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The Mayan Universe

The Maya are perhaps the most influencial of all Meso-American culture groups.  They were talented astronomers, architecturally gifted, and culturally developed.  There was an element of brutality that fed all of this genius that will shudder even the hardiest of horror-show lovers.  The Maya of the Yucatan in Mexico were habitual blood-letters with a taste for human sacrifice.  The other indigenous tribes often borrowed these practices along with the writing, culture, technology and other more "civilized" practices.

The Yucatan Peninsula is the traditional site of Mayan culture.  This area is a densely forested region.  The climate is hot and muggy with an extremely high level of humidity.  The forests are very short, but very difficult to navigate.  For this reason, many Mayan sites may still lie beneath the canopy.  Even today, many buildings that are known to exist have yet to be claimed and rebuilt from where they sit being pushed apart by the undergrowth.  The search for Mayan ruins continues today.  There have been excavations even further into the jungle as the interest in Mayan culture increases with the tourism visiting the nations of Mexico and Central America.

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