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Columbus:  Landing Sites on the First Voyage
Possible Landing Sites for Columbus' First Voyage.

Columbus was successful in finding a landing site is due more to luck than to his talents as a seaman.  He did have some signs that led him in the right direction.  When the ship's crew discovered leaves and branches they knew land was close.  Birds appearing on the horizon or flying over the ship also led them in the appropriate direction.  No one knows for sure where Columbus first landed his boats and walked ashore in the new world.  The map above is an estimation and an educated guess.  Even Columbus could not have found the island again without much searching.  Navigational methods were not precise enough for this type of travel in the 15th century.  Columbus would have to search fro the island and go ashore to be sure it was the correct one.  Later navigational techniques and better maps of the islands would provide future adventurers a much more complete picture of the Caribbean islands and the Greater Antilles.