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Babylon:  The Shining Star of Mesopotamia

Babylon was the undisputed leader of the Mesopotamian world.  All cultures of the region were found living together inside its grand and beautifully decorated walls.  The culture and tolerance found within this civilization was legendary.  The reputation for decadence and abhorrent behavior, however, is the most common allusion attributed to this city-state of the ancient world.  Both Muslims and Christians alike look to Babylon as a city destined to be the first city to burn as the world ends.  It seems that the reputation for peace and prosperity brought on by the able rulers of Babylon will always be overshadowed by these references.


The Hanging Gardens of Babylon was one of the wonders of the ancient world.  Built, according to ancient sources, by king Nebuchadnezzar for his enjoyment.  Some scholars believe that the gardens never existed at all.  Others have claimed to have discovered foundations and locations throughout the region.  Whether or not the gardens actually existed is irrelevant, their impact and importance to Babylon only illustrates the reputation for excessive pleasure that has formed opinions about the city state to this day.

Hammurabi's Code

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