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K-S Linux Programs
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This site is dead. It's maintained for nostalgia purposes. -> (19/09/2003)
   Fast Comm v1.0 -> v1.1 (07/04/1999)
   xshut *NEW!*
   cd2mp3 -> BUGS CORRECTED!!! (07/26/1999)
   cd2mp3 -> Xwin frontend and installer added!! (09/04/1999)
   rmcore -> GERMAN language option added!! (10/01/1999)
   xshut -> new look, install&uninstall added. (10/12/1999)
   detour atualizer *NEW!*
   xshut -> POWERED! (10/16/1999)
   rmcore ->  +Spanish language option added!! (01/19/2000)
   cd2mp3 -> install & uninstall, some bugs corrected (03/01/2000)
   rmcore ->  +French language option added!! (03/13/2000)

 Easy Console:

   Easy Console is a file with many aliases to make your console friendly.  
Language: EnglishApplication for ConsoleDownload Now!

   RMcore is a Bash Script that searches for "core" files and can list or remove them. 
   Multilanguage!(Portuguese-English - German - Spanish - French).
New Version 2.0 with some usefull things added!
Language: EnglishLanguage: PortugueseApplication for ConsoleDownload Now!
 Fast Comm 1.1:

   Fast Comm is a clone of PPPsetup, but with some changes: Fast Comm supports Multiple Conections but not suppots PAP/CHAP :( This uses dialog  and is ALL IN PORTUGUESE! :)

Changes  from 1.0:
   Bugs corrected, you don't have to restart fastcomm after every action anymore.

Language: PortugueseApplication for ConsoleDownload Now!
 X Win Start:

   X Win Start is a little Bash Script that asks you if you wants to initiate in Console or Xwin mode, it runs after the login and is colorized with ANSI colors.  
Language: EnglishApplication for ConsoleDownload Now!
 Make Kernel:

   Make Kernel is a Bash Script that do ALL the stuff after make config(make modules, modules_install, bzimage, bzlilo, ...), copy the new system to /boot and rename the old one to .old and runs lilo.  
Language: EnglishApplication for ConsoleDownload Now!

   cd2mp3 is a frontend to cdda2wav and bladeenc that helps you to create mp3 directly from cd just typing:
 cd2mp3 <track_number> <track_name.mp3>.  
Language: EnglishApplication for ConsoleDownload Now!

   TCL for shutting down, reboot, stop a current shutdown, stand by(new!), change runlevel(new!), change user(new!) and go to console mode(new!).
   And all this in a beauty GUI!  

Language: EnglishX Window System ApplicationDownload Now!
 Detour atualizer:

   This TCL for the modified from incorporates a kind of database to remember your login and password 
Language: EnglishX Window System ApplicationDownload Now!

 k-s mirc script 1.0:

   This script I made for friends those know nothing about mirc and english, so this is an Portuguese Language script with only usefull things, nothing like audio, ascii graphics or other shit.

   Este script foi feito para amigos que não entendiam quase nada sobre mirc ou ingês, portanto ele é feito em Lingua Portuguesa e sem frescuras do tipo desenhos ascii, sons ou outras merdas.

Language: PortugueseDownload Now!

Author's Info.:
k-s is Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri, 21 (now, when I made this site I was 17), from Sertãozinho - SP, Brazil. Now I'm undergraduate at UNICAMP - Brazil.
my icq is k-s(17249123)

   Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri is a student, roller hockey player and uses Linux for about 2 years.

   I dedicate this site and all this scripts to my girlfriend that loves me a lot. (Débora, obrigado por suportar esperar minhas demoradas respostasss na internet devido ao desenvolvimento desta página!)