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Possible Essay Questions
The Romans

        Of the 4 essay questions here two will appear on the exam.  Please be sure to prepare 3 of these in advance so that there will be no surprises on the exam.  I will throw out one and you will throw out one.  Please be sure to write as much as you know and organize it well.

1. The intermarriage of Patricians and Plebeians solved many difficulties for Rome.   What problems did this practice solve and  why did it ultimately stop working as time went on.

2. The rise of the Roman generals led to the end of the Republic.  How did the reforms of Marius allow the generals to become so powerful?

3. The Republic and the Triumvirate was designed to create a stable government in Rome.  Why were both of these systems stable and why did both of these systems eventually fail to solve Roman problems?

4. Explain why Rome did not fall, but changed into something else.  How did this happen and why did the Romans not see this happening?