images of letter greatly enlarged

I thought that you had this letter before this time but Mother
neglected it [written upside down at the top of the page]

Burlington July 21 ''63

Dear Uncle and Aunt

I have just receive you every welcomed letter of the 15th and was
very glad to hear that you was all well we are all well at present and
hope that this may reach and find you the same we have got the
molases that you sent we got them on thirsday they cam on wensday
I had a letter from cousin John [Williamson] 2 weeks a go to Day he
was at Memphis when he rote he said that he thought he would be able
to go to his Regment soon again he was very tired of the Hospitel I
havent eny thing of importance to write this time we havent had a
letter from Fater for most 2 week Mother is very uneasy about him
we had a littel rain hear last saturday but hit did ent do eny good it
is so dry that it will take a great deal of rain to do eny good well you
wanted to know how Enoch [Williamson] got his face burnt well
he got the pouder and went out on the hill and said that he was a
going to kill Aech [sounding out H for Hell] and made a hole in the
ground and put the pouder in and put a board on that and then put
close pins on top and then tuched it off and filled it again and the
pouder caut and the horn buraled in his face and I tell you he had a
good time he is able to work again but his face looks very bad yet
his eyes is not hurt I guess that I am excited I spoke about the
Molases we rote as soon as we got them and for fear that you will
not get it I will thank you again we air a thousand times Abl_ged
and will Do as mutch for you some time if we can Julia [Williamson]
has bin hear 2 weeks and she sais she dont know whether she can
stay or not she wants to see you all very mutch she sends her love to
all they all send ther love pleas except mine also

Oh yes I have got another letter from Mr Davis he is well and
sends his love to all I presume that you are included give my love
to Will and Mary tell them that I want to see them Father spoke about
coming home and if he dos I will spend this winter in Ills if I dont go
to Pa

I have nothing more to write so I will close excuse this pencal _iting
for my pen was so bad that I could not wite with it write soon and
give all of the news

still I remain your Affectionate Niace Olive A. Williamson

Pleas Direct Cousins letter as before

I will send counsins letter to you for he never sent me eny
Direct on if you will pleas Direct and mail it for me I will be under
a great meny obilegtions to you If you want to put in a slip just
put it in

it is to John [written along the left border of the page]

letters to Enoch Williamson or included with them