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The Medieval World

The Medieval period of history never fails to gather the most votes as a favorite among westerners.  It seems that the stories of knights in shining armor and damsels in distress will always find a place in the hearts of the modern city-dwelling populace.  This period may never go out of fashion.

The Truth about the Medieval period is much less glamorous. Most people lived in utter poverty while a few rich merchants or nobles held all the power, prestige, and wealth.  Often, there was not enough to eat, water was foul, and people lived little better than the animals they struggled to raise.

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The Christian Church
Warfare and Political History
Lecture Notes
Teacher's Corner
High School Vocabulary Sheet

Some Key Vocabulary:
Page                                                                    Fief
Squire                                                                 Lord
Vassal                                                                Liege
Chevalier                                                           Monk
Monastery                                                        Chivalry
Nun                                                                    Manor
Monk                                                                 Crusade
Baron                                                                 Scholarly
Abbot                                                                 Sacrament
Abbess                                                               Feudalism
Charter                                                              Architecture
Plague                                                                Excommunication

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