This was the only time of the day that no ship scheduled to arrive or depart. Unusually quiet for a busy place like Babylon 5.

Ivanova continued to look out the window in front of her, lost in thought. Suddenly the Lieutenant called out to her.

"Lt. Commander," He said, eyes focused on the console in front of him. "I detected a sharp rise in tachyon emissions. Something is coming through the jumpgate."

That pulled her out of whatever she was musing instantly. She was now focused on her console, fingers glided over the keyboard.

"I got it."

The End

"Delta leader to delta wing, show's over. Let's collect the stragglers and return to base." ( Signs and Portents )