It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a real live Update!

Megumi-chan :
It's a new year! Anyway, this is a very small update--I fixed a broken link on the main page. HOW COME NO ONE TOLD ME THAT THE LINK TO MY OAV SECTION WAS MESSED UP?! Geez, I'm sure some of you noticed and got annoyed...all ya had to do was leave a little note in the guestbook, not a private message BTW cuz i forgot my user name and password haha, and I would have fixed it a long time ago. I want to make this a nice site, ya know? Anyway, it's fixed now, so anyone who hasn't been able to see the OAV section, the link is now operational.
Megumi-chan :
Hey, I added a song for Yohji after a suggestion from Gator-chan--thanks! It's in the Junk---Songs of Weiss section. Don't forget to visit my other site!
Megumi-chan :
Hey, I know I suck. Sorry to disappoint, but this isn't even a site update! I just wanted to let you all know that I now have *drumroll* a Xanga site--just like every other annoying fuck out there. So check it out if you have some sort of bizarre desire to know what my daily life is...or if you feel bad for me ^_^. Here it is :
MegumiChan's Fabulous Xanga Site
Please go! I'll give you a shiny penny! And it you leave a comment or write in my chatterbox, then I'll upgrade that offer to a shiny QUARTER! That's right baby, a whole 25 cents.
P.S. I finally took away that annoying star background on the front page and just made it black because it was so damn distracting. It was hard to read what was written with that in the background.
"I'll never glow - the way that you glow..."
Megumi-chan :
I noticed I hadn't had a song of the day in a long time, so today it is "Never Is A Promise" by Fiona Apple, a very lovely song that I reccomend to everyone to illegally download as soon as possible. Merry (almost) Christmas! To celebrate I FINALLY took down the old poll and put up a new one. I know you were all counting the days until I made a new one, so go my anime crazed fan girls and vote...VOTE!!!!!! Anyway, for anyone who likes reading manga, please go out and read PARADISE KISS because it is so freaking good. I love it. Go read it. Megumi-chan commands you to. I was considering making a page on this site somewhat unrelated to Weiss where I give reccomendations for books, music, other anime, etc. A sort of a "If You Like Weiss, You Might Like This..." What do you guys think? I have shockingly good taste and I simply want to share it with everyone else ^_~. Feel free to email me or sign the guestbook if you think this is a good idea, otherwise I'll forget about it...
Megumi-chan :
Well, I put up another banner people can use to link to this site. It's in our links section. Ah, what the hell, I'll put it here, too :

You know you want a banner featuring Mr. Akira Hibana. "Knight Hunters," eh? I was pondering the horror that is dubbed Weiss Kreuz. You know I haven't seen it yet? I'm too broke to buy it, especially considering I already own the whole series in fansubs. Is it really bad? Oy, I must know. Anyway, I assume I don't have to put up a link to and all those other places since most people know where they can buy a copy now. Tell me how it is!
Megumi-chan :
I feel special! Todaa I got my first hate mail! Does that mean I've made it big? No, really, I thought it was funny. Nobody else probably will, but when it happens to you, you realize how silly these people are. Anyway, I'm so honored, I'm posting it up! Here we go :

You are a dumb fan girl. VERY DUMB! Aya took on his sisters name BECAUSE he was pissed off and he went into ...... BIG STATE OF DEPRESSION!! Whore...... Twice!! not my name

Urm, yeh "Tiffany," or whatever your mysterious name is or isn't. So anyway, I was so happy, I wrote back!

Geeh, thank you for telling me what I already obviously knew. I know why Aya took his sister's name, we were only making a little joke. I had no idea Aya fans were as humorless as he is. When you find yourself getting so upset over a parody of a television show that you have to waste your time emailing the webmasters, it's probably time you pause for a moment and consider that maybe you need to stop taking yourself and the television shows you watch too seriously. Aside from that, thanks for giving me something to laugh at.

No offense to any other aya fans out there, but it was just too easy...Anyway, finals are done in 1 week, so maybe I'll be popping up again soon! Ja!
Megumi-chan :
I was so annoyed with myself that I finally did it. Of course, it's two in the morning, so it sucks. Sorry. Anyway, the first shrine to Akira Hibana is up on the main page. I am too tired to think. He's from the OAVs. Be back later (ha! yeh right!)
Megumi-chan :
Ok, I added a new section on the OAVs, but I have big plans for the new love of my life, Akira Hibana, from the OAVs so keep coming back people! He deserves some exposure!!! The link for the OAVs is on the front page.
Megumi-chan :
GOOD LORD PEOPLE!!!!! After having it in my possession for a few monthes I FINALLY watched the OAVs and damn, well don't worry, I think that was all the inspiration I needed to start working on this page again so expect some OAV centered stuff in the near future...yah!!!
Megumi-chan :
Hey people! I'm quite aware I'm doing exactly what I swore I wouldn't...never updating! But I don't know what to do! Any suggestions?!?! I'm desperate here people! Sorry dudes!
"Regrets, I've had a few/ But then again, too few to mention..."
Megumi-chan :
Song of the day is "My Way" by Sid Vicious! Yah!! Anyway, a new poll is up, me thinks it's not as good as the last one but it's hard to top the Farf and sporks all wrapped up into one poll. And the results for that one is up on the old polls page. And, um, Nialo-kittie gave me a suggestion for the Songs of Weiss page and now Nagi has a song, too. Feel feel to suggest any songs you want. And that's about it cuz I suck and I'm REALLY busy lately, but in about one month everything will be peachy and I can get some serious updating in.
Megumi-chan :
Song of the day is "Girlscout"(the Sunday Mix) by Jack off Jill's my site and I say so,, power really does corrupt, eh? Anyway, this update is to let you know that, um, I made an update page O_o you didn't figure that out, huh? Oh well, 25 more votes (waiting for 150) before I change the polls. I'm kinda sad to see this one go, anything dealing with the Farf is enjoyable, and the fact that I managed to throw a spork reference in there just made my day. When all else fails, make a spork joke, it usually works ^_^. Plus, a lot of the visitor comments for this last poll were pretty funny! So, um...yeah. I'll leave you with some words from the lovely Jessicka of JOJ in our song of the day...
"My little girlscout, your mouth is getting sore, would you love me any less if I hurt you anymore?"
Megumi-chan :
Hello dearies, we're back again (brothers, sisters, everybody siiiing..isn't that some godawful boyband song?) Anywhoo, we were in France, the land of many cheeses and...french people. We're still getting over it. BUT we are in a brand new shiny webring dedicated to those classy Schreient ladies, very spiffy! The wonderful Lily *jumps up and down and waves* from Vengenence of Weiss owns it. Also, we have new omake section called songs of weiss. Yes I'm in a musical mode after singing Paradise City by Gun n Roses at the top of my lungs last night at one of those nifty karaoke places. I highly suggest it but, for God's sake, bring vapor action cough drops. If only I had some access to those soothing medicated menthol...good god, I babble more than Omi-kun! Time for me to leave...*everybody cheers, various smelly vegetables are thrown at my head* Bye bye!
Omi : Konnichi-wa! Megumi wonders how I can be so genki at odd hours of the night. It's a little known secret called pixie sticks 8) They make me cRaZyYy! Anyway, Megumi added a new section in's junk. No really, thats what its called. Her creativity astounds me. Oh yeah, theres some stuff on Ken now in the spoilers section. We got a new counter, but we had over 2000 hits on our old one (mostly from ourselves hehe). I gotta go, the pixie sticks await me, remember: Clams have feelings too! So be nice...

Omi : Alright! We finally got into the AniPike!! Woohoo, in celebration we updated the spoilers section a bit, we added spoilers for Aya. Although we said we'd change the polls after it got 100 votes, we waited until we had 150 ^_^. Anyway, there's a new poll up and a new section where you can see results and comments for old polls. Yay! Time to go celebrate!!!
Omi : Hey!!! Midterms are over woohoo! Now...all Megumi really did was fix the Neu link on the Schreient page, and continue re-uploading the pictures on the site so that they're Netscape-compatible. But she's about halfway done with that and it's getting boring, so maybe she'll finally get around to working on the spoiler section. She's neglected that section because she sees it as least important because unlike Miyako-chan, she HATES spoilers with a passion, that's why we tried so hard to keep this page spoiler free....tried. And, um, Megumi made a new little banner for this site just because she likes making that kind of stuff even though they come out looking bad anyway and no one uses them anyway, hehe. Plus we almost have 100 votes on our poll, we'll make a new one once we hit the triple digits. Until then, Ja!
Omi : *sweatdrop* I don't have much time to talk. I gotta study for midterms, you know? I gotta be in a good college, I don't want to be a florist forever! Wondering where the polls are? They're in the shiny new Omake section. Plus there's a new quiz in the section, too. And we're slowly re-uploading our images so that they're Netscape user-friendly. Ja!
Omi : Happy New Year! Woohoo! And of course, Megumi and Miyako did NOTHING. Well, they did fix a link on the Schwarz page ( one tells us when things are messed up!) and corrected some of the awful typos on the love page. Oh yeah, and they're at work on a Weiß personality test, so expect that soon! Ja!
Omi : *Sheepish Grin* Ya know what? Sorry to all those Netscape users...but right now, we just don't have the patience to fix our images for you...*cowers* Please don't hit me! Yeh, we decided we're just not up to it right now, and rather than make everyone else wait around for updates...why not just finish the site then worry about Netscape users...sound like a plan? Maybe not a very good one, but..oh well. Anyway, there's a new section for Weiss!!! Woohoo, Weiss' Associates!!! Of course there's many more people to be added, but finally Kritiker gets some respect on this page. It's about time, check it out!