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Text Combination/Permutation Generators

This page is a collection of text combination and permutation generators. Combination generators can add/remove elements to build a new set where permutation generators will only reorder the existing elements in the existing set. Please scroll down to find a generator that will best suit your needs.

Universal Text Permutation Generator
Permute letters of the word*  *8 letter limit. Input boxes below must be clear for this box to function. | Example 1 | Example 2 |

Permute the text*   *i.e. words, sentences, etc.

Permutations will display in the field below.

  Delimit sets with  elements with  Add this prefix  and/or suffix 

Universal Text Combination Generator
Make combinations from any text (letters, numbers, symbols) and from text groupings such as words, sentences, etc.
To use: enter your text items (each on new line) into the input fields, click "Generate Combinations" and your results will display within the results field.
| Example 1 | Example 2 | Example 3 | Example 4 | NOTE: There is a 10 line, 500 character limit per input field and empty fields produce no output.


Input Box 1
Divider 1

Input Box 2
Divider 2

Input Box 3
Divider 3

Input Box 4

Combination Results = Prefix + Input1 + Divider1 + Input2 + Divider2 + Input3 + Divider3 + Input4 + Suffix    NOTE: Empty fields produce no output. 

  Display 2 3 4 input boxes which will allow each field 10 lines / 500 characters of input text.

Letter/Character Combination Generator
Enter up to 36 letters without separation  and generate in 2 3 4 5 6 letter combinations. | See Example |

Combinations will display below.

  Add this prefix  and/or this suffix  to all combinations.

Keyword Combination Generator
This online tool will generate all unique (no repeating words) keyword (or any other text) combinations in sets of 2, 3 and 4.
To use: place up to 10 keywords each on a new line into the input field, click "Generate Combinations" and results will appear in the results field.
| Example 1 | Example 2 | Example 3 | Example 4 | NOTE: There is a 10 row, 500 character input field limit and empty fields produce no output.

 Add this text as prefix to all combinations.
 Add this text as suffix to all combinations.
 Divide words with this text. Default is space.

You input has  characters on  lines.

Combinations will display in the field below.

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Tools provided 'as-is' without warranty
of any kind and used at your own risk.