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By Xavier

It is a beautiful night, so quiet from where Iím standing high up on the roof of a ten-story building. I can smell human scent on the breeze. From my vantage point I can see lights moving, like strings of ribbons. It is peaceful up here, as peaceful as city life can offer.

With keen eyes, I can see small dots of humans, moving about conducting their business. Some are probably just trying to get home in this wee hour of night.

Sometimes this amuses me.


They amuse me.

As well as impress me, well, sometimes.

In their short, pathetic lives, they try so hard to accomplish things, things that perhaps should not be as important to them as the things they dismiss. With science, they try to explain nature and then, what cannot be explained with science they discard as impossible.

I am one of those things that cannot be explained by science.

Which is why it is so easy to blend in, so easy to just live among them. They would never believe that among them, walk a creature of darkness.

Even if I say that I am one, they would laugh and say that Iím in need of medical attention, that I would need to see a psychologist, or be kept in some nut house somewhere.

Not that I associate with humans much. You donít mingle with your food, my sire would say.

My sireÖ

It has been a long time; I donít even know where she is now.

My creator, my mistress, and my lover.

She was a beautiful creature. Her hair was the color of gold, shimmering in the dim light that we allowed in our lair. Her eyes were vivid blue when she was most pleased, and stormy gray when she was displeased. Her lips were full, and soft, so soft. Her eyelids often dropped coyly underneath her perfectly curved, light color brows when we began our playing.

It has been a long time indeed, and now I miss her.

Oh, how I miss her.

I miss how her body moved when she found her prey, how her lithe form would float weightlessly pass them, then back around them, the way her beautiful hands caressed their neck before sinking her teeth into their exposed neck. How she would look at me, her eyes twinkling, inviting me to join her. I loved how her cool skin touched mine, the temperature swiftly rising to fever pitch when I caressed her.

She said she loved me.

And one day she disappeared.

Since then I have been moving around, looking for her as well as satisfying my sense of adventure. I can live anywhere I want without much problem financially. She left me so much money and funds to use freely. Not that I would need that much money anyway.

Something interrupts my train of thought and I look down.

A scent.

An innocent.

Leaping off the rooftop, I land on the nearby buildingís roof, which is only two stories high. There, I watch a woman striding hurriedly on the sidewalk. I watch her for a moment; something about her catches my eye.

Maybe itís that shoulder length blonde hair.

Or maybe itís that scent that I caught a whiff of a moment ago.

I can almost smell her blood now, imagining the sweet coppery taste of the crimson liquid on the tip of my tongue.

I feel the pointed tips of my teeth extend, ready to feed. But I stop myself from dropping lower and catch her. Still too many people around. Even though bullets cannot kill me, the wounds will still hurt and I donít want to move again so soon, not after the lengths I went through to get the empty warehouse I purchased turned into a luxurious loft.

I donít really care about the money and time is something I have plenty of, but the aggravation that occurs each time I buy a new place in a new city makes me think twice about moving too often.

People are just too nosy.

How many moving companies actually leave your stuff alone when they move them? I donít know, but I know that there arenít many out there. I still like my privacy.

I decide that I would just follow her for a little while, looking for a good, quiet place to feed.

Or maybe Iíll take her home and then feed on her.

UmÖ decisions, decisions.


I finally decide to grab her and take her back home. After all, she does catch my attention, and I donít remember the last time anyone ever did that to me. Not sinceÖ never mind.

I glide from rooftop to rooftop, trying not to make my presence known to her, but I can see that she does notice that she is being stalked.

Funny, I thought that all humans had come to the stage where they completely disregard their own instincts. Apparently, I was wrong.

I watch her quicken her steps, trying to get where she wants to as fast as she can.

Sheís not nearly fast enough.

I leap down as soon as she walks close to the dark alley and leaves the late night traffic and people behind.

She doesnít see what is coming. I suspect that she probably sees shadow, my shadow, sweeping down.

I stand in front of her, watch for just a heartbeat as she opens her mouth, intending to scream. I reach out with one hand, and cover her mouth; I donít like attention, especially not from a scream. I donít need to attract any people to watch me take my prey tonight. Because by tomorrow morning I know that some bastard would sell the story of a vampire kidnapper to a tabloid.

Tabloid newspapers, something I can live without.

I wrap one arm around her lithe body and take off.

A human weight does nothing to slow me down; I am, after all, a supernatural creature. I can feel her shivering in my arms. The smell of her blood is stronger now, more enticing, and it takes everything I have not to just stop somewhere and suck the life out of her.

Itís been so long since Iíve wanted anyone this badly.

Several heartbeats later I fly through the open window of my lair.

I toss the body Iíve been holding to the floor, and turn around to close the window. Just in case she decides to scream.

I hope she realizes that it isnít going to help, no matter how loud she screams, because it will probably aggravate me, and I really donít like to be aggravated.

She looks up at me. The room is completely dark and I very much doubt she can see me in the lack of light. I see no point to leaving the lights on when Iím not home. It isnít as if Iím going to be lost without a homing beacon or something.

I can see everything just fine, an advantage of being a vampire.

Now I can observe her for a little while.

"Who are you?" she asks. Her voice is soft and husky, the question is nothing but a throaty murmur, tinted with fear.

I smile.

"What are you going to do to me?" she asks again.

I can smell her fear so clearly now, oh this is going to be fun.

I walk over to the overstuffed leather chair a few feet away from me and directly in front of her. I unzip my leather jacket and toss it aside. She can hear my movements. Iím guessing that her eyes have yet to adjust to the dark. I see her head turn my way as I sit down.

She is smart enough not to scream; I have to give her that.

I watch as she moves backward, away from me. She is very beautiful and she reminds me of someone.

My sire.

Yes, she looks just like her.

Her blonde hair is a little shorter than Arialís hair, but the same color and shade, her eyes are not quite stormy gray, just like Arialís used to be. Her nose, her lips, those high cheekbones. My line of sight travels lower Ė slim body, and long shapely legs as far as I can tell from her form fitting business suit.

Even her voice is the same.

So strange.

"Please, talk to me," she pleads again.

She probably thinks that I am a serial killer, but how many serial killers can take someone and fly across the city night sky? But I guess in her fear-filled mind, that thought probably doesnít register.

I decide that it is time for me to feed.

So I lean forward, and catch her by the shoulders. I pull her close to me. "Do you realize what is about to happen to you?" I whisper, nuzzling her neck lightly Ė and in a sick twisted way Ė playfully.

She is shaking now, doesnít even try to push me away. Fear always does strange things to people. For some, fear can make them fight, especially when they know that it is for their lives; others, fear just paralyzes them. She is the latter.

She swallows hard, "Let me go, please."

I chuckle softly, then bare my teeth and let the pointy sharp edges touch the soft skin of her neck.


"I canít do that." I whisper and sink my teeth into her.

A low growl emerges from the deep within my chest as I drink the life-giving liquid from her. She struggles in my grip as life drains away from her body. Her blood is sweet and I drink hungrily. Her hands come up to push me away at last, but it was too late. Her pleas slowly die on her lips. Her breath slows almost to a stop.

And in this moment I decide that Iím going to turn her. I have been living without a companion for so long, and loneliness can be unbearable sometimes. It is something Iíve learned since Arial left.

In exchange for taking her life, I will offer her immortality.

Just as my sire had once offered me long ago.

I feed until I have my fill and lay her down on the floor. Her breathing is shallow; she is going to die soon, if I donít do something now. I wipe my blood-stained lips with the back of my hand, then lick the crimson liquid off it.

Sitting back on my heels, I pull the left sleeve of my shirt up pass my elbow, then with my sharp fingernail, I cut open my wrist in a thin line. Immediately, my own blood starts to well up. And I grab her with my right hand, pulling her up.

I support her neck and press my wrist to her lips. "Drink," I say to her.

She is barely conscious now, but has enough presence of mind to follow my command.

Her lips part, I feel the tip of her tongue come out and lick up droplets of blood. She seems to flinch at the first taste, but I press her lips to my wrist, forcing her to drink it anyway. "If you want to live, drink it." I speak dispassionately.

That seems to help, as she drinks my blood.

I know that with each drop she drinks from me, she will get stronger and transformation will start.



After I let her drink from me, I tell her to close her eyes, and that she will feel different, but not to be worried. She seems to believe me and I wait until her eyelids drop and finally close.

I pick her up and make my way to my bedroom.

There, I undress her and place her naked form on my king size, four poster bed. I cover her up with the midnight blue silk sheets.

Human literature about us is mostly wrong. We donít sleep in coffins, maybe the ancients did, but we do not. We, like humans, like some luxury in life, especially since our activities will be curtailed by sunlight.

Not that it is a problem, not in the last few decades, and especially not in a city. I can always get anything at night; I can even get my car delivered at night, if I want to.

Yes, a car. It is my toy, and I do like to take it and cruise down the open highway every once in a while.

I stand there just for a moment and turn to the ensuite.

Being on the rooftop for half the night in a city like this is not good. I can smell the gasoline, carbon monoxide that expels from the cars down below. I imagine it to be worse during the day when everyone is out.

Releasing the binding from my long, chestnut brown hair, I give my head a little shake and then I strip off my clothes and toss everything into the hamper before walking over to the large Jacuzzi against the far wall. I turn on the tap and let the water run after testing the temperature.

I know Iím more than a little occupied by that blonde beauty that Iíve just turned, who is now sleeping, waiting for transformation in my bed.

I wonder what her reaction will be like. Will she deny the fact that we exist, will she simply accept it? Or will she fight me, just like I fought my sire long ago. When Arial decided to keep me as her companion, when she turned me from a dying human into what I am today.

I hope she doesnít fight. I donít want her to fight me, I want her to accept her fate, that she is mine.

From the moment my first drop of blood made contact with her tongue, she became my property.

Now she is mine, whether or not she accepts the fact.

She will accept the fact; she has to.

I settle into the tub after it is filled, and I lean back, just soaking in the warm water. And I think of the first time I met Arial.

My sireÖ

Like I just did tonight, she took me in her arms, her seemingly fragile arms brought me to her lair. She fed and offered me her blood in return for what she had just taken from me, and in doing so, offered me immortality.

It took a long time before I accepted that I am now, and will always be, a vampire. Immortality is something I never asked for nor dreamed of. But it was forced upon me anyway. Took me a while to appreciate that. Arial had been so patient with me.

But I guess after being alone and watching life pass you by, knowing you are never going to change and never going to die, patience is something you pick up. After all, we have all the time in the world.

Patience still isnít my strong suit, even after all this time.

I wonder where she is now, and if she knows that I am still around, and still want to see her, still love her. Maybe she knows. She is my creator, we are bonded in a way that can never be severed. It is sort of like a mother and child bond, but different.

I think she was lonely, thatís why she turned me. Then I often wonder why she chose me, when she could choose anyone she wants. I asked her that numerous times, and each time got only a smile as my answer.

Even now I want to know if she has turned anyone else to do what I did for her, to be near her just as I was long ago.

"Where are you now," I whisper to myself. "Arial."


The sun is rising and I know it is time for me to get some rest. I walk around the loft, closing every curtain in the place, so that the sun cannot shine through.

My prey is still asleep. I know she will transform soon, and she will be in some, if not a lot, pain. And I, as her sire, need to be with her what that happens, like Arial was.

The longer I look at her, the more she looks like Arial. No, they donít just look alike, she looks exactly like Arial. Maybe it is true about us having a twin somewhere in the world, I think to myself as I slip my nude self underneath the same sheet that I covered her with earlier.

It doesnít take long for me to fall into slumber.

Some unknown length of time later, I wake up to a soft moan beside me.

She is waking up, and apparently, in pain.

I reach over and take her in my arms, not really knowing what I am doing. I hold her as she starts to shake and cry.

Her symptoms are that of a fevered person. The chemical changes in her body cause all that while she is turning from the living into the undead. She is in a lot of pain, and Iím certain now that she will start to hallucinate soon.

Her eyes are still closed, and her hands clench up in tight fists as she tries to escape my hold. I canít really let go of her, not if I want her to stay on the mattress instead of falling to the floor. And at this rate it wonít take long before she tosses herself onto it.

"Let me go," she cries, her voice hoarse. "Please. Please, let me go."

I hold on to her tighter. She is trying to push me away, but not because she realizes it is me. I think she is trying to push something else away, something from her subconscious Ė something she fears, and whatever it is, she is terrified of it.

She cries out in fear, in pain and in so many other emotions that I donít really want to think about or to know the cause of. People often have something deep down inside, something very dark that they have to hide, something so horrible. My guess is she has some hidden torment and she is terrified that someone might find out. I will find out, I drank her blood, her blood memories still course strongly in my veins and if I want I can recall them and see what it is that she is so afraid of. But that can wait for later.

She is still writhing in pain; her pleading is incoherent now. I can barely make out what she is saying anymore, it is just combination of sobs and screams. Not that I am listening to what she was saying anyhow. Iím just listening to her voice, assured by my knowledge that this is a normal reaction.

Soon it will stop, I know. Iíve been there before. And she is going to be very exhausted.

She will need to feed again soon.

And I better get some ready for her, but I canít leave her right now, not yet.

The room is quiet. I made sure that my place is as far away from traffic and neighbors as possible when I bought it, so the only thing I can hear in the room right now is her pleas and her movements.

"ShhhhÖ It is all right," I whispered into her ear. "You are mine now, nothing will hurt you."

She cries out, her back arches. My eyes are drawn to her perfectly aligned teeth, watching two of her incisors extend and sharpen. I might need to satisfy her hunger sooner than I anticipated. But that is just as well, I will have to go out for the hunt anyway. The amount of blood that I gave her is making me hungry again. Usually I can go several days without feeding on human blood, something Iíve learn to do.

Iíve learned that the more often you feed, the quicker people will notice. I canít hide the bodies forever, but at least I can make it more random and as far away from being connected to me as possible.

I hold the newly turned vampire in my arms for a long time afterward. Her body is starting to cool down, her skin paler than it was, the marks that adorn her pale, slender neck starting to fade away. I can feel her relaxing in my arms, slowly.

"Good girl," I say to her, chuckling softly to myself.


Iím still tired. Judging from the clock on my nightstand, Iíve only slept for about three hours and it is the middle of the day right now, I cannot go out for a hunt even if I want to. So I decide to just keep an eye on my new companion, just in case she wakes up. I have to be there when she wakes up.

At the very least, I can tell her what is going on in her body and what is going to happen to her.

Now, I hope I can get a few more hours of rest before I have to go out again.


I leap inside through the window that I kept open before I left my loft. It is so quiet that Iím starting to think that she is still asleep. I guess Iím a resilient one, since I remember waking up after a night of hallucinations and fever, twelve hours later, not twenty-four.

Then it occurs to me that she might not be able to endure the changes that my blood has made in her; that she might die. The thought doesnít sit well with me. It is strange to think that I take away life every time I feed and I donít feel any different about it at all, but the notion that this beautiful creature that I want to live could possibly die disturbs me.

During the day while I was sleeping, I could still hear her murmuring things she sees in her sleep. I canít really piece them together, and to be honest, I donít really want to.

Whatever it is that bothers her, whatever it is that haunts her dream will no longer have any meaning. She is now starting her new life, with me.

Not that there will not be any concerns, there will always be things that concern us, but they will not be the same as human concerns.

I close the window, the thick panes efficiently shutting off the noise of the traffic. This time I left from my bedroom instead of the living room, so that she would be the last thing that concerns me before I leave, and the first thing I see when I return. Now, after two hours of hunting, I have satisfied my hunger and thirst.

On the large mattress, she is lying still, but I can tell she is awake.

"Good evening." I say, a smile touching my lips as she flinches. "Do not worry, I will not hurt you."

I can see that she is making a decision in her head whether or not to believe me. She is looking at me now, directly into my bright blue eyes, her blue/gray ones are now more gray than blue, but not overly so. She is nervous, she probably feels the changes in her body by now. She should.

"Feel anything different?" I ask, moving closer to the bed.

"Yes," she says after long moment of self-examination.

"Well, that is good." I slide on my hands and knees onto the mattress. I am still fully dressed in my leather pants and black top, my jacket is now lay on the back of the chair near the bay window. "Because you are mine now, and you are not human anymore," I tell her, watching her movements. She is trying not to flinch or move away from me, I can see that.

"NotÖ not human?"

"Yes, you are like me now." I donít really feel like being tactful right now, she will have to know this sooner or later, and get over it. And in my opinion, sooner is better than later.

"What are you?" She clenches her teeth as I move into her personal space.

She is sitting upright, one slender hand holding the sheet to her chest, trying not to let me see that she is naked. Irrational, who does she think undressed her?

"A vampire." I lean into her, smelling her scent. "Donít you remember what happened last night?" I take her hand, the one holding up the sheet and put it down in her lap. In doing so, I let the sheet slip down to expose her breasts. "Donít you remember what I did?" My voice becomes husky and I nuzzle her neck with the tip of my nose, licking the pulse point, where the night before I had sunk my teeth.

It seems to come back to her the instant the tip of my tongue touches her. Her body stiffens, the uncertainty and agitation has been replaced by fear in remembrance.

"You kidnapped me," she husks, her voice no more than a whisper at this point. "You brought me here and thenÖ" Her voice trails off and I place my lips on the wounds that I have made. I know that she is remembering all the details now, the tale-tell signs are hard to miss.

"I drank from you to extend my life," I explain. I donít know why I feel the need to explain this, only that I have to. "And I gave you immortality in return."

"Vampire doesnít exist," she protests weakly as I start to caress her shoulder blade with my left hand.

"Well, I am a vampire and I certainly exist."

"But it canítÖ You canít be a vampire."

My grin gets bigger as I let the pointed, sharp edges of my teeth graze against the soft skin of her neck, which is now cooler than her normal temperature as a human. She is in denial, I know. Humans can deny something even if it is right in front of them, a trait that I find quite useful sometimes.

But it is not quite useful now that I want her to just accept this and understand her position.

I use my sharp nail to cut a small slit on my neck. My forehead rests against her shoulder, and my eyes lower to her creamy upper chest. I feel her body quiver at the scent of blood, and I smile.

"Drink," I command softly, reaching up to grasp the back of her head, her silky hair slipping between my fingers as I do so. I gently apply force as I pull her head down to my neck.

The scent of blood will overwhelm her, I know, like it will overwhelm any newly turned vampire. She will not be able to resist the urge to drink; she wonít be strong enough. And I know the hunger won when I feel her lips press against my neck, drinking hungrily.

I feel the vibration from where our flesh is in contact. She is growling deep within her throat and I find that sound incredibly sexy.

She reaches up and takes a hold of my upper arm. Her grip is strong now with the enchanted strength of being one of us, but I donít mind, it doesnít particularly hurt me. A small drop of blood lingers on her lower lip and I give in to the urge to lick it away.

I lick her full, lower lip as she throws her head back, obviously in trance, which happens to the best of us especially after being satisfied. Her eyes are heavily lidded, blue/gray eyes shine. She looks so inviting to me right now. The sounds that she emits from deep within her throat, that sound, it is a cross between a groan and a purr. Damn.

I canít help it. I kiss her, fully, and she accepts.


I lean back against the headboard, one hand resting on my raise thigh and while the other fidgets with my watch. She is asleep again. I guess all the changes and the confusions and tension is getting to her. Well, she seems to accept that she is not what she once was now, which is a good thing. It would be very difficult to get her to understand if she doesnít after the feeding.

I sigh and look down beside me; my hand doesnít stop swinging the wristwatch for a moment.


I have learned her name now, very beautiful name. "Dew of heaven. How appropriate."

She is certainly fits the name. Her skin is impossibly soft and flawless, her sandy lashes cast shadows on her high cheekbones, her lips are soft, softer than Iíve ever thought possible, softer than what I remember of Arial. Her golden hair spread out on the dark pillowcase looks like a halo. I donít think Iíve ever seen anyone look as good as she does even in her state of disarray.

I let her drink from me until she had her fill; I wonít let her drink from the prey yet, which is probably going to be too much for her so soon. Even though I doubt any other vamp would care enough to think about that. Well, Iím a little sensitive about what my newly turned companion feels right now; after all I am connected to her.

Suddenly I start to worry; will she want to stay with me? Or will she want to be rid of me? She did not ask to be turned, she did not beg for me to save her life by turning her into something she didnít even know existed until a few hours ago. It is absurd, really, why do I care? I know that a lot of humans would choose to live, even in different form, than face death.

She will stay with me, because that is the whole reason I turned her.

And I am tired of being alone.

My eyes stare at the dark blue sheet, but I am not seeing any of it. Iím lost in my thoughts, and my past.

I donít even know how long it has been since the day my sire left me. She just left one night before I woke up. No good-bye. She left everything as if she was coming back when the night was over. I took that as a sign that she was coming back, might be a few days, but she was coming back.

Days turned into weeks and then months. She never did come back.

I felt so hurt that someone could abandon me, but I got over it. I think I did anyway.

After being alive for so long, Iíve learned things, gotten over things, and Arial is one of the things that Iíve gotten over. I just wish she had said good-bye instead of just leaving.

A movement brings me back and I see blue/gray eyes look up at me. I shift my position slightly to look at her.

"Talia," I say, tasting her name.

Actually, I am surprised she is awake. She seemed so exhausted before, I assumed she would sleep into the next night.

She blinks at me, like she is disoriented. After a moment or so, she realizes where she is and what is happening to her. I see fear clouding her beautiful eyes.

"You can stop being afraid now," I say mildly. "Iím not going to hurt you."

"Why?" she asks.

I raise my dark brow at her question. "Why what? Why Iím not going to hurt you, or why I did what I did?"

"Why did you turn me intoÖ this?"

I shrug lightly, looking at her still naked form. I should ask if she wants to get dressed, but all my clothes might be a little big on her. "No reason," I say at last.

For a moment she looks hurt at my answer.

I prop myself up on my right elbow, my head resting in my palm, my left hand free after I drop my watch on the nightstand. I reach out and trace over her bare shoulder. She tenses up at the contact. "From now on you will live here with me."

"But-" she starts.

"Everything in your life before is now irrelevant, you need not concern yourself with human world any longer." I interrupt her. I actually give her no choice in the matter, but we often have no choice in things we do, this is one of them for her. "I am your sire now, I will take care of you." There is no need for assurance really, no sire would do this. Turning a human into a vamp isnít like giving birth. The human will be yours no matter what, but you donít necessarily have to take care of anyone.

But I feel that I want to.

She is looking at me with those eyes again. I can almost see the wheels turn in her head, trying to contemplate my words, and the extent of it all. Her eyes turn gray now, as if she is looking inside of herself, and finding something. "What if I donít want to stay with you?"

Ah, so she accepts that she is vampire now, good start.

"Then Iíll let you go, and your well-being will no longer concern me, and you will have to face the world alone." I say to her, my eyes convey that I am serious about what I am saying. "The world can be very difficult to live in when you don't know what you are doing and where you are going. When you have no friends."

"Will you be my friend then?"

"I am your sire," I say simply.

She is silent again, contemplating my words, no doubt.

And after a while she speaks again. "I will stay with you." Her words are no more than whisper. Her husky voice seems even deeper now than before.


I lean down and capture her lips in a kiss that is not necessarily for her, but for me. And after a moment of hesitation she kisses me back ever so lightly. My hand begins to roam over her body and she pushes me away, her eyes questioning my action.

She knows what I want, I can see it in her eyes, but she is not certain she wants to give it to me. Probably not so soon.

I smile and place a chaste kiss on her lips again, then tell her that she should rest.


Itís been five nights since I have found someone to be with me. Talia has been very obedient, for the most part anyway. She still shows disdain for what we have to do to survive. She seems to have hung on to human scruples and is too afraid to make a kill. So I still let her feed from me.

She is afraid of hurting me when she sinks her teeth into my neck, even after the lengthy assurances I give her.

Such a gentle soul.

Feeding her with my own blood increases my hunger and I have to go out for a hunt every night, but I donít really care, I donít want her to starve. But she has to start hunting for herself soon. I will make sure of that.

"Susan," a husky voice calls me.

I look up from where I am sitting, and smile as Talia walks out of the bedroom in the new clothes I bought for her earlier tonight.

As soon as the sun set I took her out for some quick shopping, and yes I took my car out. It would be difficult to carry all that stuff as you fly. Talia was surprised I have a car. Actually, she was surprised at everything that I have. I only laughed and told her that all the things humans believe about vampire were just myth.

And after that, we stopped at her apartment, to let them know that she is moving. I told her to just leave everything, but she insisted that she wanted some of her stuff. I agreed. I seem to be very agreeable these days. And I promise her that we will bring all her stuff back here. Most will be put in storage, but a few things, mostly knickknacks, will be additional décor for my loft.

"Whoa," I exclaim as she comes fully into my view. "You look amazing."

She blushes.

Damn, she is adorable.

"Thank you."

I want her more and more everyday and I wonder if she knows.

I beckon for her to come closer and I watch as she moves across the span of the room. So seductive, the way she moves. Having lived as long as I have, I cannot believe I can feel this way, that I can be seduced even when the seducer doesnít realize what her actions do to me.

Before I know it, Talia has come to stand before me. A small smile touches her lips and I want to kiss them. Abruptly I stand up and pull the startled woman into my arms, and before she can utter any protest I kiss her hard. Her body goes rigid at first contact, then she relaxes in my arms.

I think she has accepted that this will happen sooner or later. And I guess she does find me attractive. I catch her watching me sometimes when Iím moving about the loft. Of course she turns away when she knows she is caught, but she canít hide her blush, not when her skin is the color of fresh cream, any slightest change shows.

I growl low in my throat as my teeth sharpen and extend. I graze her pale neck with my fangs and she shivers. With my inhuman strength I lift her up and walk straight to bedroom. She doesnít object to my bold move, instead she clings tightly to me.

She has made up her mind.

I lay her on the mattress, my eyes traveling up and down the length of her lean body as I start undressing her. She lets me. Talia lies there quietly as I caress her exposed skin. She has made up her mind, but she is still uncertain.

"What if you get tired of me?" comes the inevitable question.

I donít think it will happen, me getting tired of her. So far in these past days, I have found her to be very endearing, and I am very passionate about what I love. And she is fast becoming just that, whatÖ who I love.

"I donít anticipate that becoming an issue." I say, leaning down to kiss her gently, my teeth catch her lower lips. "Ever."

She seems to be reassured after that, and I kiss her, again and again, undressing myself while Iím doing that. I am a little surprised when I feel her hands coming up to help undress me. Once I am free of garments I press the length of my body upon hers. Naked, cool flesh upon another equally cool body, and I manipulate her body and her desire with my hands and mouth.

She writhes underneath me, her temperature rising from cool to fevered hot, and I suspect mine is the same. I find myself loving that sound she makes deep within her throat and the way her body moves against mine. I think I am in heaven when she cries out loudly in her release, and I reach up, kissing her hard, feeling her fangs press against my bottom lip and my skin breaks.

And later she turns me over and slides across my body, stretching out like a beautiful lioness, with her golden hair and pale skin. Her nails rake across my belly and thigh, followed by her teeth. She touches the core of my being, making me ache with need, knowing exactly where and how to touch me, to make me lose control.

And I lose control, gladly.

Surrendering to her, as I never have before.


I wake up as the sun is setting, feeling an unfamiliar weight upon me and I remember what has happened. A small smile touches my lips and I look down to see strands of golden blonde hair spread across my chest, my chestnut brown strands spread over the pillow and my cheek when I turn my head to observe her.

I feel wonder as she opens her eyes and peers up at me. A smile touches her red, full lips, a small lopsided grin.

"Good evening," I say.

"Good evening," Talia replies.

"It is dark already. Hungry?"

She laughs and I kiss her.


The End.

"Delta leader to delta wing, showís over. Letís collect the stragglers and return to base." ( Signs and Portents )