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White Stasion [Station?] Tenn. May 29 1863

Frend Enok i rceved yore kind letter last _udy i was glad to her
that you was well and all the rest of them was well i am well at
present i hope that thes few lines may find you all well and hart
well i don't feel like wrighing much to day cos i have ben up the
last ten night last night i was on picket we had a strong picket
last night the Rebels was in six miles of her last night the picks
was dreiven las night but was now damash dun thay was a lot
of cavry sent out from memphis at twelv oclock last night to com
to this plase last night thay was nevry her so they didnot know
whare are pickets was stasion at thay came riding up thay gard
halt them and the cavry did her them halt them so they gard
fierd on them theay was know damish dun evry thing is qiet in
camp this moring the report is thay is bout ten thousen rebels
on a littell river the name of cold water bout ten miles from her
i dont think thay is that meny of them if is thay will hav som
fighing to due thay are rasing knigrs [Negros?] Rigments down
her as soon as thay git them orgnise thay gent to but [put?] them
on the rale road to gard it then we will hafto go in to the _____
i supos well we cam not to fight them and we can duet

i got a letter from hom the sam day i got yores won thay sed
that pap had ben gon three weeks and thay hading hurd from him

Well Enok i hant had a letter from James Williamson fore som
time i supos thay are atstill lagranes [Lagrange?] yet i wad like to
see and John we hav bin having a buty [pretty?] hard time fore the
last tow are three days i dont think the rebels will com he it is to
near memphis for them or thay wad com her thay wonte com thay
will be a good chance for a man to git a offis thay can git in knigrs
[Negros?] rigment

Well Enok i hant got any thing to wright a bout i hant rate much
this time so i will hav to close saing good bye to all of you so
know moore at present but wright soon so now moore at present
wright soon

from Ben Frankenbury

Frankenbury To Enok Williamson

excuse bad wrighting wriging

[note: near the top of the fourth and final page of this letter, in a
different handwriting and in a different ink, "Bushnell May 26the
1863" is written]

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