Exciting News!

Lawrence Bhakti Fest is Moving through Time & Space

(But you maybe already knew that, right?)

Our 8th Annual Lawrence Bhakti Festival

will be held on Saturday, April 4th, 2020
at the Peace Mennonite Church in North Lawrence

(which will give us MUCH more space to host massage, art, child care, etc.)

Check back for details.

In the meantime, here's what we did last year.

7th Annual
Lawrence Bhakti Festival

Sat & Sun, Oct 20th-21st, 2018
Westside Yoga Studio
4935 Research Pkwy, Lawrence, Kansas 66047

Six Kirtan Bands - Three Yoga Sessions
Sound Healing - Indian Veggie Feast
Traditional Indian dance
Shadow Puppet Theater about baby Krsna
Sunday afternoon workshops with Johanna Beekman

Special guest internationally loved Kirtan artist
Johanna Beekman

Lawrence Bhakti Festival is another
Lawrence Old Guard production
Co-producers - Gopi Sandal & Larry Carter

VOLUNTEERS needed for Lawrence Bhakti Festival.
Working a shift entitles you to free admission for the rest of that day.
Interested? Let me know soon BY EMAILING me at Larry@LCarter.com. Possibilities include:
Sunday entry table, 12:45-1:15 and 3:15-3:45 (Work both, but can attend Johanna's workshops in between)
Saturday food - Something veggie that is delivered by around noon
Video camera operation - Talk with me

Tentative Schedule


9:45 AM - Doors open

10:00 - Opening comments by Gopi & Larry
10:05 - Yoga #1

11am - Kirtan with Lana Maree & Sonic Mystics

12:00 - Yoga #2, PJ Adams, "Intro to Ashtanga Primary Series"

1:00 - Kirtan with Whole Earth Kirtan

2:00 - Yoga #3 with Mary Kirkendoll, Eudora Yoga Center

3:00 - Ras Mandala with dancer Patrick Suzeau

4:00 - Sound Healing with Lana Maree & Mark Gossman

4:40 - Kirtan with HeartSong Kirtan

6:00 - Indian Feast prepared by Bhakti Yogis

7:00 - Kirtan with Bhakti Yogis

8:00 - Kirtan with Johanna Beekman

9:30 - Closing comments by Gopi & Larry


12:45 - Doors open

1:00 to 2:30 - Free Your Voice, Free Your Soul
Workshop with Johanna Beekman

This workshop is an upbeat, playful exploration of the human voice, designed for everyone. Johanna gently guides participants to unlearn their ideas about singing in order to uncover their own unique voices. Together we’ll create and explore light-hearted chants and harmonies, just for the joy and freedom of it. No previous singing or chanting experience is necessary.

3:30 to 5:00 - Lullaby Yoga
Workshop with Johanna Beekman

Lullaby Yoga is a unique blend of restorative and yin yoga with heart-opening live music, created by Johanna Beekman. Her classes focus on deep relaxation and healing, using principles from therapeutic yoga, yoga nidra, bhakti yoga and nada (sound) yoga.

Johanna gently guides participants through a series of deeply relaxing poses while she sings adult lullabies to them. Music and chanting deepens facilitates the process by providing a luxurious, peaceful space for the mind to rest while the body relaxes, re-balances, and restores itself.

Saturday Admission

Option One: 10 AM-6 PM = $50 to $70 sliding scale*
All three yoga classes plus kirtan with
Lana Maree & Sonic Mystics, Whole Earth Kirtan,
Ras Mandala and HeartSong Kirtan
plus Sound Healing with Lana Maree & Friends

(Must leave sometime before 6:00 PM.
Indian Feast and evening kirtans NOT INCLUDED)

Option Two: 4:30pm to 9pm = $50 to $70 sliding scale*
Indian Feast and kirtan with Johanna Beekman,
HeartSong Kirtan and the Bhakti Yogis

(May enter anytime after 4:30. Earlier kirtans,
yoga sessions and sound healing NOT INCLUDED)

Option Three: All Day = $75 to $100 sliding scale
All day Saturday, or much as you prefer

Well-behaved, supervised kids under 13 free

* About the sliding scale:
The high end is the appropriate charge for covering our expenses.
However, since some might find this to be too prohibitive,
we allow attendees to set their own fee within this range.

Sunday Admission

Johanna's workshops:
$20 in advance per workshop

$25 at the door per workshop

$40 for both workshops

Kirtan Bands

Johanna Beekman

Johanna Beekman is a multi-genre recording artist, songstress, and kirtan artist who is loved for her rich, soulful voice, her radiant spirit, and her inspiring songs and chants that tap deep into the collective soul. She sings and teaches at leading festivals and studios across the country. Johanna’s albums have been nominated in conscious music awards and included in White Swan Records’ Best Yoga Music of the Year. She created Lullaby Yoga™ to create deep relaxation through restorative poses and heart-opening music. She also founded Shakti United!, a “spiritual Lilith Fair” which empowers the female voice and celebrates the Divine Feminine, and supports girls’ education through Mitrata Nepal.

HeartSong Kirtan

Jeri Nirbhao Kaur Birdsall (harmonium, keyboards, vocals), Victor Dougherty (guitar, vocals), Clark Jamison (percussion, vocals).

"HeartSong Kirtan" leads kirtans on a regular basis in Kansas City. Info is at www.HeartSongPathways.com or Heartsong Kirtan on Facebook.

Ras Mandala

Geetanjali Tiwari (vocals, tanpura), Clark Jamison (vocals, tabla), Deborah Pine (vocals), Mary Kirkendoll (flute and vocals), Steven Bergdall (horn, harmonium, keyboard and vocals), Malika Lyon (vocal, kartal) and singers from Geeta's free Monday morning chanting/kirtan sessions. To join please contact: geeta.tiwari@gmail.com

This year Ras Mandala features special guest dancer Patrick Suzeau, trained in Ballet, contemporary and also Indian Classical Dance.

"Ras Mandala" evokes ancient chants from India, devotional Bahjans, children’s songs, and passionate Gazals, mostly set to Raag music that blends with western harmony.

Lana Maree & the Sonic Mystics

Lana Maree (guitar, vocals), Deborah Pine (vocals), Clark Jamison (percussion), Malika Lyon (mandolin)

"Lana Maree and the Sonic Mystics" have released their first CD, "Riotous Singing." Lana is also a singer/songwriter with an album to her credit. One of her songs is included on the most recent album by Snatum Kaur. Lana will also be joined by others for the sound healing session. See Lana Maree and the Sonic Mystics on Facebook for details.

Whole Earth Kirtan

Larry Carter - (guitar, vocals), Holly Taylor (vocals), Clark Jamison (percussion) and others t.b.a.

Whole Earth Kirtan usually presents sacred chants from a variety of spiritual perspectives, but for Lawrence Bhakti Festival will be leading chants from their version of the Indian epic "The Ramayana." Last year they presented the narrative to "The Ramayana," requiring them to leave out some the chants to fit into the time slot. This year, they will focus on the original kirtan chants and provide just a brief synopsis of the story.
(Photo from a previous year with Satya on vocals and Gerald Trimble on viola da gamba).

The Bhakti Yogis

The Bhakti Yogis refers an energetic group of Krsna devotees connected with Gopi (manager of Westside Yoga) and the Bhaktivana Yoga Center south of Lawrence. They are also preparing and serving the Indian feast. This year their kirtan will feature a friend from Greece who has been teaching Shadow Puppet Theater in San Francisco and who will be presenting a short play about baby Krsna. The Bhakti Yogis frequently host kirtans, dinners and talks featuring prominent teachers. Talk with Gopi for details.

Sound Healing

Lana Maree & Mark Gossman

Mid-point in our festival is a sound healing session with Lana (of Lana Maree and the Sonic Mystics) and friendes. Experience the meditative qualities associated with singing bowls, and how to focus your attention on present moment experiences with openness, curiosity, and mindfulness.

Please Remember

Westside Yoga is a yoga studio, so you will be asked to sign a release if you are attending a yoga session. Please remove your shoes upon entering the main room. Yoga mats and blankets are available. However, please bring your own mat, blanket and pillow, if possible, as we might run short.

There will be some chairs set up along the edge of the room. Weather permitting, there will also be some lawn chairs set up outside. Feel free to bring your own lawn chair in case this gorgeous weather continues just a bit longer.

We will have some "finger food" available for free throughout the afternoon - perhaps even a pot of veggie soup. You are welcome to bring a snack, but be aware that there is no refrigerator.

Please respect events in the main room by keeping conversations in the entry hallway to a low voice.

Here is a good feature article
Lawrence Bhakti Fest
in the October 16, 2014 University Daily Kansan

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