publication order of Sherlock Holmes stories by A. Conan Doyle

BCA = Beeton's Christmas Annual
LMM = Lippincott's Monthly Magazine
TSM = The Strand Magazine
HW = Harper's Weekly
M = McClure's
C = Collier's
AM = American Magazine
HIM = Hearst's International Magazine
L = Liberty
first publication dates titles of stories codes narrator action
01 1887 Nov BCA A Study in Scarlet STUDWatson
02 1890 Feb LMM The Sign of Four SIGNWatson
03 1891 Jul TSM 01 A Scandal in Bohemia SCANWatson1888
04 1891 Aug TSM 02 The Red-Headed League REDHWatson1890
05 1891 Sep TSM 03 A Case of Identity IDENWatson
06 1891 Oct TSM 04 The Boscombe Valley Mystery BOSCWatson
07 1891 Nov TSM 05 The Five Orange Pips FIVEWatson1887
08 1891 Dec TSM 06 The Man with the Twisted Lip TWISWatson1889
09 1892 Jan TSM 07 The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle BLUEWatson
10 1892 Feb TSM 08 The Adventure of the Speckled Band SPECWatson1883
11 1892 Mar TSM 09 The Adventure of the Engineer's Thumb ENGRWatson1889
12 1892 Apr TSM 10 The Adventure of the Noble Bachelor NOBLWatson
13 1892 May TSM 11 The Adventure of the Beryl Coronet BERYWatson
14 1892 Jun TSM 12 The Adventure of the Copper Beeches COPPWatson
15 1892 Dec TSM HW 13 The Adventure of Silver Blaze SILVWatson
16 1893 Jan TSM HW 14 The Adventure of the Cardboard Box CARDWatson
17 1893 Feb TSM HW 15 The Adventure of the Yellow Face YELLWatson
18 1893 Mar TSM HW 16 The Adventure of the Stock-Broker's Clerk STOCWatson
19 1893 Apr TSM HW 17 The Adventure of the "Gloria Scott" GLORWatson
20 1893 May TSM HW 18 The Adventure of the Musgrave Ritual MUSGWatson
21 1893 Jun TSM HW 19 The Adventure of the Reigate Squires REIGWatson1887
22 1893 Jul TSM HW 20 The Adventure of the Crooked Man CROOWatson
23 1893 Aug TSM HW 21 The Adventure of the Resident Patient RESIWatson
24 1893 Sep TSM HW 22 The Adventure of the Greek Interpreter GREEWatson
25 1893 Oct, Nov TSM HW 23 The Adventure of the Naval Treaty NAVAWatson
26 1893 Dec TSM M 24 The Adventure of the Final Problem FINAWatson1891
27 1901 Aug - 1902 Apr TSM The Hound of the Baskervilles HOUNWatson
28 1903 Sep C TSM 01 The Adventure of the Empty House EMPTWatson1894
29 1903 Oct C TSM 02 The Adventure of the Norwood Builder NORWWatson
30 1903 Dec C TSM 03 The Adventure of the Dancing Men DANCWatson
31 1903 Dec C TSM 04 The Adventure of the Solitary Cyclist SOLIWatson1895
32 1904 Jan C TSM 05 The Adventure of the Priory School PRIOWatson
33 1904 Feb C TSM 06 The Adventure of Black Peter BLACWatson1895
34 1904 Mar C TSM 07 The Adventure of Charles Augustus MiIverton CHASWatson
35 1904 Apr C TSM 08 The Adventure of the Six Napoleons SIXNWatson
36 1904 Jun TSM C 09 The Adventure of the Three Students 3STUWatson1895
37 1904 Jul TSM C 10 The Adventure of the Golden Pince-Nez GOLDWatson1894
38 1904 Aug TSM C 11 The Adventure of the Missing Three-Quarter MISSWatson
39 1904 Sep TSM C 12 The Adventure of the Abbey Grange ABBEWatson1897
40 1904 Dec TSM C 13 The Adventure of the Second Stain SECOWatson
41 1908 Aug C TSM The Adventure of Wisteria Lodge WISTWatson1892
42 1908 Dec TSM C The Adventure of the Bruce-Partington Plans BRUCWatson1895
43 1910 Dec TSM The Adventure of the Devil's Foot DEVIWatson1897
44 1911 Mar, Apr TSM The Adventure of the Red Circle REDCWatson
45 1911 Dec TSM AM The Disappearance of Lady Frances Carfax LADYWatson
46 1913 Nov C TSM The Adventure of the Dying Detective DYINWatson
47 1914 Sep - 1915 May TSM The Valley of Fear VALLWatson
48 1917 Sep TSM C His Last Bow LASTAnonym1914
49 1921 Oct TSM HIM The Adventure of the Mazarin Stone MAZAAnonym
50 1922 Feb, Mar TSM HIM The Problem of Thor Bridge THORWatson
51 1923 Mar TSM HIM The Adventure of the Creeping Man CREEWatson1903
52 1924 Jan TSM HIM The Adventure of the Sussex Vampire SUSSWatson
53 1924 Oct C TSM The Adventure of the Three Garridebs 3GARWatson1902
54 1924 Nov C TSM The Adventure of the Illustrious Client ILLUWatson1902
55 1926 Sep L TSM The Adventure of the Three Gables 3GABWatson
56 1926 Oct L TSM The Adventure of the Blanched Soldier BLANHolmes1903
57 1926 Nov L TSM The Adventure of the Lion's Mane LIONHolmes1907
58 1926 Dec L TSM The Adventure of the Retired Colourman RETIWatson1898
59 1927 Jan L TSM The Adventure of the Veiled Lodger VEILWatson1896
60 1927 Mar L TSM The Adventure of Shoscombe Old Place SHOSWatson


The first publication dates refer to the first or only magazine listed for each story. Where a second magazine is
listed, publication dates can range from the same month to several months later. As is shown, of the 60 stories,
58 of them appeared in The Strand Magazine.

The codes for referring to the stories were devised by Jay Finley Christ in 1947.

Titles with a bluish background appeared in The Strand Magazine as Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.

Titles with a greenish background appeared in The Strand Magazine as The Return of Sherlock Holmes.

The date of 1892 given by Watson for WIST conflictswith what is told in EMPT.

In THOR, the next published story after the two narrated anonymously, Watson claimed authorship of them: "In
some I was myself concerned and can speak as an eye-witness, while in others I was either not present or played
so small a part that they could only be told as by a third person."

Ode to Dr. Watson

Of all the many entertaining authors
Whose published books by some are fondly kept,
Have any matched your subtle pawky humor?
Were any at descriptions as adept?

Of course you had the great unique advantage
Of having such a gifted friend to know,
And living at a time we view as charming,
From those quaint glimpses that your stories show.

But still, the manner of your stories' tellings
Stirs up imaginings more than a guess.
We've shuddered at portrayals of the villains.
We've warmed to view the damsels in distress.

And as for Holmes, you've made him such a hero,
We'd no doubt swarm to get his autograph,
And search his face to sense the egotism
That never fails to make our spirits laugh.

Then cheers from all for sturdy Dr. Watson!
The one fixed point within all changing scenes.
His writings cause some pilgrimage to London
Or shorter jaunts to local silver screens.

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