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The group Weiß as a whole...hmm. What juicy hints could we give ya? Well, bascially over time you see that these four boys who work at flower shop are actually assassins. They go by the name Weiß and work for an organization known as Kritiker. Their missions are delivered by a beautiful Kritiker agent, Manx. She fills them in and shows them a videotape of a mysterious man concealed in darkness who offically assigns their missions. This man is known to the boys as Persia. As a group they go through many troubles and indivdual members consider quitting at times. Their main enemy of the first season is Reiji Takatori and his personal group of bodyguards, known as Schwarz. They also have clashes with Masafumi Takatori’s female assassin group, Schreient. Schwarz sets off a series of bombs in Weiß’s name at the ending of season one and they become wanted men. Persia and Manx deliver their last assignment to them shortly after a close call with the police. For awhile afterwards, Weiß disbands and each guy pursues his own life. However, when mysterious kidnappings occur, and Schreient memebers are seen following the boys around, they know what they must do. For a brief time, they are under orders of Botan, a man dedicated to punishing the type of people who kidnapped his wife and daughter. A woman named Birman takes over Manx’s position. Manx reappears a couple of times to help out. The main villans for the second season is Esset, the evil organization that both Schwarz and Schreient work for. In the final show down with Esset and Schwarz, the building they were inside collapsed. However, we later see that the guys are back on the job, delivering justice where the law can not.


Aya is kind of the main character, so a lot happens to him. The first revelation would probably be that he visits a mysterious girl in a coma at the Magic Bus Hospital. It is later revealed that this girl is his sister, and her name is Aya as well. The story of his sister’s accident is as follows:
Aya was known as Ran back in his younger days, and his little sister was named Aya-chan. Aya, errr…Ran was not like the cold assassin we know so well today. Back then he was almost…cheerful? We’re talking borderline genki-Omi-style..well maybe not that bad. But he obviously loved his sister. On her sixteenth birthday, Ran took her out to find a present. She chose out long earrings and he couldn’t refuse her. As they went home, they discusses what they would eat for dinner, etc. When they walked in, no one answered as they called to their parents. After looking around, they discovered the bodies of their murdered parents. In an instant, Ran realized they were in danger as well, there was a bomb in the house. The explosion sent Ran hurling into the debris, but Aya was less hurt and landed in the road. Ran watched as she struggled to pick herself up, only to have a car waiting in the darkness drive straight for her. The owner of that car and the man behind his family’s murders was none other than Reiji Takatori, his father’s employeer, which would explain why Aya hates him so much.
Ran’s parents deaths were made to look like suicides because of embezzlement. But really, they were good people who Takatori had framed to cover his own tracks. Aya-chan was left in a coma, and Ran vowed to take her name in remembrance of her and to get revenge on Takatori. He also put one of the earrings he bought her in her hand, and continues to wear the other one himself. Even after he kills Takatori in the finale of the first season, he is still out for revenge.
After that, Weiss breaks up for awhile and when the other members are ready to reunite, Aya is pretty reluctant, even after Aya-chan is kidnapped by what looks like it might Schreient. Botan, a Kritiker officer manages to convince Aya to rejoin by sharing with him his own tragic tale, and telling Aya that it’s not good enough to simply get revenge. He must try and protect others from being hurt and suffering from losses like he and Botan have. An inspired Aya rejoins Weiss after that.
When Schreient, who reveal that they do in fact have Aya-chan, hit-and-run their own member, Neu, Yohji takes her in. He believes he might be his past love, Asuka. Aya is only interested in getting Aya-chan’s location from her, but she claims to have amnesia. This creates a lot of tension between Yohji and Aya. Finally, Neu remembers and tells Weiss where Aya-chan is being hidden. Unfortunately, she was lying and it was a trap. In a final showdown with Schreient later on, Schwarz sneaks in and steals Aya-chan for themselves, and Weiss is unable to save her.
Meanwhile, Aya had saved the life of a young track star, Sakura, Sakura resembles Aya-chan, and this attracts Aya. Sakura falls in love with Aya, but he does not reciprocate to her advances. When he believes he might be killed, he comes to Sakura’s house and gives her the key to his sister’s hospital room so that she can take care of her. Sakura then grows her hair to look more like Aya-chan, and discovers that Aya is an assassin. She, too, is kidnapped by Schwarz. When Schwarz’s hideout is discovered, Sakura manages to hide Aya-chan in a closet where Weiss later finds her. Through a lot of trouble, Schwarz gets Aya-chan again in order to use her in a ritual for Esset. In the final showdown with Schwarz, Sakura and Manx escape with Aya-chan, who suddenly waes up due to all the commotion. Later, it seems that Aya-chan and Sakura become good friends and Aya is still working as part of Weiss.


Ken likes playing with children because he’s a big kid himself, he looooves sports. As it turns out, before he became an assassin and part time florist ^_~ he was a professional J-leaguer, yah!!!! J-league is the big soccer league in Japan andtheir uniforms suited him quite well I must say...but I digress. Yes, yes, our Ken-kun was a spetacular goalie but he started ahving some trouble out on the field. He go sick and dizzy, etc and wasn’t able to block anyone’s shots. After several sucky games, the league got suspicous. They suspected that our dear, honest Ken was losing on purpose so he could bet against his team and win a whole lotta money. But it wasn’t true I tell you!!! He knew someone had drugged him, and luckily he had the support of his best friend and fellow J-leaguer, Kase. KAse found a lead on who set Ken up and they had to meet in a secret, deserted building because...telling him over the phone was out the question, right? Anyway, heir secret meeting place wasn’t so secret because guys in suits attacked them, kicking Ken to the ground. They dragged Kase out and lit the building on fire while Ken was still in there. How’d he get out? The world may never know... Anyway after that, Persia must have figured ex J-league goalie...assassin...are they really that different? Let’s bridge the gap between professional sports and professional killing...and so Ken joined Weiß. On a later assignment Ken discovers that not only is Kase alive, he is one of their targets!...He is believed to be associated with the Creepers, who were responsible for a wedding massacre. They believe he is second in command to the Preisdent, Kenji Koga. Ken approaches him and fins that Kase thought he was dead, and he still wants to find who drugged his water. He won’t believe Ken when he tells him Koga is doing some dirty work. Later, when Ken goes to meet Kase, h ediscovered he has poisoned Koga. Now he is the head of the Creepers and he admits to drugging Ken all those years ago. He was never as good a player as Ken and he betrayed him. He shoots Ken after confessing. But he didn’t succeed! Later on, when Kase leaves his building, Ken confronts him. He starts to feel bad for Kase who admits he could never be as good as Ken, but then Kase pulls a gun and shoots Ken a bunch of times. Ken’s too smart for this, he was wearing a bullet proof vest! He finishes Kase off with his bugnuks, but it doesn’t help the pain inside.

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