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In The Beginning ( Realization )

by Xavier

Susan Ivanova sighed in relief as she watched the shuttle that carried the Psi-Cop, Bester, off the station. The Psi-Cops came to Babylon 5 to hunt down a rogue telepath, Jason Ironheart. Ironheartís changes almost tore the station apart. They were lucky that the Commander knocked Bester out and let the telepath get in the shuttle on time. If he hadnít, she didnít even want to think what would happen in that case.

Bester. Just the thought of him. The way he treated people around him, especially the stationís resident telepath, Talia Winters, made her wanted to shove him out the airlock and open the door herself; watch him get sucked out into the space.

Susan Ivanova, was the second in command of Babylon 5, the fifth station in Babylon Project. After first three had been sabotaged, and the fourth one disappeared the day it was fully operation. Babylon project started after the Earth/Minbari war. It was intended to be the center of diplomacy, to work out the differences between species. A quarter of million lives of every species from everywhere in known space live here and thousands more past through everyday.

Lt. Commander Ivanova was incharge of day-to-day operation of the station. She was known by her negative Russian attitude toward life. Pacing in front of the main console in C&C, the center of operation of the station. A tall woman clad in her blue EarthForce uniform, her tightly braided hair showed off her firm jaw line and her most attractive feature. Her piecing blue eyes rested briefly on one console to another, watching them with keen eyes.

The event of the days before involving Talia Winters, and the Psi-Cops had worn her out considerably. Though everything had worked out, Ivanova knew for certain that this would not be the last of the Psi-Cop. Especially, after the Commander had bluffed him, to prevent him from holding Winters responsible for anything that she did. Bester had made it clear that this wouldnít be the last time he would deal with them. And this worried her more than anything else.

Ivanova remember the way Winters looked at her while she was being interrogated by Psi-Cops. The pleading look, not at the Commanderís way, but at the Second in Command, as if she was trying to explain to her, asking her to help. The Lt. Commander had to put a restrained hand on her CO when Psi-Cops, Bester and his companion scanning her, so he wouldnít do something foolish. But she knew that if the scan last even a second longer than that she would be the one whoís going to do something foolish, not the Commander.

After the telepath had been scanned thoroughly by the Psi-Cops she was unsteadied and would have collapse if she didnít hold on to the desk. Ivanova had offered her a glass of water then. Winters seemed humiliated, and looked so small, her hands were shaking slightly when she took the glass. Ivanova had never seen anyone being probe like that before she had never realized how painful it was to have other people strode into oneís mind when one did not want to. It seemed that the Psi-Cops had no regarded for the rules that usually applied to every telepath whatsoever.

She shook her head slightly, realized that her shift was almost over, there was only one transporter to dock before she could leave, so she gave them a clear signal for docking. Then turned her duty over to the Lieutenant and left C&C. She continued to muse over the past event. Exited the transporter tube, Ivanova walking without realizing where she was heading. For an instance she couldnít remember where she was and why she was here. Her wandering steps had brought her to Babylon 5ís resident telepathís quarters. After some hesitation she pressed the button, and waited.


Winters, had just been released from MedLab. Sitting along in her dimly lit quarters, she thought about what Ironheart said. He had given her something, something that she couldnít understand. A penny, her lucky penny sat in front of her. Ironheart had mentioned something about telekinetic ability to her. He told her about the experiment they did on him. When he said that he gave her a gift and the light, the light that came from him had entered her body. It knocked her unconscious, but Doctor Franklin said there was nothing wrong with her. Took one look at her penny, Talia took a deep breath and tried to move it with her thoughts. Back when she was in the Academy, when they gave her a TK test. She tried to move the same penny with her thoughts all day, but nothing had happened then. She wondered why she would try it now. But to her surprise, the penny moved without any difficulty. The telepath stopped, closed her eyes briefly, and sighed.

Talia Winters was the second telepath that Psi-Corps assigned to Babylon 5. The first commercial telepath was Lyta Alexander. For the reasons unknown to Talia, they had reassigned Lyta, and the assignment fell on her lap. She thought that she was lucky to get this assignment, even though she was the only telepath on the station. Being the only telepath on the station meant being the only telepath within light years.

She decided that she had to keep this new discovery to herself. If the Corps know about the gift Jason gave to her, they would probably summon her and do a research on her. Since the combination of telepathic and telekinetic in one person was extremely rare. Talia felt even lonelier than ever, and frightened. She needed someone she could talk to, someone she could trust. A name came to mind, Lt. Commander Ivanova. Then dismissed the thought. Ivanova already have a hard time being in the same room with her, let alone talking to her. Talia understood the reasons why the Lt. Commander hated Psi-Corps, and Talia was their representative. But what happened to her mother had nothing to do with her. However the second in command couldnít see beyond the brooch she wore. But when she was being interrogated by the Psi-Cops, Ivanova seemed to care about her even just a little.

Or maybe it was just the act of pity, she didnít know.

The first time she met the Second in Command of the station was the first day she arrived at Babylon 5. Psi-Corps regulation required her to report to the second in command of the station, and Susan Ivanova was the person she had to see. While she introduced herself that day, Ivanova had paid no attention to her whatsoever. She didnít stop her pacing and ordering her subordinates, didnít even look at her. Then she had dismissed her in the rudest way. Afterward she had tried to talk to her again, but Ivanova had walked away when she approached. She wasnít sure if it was deliberated on the Lt. Commander part. Though she had learned later that the hatred for Psi-Corps was personal due to her motherís suicide, but Talia still thought that the hatred Lt. Commander had for all telepaths was irrational.

A door chime startled her, stopped her train of thoughts. Standing up, and smoothed her dress, Talia then walked to the door. Wondering who would pay her a visit this time of the night.


Winters was even more surprised to see the Second in Command of the station stood just outside her door. For an instance both were silent, not knowing who to start.

"Uh, can I come in?" Ivanova asked with a small, nervous smile on her face.

"Yes, please come in." Talia quickly stepped aside, granting the Lt. Commander an entrance. The door slid shut behind her.

"Have a seat," the telepath motioned toward the couch. "Would you like something to drink? Tea?" She was nervous, never once thought that Ivanova would pay her a visit. The Lt. Commander was already had a hard time being in the same room with her, and when she had to, she wouldnít even look at her. Now here she was, in her quarters.

"Tea would be just fine, thank you."

"Of course," Talia headed toward her kitchen. "Is there anything I can do for you, Lt. Commander?"

"No, I just wanted to see if youíre all right." She paused, unsure of what to say, "Stephen said you were pretty shaken up."

"Thank you for your concern, Lt. Commander. Iím fine now." Talia responded, handed Ivanova a cup of tea, and took a seat opposite her. She was a little surprised that Ivanova would come here just to see if she was all right.

"I hope Iím not interrupting anything." Ivanova said, looking around her, noted the way Winters arranged her furniture. She had never been in her quarters before. Looking around the tidy quarters with some curiosity then set her eyes on the telepath. She was dressed in black fitting top, and black dress, her hands were bare and folded on her lap. Ivanova had never see the telepath without gloves before. She never once thought about the telepath as a person. Now Talia was dressed in casual cloth wearing no make up, gone was the Psi-Corps representative during the day. What was left in front of the Lt. Commander was only a woman, ordinary woman, no Psi-Corps badge, no posture, just a living, breathing human being.

"Oh, no, not at all." She quickly shook her head. "Besides, I could use someone to talk to..... if youíre not too busy." she added in uncertain tone.

Ivanova gave her a smile, which lit up her large eyes. Talia immediately noticed her deep blue eyes, thinking how many nights she lay awake with thoughts of the Second in Command of the station. The longing she felt for her, wishing that somehow they could... but as long as Ivanova cannot look beyond the brooch she wore, it would be just a futile wish. The Lt. Commander was silent for an instance. For a minute there Winters thought that Ivanova would say no, and ready to accept whatever the excuse the Lt. Commander was going to give her.

Well, that was stupid, sheís not going to stay and talk to you, Talia. Accept it, she hates telepath, therefor she hates you. Itís a miracle she even come to see you at all.

And to her surprise.

"No, Iím not." Ivanova said, put her cup down on the coffee table. "Ms Winters..."

"Talia, please."

"Okay, Talia... Do all Psi-Cops always treat people like that?" Ivanova asked with a slight frown on her face. Thought back at the way Bester ordered them, and read their minds without permission. She was lucky that the Psi-Cop didnít try to read hers, due to the Commanderís protest when he read his. But if they did, sheíd probably shoot them squarely in the head. Then sheíd probably already be court martial by now.

The telepath was startled for a moment with Ivanovaís bluntness, then responded slowly.

"Uh... Psi-Cops were trained to be intimidating. In Academy we used to call the class, Arrogant 101."

They both laughed a little at that, and the ice seemed to be broken, as Ivanova dropped her guard. She was still feeling a bit uncomfortable, but not as much as she was when first stepped into the room. After the ice had been broken, the conversation wasnít bad for Ivanova. She realized that the conversation with the telepath actually wasnít half bad as she thought it would be. And not once, Talia Winters tried to scan her. The conversation was light, and both tried to keep it general, still unsure of where this would take them.

Ivanova was watching the blonde telepath closely for the first time. She always thought that she couldnít afford being close to any telepath let alone trust them, and especially a member of Psi-Corps. Now she started to feel differently about Winters. The telepath tried exceptionally hard to be friend with her since the first day theyíve met. Always polite toward her. Ivanovaís responses were less than polite, however. But the responses that she got from the Lt. Commander didnít stop her from trying.

The interrogation that Ivanova witnessed had shown her a whole new side of Talia Winters. The usually so incredibly composed and the impassive face that she presented to the rest of the world had been dropped. Ivanova had seen her vulnerability and if a little fear. That made her started to reevaluate her feelings and attitude toward the telepath.

The Psi-Copsí questions about Wintersí relationship with the rogue that they were hunting intrigued her. The questions were implied that the relationship was more than just a teacher-student, or even more than just friend.

Now the Lt. Commander was curious about Wintersí life, and Jason Ironheart. Why he had to come all the way here just to see her? What was the gift she received from him? She wondered. Ivanova was there in C&C and witnessed the whole changing process. And before she could clamp down on it, she let out a question that kept nagging at her.

"Why did Ironheart had to come all the way here to see you?"

Ivanova saw Winters flinched perceptibly, "I mean you and he must be very close, since he risked everything to come here."

The telepath paused, thought of what to say, Jason was her friend and later became her lover, though that was long over. She didnít want Ivanova to know that.

"He was my instructor at the academy.... like I told you," she replied slowly. "He was a perfect role model to me of what itís like to be in Psi-Corps. And we were friends..." Talia looked down at her hands, feelings of lose and confuse returned to her. The question had recalled the memories of pain she felt from Ironheart. She felt very much like crying. Ironheart had came to her to say good-bye, while he was on the station he was able to control his changes through sheer will. He was in constant pain, and Talia could do nothing that would help.

Suddenly the telepath looked so fragile, and small. Talia Winters usually so self-processed, now to Ivanova she looked as if she was a small child, unsure of herself, and scared. The Lt. Commander felt an urge to comfort her, and finally gave in to that feeling. She reached over and took Taliaís hands in her own, and gave them a gentle squeeze. Both hands felt so soft and warm between her hands.

"I didnít mean to upset you. Iím sorry." Ivanova said awkwardly.

Talia shook her head, a sad smile appeared on her face. She felt something passed between them. Then Ivanova let go of her hands, she felt a pang of disappointment and a sense of lost.

The first time they met was when Winters had come to C&C to report to her. Ivanova was concentrating on her console, and Winters walked in, called out to her, and introduced herself. As soon as she heard the word Psi-Corps, Ivanova quickly taken the dislike toward her. Actually not toward the woman, but toward what she represented. She couldnít even bring herself to be polite to the telepath. She remembered dismissed Talia Winters in the rude way. ĎIím in the middle of fifteen things, all of them annoying, thank you for coming by.í was what she said. And when Garibaldi informed her about the attacked of the ships, she saw the telepath walking toward her, and she quickly cut the conversation short and walked away. However she couldnít keep herself from glanced back at her.

Though, later Winters had caught her in the casino, drinking and managed to had a short conversation with her. Ivanova basically told her to back off, and left. She knew that Babylon 5ís Chief of Security, had taken a liking toward the telepath, as he told her more than once. Talia, however seemed to be annoyed more than flatter by his unrequire attention. But that didnít seem to stop him from trying, either.

The telepathís reaction to her previous question made Ivanova felt honestly bad. She realized that perhaps she was being a little too insensitive about the other womanís feelings. She tried to think of something else to say. Something that wouldnít sound too insensitive.

"So, whatís it like to be a telepath?" Asked the Lt. Commander, trying desperately to change the topic of conversation, then bit her tongue after the question came out. That was lame, she thought. What kind of stupid question was that.

Talia snicker audibly, surprised with the sudden change to the conversation. Though there was nothing new, a lot of people asked her that. The Lt. Commander wasnít the first one.


"No, nothing. Just... most people would grill me with that kind of questions, and then they would ask me if I was scanning their mind. As if I have nothing better to do."

Ivanova just looked startled, Winters quickly stop, and continued in more controlled tone.

"Iím sorry, just that I didnít think you would ask me that. Since....."

"Well,...." Ivanova looked embarrass.

"If you really wanted to know.. Itís like staying in the hotel where you could just hear people talking next-door. Just that we donít go in if weíre not invited."


Talia smiled at her. "Youíd think Iím walking around the station, ramming through peopleís mind." She said quietly. Most people tend to think that of telepaths that they would walking around and try to find secrets out of normalís minds.

As if I really need to know, she thought idly

"No, no, I didnít think that. I..."

"Itís okay, I got used to it."

Talia waved it off.


Winters sighed, leaning against the wall. Susan Ivanova had just said goodnight to her and left. For several hours in Ivanovaís company, she didnít feel so lonely anymore. The truth was that she wanted Ivanova to stay and spend the night with her. To know more of the enigmatic Russian, to break down the wall that she always put up to keep everyone out.

Talia had a chance to take a glimpse of the woman underneath the mask of command and duties. That made the desire and longing for her even worse. She looked down at her hands, Ivanova had held them, to reassured her, to comfort her.

For several hours she had forgotten about Jason Ironheart, Psi-Cops Bester, and everything else that had been bothering her. For several hours she was close to Ivanova, closer than she would ever dare imagine. She wasnít sure what her relationship with the Second in Command would be like after this night. All she hoped was for it to change for the better.

"She probably wonít try to throw me out the airlock anymore." The telepath was telling herself with the ironic tone.

Sighing out loud, Winters turned to her living area. Knowing for certain that the event would just lead to another night full of dreams about the beautiful EartForce officer.

She started to clean up the mess, picking up the tea cup that Ivanova had been drinking, Lifting it up to the light, Talia saw the print from the lipstick the Lt. Commander was wearing. Before she knew it she was drawing it close to her lips, then stopped.

"God, Talia, whatís wrong with you?" she asked herself after realizing what she was doing, that she was going to kiss the mark made by the Lt. Commanderís lips. Shaking her head she quickly walked over to the kitchen and dropped tea cups in the sink, decided that she would wash them later, and headed for bathroom, to change.


Laying on her back, Susan Ivanova staring at the ceiling, she couldnít sleep. She had spent the whole evening with Talia Winters. At first she thought it was a bad idea to stop by in the first place, and even more so, when she agreed to stay and talk. After a little chat with her, saw how lonely she was Ivanova was glad that she had stayed, though she felt uneasy about it.

She didnít try to scan me. Ivanova thought, she just needed a friend. She looked down at her hands. A few hours ago, she was holding her hands, for the lack of the better way to comfort her. They were so soft and warm. She had disregarded the fact that Winters could scan her with that one touch. Somehow she was certain that the telepath would not scan her, not without her permission. Most of the time she felt intimidating when she was around Winters, not at the woman, she realized, but at what she represent.

Sighing quietly, closing her eyes, Ivanova tried to force herself to sleep. She had to get up early in the morning. Finally the Lt. Commander fell into an uneasy sleep.


Susan ran her hand over the telepathís back, the other held firmly at the back of her head. Kissing her deeply, taking her breath away. For what seemed like an eternity, finally Susan released her. The Lt. Commander pulled back a little to take in the picture of the woman in front of her. Taliaís eyes were close, face flushed, breathing heavily. Smiling to herself, Susan started kissing her way down, caressing with her lips and tongue. She could feel the cries and whimper vibrating beneath her lips. Talia tangled her hands in Susanís thick hair, released the binding, and ran her fingers luxuriously through it.

"SusanÖ" whispered, Talia. "Oh, Susan..."

She felt the Lt. Commander smiled against her upper chest as her hands working at the fastening of her form fitting dress. Finally she released the fastening and put her hands under the collar of the dress, then pushed it back off the telepathís shoulders. The dress slid off, and she stepped clear of her dress. Ivanova took her in.

"You are so beautiful." She murmured under the breath, then resumed her caresses. As she reached the other womanís flat abdomen, she felt Talia trembling, barely able to hold herself up right. Susan stood up, pulled her into a passionate embrace.

"Letís go to the bedroom." she whispered. The telepath nodded, unable to speak. Ivanova let her to the other room by hand. Once there she gently pushed Talia backward until she lay on her back. Susan straightened, pulling off her clothes as quickly as she could. Then climbed onto the soft mattress, hovering over the other woman for a long moment. She leaned down.

"I want you."

"Oh-Sixteen hundred hour," an artificial voice of stationís main computer woke Talia Winters from her dream, before it could reach its conclusion. The woman felt disappointed, slowly she rolled out of bed, starting her day.


"This is the six attack on the prominent alien in less than two weeks all in the same memo. And it not just happen on Babylon 5. Both Earth and Mars had the similar incident." Said Garibaldi as her walked through the market along with Sinclair.

The incident with Shaal Mayan and other attacks on aliens had raised a lot of complains and tension between human and other races.


"That brand is they calling card, and accorded to latest security update. They number had growing daily, along with a dozen or so of other pro-earth groups."

"Pro-earth. Theyíre nothing but hate peddlers playing of fear and ignorance to turn human against aliens. I wonít have it here, not on Babylon 5. I want these scums, Michael. I want them bad."

"Iíll do my best. The problem is thereís too many who agree with them, and even more who donít give a damn." Garibaldi said as he turned to walk in the other direction.

"Then make them give a damn." The Commander said before the Security Chief walk away.

Garibaldi nodded and then departed.

Sinclair was going to continue walking in his direction when the other voice stopped him.

"Commander Sinclair."

GíKar, the Narn Ambassador headed toward him. He sighed quietly, knowing that the Narn Ambassador was going to give him more problems adding to the headache he already experienced.

"I have just been informed of the latest incident committed by your people."

"My people did not attack Shaal Mayan, and rest assure that who ever did will be found and punish to the full extend of the law."

Sinclair assured him and started to walk away. It would do him no good to stand here and start the argument with the Narn. He had more important things to do.

"I have no special love for the Minbari or their poet. But I warn you Commander if any Narn is harm in this manner there will be bloody retribution."

GíKar threatened him. The Commander quickly turned around to counter his threat with one of his own.

"And I warn you Ambassador, any disruption of Babylon 5 will be dealt with even if I have to throw entire Narn population into the brig. And if youíll excuse me."

GíKar watched him walked away, dismayed that his threat had no effect on the Commander in anyway.


"Lt. Commander Ivanova, the Captain of Narn transporter demanded to speak to you." Lt. Corwin reported the Second in Command of the station. Ivanova quickly turned around from her console.

"Tell him to go away, tell all of them to go away."

The new crisis just arose, in the passed hour she already had ten complains, six demands, and two out right threats. Now she just about to explode to anyone that came close to her path. A signal from another ship came into view. Ivanova opened the channel, taking a deep breath, then forced herself to smile.

"This is Babylon control, how may we can be of assistance?"

The day had gone miserably, everything seemed to go wrong for Ivanova. First thereís a delay of Centuariís transporter, then the Narn captain decided to arrived unannounced. The Commander was tied up in the council meeting all day, Garibaldi was, no doubt, following the stationís resident telepath around, or engaged in the anti-alien investigation.

The Minbari Ambassador had furiously approached the Commander to get whomever responsible for the attacked on her friend, Shaal Mayan. When the Commander told her that theyíd do their best to get the guy, she just told him to do better and strolled off his office in fury. Garibaldi told her that it was the first time he ever saw the Minbari Ambassador so furious.

"Lt. Commander, thereís Centauri vessel. They wanted to delivered the detainees to Babylon 5 command rank."

Lt. Corwin informed her of the new situation.

What now? Ivanova asked herself in aggravation, then opened the channel to the transporter.

"Babylon control to Centauri liner cargo. Weíll have someone waiting at this end to take custody of the detainees."

"Detainees? What kind? Raiders? Hijackers?"

Ivanova turned to see the station Chief of Security approached her. He had just got back from questioning the victim, Shaal Mayan. Which wasnít so helpful. She couldnít remember anything that could help them determine who was the attacker. Now he was in the dark.

"Unknown all they said was they didnít appear to be dangerous. They wanted to hand them over to someone of command rank. So if you got a minute."

Ivanova told him with a sly grin on her face. She wasnít going to get down there and take the detainees to custody by herself, beside it was the security job anyway. Since the Security Chief was already here she might as well get him to do the job for her.

Garibaldi frowned slightly at that, he was busy with the anti-alien incident, and now the Second in Command was going to give him a new problem to deal with.

"I donít, Lt. Commander Iím up to my eyeballs. I got everyone of my people look into these attacks." He protested.

"Itíll only take a minute." Ivanova countered, she started to feel annoy. What do you think? That I have a lot of time on my hand?

"I donít have a minute."

"Well, neither do I. Unless, of course, youíd like me to get the Commander to do it."

"Okay, all right, Iíll do it. No problem." Garibaldi raised his hands in surrender, and back off slowly to the entrance.

"Good." Ivanova said in a certain satisfaction, and started to get back to her next problem when Garibaldi pulled the last trick he had up his sleeve.

"Just one quick stop to make on the way. I found an illegal plant in the garden last week. Someone was actually using our hydroponics system to grow a coffee, and everyone knows the garden is to be use for fruit, vegetable, grain...."

"Mr. Garibaldi.."

"So, I think I should stop by and ripe it right out of that planer. Itís too bad, the beam looks just about right, but coffee is so expensive to import."

"Mr. Garibaldi." said Ivanova almost shout it out, cutting him off, knowing that she wasnít going to win this one. And with a aggravation frown on her face she started to walk off. Taking a deep breath, "I think Iíll take a walk, and pick up the detainees," and as she passed him. "Youíre a vicious man."

"Iím a Chief of Security. Itís in the job description." Garibaldi said after the Lt. Commander with a sly grin on his face, as she exited the C&C.

This was one victory heíd never forget.


The detainees was escorted out of the shuttle, all the while making protests, and demanded to see the Centauri Ambassador. The Second in Command stood aside as she waited for the security to escort them off the shuttle. A young Centauri couple was caught with the stolen credit chit. But just like they informed her, they didnít seem to be dangerous. What really amused her was that they asked for Ambassador Vir Cotto, instead of Ambassador Londo Molari.

Must be some misinformed.

"Take them to Blue 5 make sure the Centauri representative is inform." Ivanova instructed the security and watched them took the detainees away, then she turned to leave.


Startled, Ivanova turned at the sound that calling her. A man in gray business suit approached her, a surprised look spread across her face. He stopped in front of her, smiling, as she identified him. Malcolm Biggs, her ex-lover.

"Itís been a long time." He said to her, but the surprised look didnít leave her face when she replied in even tone.

"Itís been... eight years Malcolm." She paused, "What are you doing on Babylon 5?" Her tone showed that she wasnít exactly happy about seeing him again after all this time.

"Looking for something.... Something I never stop wanting."

"I have to go I have duty." Ivanova said, did not want to start anything just about now. She had too many responsibilities, and it wouldnít do to get side track. And if she lingered here one moment longer she would have more problems that she had to deal with and even less time to deal with them all.

"Same old Susan, duty first."

"Thatís right. Enjoy your stay." said Ivanova before strolled off the other direction. The new arrival watched her walked away, before leaving the area himself. Smiling to himself, thinking that this project of his would be easy, since his former lover was the Second in Command of the station.


The detainees had been handed over to Londo Molari, the Centuari Ambassador. Apparently they were just run away from home. Sinclair decided that it was the internal matter, which had nothing to do with him or the staff on Babylon 5. So, he turned them into Londoís custody had him deal with it. Londo didnít seem so please at all.

"What am I suppose to do with them?" He demanded, frowning at the Commander. He was enjoying his game of poker in casino when Sinclair had someone come to get him. And here he was had to deal with a few foolish kids.

"You always say Centauri was the advance race. You figure it out."

Londo had a look of dismay on his face then he turned to Vir, and his aid cast the stern glance at the young couple. They just looked away.

Sinclair watched all this with amused smile on his face.


Sitting by herself in one of the many coffee shops in Zocalo, Talia Winters rubbing the space between her eyes tiredly. Sheíd been busy all morning, and with the incident and all. Everyone around her seemed to generate strong emotions, mostly aliens. Taking a deep breath, she looking at her menu, deciding what to order for early supper. Actually she didnít have any appetite, and not particularly hungry. All the strong emotions around her starting to give her a splitting headache. Giving the waiter her order, and while she sat in for waiting, she saw her.

Lt. Commander Ivanova had just finished her shift, now she was trying to unwind a little before get back to her quarters. It was a little too early to get something to drink in the casino, so she settle for just a cup of coffee. The telepath had spotted her, and while she debating whether to approach her or not, her food had arrived. While she was eating and deciding if it was a good idea to approach the Lt. Commander, someone walked right up to the her. A man in dark suit had stopped talking to the Lt. Commander. Talia had never seen him on the station before, and she figured that Ivanova knew him, or she wouldnít bother talking to him. Suddenly Ivanova get up and walk away, but not before she gave him a smile of familiarity. Talia envied him, Ivanova rarely smile at her. In fact last night was the first time the Second in Command gave her a smile, a real smile. Usually when the telepath approach she would just walk away, or tell her to leave her alone, and not in the polite way at that.

Talia looked down at her food, she had only ate half of the dish, but she had lose her appetite, not that she had any in the beginning to start with. Pushing the plate away from herself, she got up and headed for the nearest transporter tube.

Once inside, she leaned against the wall and closing her eyes briefly. Silently thanking whatever that look after her, she didnít have to put up with Garibaldi today. The Security Chief of Babylon 5, Michael Garibaldi was a nice man, and he liked her. If he would just stop hitting on her all the time. Every time she used the transporter tube he would be there, but the anti-alien incidents probably kept him busy, too busy to following her around. Which was good, she was too tired to listen to him. Not that she didnít like him, she quite liked the man. It was hard to hate a man who drooled every time he saw you. The tube came to stop, the telepath waited for a minute until the doors slid open, then stepped out to the deck that contained her quarters.


Blowing the air of aggravation, Susan Ivanova buttoned up her jacket collar. She had to be in C&C soon. Garibaldi had just arrested someone that could possibly be the attacker. The Commander had gone to the Volon Ambassador, asking him to participate in the meeting, which he told the Commander that Volon had no interest in othersí business.

God I hate morning, she thought, as she stepped closer to the door. Obediently slid open, she spotted something in front of her door. A tube contained flower, she picked it up and stepped back into her quarters, she opened it. Smiling contentedly to herself, a card said it was from her ex-lover, Malcolm.

Looking around she found the vase to put the flower, a single red rose. Then left her quarters, starting her day, which looked to be promising.

Not long after she arrived in C&C. The Commander had talked to her regarded the Volon. Sinclair was curious about Kosh physiology. She couldnít blame him, since everyone had the same curiosity about the Volon. No one knew what Kosh looked like under that encounter suit. The only person that had ever saw the Volon out of encounter suit was Dr. Kyle, he was the one who saved Koshís life when he was poisoned, but he was bounded by the doctor-patient confidence, that he couldnít tell Sinclair of what heíd seen.

Earth had sent a lot of explore vessel into Volon space, but none of them came back. No one knows what happen to them. Which was only made them more curios.

Afterward Garibaldi came in to report about the suspect, that he had let the guy go, and had his men followed him. He could have kept him under the weapon charge, but that wouldnít them any good. That way he would be more useful to the investigation. Which Sinclair agreed.

Later that day, Ivanova got the message from Malcolm, asking her out to dinner, which she readily agreed. She had told him to take it slow, because they had been apart for too long to continue from where they had left off. It seemed that he eagerly started the process of getting back together. Ivanova still unsure of possibility, but ready to go along, nonetheless.

Sitting in the Fresh Air, the best restaurant on Babylon 5. Ivanova starting to really enjoy herself, first time in a very long time. With all the crisis that going on, and everyday problem it had started to get into her, and this was the nice change that she welcome.

Sipping her wine, they had just finished their dinner and starting to talk about the old days. When he started asking if she ever regretted that they broke up. Ivanova told him that she never once regretted the decisions she made, and the move was a very big career change for her.

She almost choked on her wine when he told her that he was going to start business on Babylon 5.

"Youíre not serious, are you?"

"Absolutely. In fact Iíve already secure the offices, quarters. I need a few clients. I hope youíll be able to help me with it. But the important thing is that weíll be together again."

All the way back to her quarters.


"End of recording." The artificial voice of main computer stated as soon as the screen went blank. The suspect that Garibaldi had his men followed was attacked by aliens. After he being treated in MedLab, they had monitor him While he was rested someone had paid him a visit. They recorded it and show it to Ivanova. Since Sinclair saw the man in Ivanovaís quarters the night before when he linked in with her.

Ivanova stared at the screen with disbelief. Her ex-lover, Malcolm involved in anti-alien group?

"I never would have dream.."

"A man can change a lot in eight years. Itís no reason you should have known." Garibaldi said, forestalled her from start blaming herself for not see it coming.

"Exactly what is it that you want me to do, Commander?" she ignored him and turned to the Commander instead.

"Introduce me. Tell him Iím not happy about all these aliens forcing themselves on Earth. Groups like this always like to recluse friends from high places. If they except me itíll give us a chance to nail them all before they do anymore damage."

After a minute, "very well." Ivanova said in a low voice. "On one condition." She added with more determined voice.

"Name it."

"I want to be there when you take them down."

The Centauri young couple had been attacked. The boy was in coma, while the young Arial was only hurt. They could only hope that he would come out of coma. And in the mean time a few Drazi beat up the suspect that Garibaldi had his man followed. He was visited by Ivanovaís ex-boyfriend. Now they were going to make a plan to catch them in the act. The first step will be start at the diplomatic reception.

She had introduced the Commander to Malcolm, he seemed very interested to included both of them in the group, and started bragging about having friends in the high places in Earth Gov. And Sinclair was very good at acting out his aggressive toward other species. Ivanova knew that it was just the act, but it was believable.

However his acts, seemed to work, Biggs didnít seem to suspect a thing. Happily included them into his group. Though he had asked for something to assured that their interests were the same as his own. That they really wanted alien influence in Earth Government to be gone.

Afterward they had gone to a council meeting. A meeting with the council had gone miserably as usual, everyone wanted to know what was going on, and wanted them to bring the person or group that responsible to the attacks on the alien to justice. When the Commander told them that the information was to be classified for the time being they all demanded to know about it. A few fights broke out but around the station, but Garibaldi had put them under control before it got any worse.

Malcolm had made a demand of their loyalties, and wanted them to meet him in CargoBay 5 without any weapon, which the Commander readily agreed. They had discussed this with Garibaldi and made a plan. Garibalid would be monitoring them the whole time.

"This is it." Malcolm said as they entered the Cargo Bay.

"Where are the others?"

"Already here, Commander."

Four dark figures appeared from behind the cargoes. He told one of them to set the jammer to prevent them from being monitor. Ivanova frowned, she didnít like this, Garibaldi would not be able to know what was going on with them. She knew that the Security Chief will order his people to move as soon as he could no longer monitor the situation.

"Iím impress, what are those thing?"

"Blacklight Camouflage."

Sinclair stared at the four shadowy figures, he turned to Malcolm, wanted to know what was the outfit that they were wearing. Malcolm had explained that they were prototype that still being test in Earthforce military, but their friends in high places got for them.

No, wonder the victims couldnít identify them. Sinclair thought, the only description both the Centauri young couple, and Shaal Mayan gave them was that they saw shadows, and nothing more.

"We got friends everywhere. We hope that youíll be one of them." One of them said to Sinclair.

"Iíll help anyway I can."

"We are counting on it."

Malcolm turned to his friend to make sure that the jammer was working, his friend nodded. Indicated that the jammer was working. He turned back to the Commander.

"The recent attacks on Earth Mars and here. In two days time there will be a mass assasination. One night weíll take out four major Ambassadors station here, Molari, Delenn, GíKar, and Kosh. Their death will be signal to terminate Ambassador on Earth."

Biggs told them their plan, he was, obviously proud of his plan.

"But the scale of it, I mean youíd need hundreds of people."

"Well, as I said we got friends everywhere."

"What do you want us to do?"

"Get us into the Ambassadorial wing, and off the station undetect afterward."

Sinclair looked back at Ivanova, she simply nodded, but said nothing.

"No problem." he turned to tell Biggs.

"Good," Biggs smiled in satisfaction. "And thereís just one more thing. I called this a little loyalty test."

He snapped his fingers, and two of them brought out an alien. He had demanded Sinclair to shoot the alien representative. Sinclair looked at the PPG that was offered to him, but didnít take it as the alien begged for her life. One of the group suddenly told them that the they had picked up a group of people headed their way. Sinclair took that chance to take the PPG from Biggs and punched him in the jaw. Biggs was caught off guard, he fell to the ground. Sinclair quickly got behind the cover, and pulled Ivanova with him. Then he started fire they returned fired, but none was close enough to the target. After a minute it was all over, the only that still standing was Malcolm. He took the PPG from one of his friends. He stood up and pointed it at Sinclair, but Ivanova already had him as her Target.

"I wouldnít" she told him. "Give me and excuse and youíre dead."

Garibaldi arrived with his men just in time to arrest them.

Alive, unfortunately.


Security started to check them one by one, then handed the Commander a padd. He read it over then signed it, handed it back to the security.

They had caught all of the anti-alien group, a few security were injured, and a few of the anti-alien group were shot also. All had ended well, considered no one die. The major Ambassadors were standing by, watching security took the detainees into the transporter in satisfaction.

Malcolm was hovering at the entrance of the transporter, when the security started to pull him away, he turned and looked at Ivanova, who stood by watching the whole process with detach interest. She was standing by the other side of the hallway, arms crossed, face devoid of expression.

"I canít believe you did this to me, Susan. What kind of human are you? Sided them." said Malcolm, as the two security guys were pulling him away.

"I found many of these people to be more human than your kind. I donít supposed you understand." Ivanova returned coldly.

"I donít know you anymore." Shouted, Malcolm, as the security officers dragged him away.

"I never know you." Ivanova returned his words with cold stared, then turned and walked away. She felt disgusted at the thought that she had once involved with this man.


For the second time in as many days, Ivanova found herself at the stationís resident telepathís door. She wasnít sure if Talia know about what had happened, or did she even care. But she didnít want to be alone tonight, and as strange as it sounds, she couldnít think of anyone else to go to. Pressing the chime twice, the Lt. Commander waited for respond.

There was a paused as Ivanova waited patiently. She started to think that it was a bad idea. Maybe the telepath was already in bed. It was fairly late already, or maybe she was out with someone. She was going to walk away, since there was no respond to the chime.

The door slid open, Winters had changed into her nightgown. A silver gray gown with matching robe. She looked a little surprised to see Lt. Commander. The robe she wore was slightly opened in the front, and Ivanova felt her breath taking away by the sight. Then wondered why she would feel in such a way.

"Lt. Commander, come on in." Talia said with a gentle smile on her face. She had heard about what happened from Michael Garibaldi. The Security Chief had a habit of showing up when she used the transporter tube and she often had to listen to him talked about what was going on on the station. Sometimes it was good, because he kept her up to date on a lot of stuff, but sometimes he just too annoying to listen to. Especially his jokes, and his intention in getting her into his bed.

He had told her about the man they had arrested, and how upset the Second in Command must be. When she asked him why would she be upset. He reluctantly told her.

A few nights ago, Ivanova had offered her comfort, and now Talia was going to give her the same in return. Actually that wasnít the only reason she wanted to comfort her. When the Lt. Commander coming to her like this it meant that she was starting to trust her, that meant more to Talia than she would have realize.

"Iím sorry to bother you this late."

Ivanova started apologizing, realized that her suspicious was correct that the telepath was getting ready for bed, and here she was interrupted that by coming here.

"Itís quite all right, please sit down."

Ivanova followed the telepath into the small quarters, she had been here once, a few nights ago. She sat down on the same spot that she did that night. Talia looked at her for a moment as if she was debating something in her head.

"I think wine would be appropriate tonight." Walking over to the kitchen, Winters picked up a bottle of white wine from the cabinet, then opened it. She grabbed two glasses from the other cabinet, and headed back to where Ivanova was sitting, quietly.

"Iíve heard about what happened. Iím sorry," said Talia, as she poured the wine into one glass and handed it over to the other woman. Talia waited patiently as Ivanova staring at her wine, she seemed to be looking at the glass from every angle. Taking a sip, Susan wasnít sure where to start, then she ended up telling Talia about her relationship with Malcolm.

Winters quietly sipping her wine, listened to the Lt. Commanderís stories. Occasionally filled her glass. She noticed that the Second in Commander wasnít as sad as she was furious with the situation. She tried to give the supportive comment here and there, but mostly she listen, which was something Ivanova seemed to appreciate.

Well, she has to listen to everyone elseís complains, and problems all day. I guess itís okay to have someone else listens to hers every once in a while.

After a while, finally Ivanova ran out of thing to say regarded the situation. She went quiet, and asked Talia about her life. She just sipping her wine and watching the telepath as she talked about her life in return. She never thought about how hard it would be to having to grow up without parents, to know that you were being abandoned. Though from the way Winters talked about it made it seemed that she hadnít attached any more interest to it than any other subject. Somehow she felt so close to this woman, more than she had with anyone in a long time.

Funny a few days ago I couldnít even stand the sight of her, and now.....

Ivanova couldnít believe, of all people of Babylon 5, she had come to the telepath for comfort. She could have gone to someone else, stopped and thought it over, no one was more appropriated. All her friends now were men, and the closest to female friend she had was Ambassador Delenn. The Minbari Ambassador already had hard time understand human usual actions, emotions, let alone talking to her about thing like this. She knew that the Minbari Ambassador would be willing to listen, but then what was the point of having someone that didnít even understand the concept of human emotions listen to something as emotional as this.

"Susan, are you all right?"

A voice of concern broke her train of thoughts. The telepath had noticed that the other woman was deeply in thoughts, by the way she was looking at her, but not really seeing what in front of her. She was sure that Ivanova hadnít heard a thing she had said for the last ten minutes, or so.

"Yes, I was just... I.." taking a deep breath, Ivanova continued in more controlled tone. "I still couldnít believe it. That he would do something like that. At first when the Commander had showed me that he had visited the guy. I told myself that he wasnít a part of this, that this had to be the misunderstanding. Or maybe he knew the guy."

"People change, and eight years was a long time." Talia said in a soothing voice, reaching over, captured the other womanís hand in her own. She gave her a reassuring squeeze.

"Yeah, I guess youíre right. I mean I know Iíve changed. There was no reason to believe that he hasnít."

"Well, at least you caught him now, before he really start his big plan."

Ivanova nodded, realized that the telepath was right. Garibaldi had said that to her before, but she didnít really believe him, or even listened to him for that matter. Now when Talia pointed that out for her she was starting to believe it. And it occurred to her that if she had been a little ignorance he could have succeed with his plan. Though he hadnít get the help from them.

This is better, she thought. God knows if he succeed in his plan Earth might just end up with another big war. And we canít effort another war.

The Lt. Commander looked up to see the big blue eyes staring at her, she glanced over to the chrono-display. It was late, she started to feel bad about keeping the telepath with her until this late. It occurred to her that Winters might have to get up early or had some work to do, and she was being selfish. But she didnít want to be alone tonight, not just yet. The telepathís presence was enough to comfort her, and she didnít want to leave just yet. And before she could say exactly what she was thinking.

"Would you like to stay here tonight. If you donít want to be alone tonight I mean." Talia offered, she had picked up some feelings from the Lt. Commander. She was lonely and if a little scared. The telepath got the feeling that Ivanova didnít want to be alone, so she made an offer out of impulse. Talia usually very careful about her telepathic ability when she happened to be in the presence of Susan Ivanova. She tried hard not to upset her by unconsciously picked up her thoughts, even the surface thoughts.

Ivanova was startled with the offer that seemed to come out of nowhere, but gratified nonetheless. The thought that during the night Talia could just scan her by accident just did not cross her mind.

"If that wonít be too much trouble." Ivanova spoke slowly. Talia smiled back at her and got up.

"Come on, Iíll get you something to wear." She walked over to her closet, pulling out a pair of silk nightblack pyjamas, and handed it over to Susan. Pointing in the direction of the bathroom for her, Susan simply headed into the ensuit and change.

Looking at herself in the mirror after she had adorned the oversized pyjamas. The fabric felt smooth and comfortable against her skin. The pyjamas were quite big, the sleeves were slightly pass her hands. She pulled the bottom up slightly, and then left the bathroom. Talia had already cleaned up the table and dropped glasses in the sink. She turned around in time to see the Lt. Commander exited the ensuit and headed toward her.

"Is there anything I can help you with?"

"No, itís all right. Iím done here."

Ivanova noticed that the telepath had taken the spare blanket and pillow out, then she heard her saying.

"Here you can take my bed. Iíll take the couch."

Quickly, Ivanova protested.

"No, itís your bed I can take the couch, or... we could... uh... share the bed."

Winters just stared at her for a minute. Did I hear that right? She wanted to share the bed with ME?

"Are you sure? I mean I can take the couch itís not a problem..." She stammered, suddenly feeling very nervous.

"Yeah, it doesnít feel right to take your bed like that, and your bed is big enough for both of us. Unless...." she didnít finish her sentence.

"Okay, we can share the bed, but donít complain if I end up on the top of you before morning." The telepath said in a teasing tone, trying not to sound too eager to share the bed with the beautiful Lt. Commander. She giggled slightly, and Ivanova laughed with her.

Dropping her robe, Talia pulled the cover back and climbed on, left the spare blanket and pillow on the couch, didnít bother to put them back in the closet, Susan followed suit. After they both settled in comfortably Talia called for lights and closed her eyes, hoping that the Lt. Commander would not be able to tell how nervous she was, or notice the rapid beating of her heart.

With the emotional upheaval and everything that went on earlier, it left Ivanova exhausted. A presence of someone nearby, someone who cared about her made her fell asleep almost immediately. As for the telepath, Talia was staring into the dark, she was going to have a hell of a time trying to sleep when the object of her dream was just an arm reach from her. Finally, she, too, fell asleep after a series of relaxation techniques, which were not so helpful.


Startled, Winters woke up, felt something pressed up against her. Her eyes took a minute to get used to the dark, looking down she saw an arm threw across her chest, pinned her to the bed. Susan. The Second in Commandís head was also rested heavily on her shoulder. Feeling the soft breath against her neck, the telepath wondered what Ivanova would say when she woke up, found herself almost on top of her. She tried to control the responses in her body that Ivanova had evoked in her, reminding herself that the woman wasnít even conscious.

Suddenly she felt something from her, anxiety, fear, and something else that she couldnít describe into word. Ivanova was having a nightmare, her whole body tensed and her breathing labored, beads of sweat dampening her forehead. She began to toss and turn, as if she was running away from something. Winters quickly wrapped her arms around her held her in place. Then whispering soothing words into her ear, and tried to radiate calm thoughts to the otherís mind. Slowly the body in her arms began to relax.

Running down the dark, smoky corridor, Susan Ivanova heard someone calling her name. At the end of the corridor she saw her mother sat in the chair, calling out to her.



Two men in masks were circling her mother, an injector in both their hands, ready to inject her mother with the sleeper drug.

No, please donít let them do it, Mama. PleaseÖ

Her protest went unnoticed.

Will this make the voices go away?

No, but itíll make them sing like birds, Sofie. One of the men said

Itís ashamed that you donít cooperate. The other one said

No, Mama...

Only one way out. Now her mother turned, and spoke to her, but before the nightmare reached the conclusion, she felt someone elseís presence. A solitary figure appeared beside her. A hand rested on her shoulder, comforting her, Susan turned.


The beautiful telepath simply smiled at her. When she turned back, she found that her mother and the two Psi-Cops were gone, leaving only dark end of corridor, and the cold darkness seemed to be replaced by a warm comforting feelings that radiated by the woman who stood next to her.

Talia relaxed her hold on the other woman when she felt Susanís breathing returned to normal. Without thinking she deposited a kiss on her forehead, then pulled the blanket tighter around both of them. She wasnít sure what the nightmare was all about, but she knew that it must be very disturbing. She hoped that the Lt. Commander didnít have to deal with that kind of nightmare on a regular basis. She wished that there was something she could do to help.

Sometimes the nightmares that one experience repeatedly meant an unsolved issue that the sub-conscious tried to bring it out to oneís attention. Though the person didnít realize or acknowledge it. In any case Taliaís telepathic ability could help by do a deep scan which will find out exactly what was the issue. But the fact that Ivanova was a very private person assured that she would not allow anyone to touch the issue.

Especially, a telepath like her.

Slowly emerged from the depth of unconsciousness, Ivanova opened her eyes. For a minute there she couldnít remember where she was. She wasnít in her own bed, or in her own quarters for that matter. She was also resting on something that wasnít as smooth as the mattress, but equally as comfortable. Feeling slightly too warm, Ivanova looked up to see the beautiful face, which was Talia Winters, a mere breath away from her own, then realized that she was almost lying on top of the telepath.

God how long have I been sleeping on top of her?

Slowly, Ivanova started to pull away, then she felt the other woman shift, she froze. A gentle hand stroked her hair, Susan realized that Talia wasnít asleep. She didnít know if Talia was already awake when she woke up, or the very movement she made had waken her.

"Itís not time for you to get up yet." Talia whispered in a sleepy voice.

Looking at the chronometer display, she realized that she had at least four hours before she had to get up. Moved away slowly, Ivanova left a comfortable space between her and the other woman, then went back to sleep. She quickly fell into deep sleep.

Dreamless sleep.


Security Chief, Michael Garibaldi was sat back in his chair, feet popped up on the desk as he read Universe Today. The doors to the office slid open with a silent hiss. Looked up, he was startled to see Delenn stood at the entrance.

"What can I do for you Ambassador?"

He quickly put his feet down and sat up straight, at attention.

"I was supposed to meet with Commander Sinclair an hour ago in the council chamber, but he wasnít there. Have you seen him?"

"Did you try the Observation dome?"

"Yes," she replied a bit worried, Sinclair wasnít in the habit of being tardy, as far as she knew, and for the Commander to not show up at all was very strange.

"I asked Lt. Commander Ivanova but she said that she hasnít seen him since last night."

Garibaldi starting to feel concern, he immediately turned to the console and linked in, when there was no respond he tried again, still no respond. He turned to Delenn.

"Iíll have to get back to you on that Ambassador." And leave the office, headed for the Commanderís quarters.

Once there he started calling, no response, he went inside with his security clearance. He looked all over the place, but there was no Commander Sinclair anywhere in sight. He went into his bedroom, and found his link on the nightstand. He quickly linked into Ivanova.

"Weíve got a problem." he told her.

"Anything yet?" Garibaldi asked as he entered the command center, Dr. Franklin following closely behind. They had tried link into the Commander, but there was no respond. His quarters had no sign of break in. They hadnít got a clue of who took him and for what reason.

"No, you?" Ivanova replied in tired tone, she was worried about the safety of the Commander and after all the effort so far nothing had turned up.

"Not yet. Iíve pulled all non-essential personal and signed up for the search party, but a place this big it could take days."

"We may not have days. If the Commander is hurt or canít reply." said Franklin, who had been quiet since they had entered.

"I know, Iíve notify our base in Tigris sector, asked them to track up the ship that leave the station in the last eight hours."

"You might also want to send a couple of maintenance pot outside the station, on close proximity scan every inch of the hull."

"What should they look for?"

"A body, if someone shove it outside the stationís gravity wonít let it get very far." he paused to looked at his colleagues. "Just in case."

The Security sobered slightly, he didnít want to think that his friend was dead and being shoved out of the station either, but it was a possibility that they had to take into account.

"Mr. Garibaldi, thereís a day Iím very glad that I donít have to think the way you do."

Ivanova was starting to worry more and more. The Commander might still be alive, but it was entirely possible that he was also dead. She didnít like this one little bit, and wanted to end this as soon as possible.


Ivanova was walking down the busy corridor when Delenn intercepted her.

"I just heard the news Lt. Commander." The Minbari Ambassador said as she hustled to keep up with the Lt. Commanderís longer legs. "Is there anything I can do?" she asked. "If the Commander is missing."

"We doing everything we can Ambassador."

"Have you try the telepath, Talia Winters." Delenn suggested. She was worried about the Commander, he had become her close friend. Despite the fact that he almost got kill in Earth/Minbari war, he was very polite to her since the first time theyíve met.

"Sheís the level P-5 require close proximity or physical contact. Sheís not train for search and recover. All we can do is hope for a break." Ivanova explained without realized that they were being watched. She was worried about her CO. They still had no idea who took him, and afraid that he could be dead right now. She appreciated that Delenn tried to offer a help, but since she had no idea where the Commander was and who took him there was very little anyone could do right now. She was a little annoyed when Delenn mentioned Talia, and she didnít even know why.

A man was watching them from the upper floor. As soon as he heard that Commander Sinclair was missing, his face turned pale. He quickly left the spot that he had been hiding.

Garibaldi was monitoring the different part of the station when his second came in, reporting the outcome of the search. He turned and told his second that the search wasnít fast enough, that he wanted them to pair up and put more people into it, his junior officer protested mildly that they hadnít got enough people that he had to bring in Benson. Garibaldi turned immediately at the name. They had suspected that Benson would be security risk, due to his credit depth in his account, he had suspended the man for the time being.

They checked the account and found that there was a new entry to his account, a big amount, enough to pay of his depth and still had some left over. The credit was being transfer into Bensonís account only four hours before the Commander missing. Quickly, Garibalid ordered his second to take the guy in. A few hours later his people found Benson just outside the station, his body was damaged from being sucked into space, but not beyond recognized by the Security Chief. He made a face as he lift the corner of a fabric being draped over the dead body. After confirmed that it was the guy he made a gesture for his people to take the body away.

He ordered his people to search the areas close to where the body had been found, Red sector. He came to conclusion that whoever killed Benson could not carry the body too far without being noticed, that had narrowed down their search area considerably.

Standing in the Observation dome, Ivanova and Garibaldi were waiting for the result of the search. Suddenly a link came in telling them that they had found the Commander, however the link had abruptly ended before they could know where was the area. After they had tracked down the specific area Garibaldi quickly led his team to fine the Commander.

The security had found Sinclair in the corridor, she called him but there was no respond from him. He shot at her, but she was quickly enough to ducked it on time. When she looked up Sinclair had already disappeared at the corner. She linked into C&C.

"Security to C&C. I found the Commander at..."

PPG fired at her from behind, made her falling forward. A man in dark suit stepped out from behind the pile of equipment. He quickly followed Sinclair.

Sinclair struggled to make his way down the corridor, figures in Minbari robes were everywhere. He clung a PPG in his hand tightly. All he knew was he needed to get back to his ship. He reached the main corridor, a man shot him from behind, but he was able to get out of the way. Sinclair tried to walked as fast as he could, but he was still too weak to make it as fast as he wanted. All the while they exchanged fire.


In the mean time Garibaldi and his men followed the sound and found the Commander. He was shooting someone. They were in Zocalo, the market place on Babylon 5. One of the most crowded part of the station. Sinclair had gotten behind a table as Garibaldi had his men found him.

"Commander," called out Garibaldi, but there was no respond. A single shot came from behind him They quickly duck behind some table. The Security Chief had not see the man that followed Sinclair, but the shot had made it very clear where it had came from. One of his men returned the shot. It hit him right on the shoulder, he fell backward.

"Commander," Garibaldi called again, hoping that it was because all the chaos that made the Commander unable to hear him the first time, but there was still no respond from him.

"Mr. Garibaldi," a link came in from Franklin.

"Yeah? Go."

"We found someone in Red 3, I think this is where they kept the Commander. Looks like heíd been treating with psychotropic drugs. He maybe delusional, confuse. In present state he maybe considered dangerous."

Another shot from the Sinclair. Garibaldi ducked, the shot was fairly close to hitting him.

"Yeah, thanks I kind of get that impression. Keep me inform, Garibaldi out."

"Look," a voice from his Second brought his eyes up to find the Minbari Ambassador slowly stepped down from the stair near by. She, too, followed the sound of shooting, to find the Commander. She heard the voice of Susan Ivanova broadcast for Sinclairís attention, telling him to report back to C&C. That was how she knew that he was close by.

"Ambassador." Garibaldi shouted, "stay back" He gripped his PPG tighter, hoped that he wouldnít have to shoot his friend. If for whatever reason Sinclair would harm the Ambassador.

"Itís me Commander, Youíre safe no one will harm you." She started, stepping closer to Sinclair, but he stepped back and pointed the PPG at her.

"Stop, I know you. I know who you are." He warned her, a flash back came to him, an image of Delenn in Minbari gray robe.

"Iím your friend, Commander. Ambassador Delenn, your friend." She tried again, almost spell out each word to convince him.

"No, I know you. I know you."

Sinclair repeated it over and over. He remembered her in his vision. Her words were not able to convinced him, but he was too confused to think.

A man who had followed Sinclair, and was shot on his shoulder, now slowly stood up, raised his PPG at the Commander. Sinclair saw him first and shot him.

"Welcome home." was the last thing he heard before he collapsed in front of Delenn. He wouldíve fall to the floor if Delenn had not been there to catch him. Garibaldi quickly ran out from behind some tables. Which had been knocked down and used as the shield. They immediately took him to the MedLab.


"How long have I been out?" Sinclair asked immediately as soon as he was able to get on his feet. He was in MedLab. Franklin was checking on his process at the medical probe.

"About a day, I managed to get the drugs out, but your system been through quite a shock." Said, Franklin without taking his eyes off the instrument in his hands.

"Where is the prisoner?"

"On his way to Bay 12, being transfer to a shuttle heading for home. Earth Central exercise jurisdiction. They want him back on Earth for trial." Garibaldi answered his question for Franklin as he stepped through the large doors of Medical Facility.

"Why there and not here?" He queried.

The crime had been committed on Babylon 5. The trial should be held where it happened, which was usually what happened. This made him think that there was someone that powerful enough to take them to Earth, which the trial would, no doubt, disappear.

"They say heís a part of organization back home that try to prove the conclusion between Earth Official and the Minbari. Itís even rumor that it a covert operation run from somewhere inside the government."

"Well, I donít know what theyíre going to get out of him. When you broke out of cybernet you set up a neural feedback charge that fried most of his memories." Franklin stated.

"I want to see him."

"I donít think thatís a good idea." Franklin protested.

The Commander had exited the MedLab before the doctor could finish his protest. Garibaldi was at his heels.


"Just a sec, we need a prisoner for the moment. Alone." Garibaldi stopped the two securities and motioned the them to move back

"Heís all yours." he turned to Sinclair.

He had accompanied the Commander here, in case that something happened. They walked as fast as Sinclairís condition would allow. Finally they caught up with the security that escorted the prisoner to the transporter.

"You never told me your name." Commander Sinclair started, he stepped toward the prisoner.

"I...donít... rememberÖ" The man answered his question with difficulty.

"You couldnít pull something this big without a help. Who sent you? Who you working for?"

"I canít help you... I donít ... rememberÖ anything..."

"Itís no use Commander. Weíve tried. Heís goneÖ" Garibaldi pulled him back a little as he saw that they would never be able to get anything out of him more than theyíd tried earlier.

"Move him out." He told the securities.

The securities pulled him away, in the direction of the shuttle for Earth. Sinclair took a step after him, Garibaldi pulled him back, he saw no point of trying to get anything out of a man when all his memories were gone. A man who would have a very difficult time remembering his own name.


"Command... Commander.. Sinclair... thereís something... in my head... It saids.. maybe youíre still... inside... Maybe we both.... still ... inside.." the man said with confusion on his face, as he being pulled away by the security guards.

Sinclair stood there, watching the securities took the man into the shuttle.


Leaned back into the chair, Ivanova took a sip at her vodka. The incident had ended, finally. Theyíve got the Commander back, intact. Now she had time to relax a little, she hoped that the station would be quiet for a few more days, so she could get her rest.

Well, maybe I could drag Talia out for a drink. She thought idly, toying with her drink.

She and the stationís resident telepath had become friend recently. They had spent some time together, and Winters seemed to be agreeable on everything she suggested, so far.

They had shared a few evening together after that night. Winters had never mention the way she had used her shoulder as a pillow. She had mentioned her nightmare, however. The Lt. Commander was furious, mostly with herself that she had let the telepath get that close to her. But then it wasnít the telepathís fault, she had heard more than once that the physical connection made the psychic one stronger, and from the way she had pressed up against the telepath, of course she would know. Beside, Talia was the one who made the nightmare stop. Ivanova thought that maybe she should be grateful for that, and she hadnít had the same nightmare since.

In the past few days she had replayed that night in her head often enough. Remembering the sight of Winters in her silver gray nightgown, the way their bodies had ended up so close to each other in the morning. A friendly kiss the telepath gave her before she left her quarters after they had breakfast together.

I want her.

She had managed to forget about the whole feelings that the beautiful telepath had stirred within her for a while, when the new crisis raised. She was too busy with everything else and she didnít have time to think about it when the Commander had been kidnapped. But now when everything went back to normal it all came back to her.

"Maybe I should just tell her." said to herself quietly, Ivanova took another sip of her drink.

"Tell who what?"

A sound from the Security Chief startled her. She turned sharply.

"Nothing, what do you want, Garibaldi?"

"Hey, I was just wanted to talk to you about something."


"Well," he scratched his head then started to ask in the most unlike his fashion. "You and Ms. Winters have been... close recently, and I was wondering, if... had she ever mention me when you guys talk? You know one of those girl talk."

Frowning slightly, in truth Talia had never mention anything about Garibaldi more than just that he annoyed her. She knew that the feelings Security Chief had for the Babylon 5 resident telepath was more than just friend, but the feelings werenít mutual, apparently.

Heís probably desperate to ask me this.

Didnít want to hurt her friendís feelings too much, she just shook her head in response to his question.

She felt bad when she saw her friendís face fell, but she had nothing else to say. She didnít want to lie and she didnít want to tell him that Talia had actually complained about him. A movement caught her eyes, she looked up. The topic of their conversation had just entered the place. She was walking slowly, eyes searching the place for something, or someone. Saw the Lt. Commander looked at something, Garibaldi turned in the same direction, saw the lovely figure of stationís resident telepath moving toward their way. Winters seemed to notice them as well, and she approached. She was dressed in her usual business suit, a form fitting black and brown dress, which clung to her shapely figure nicely, but still made her look conservative, and professional. A Psi-Corps symbol on her collar glint in the mute lights. As usual, heads turned as she walked by, all of the men and most women in the place turned their head to follow her part. Though the telepath didnít seem to pay them any attention.

"Lt. Commander," greeted, the telepath as she stopped a few feet away, "Ms. Garibaldi" said Winters, with less enthusiasm.

"Ms. Winters." They both said at that same time, then Ivanova pulled out a chair for Winters beside her, without standing up.

"Here have a seat."

"Thank you." Talia said, as she gingerly sat down. "So, what were you discussing? I hope Iím not interrupting anything."

Ivanova spared the Security Chief a single glanced, a mischief grin appeared on her fine feature. For a minute there Garibaldi thought the Second in Command would tell Talia Winters exactly what they were just talking about. He winced at the thought of what Wintersí respond to that would be.

Talia watched them with confused smile on her face. She could sense some discomfort and nervousness from the Security Chief, and some amusement from the Lt. Commander. She didnít try to get the answer by her telepathic ability, however.

And to Garibaldi relief.

"Oh, no we were talking about nothing in particular." Ivanova replied with a hint of humor in her eyes. She smiled openly at the telepath, totally at eased. Garibaldi was watching all this with interest. He had seen Ivanovaís interaction with the stationís resident telepath before, and this was not usually what happened.

Wow, and I thought it was just a rumor. They really are getting along. Garibaldi thought with slight humor, usually the Second in Command would be visibly uncomfortable around the telepath. Then he opened his mouth to offer some of his jokes to both women, the expression on Taliaís face while she talked to the Lt.Commander made him forget completely, stopped dead in his track.

"I was just thinking, maybe we could watch some vid or something tomorrow night. If you donít have anything plan."

Leaning closer to the Second in Command, Winters spoke softly, the expression on her face was one of adoration toward the Lt. Commander, Ivanova smiled back at her and appeared to be thinking, oblivious to the look the other woman favored her with. Garibaldi felt like pulling them away from each other. She had never looked at him the way she looked at Susan now, never lean close to him like this when she talked to him. He had often wondered why he kept striking out with the telepath. He never thought that they had gotten this close, this fast. A few weeks ago Susan Ivanova would have get up and walk out as soon as Talia Winters entered the place. Now she just sat there and didnít seem to mind at the way the telepath lean a little too close to her. Hell, he never, for a minute, thought to count Ivanova as his competitor, and now sheíd won, though she didnít seem to notice, but he certainly did. But then Ivanova didnít seem to recognize the way Talia Winters looked at her, or the tone of voice she used. That meant he still had a chance, even a tiny one. Or at least he hoped so.

"Tomorrow night... Well, I guess we could do that. I donít have anything plan."

"Great" Taliaís smiled got wider.

Cleared his throat, Garibaldi cut the next sentence off.

"Um.. Ms. Winters would you like something to drink?"

Startled she turned to him, paused and thought for a moment, "white wine would be nice thank you."

"How about you, Lt. Commander?" He turned to Ivanova.

She just lifted her glass up, showing him that she was fine at the moment. He nodded, acknowledged her gesture.

"Your white wine coming right up." said the Security Chief as he headed for the bar.

Talia looked after him with a confused look on her face, she felt some strong emotion from him, but she couldnít place it. It was more of disappointment, anger, and sadness. She shook her head, then turned back to what... who, she came here for.

Susan Ivanova

Garibaldi stood at the bar, waiting for the drink he ordered. His eyes were on the two women at the table. Talia was laughing, obviously, at something Ivanova was telling her. It had occurred to him that he had never seen the telepath actually laugh before. She usually offered him a small, impersonal smile, when he told her his jokes. Talia Winters was so self-possessed and impervious. She seemed cold to him, but he figured that she was like that to everyone. So he didnít take it personal or thought anything about it. Now he knew that at least she wasnít the Ice queen she appeared to be with everyone, at least not with Ivanova. And the Lt. Commander, she was totally relaxed, but then vodka seemed to have that kind of effect of her anyway. The bartender handed him his drinks, he took it. Taking a deep breath, he decided that he should just go, they didnít need his company, Talia didnít need his company. The Lt. Commander seemed to do a great job of that already.

"Here you go," Garibaldi placed the drink in front of the telepath. "Your white wine, as ordered." he tried to sound cheerful, though it didnít seem to work.

"Thank you." Winters replied politely, and picked her drink up, taking a sip.

Ivanova looked up at the Security Chief, her eyebrows raised slightly in question. He made no move to sit down at the seat he had claimed earlier.

"Arenít you going to sit down?"

Garibalid shook his head slightly, he noticed that Winters seemed more subdued now, a few minutes ago she was laughing. Now she was as impassive as ever, taking a sip of the drink.

"Ah, no Lt. Commander, I think Iíll turned in early tonight."

The Security Chief answered with a rueful smile. There was really no point of him being here.

"Why? Donít you want to know anything else?" Ivanova teased him, a sly grin touched her lips. She was having fun at Garibaldi nervous expression when she mentioned what he had been asking prior to Talia Wintersí arrival.

"No, Lt. Commander I donít think I have any more question for you. Goodnight," he turned to Talia, who lost in the exchanged of cryptic questions and answers that being said. "And goodnight to you to Ms.Winters."

"Goodnight Mr.Garibaldi."

The Security Chief nodded and walked away. His shoulders slumped slightly.

Talia looked back at Ivanova, wanted to ask her about what was going on, but decided that she didnít really want to know.

"Well, I guess youíll only have me for the company tonight." Ivanova said in even tone, lifting her glass up to her lips.

Talia smiled at her, Ivanova for the company, that was exactly what she wanted.


Sat back down on the couch with Susan, Talia handed another glass of wine to her. They were in Ivanovaís quarters, having just finished one movie, and starting another. They were sitting side by side on the couch facing the vid screen. A few old movies that Ivanova had dug out of her drawer the night before were very old, so she decided to borrow a few from Garibaldi instead. He tended to have a few comedy lying around, aside from his Duck Dodger cartoons.

"Boy, that was lame." said, Ivanova, sipping her wine. She was referring to the romance/comedy they had just finished. "I canít believe Garibaldi watches that."

"You liked it." The telepath let out a laugh.

"No, I did not."

"Oh, yes, you did. Iím a telepath remember? I can read you like a book Lt. Commander." Talia teased. She was not actually scanned the Lt. Commander. As much as she wanted to, she couldnít. Her friendship with the Second in Command was still too fragile. She wasnít sure of what exactly Ivanova would do to her, but one thing that was clear was that the friendship was sure to be over. And Talia was certain that Ivanova would never again allow her to get close. And she couldnít risk that.

In the mean time, it was fun to see the expression on her face.

Susan looked at her in horror, but then Talia laughed at her expression. She realized the telepath had been teasing her. And quite thoroughly. She knew that Winters would never scan her without permission. Ivanova felt relief, but also wanted to get back at her. A sly grin appeared on her face, made a gesture, she knelt and leaned closer to the other woman. Suddenly, Talia got the distinct impression of what the Lt. Commander was going to do to her.

"You are not authorized to scan me Ms. Winters. Since you already did, I am going to have to punish you."

"Oh, no, what are you going to do to me?" Winters slowly back off to the end of the couch.

"Well, Iím going to tickle you until you beg for mercy."

The telepath had back up against the end of the couch, and was going to slid her way out of the Lt. Commander reach, but not before Ivanova had reached her. Talia let out a scream as the other woman attacked her ribcage. She curled up in the tight ball in effort to prevent Ivanovaís assault of her sensitive area, but that just made the Second in Command more determined. Finally she called out for mercy, so Ivanova would stop tickle her.

"You give up already? Thatís no fun Talia."

Winters was out of breath, tears ran down her cheeks, she wiped them away. Taking a deep breath, she opened her mouth to protest, but Ivanova had cut it off by started tickling her again.

"Come on.... Itís not fair...." She said between giggles. "I did... call for mercy. Youíre.... supposed to stop."

"Well, no one said that Iím going to be fair." Ivanova said with an evil grin on her face, draping her body over the telepath in effort to prevent her from getting away.

Suddenly Ivanova stopped, realizing how close she was to the telepath. Their faces were only a few inches away from each other. She could feel Taliaís breath against her face. Talia was breathing hard, her face flushed, her body began to relaxed when she saw that Ivanova had no intention to continue. Then she felt something from the Lt. Commander, confusion, fear, and desire, desire for her.

Looking down at her now, Ivanova realized that she had fallen for her since the first day, theyíd met in C&C. The only thing that had kept her from acknowledge it at all was that Talia Winters was a part of the organization that had killed her mother. Since she was a child her mother had drilled three words into her head ĎTell No Oneí. The fear of being scanned made her stay away from telepath, any telepath. That had kept her from letting the Winters to be her friend, let alone admitted that she was falling in love with her. The fact that Winters seemed to be very loyal to Psi-Corps had also prevented that. But after the Ironheart incident, Talia seemed to have doubts about the organization that she was raised by.

The big blue eyes that gazed back at her held something Talia never offered to anyone, she had never noticed that until now. Ivanova let go of her and sat back slightly, she felt desire shot through her. She looked down at her hands and then up at the telepath. Winters was sitting up now, trying to catch her breath, her pale skin flushing a ruddy pink. The top button of her jacket that held her collar in place was undone, no doubt from the struggle that she made in attempt to get away from the Lt. Commander. Her blond hair disarrayed. She looked up to meet the Second in Commandís eyes.

Ivanova saw the desire she felt reflected back in those beautiful eyes. It felt like the most natural thing in the world when she leaned forward and captured the full lips with her own. Closing her eyes, Talia returned the kiss that was offered by the Lt. Commander. Reaching out with both arms, Talia encircled her neck, and pulled her tighter against her.

When they finally break apart, both were out of breath. Ivanova stroked the blond hair gently, tugging the lose strands behind her ears. Resting her forehead against hers.

"Have you have any idea how long Iíve been waiting for that?" Talia asked, her voice husky.

Ivanova simply smiled at her, and kissed her again. "Iíve been waiting for you forever." The Lt. Commander murmured between kisses. She felt more than saw Talia smiled. The blonde telepath held her tightly, put everything she was feeling for the Second in Command of the station into that one kiss. Ivanova felt the room spinning around her, the kiss was shutting the rest of the universe off, leaving only the soft velvet feeling of Taliaís lips brushing against hers, the sweet taste of her.

"I think itís time to move up the level." Ivanova suggested, a little breathless after they had parted. She felt the need for Winters, needed to feel her skin against hers, needed to be infinitely close to her. Talia nodded unable to speak. Ivanova pulled herself up, then took her by hand. Talia let herself being led to the bedroom. Once there they resumed their caresses. Opening Taliaís jacket, Susan pulled it off her shoulder, all without losing the contact of their kiss. With the help from Talia she was successfully removed all her suit, leaving her totally nude. Susan pulled back for a moment to take in the perfect picture in front of her. She realized then that the telepath was the most beautiful woman she had ever seen.

"Youíre perfect."

The lights from the living area cast on her pale skin, made it looked as if it was glowing. Her marvelous blue eyes, darken in arousal. She reached out for Susan, tugging at her sleeve shirt, her jacket had been loosen hours before. Her trembling hands undone each button with difficulty, but she pulled it off her, finally. Unfasten her belt Susan helped pulled her trousers down, stepped clear of her uniform, she started kissing the telepath on her forehead, nibbling at her earlobe, kissing her jaw line, then finally reached her mouth again. Susan kissing her with hungry intend, she felt her knees weaken, holding on to the other woman tightly, afraid that if she were to let go, she would end up in a pile on the floor. Susan pushed her back slowly, Talia fumbled for the mattress, which was just a few feet away. Finally when she felt the mattress against the back of her legs, she slowly sat down, pulling Susan with her, all without losing their contact.

Susan released her mouth, and pushed her up on the mattress, then started kissing her forehead and the tip of her nose, Talia chuckled softly. She ran one hand over the other womanís back, the other loosening the binding that held her long hair in place. Let the rich brown hair fell about her face. Ivanova kissed her cheek then nibbling at her chin, making a downward trail.

Talia threw her head back, moaning softly as Susan reached her breasts, her hair spread out over her chest and face. Talia inhaled the scent deeply, the sweet smelling of her shampoo. Taking one nipple between her lips, Susan started to teased it gently, ran the tip of her tongue over the sensitive nub. While one hand took up the caress on another. Suddenly she felt thoughts poured into her mind, she immediately stopped. Susan abruptly pulled back and looked at Talia with wide-eye. Fear shot through her mind, it griped her heart with vice-like grip.

Taking a deep breath, Talia tried to get her emotions under control. She immediately reached out for Susan, stopping her from getting up.

"Iím sorry..." her voice husky. "I shouldíve told you about this." she felt like crying, everything had gone so perfect, and she had just blew it, the only chance sheíd got. Susan eased off her, waiting for the explanation, finally calmed herself down a little. "This is what itís like when telepaths make love, itís impossible to keep the walls up and I canít help share my thoughts with you..." she looked anywhere but at Susan, afraid of what she might find in those blue eyes of hers, tears caused her eyes to shine. The Lt. Commander quiet for a moment, the thoughts Talia poured into her were so gentle, filled with love, longing, and passion a desire for her was so strong. There was nothing that she should be afraid of, though they had startled her. Realized that, Susan captured her chin between thumb and index finger, then forced her to look up, then kissed her sweet, and deep.

"I was just surprised to feel you in my head." Susan told her once they parted. "It was a little overwhelming thatís all." Then kissed her again. "Now... where were we?"

Talia smiled at her last comment, then pulled her down on top of her. Susan complied, pressing down on her ever so lightly. She took Taliaís both hands and pinned them down above her head. The telepath looked at the powerful woman above her, and she gave herself to her totally. Susan bent down to kiss her, her free hand caressed her soft skin. Talia felt her desire rising out of control, so many nights she thought of this, dream of this, and now her dreams were going to come true. And again Susan made a downward trail, kissing her way down to now stiffed nipple, caressed it with her lips and tongue. Moaning softly, Talia tried to pulled her hands out of Susanís grip.

"Make love to me, please."

A gentle plea rather than a request as the telepath arched up against the Lt. Commander. She needed to feel her, to be taken by her totally, utterly and completely. Susan smiled, and held her hands down on one hand, using the free hand to caressed her way down. Reaching the juncture of her legs, found a soft thatch of hair, Susan gently slipped her finger between the folds. Talia moaned softly, arched up to increase the pressure, then sighed in frustration as she felt Susan pulled her hand back slightly.

"I want this to last, Talia. Thereís no hurry." She rose up and whispered into the telepathís ear, still pinned her hands above her hand.

"Oh, please, Susan..." whimpered softly, Talia tried to flex her hands, testing her grip, "touch me please."

Susan silenced her by kissing her hard, she felt the lips beneath her part and she darted out her tongue, tasting her sweetness, feeling her desire. Letting go of both Taliaís hands, Susan rested all her weight on one elbow, then used her free hand to caressed downward, retreating the same path as before. This time she did not pulled back when Talia arched up against her, she gently fondled the sensitive flesh, gathering up the moisture she found there. The telepath was certainly ready for her.

Talia moaned softly as Susan fondled her learning, familiarizing herself with the body beneath her. Finding all the right places that would assure the pleasure they brought when she touches and caresses. The telepathís hands were clung tight at the sheet, her eyes shut tight as the sensation threatened to overwhelm her. Susan kissed her again putting her whole heart into the kiss.

Reaching out blindly, Talia entwined her arms around Susanís neck, returning the kiss with equal interest. She moaned against her lips as the other woman found the little bundle of nerve ending, then gently increased the pressure on it. Talia cried out softly, the last of the wall dropped, as she pulled Susan into her thoughts, let her feel all the love, passion, and need that she felt for her. Susan gasped softly, a little startled at the intensity of the feelings that entered her mind. It was almost like when her mother entered her mind when she was little, but more intense, more passionate. She took a deep breath and focused on the task at hand, tried not to lose her bearing. Slowly she moved her hand lower, found the tight opening, and she penetrated her slowly, gently. First one, then two fingers found their way in. Talia began to gently, undulate against her. Soon, together, they achieved an easy rhythm, then she added another finger, and used her thumb to take up the caress at the hard little center. Taliaís pleasure was building up rapidly, as well as Susanís. The Lt. Commander felt the same pleasure as the other woman did as if Talia was making love to her, not the other way around. She blindly reached up and kisses her hard, sensation rippled through her, she felt the voices fade away. What was left was the only voice that matter to her, the voice of Susan. Susan felt the soft muscle clasped tightly around her fingers. Suddenly she felt Taliaís orgasm tore through both, floating in her passion. The boundary between them ceased to exist. She felt herself sinking into Taliaís whole being. It all happened so quickly, and had pushed Ivanova over the edge with the woman underneath her.


Taliaís voice echoed in her mind, but by then she no longer afraid of being scanned by the telepath, no longer fear of what she might find out. It felt good to be this close to someone, infinitely close to the person she desired. Any doubt and fear that might still lingered in her mind disappeared. Her voice was also echoed in the other womanís mind, without her knowing it.

And while the Lt. Commander was so caught up with the powerful release, Talia was surprised to feel her presence so strong in her mind. She realized then that Susan was also a telepath, a latent one. The surprise vanished after a second of realizing. She had lost her ability to process the information at all.

Slowly, as Talia came back to herself, Susan was collapsing on top of her, her breath came into sobs. Both bodies were damped with perspiration. Susan slowly rolled over on the side. Still not fully recover from the orgasm she received without having to be touch by Talia.

"Are you all right?" the telepath asked quietly, her voice husky, thinking that the Lt. Commander was pretty shaken up by the experience. Afraid that all the thoughts, emotions, and feelings sheíd let lose frightened the woman.

"Oh, Talia... that was... incredible." Ivanova replied, swallowed hard. "I... hadÖ no idea." She was taking one deep breath after another, for much needed air. She had not expected this, to be flooded with pleasure, and floated with the tide of Taliaís released.

Sighed in relief, Talia kissed her gently, lovingly, then rolled herself on the top of the other woman, saw that she had recovered somewhat. Now it was her turn. Wanting to give her as much pleasure, she kissed her sweetly, then whispered in her ear.

"Now, letís see if I can make you scream."

And she did, more time than she could count.


"Good morning, Lt. Commander."

Opened her eyes, Susan saw the telepath looking down on her, smiling. An expression of adoration and devotion plain on her face. Ivanova blinked a few times, trying to bring herself out of the fog of unconsciousness. She was beginning to aware of the soft body that rested half on top of her. A hand caressing her cheek, and brushed her hair out of her face. They were skin on skin.

"Um... good morning..." she said and was cut off by the soft lips that covered her own. Ivanova closed her eyes and deepened the kiss. Once they part, both were breathing hard.

Well, this is a hell of a lot better than the alarm.

"I donít think we should start anything that we canít finish." Talia stated, glancing at the chrono-display as Ivanova reached up for another kiss. Ivanova followed her glance, then groaned in frustration. Looked up at Talia who was still smiling at her. The Lt. Commander frowned slightly, she hated morning especially when it dark outside. But that didnít seem to bother Talia in the slightest. The telepath was seemingly very cheerful for a person who had just woke up.

"Come on." smiling brightly at the still sleepy Ivanova, Talia got up then pulled her along. Ivanova forced herself to get up, and tried to look more awake than she actually felt.

"Maybe if you come out of that sleepy state we could take a quick shower together?" Talia said in a teasing tone, she too, had heard a few things about Ivanova hated morning. A teasing smile played about her full lips.

"I believe that can be arrange, Ms. Winters." Ivanova smiled back at her and embraced her tightly, placed a soft kiss on the lush mouth.

Half and hour later they both came out of shower, it was far from the quick shower that they originally intended to take. Both were a little breathless. Neither of them could keep their hands off each other. Talia was wrapped in a large fluffy towel, helping the Lt. Commander get dress. Susan stood perfectly still as Talia buttoned each button on her sleeve shirt, and followed each one with kisses, when she finished, Susan put her jacket on.

"Iíll take it that you donít have any appointment in the morning today." The Second in Command said, more of a statement than question, noticing that the telepath was anything but hurry.

"No, not until noon. Can we have lunch?"

Ivanova paused giving the idea a consideration, she didnít want to appear too eager. In truth she didnít even want to leave for work today. She wanted to spend the whole day with the beautiful telepath more than dealing with a bunch of spoiled civilians and their problems.

"UmÖ I donít know. How about Iíll let you know later?" she paused, "but I think dinner would better than lunch. I donít know what theyíll have waiting for me today."

"All right, how about Fresh Air?" Talia responded promptly, hands still fussed over Ivanovaís jacket, straightened the insignia, and smooth it over. While Ivanova holding both her elbows lightly. She was contented to watching the telepath finished dressing her.

"Yeah, 1800 hours."

"All set," she looked up, grinned at the Lt. Commander, as she made no move to leave for work. "I think you better get going, before youíre late for your duty, Lt. Commander."

Pulling her into the embrace. "Umm, I guess I better go." Susan said, not wanting to let go, she held her even tighter.

"Yes, you do." Talia replied softly, deep down inside she did not want the Lt. Commander to leave either. Signing deeply, forcing herself to pull away from the warm embrace, Talia kissed her at the tip of her nose. Susan smiled, then captured her mouth into a sweet, gentle kiss, then pulled away slightly. She had to be in Observation Dome, and if she keep this up, she knew she was going to be late. She sighed then kiss the telepath again and again, stepped away a little more each time. Talia chuckled, knew what the Lt. Commander was trying to do.

So, she gave her a final kiss before departure, then gave her a playful shove out the door.

Ivanova reluctantly left her quarters to start the day.


Lt. Corwin looked up to see his Commanding Officer smiling, instead of the grim face everyone so familiar with. Ivanova stepped in front of her station in the front of the dome. In front of her was a window look out into space. Startled, Corwin nearly jumped in his seat when Ivanova asked for the status and messages.

"Ah, thereís two messages to you, Lt. Commander."

"Iíll take it at the console." Ivanova said quickly and headed for the console in the back. The station where the Commander of the station would be receiving his messages and working on the problem. Seating, she called for the messages. She was in a pretty good mood this morning, rested a finger on her bottom lip, felt the kiss still lingered there.

The previous night was incredible, she had never experience that kind of intimacy with anyone in her life. She was a little startled at first when she felt Taliaís thoughts and feelings in her head, but it soon turned to something that she was comfortable with. She felt herself melt into one with Talia, feeling the love enveloped her, made her feel safe, warm, and secure. Her mother used to make her feel that way when she was little, before Psi-Corps caught up with her. But what Talia made her feel was more powerful, and infinitely passionate. In truth those feelings comfort her, though she would never admitting it to anyone.

There was a message from Talia. Ivanova laughed silently to herself. It seemed that the telepath was also thinking about her. She just left her quarters about five minutes ago, and here already, she sent her a message. Ivanova quickly playback, smiling contentedly as she watched the beautiful face the small screen in front of her. She had switched it to the private channel, where only she could hear what the message was. The rest of the staff was watching her with startle expression on their faces. Never once see the Lt. Commander in the good mood, especially in the morning. Her hatred for morning was well-known to everyone that work in C&C, especially the first shift.

A few hours later after having to go through all the same old problems, Ivanova felt like she could twist someoneís head off. She had just finished telling the captain of Draziís cargo liner exactly what part of his body she would dismember. If he didnít take the Docking bay that they had given him quietly. The Drazi captain suddenly turned reasonable and excepted the Docking bay that she had arranged for him.

Now she had to join the Commander in the council meeting. Sighing out loud, she left C&C to changed into her ceremony uniform, and get ready for the meeting, which she knew it would be hell for her. Nothing was more annoying that to have all the lead Ambassadors and those from Non-Aligned World together in one room.

"Please, be quiet." Shouting, the Second in Command, banging the gavel, trying to get everyone to quiet down so they could start the meeting. And the sooner they start, the sooner she could get out of here. Her voice barely carry above all the loud argument that everyone seemed to be participate in. She was at the end of her patience.


Everyone went quiet and turned to her, she sighed, and settled down.

"Now we can begin..." She turned to the Commander, signaled him to started with what he had prepared to say

"Now, as we had already talked about the treaty...."

And right before he could finished what he had to say everyone started to speak all at the same time. Ivanova feel like throw them all out the airlock. She looked at the Commander helplessly, and found Sinclair looked back at her with the same expression on his face. Delenn and the other major Ambassador were no help either. Londo and GíKar were arguing as usual, and the Minbari Ambassador was as composed as ever. It seemed as if she had all the time in the world, and had no intention of speaking to help the situation.

Oh, God this is going to be a very, very long day.


Entered the Fresh Air restaurant, Ivanova was late for her dinner with Winters. Once she entered she paused at the entrance, eyes sweeping the room. Talia was sitting in the quiet corner, dressed in long black dress, her hair swept up, the look that Ivanova had never seen her in before. Looking down at herself, she was still in her ceremony uniform. The meeting had gone miserably and what a dragged that was. No one was listening to what she and the Commander trying to say, everyone was talking at the same time. Londo and GíKar were inches away from killing each other. It ended up taken half an hour more than it supposed to, and she didnít have enough time to change before came running.

A waiter came to her and was going to show her the table, Ivanova made a gesture telling him that she already was here with someone. She ran her hand through her hair as she approached the telepath, and tried not to look like sheíd been running, which was exactly what she did. Talia looked so beautiful in the dimly lit lights, the candle lights cast shadow on her cheek bones, made her skin looked paler than usual. She was studied the menu, paid no attention to the other customers around her, though they seemed to be paying attention to her. Susan felt her heart catch at the image.

"Hi, Iím sorry Iím late."

Looking up at her, Talia smiled at her sweetly. "Itís all right. I was afraid that youíre not going to show up at all."

"Well, I was tied up in the council meeting. Did you order anything yet?" The Lt. Commander took a seat opposite her and reached for the menu.

Talia shook her head, and replied slowly, "I was waiting for you, so we could order at the same time." she paused, "How was the meeting?"

Ivanova frowned slightly at the thought of the meeting that she had just managed to get out. "Theyíre all insane." She said darkly. Talia just smiled at her, the agitation, and aggravation the Second in Command broadcast were impossible to miss, especially when she was this close to her.

"Iíll take it that the meeting didnít go too well."

"Thatís an understatement. I had the incredible urge to throw them all out the nearest airlock, and have them continue to argue with each other in the vacuum," she paused. "Londo and GíKar were even worse. Theyíre this close to killing each other." She, then made a gesture with her hand, she held a tiny space apart between her index finger and her thumb to show Talia exactly how close it was.

The telepath chuckled slightly at the statement and gesture. It was bad enough to deal with the Ambassador individually, which she sometime had to, in some negotiation that required a telepath to sit in, but to have them all in the same room and have a meeting. That was a disaster waiting to happen. Ivanova looked a little more relax as she went through the menu, deciding what to order. Talia simply let her decided, she was not in any kind of hurry.

"Well, did you decide whatíre you going to order?" Talia asked after a minute.

"Uh-huh," the Lt. Commander mumbled as she nodded.

The telepath called the waiter over and gave him their orders. Sipped the wine in her glass as she watching the beautiful woman who sat across from her. She couldnít help but thinking of the previous night of passion. They had made love many times, but Talia was still a little afraid to go too far too fast, especially after she had startled Ivanova with the first mind contact. She had shielded herself somewhat while they were making love. Talia had to be sure that the other woman was comfortable with it before she would let go completely.

Iíll show her that there was nothing to be afraid off. She thought with determination.

The dinner was delicious, both finished them quickly accompanied by small talk. Ivanova couldnít help but feel self-conscious. It seems as though everyone was watching her and her companion tonight. She saw a few men and women glanced at them, though most attention was on Talia. She was stunning in her black dress, and her hair swept up, showed the creamy neck and shoulder. The telepath, however, didnít seem to care about any of them, her attention absorbed by the woman sat opposite her.

Lt. Commander Susan Ivanova.


They had returned to Ivanovaís quarters afterward. Sitting side by side on the couch, Susan had one arm draped over Taliaís shoulder. They were sitting quietly neither said a word, simply enjoying each otherís company. Suddenly Ivanova snickered audibly.

"Whatís so funny?"

Talia asked as she sensed some amusement from Ivanovaís surface thoughts.

"Oh, I was just thinking of the first day I met you." A reply came in barely controlled voice, her hand busily stroking the soft blond hair. The telepath let out a snort of laugher, she remembered that day all too well.

"I canít believe that you came back to talk to me afterward, I mean if I were you I probably stay away."

"Iím not used to have anyone brushed me off like that so I wanted to know if I did something wrong." Talia said with a half grinned on her face, it got wider when Ivanova raised her eyebrows. "Actually there was a little more to it than that.."

"I was a little annoyed at first, then here you were, so insistence in talking to me, even though I walked away from you."

The telepath stared at her briefly, she remembered when she approached her while she was talking to Garibaldi Ivanova had quickly walked away, she didnít know if it was deliberated. Though Ivanova had looked back at her, but she always thought that she just happened to turn around and saw her, nothing more. She was a little surprised to hear that it was.

"Actually you know, I was... I think I fell for you since that first time we met. I just didnít want to admit it."

"You couldíve fool me." Winters said dryly. It was hard to believe even with the admission that came out of the Lt. Commanderís mouth. Every time that they interacted with each other, Ivanovaís reaction was always told her otherwise. Since the Lt. Commander had strongly indicated how she felt about telepath, Talia had been very careful when she was happened to be in her presence, didnít want to unconsciously pick up even her surface thoughts. She felt Ivanova pulled her tighter against her, she could sense that Ivanova was debating something in her head, so she let her.

After a minute, "I was afraid," she said quietly.

"Of me scanning you and find out youíre a latent telepath?"

Ivanova froze, a look of horror on her face. She started to pull back slowly, but Talia was fast holding her in place. The fear and anxiety from the Lt. Commander was filling her. Looking deep into her eyes, Talia began to speak softly.

"Susan, donít be afraid of me, please. I love you and I would never harm you. I would never let them know about you." She promised, lifting the hand that she had been holding up to her lips, she placed a soft kiss on the open palm. Then she extended a mind probe, caressing Susanís mind with love and affection. Let her know how much she loved, and cherished her, to let her know that every words she said were true.

Susan relaxed a little, then leaned into her companion. "How did you know?"

"I felt it when we were... joined last night."

A comprehension dawned on her face, as Ivanova listened to the other woman explained. Talia was very careful of the terms she used and closely watching the Lt. Commander expression and the emotions. When Ivanova didnít turn away, or reject her telepathic link out she felt relief. Winters snuggled closer to her, resting her head on the strong shoulder.

"Iím glad youíre not afraid of me anymore." Talia murmured quietly.

"No, no Iím not afraid of you, Talia." Susan said, kissed her gently. Inside her head though, still trying to get use to the idea that now someone knew her secret. The secret that she had long kept from everyone. Her motherís word still fresh in her mind ĎTell No Oneí. She stifled a sigh. She knew that Talia wasnít lie to her about not going to tell the Corps. She felt love, longing, and deep passion from the telepath when they were making love previous night. Those feelings were, indeed very real, she didnít know how she knew it, but she was sure of her instinct. And in the special intimate moment like that the telepath could never lie, or pretend.

Talia had moved even closer to her, head now resting in the crook of her neck, Ivanova stroked her hair gently, lost in thoughts. Her eyes were on the black leather gloves that Talia left on the coffee table in front of her, deeply in thought.

She was slightly startled when she felt tiny kisses on her neck, smiling she bent her head to capture the full lips with her own. Talia obligingly returned the kiss, then deepened it, parted her lips, feeling the tongue invaded her mouth. Susan pushed her backward to lie flat on the couch. The kiss continued on for a long moment, before Susan let her up for air, hands loosened the fastening of the dress sheíd been wearing. In turn Taliaís own hands were doing the same thing to the uniform of the Lt. Commander.

Later they ended up in the bedroom, neither cared how they managed to moved themselves from the couch. Their clothes were being dropped on the floor all the way from the living room as they undressing each other.

Ivanova was laying on her back, as she watched the beautiful telepath hovering over her. Talia extended the mental probe, gently caressing Susanís mind, let she feel all the love, and desire. Susan forced herself not to flinch at the contact. She leaned down to kiss her for a long moment. The kiss was so intense that it seemed to shut the whole universe out. Talia released her and kissing her way down. Susan threw her head back as Talia feasted on her breast, nibbling, and biting gently, barely grazed at it with her teeth. She alternated between two, until Susan thought that she would go insane from wanting her.

"Talia," she moaned softly, whispering her name, hands holding, caressing the soft blond hair, pulled her head tighter against her breast. Talia gave them final kisses then moved downward, placing kisses on her way down. She paused to breathe in the musky scent of Susan when she reached the dark patch of hair between her legs. She slowly spread her legs by Taliaís gentle insistence. Breath caught in her chest when she felt her lips brushed against her inner thigh. She drawn her knees up, granting the telepath a total access. Talia placed kisses on her inner thighs and drawn her lips to the juncture, where the moisture gathering. The telepath darted her tongue out to collect the droplets of moisture, let it rested on her tongue like she would a fine wine.

"Oh, God...." Susan moaned, "Talia..."

She smiled as she heard a sharp inhale by Ivanova. The Lt. Commander reached down to stroked her hair, gently caressed the back of her head, encourage her. Talia lowered the blocks a little so she could feel what Ivanova was feeling at the moment. She caught the little bundle of nerve ending between her lips and sucked on it. Susanís whole body jerked up at the sensation, forced herself to relax a little. Then Talia started to teased it with the flick of her tongue.

Ivanova threw her head back and cried out, as she felt a hand slid, from where it rested on her thigh, up to the juncture of her legs, then penetrated her, gentle, yet commanding. Talia felt wonder as her fingers reached deep inside, feeling the silk-slick interior. Susan felt her belly tightened as she undulated against the invaded fingers.

"God.... TaliaÖ"

She fought hard to keep breathing, her whole body tensed as she arched up from the mattress, gentle spasm spread throughout her body. Talia knew that she was climaxing, but didnít stop the motions of her fingers, she rose up to find her mouth and kissed Susan hard, as her thumb took up the caress where her lips had left off.


A voice of the Lt. Commander broke into her thoughts as she climaxed. Talia was surprised at how loud and clear it was, though she knew she shouldnít have, knowing that Ivanova was a telepath, though the latent one.

Within minute, she felt Susan climaxed again, and again. Until she felt that it was enough, did she eased off her, after she had given her a few final kisses. Susan fell back against the mattress. Talia was a little shaken herself, knowing that if she didnít shielded herself off somewhat she would lose control from the intense climaxes that Susan had.

Talia lay herself down beside that Lt. Commander, cradled her, placing tiny kisses on her face, and neck, extending a mental probe to caress her mind. Waiting for Susan to come back to herself, Talia contained, the desire burning within her, but she could wait. Finally, Susan opened her eyes, she swallowed hard against her dried throat, feeling safe and secure in the arms that embraced her. She felt the telepath respiration increased considerably, her body trembling with desire, realizing of Taliaís needs, so she turned her on her back.

"I love you." The telepath whispered as the other woman leaned down to kiss her, Susan smiled against her lips, then deepened it, tasting herself on the lush mouth. They made love then, until both were too exhausted to continue, and fallen asleep with smile on their faces.


"You are going to make me late for my appointment." Talia said mildly, but her smile was contradicted to her words. Susan was standing behind her. Her arms were wrapping around her waist making the process of getting dress more difficult. While the telepath tried to button up her jacket. She was nuzzling Taliaís ear. Ivanova was already dressed in her uniform, what missing was the jacket, which was being draped over the chair for the time being.

She was trying to get dress when Ivanova offered to help. Ivanovaís help usually end up taken twice as much time than when she was doing it herself. But she wasnít complaining. Why would she? Talia knew that she was in the position that a lot of people on the station would be very envy of her. To have Lt. Commander Susan Ivanovaís attention, and to have her demand the attention back.

She was a little startled when Ivanova turned her around abruptly. Then kissed her in order to convince her to change her mind about leaving before breakfast. Talia returned the kiss, arms circling the Lt. Commanderís neck.

"Canít you at least stay for breakfast first before you go?"

Ivanova then gave her a look that Talia thought was very childish, one would never think that the Lt. Commander would ever pull that look off for any reason. It was very... unlike her.

"Umm, Iíd love to share breakfast with you, but I told you I have an appointment. Itís very important."


Susan whispered in her ear. She knew that she was defeated, but it was worth a try anyway.

The telepath reluctantly pulled away and back off, well out of her arm length, prevented her from being pull into another embrace. Because she was certain that if Ivanova had her in another of that embrace she would never be able to say no.

"I have to go. Iíll see you later." Talia said and before she disappeared out the door she blew her a kiss. Left Ivanova standing in the middle of her room. Sighing in disappointment, she put her jacket on, before heading out the door herself.

Sheíd just have to eat in messhall today.


Garibalid was sitting at the table in the messhall, along with the Commander, he was attacking his meal as usual, as they talked. Ivanova had entered the place, a big smile played on her face. She usually hate morning, but it wasnít so bad when she woke up with the beautiful telepath curled up against her, head rested on her shoulder. They didnít share breakfast because of Taliaís appointment early in the morning. So here she was, had to eat in the messhall.

Getting her breakfast and a cup of coffee, Ivanova had spotted the Commander. Sinclair was, as usual, sat the same table as the Security Chief, Michael Garibaldi.

So, she approached them.

Garibaldi looked up when Ivanova approached the table with the tray in her hands. She was smiling, the strangest thing.

"Good morning, Commander, Mr.Garibaldi." She greeted with uncharacteristic cheerfulness. The looks she received was ones of startled, and suspicious. "What?"

"Well, you look awfully cheerful this morning." Sinclair smiled at her, and motioned at the seat.

"I got a good night sleep." She replied with a grin. And something else, a wicked thought popped up in her head.

Ivanova sat down at the offered seat, then started eating her breakfast. Garibaldi looked at her and back at the Commander as if to ask him what was up with her that she wasnít in her usual grumpy mood she always in in the morning. Sinclair shook his head faintly, replied that he had absolutely no idea. All the exchange and signals were lost on Ivanova who consumed her breakfast without looking up. A call from C&C startled all of them. It was for the Commander. Sinclair got up and excused himself from the table and rushed to the Conference room.

"Lt. Commander?"


"Is something up?"


She started to feel annoy, Garibaldi was going to ruin her morning with his nosy nature. She frowned slightly, but he didnít seem to notice, or pretended not to notice as he continued with his question.

"Well, you look awfully cheerful, you usually look like you are ready to kill someone." Then added in his characteristic grin, which annoyed her even more. "Especially in the morning."

Why is it that every time Iím in a good mood they all think that something is up? Whatís wrong with me being cheerful? She thought to herself crankily.

"Mr. Garibaldi, if you are looking for some conspiracy, this is not the place." She replied with annoyance, almost spell out every word for him. She drained the last of her coffee, and got up. Having to get to C&C herself.

"I have to be in C&C," said Ivanova as she walked away, paused, "Oh, and thanks for the vids. Iíll give them back to you later."

"Did you like them?" He asked after her.

"Yeah," she answered with a sly grin over her shoulder, then left.

Gariblaid stared after her with a puzzled look on his face, there was something about her grin told him that Ivanova didnít care about the movie, and he was sure if he were to ask her what the movie was all about she wouldnít be able to answer him. Garibaldi shook his head, dismissing the thoughts of all the possibilities that came into his head, then went back to attack his meal before he, too, had to leave for duty.

She was right on time for her duty in C&C, the Commander, as usual, was nowhere to be seen. Ivanova assumed that he had to deal with some other more diplomatic problem. She wasnít envied him at the very least. Diplomat required more patience than she could spare. Beside the jobs she had right now she could just threaten them if the need should raised, but diplomat. There was no way she could do that to any of the Ambassador, not without risked something even more important.

She asked Lt. Corwin for the status quo. There was nothing important or any problem. She set off to work with more enthusiasm than usual. Again everyone in Command and Control looked at the Lt. Commander with startled expression as the Second in Command humming while she inputted some data into the computer, and checked the schedule. The crew looked at each other, wondering what the Second in Command was up to. Her uncharacteristically cheerfulness was starting to scare them. But since she wasnít likely to rip anyoneís lung out in this sort of mood. They decided that theyíd better let her be. Especially when none of them wanted to lose their heads.

Several hours later the day that had started so promising now turned out to be extremely uneventful, as usual. The captain of Narn transporter started arguing with the captain of Drazi feighter over the Docking bay, they had held up the traffic, not for very long, but long enough to raise a lot of complains. Stifled a sigh, Ivanova wished that she could just go back to her quarters, get into bed, pulled the sheet over her head and sleep the rest of the day off.

Well, at least I got the dinner to look forward to, she thought idly as she directed yet another freighter safely into the Docking Bay.

Without any complain this time.


The day was stressful for her, every single problem that came in demand first priority. The Commander was busy with the Ambassadors in the meeting. Once got out of her shift, Ivanova headed straight for her quarters. Found Winters was already waiting in front of the door, a bottle of white wine in one hand. Her hair was slightly out of place, which was unusual for the telepath who always dressed so proper. A sly grin touched her lips when she realized that Talia had also in the hurried to get here as she was. Ivanova slip her card into the slot, when the door slid open she made an Ďafter youí gesture, letting the telepath enter first and then followed her in. She made a mental note to give her a passcard to her quarters, so that she wouldnít have to wait outside prior to her arrival. The picture of the beautiful telepath leaning against the wall in the corridor in front of her quarters, waiting for her, probably raise a few eyebrows from the crew that would be walking down the corridor to their quarters.

And a few rumors that she didnít want to go around just yet.

Both were too tired to get dress up and go out for dinner, after looked through all the cabinets they decided that they could whip something up. Lucky for her that the evening was a peaceful one, there was no emergency calls that she needed to be taking care of, no one fights over the Docking bay, nothing that important enough to need her assistance.

After a few minute of debating who would cook dinner, it ended up that Talia would be the chef for the day. Ivanova was a little surprised to find that Talia was actually a really good cook, an excellent cook in fact. Though she shouldnít have been, maybe the way that Talia always present herself made Susan think that she would spend her entire day working on the information of the negotiations and business deals, that she would have to rely on messhall like herself had. The telepath complained mildly when Ivanova sneaked up on her and wrapped her arms around her waist while she was preparing dinner. But she made no move to escape from the embrace, to the Lt. Commander appreciation.

She felt as if she canít stand being too far from the beautiful telepath, canít take her eyes off her. Susan knew that she had made the cooking far more difficult than it actually was for Talia. The telepath had gave her a gentle tap on the hand a few times when she tried to taste the food before everything finish. She didnít feel move when Ivanova present her best puppy dog look.

"Why donít you set up the table. Iím almost done here." Talia told her in an even tone, a small smile touched her lips, when the Lt. Commander quickly grabbed the utensils, and placed them on the dining table.

She felt a quick peck on her cheek, as Talia brought the plates from the kitchenette, and set them down on the table. She turned around to wrap her arms around the telepathís slim waist, then kissed her on the lush lips, suddenly lost her appetite for food.

After dinner Talia asked if there was something she could change into.

"Iíll get you something you could wear." Ivanova quickly got up from where she was sitting. Heading toward her closet in her bedroom. Talia followed her in, she stood quietly as Ivanova went through her closet. She fussed over her cloths for a moment, she wasnít sure what would fit Talia. The telepath reduced her problem by reached over and pulled out one of her white, over size sleeve shirt.

"Can I use this one?"

"Yeah, you can wear that one."

The Lt. Commander reached for a pair of trousers, but when she turned around Talia already disappeared into the bathroom. A few minutes later she came out adorned in the shirt, and the shirt only. Apparently she had been freshened up a little. All her make up was gone, not that she wore much to begin with. She was buttoned up the last one as she walked toward her. Ivanova just dropped the trousers back into one of the drawers, then reached out for the telepath.

"No, you go change first."

Talia instead told her to change into something more comfortable than her uniform. Susan agreed after Talia had shoved her playfully in the direction of the bathroom. She laughed and grabbed her cloth from the closet.

"All right, all right. Iíll go change."

Afterward they just enjoyed the wine that Talia had brought over and each other company. The feel of Talia clad in her old, over size sleeve shirt cuddled beside her had erased all the aggravation that she experienced all day like it was never there. The old shirt was about her thigh length, which was the only thing Talia wore for the better part of the evening, and into the night. She looked adorable in that shirt, Ivanova thought. A nice change from her usual conservative dresses she always wear. Not that she didnít like them, but this gave Talia a more relax image. She knew that Talia would never let anyone see her dressed like this. Actually it wasnít the matter of letting anyone seeing her like this, but no one was ever lucky enough to have a chance, Susan thought idly.

They sat side-by-side on the couch, watching INS news. There was nothing much to see, but being the Second in Command of the station, Ivanova had to have a certain knowledge of what was going on. Talia was sitting quietly as she leaned into the embrace. They gave the comments here and there as the reporter announced each topic. Then laughed together. Ivanova felt so relax, and actually happy. The first time in a very long time.

After the news concluded Susan put her glass down and led Talia into bedroom by hand. Pulling the cover back and let the telepath climb in, Susan followed suit. She was dressed in just old well worn T-shirt and pajamas bottom, They contented in only cuddling tonight.

Once snuggled warmly under the blanket, Ivanova pulled the telepath into her embrace. She called the lights off.

"Did you return the movies to Mr. Garibalid yet?" Talia asked innocently after snuggled deeper into the embrace.

"Ummm, not yet. I will tomorrow. Heís not going to watch them anytime soon anyway."

Kissed Talia on her forehead. "I can ask him to make you a copy if you like them." Ivanova murmured quietly.

"No, I didnít like them that much. I think you liked them more than I did," she paused. "I didnít watch the movie more than a little here and there. I spent the whole time watching you. It looked like you were enjoying them."

Ivanova just gave her a knowing smile. In truth she was doing the same thing during the movie, she couldnít even tell the difference between the two vidsí names, not even if her life depended on it.

"Was that why you said that I liked it?"


"You know, I hadnít had any proper relationship for a long time." Susan started conversationally after a minute of thinking.

"Ah, so Iím honor." Talia replied dryly, her hands were busy running through Susanís hair. She loved the rich texture of her hair. Susan had got the thickest hair she had ever seen. She had wanted to ran her fingers through it since the first time she set her sight on her.

Ivanova chuckled, a low laugh in her throat. She kissed the telepath at the tip of her nose.

"What about you? Have you had relationship with anyone on Babylon 5?"

"No, I havenít. I was too busy trying to avoid Mr. Garibaldi." Talia said, rolling her eyes, Susan laughed again at her expression. Then Talia softened her tone perceptibly. "And I was trying to get you to notice me."

Ivanova kissed her softly, Talia closed her eyes. The kiss was not necessarily passionate, but it was so gentle and sweet.

"Iíve always notice you Talia." Susan said once they parted, her voice gentle. The words made Talia smiled, she felt warm inside. "Since the first day in C&C. You were so confident and insistence in talking to me. Do you know how many people that would just run away when I dismiss them like that."

"That thought had crossed my mind."

"Oh, it had." she paused, a sly grin appeared on her face. "Then why didnít you run away?" Susan asked in teasing tone.

"I donít know." Talia said unconvincingly.

Talia tried to muffle the yawn, she was more tired than she thought she was. The business deals she had to sit in were quite boring and they demanded all her disciplines not to lose her concentration. Now it all caught up with her. She felt a gentle hand stroked her hair. It was very soothing, and the warmth from both the blanket and the body pulled so close to her started to make her feel drowsy. She felt herself dozed off a few times, but tried to keep her eyes open, thought that Susan might still want to talk.

"Youíre tired." Susan murmured into the dark, "go to sleep," not stopping the stroking hand.

"Goodnight, Susan"


Talia fell asleep immediately, indicated that how tired she actually was. Susan felt bad for letting her cooked dinner. It occurred to her that they shouldíve just order something in instead.

Ivanova lay on her back looking up at the ceiling. Itís been a little less than a week, since the first night they discovered their mutual feelings for each other. It was so little time to be in love with someone this much, really, but Ivanova knew that she couldnít imagine a day without her, wanting to be with her every minute of every day. She had never felt this way about anyone in her life, and the feeling was scaring her a little. Now she was wondering what her friends would say about her relationship with the telepath. What they would react when they find out. If they find out..

Who cares about what they would think, itís my life, she thought.

She had been living her own life for a very long time, it was a little silly to be worrying about other peopleís opinion of her now. She did not even back down when her father disagreed on the fact that she was going to join EarthForce, she went ahead and do it anyway, despite his protests. Now, she wasnít about to let some other peopleís opinion ruin the chance of happiness in life.

Then, she didnít know why she was worried. She knew for the fact that most of her colleagues had no problem working with Talia, whatsoever. In fact she was the only one that actually hostile toward her from the beginning. However her friends would be surprise to see this unexpected turn of feelings, but probably none of them would have any problem with it. The only one that she was a little worried about was Garibaldi. The Security Chief was, obviously, attracted to the telepath. He made the implication to her often enough, by his reaction and words when Talia was nearby, and she knew from Talia that he often be in the transporter tube whenever she used it. Which annoyed her to no end, at first it wasnít his presence just that he hit on her all the time, but lately she even tried to avoid using the tube altogether. Ivanova smiled to herself, she knew that Taliaís patience could go so far. She, herself, probably lash out long before, not just avoid using the trasporter tube. Still, she didnít want her friend to get hurt. She would avoid it as long as she could.

Well, I guess weíll just have to keep a low profile for now. She thought idly.

Ivanova sighed inwardly, looking up at the ceiling. She thought that this was not the time for such a speculation. It would do her no good to be worrying about the thing that yet to happen. And ultimately the persons that have the final to say were, Talia, and herself. Shifting herself on to the side, the beautiful telepath was resting her head on her out stretch arm.

Propping on her elbow, Ivanova looked down at the angelic face of her lover. The telepath was fast asleep, her chest raised and fall as she breathe. A strand of blond hair fell over her face, she brushed it away, tugged it behind her ear. Susan studied her ear for a moment, the dedicate shell like beauty of it, she traced the elegance jawline with gentle fingertips. Then placed a kiss at the tip of her nose, smiling at her fondly, Ivanova kissed her again on the forehead. Shifting on to her side, Talia threw her arm over Susanís torso, then snuggled even closer, and buried her face into the warm hollow of the other womanís shoulder.

Smiling contentedly to herself, Ivanova started stroking the blond hair gently, just enough to feel the softness, but not enough to wake her. Taliaís soft blond hair flung across the pillow like a finest gold. Ivanova liked to play with her hair when they talk, it felt like silk slip between her fingers.

God, sheís so beautiful.

Placing a soft kiss at her temple, Talia stirred briefly murmured something that Ivanova couldnít comprehend, then went back to deeper sleep. Lay her head back down, Ivanova closed her eyes, listened to the other woman breathing. She shifted her position slightly, wrapping her arms around the woman sleeping form, Ivanova let herself slip into the welcoming darkness.

During the night theyíd shared a dream as only two lovers, two telepaths could.

A peaceful dream, which included one another.


"Delta leader to delta wing, show's over. Let's collect the stragglers and return to base." ( Signs and Portents )