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The Phoenician World

The Phoenician HomelandThe Homelands of Phoenicia are located in modern day Lebanon and parts of Israel.  This environment is mostly desert with few water resources.  It is important to note that the large bodies of water are almost useless as water sources.  The Dead Sea is far to salty to use for much of anything.  The Sea of Gallilee is also extremely salty.  One must be resourceful if he wants to survive under these harsh conditions.  Several port cities developed along the coast and these were used as bases for further exploration into uncharted realms of the seas.

A map of Ancient Phoenicia

        There have been speculations concerning a Phoenician trade route from thier homelands in modern day Lebanon, on the Eastern Mediterranean, to England, the tip of Africa, and even to the Americas.  Whether these claims are true or false is yet to be determined.  There is no doubt that the Phoenicians were travelling over large distances to ply thier wares.  Several cities on the coast of North Africa, Southern Europe, and Western Europe have their origins from these merchant seamen.

Phoenician Colonies

        The Phoenicians were not merely satisfied to have cities along the coast of Lebanon.  These adventurers set up trading posts accorss the Mediterranean Sea.  The cities of Carthage, Cadíz, and Utica were established as colonies for the purpose of safe harbors and market places.   There have been many  cultures that traded and used the sea, but few were as far reaching as these people.

        The city-state of Carthage was one of the most important of the Phoenician colonial holdings.  This city was able, in time, to rival Rome.  In fact, it was one of the reasons that Rome developed a navy that allowed it to conquer to the rest of the Mediterranean world.  Without Carthage, would Rome have come to dominance?  Hmmmmm?

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