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[envelope addressed to "Mr Enoch Williamson Burlington Desmoin Co Iowa"
with postmark of "BUSHNELL ILL MAY 15"]

Bushnell May the 14 1863

My Dear Ducky it is with much pleasure I take my pen in hand to let you know that we are
all well and hope this may reach and find you and all the rest well I received youre kind
letter yester day and was sorrow to hear that you was not well Jonny and Carrie was glad
of thare things that you sent them I went down yester day eving and got them you wrote
that you sent Ben [Frankenbury?] letter But you did not send it you wrote that you want
me to com a week from to day and that wold Be next thurs day and I will com if nuthing
hapends I want you to Be soure to me at the cars I want you to writ as soon as you get
this fore I shant go untill I get a letter from you Jonnie and Carrie want me to go ever
morning to see you I must quit writing for I have soe much to do that I cant writ eny
more this time

Writ soon so no more at presant But remains yours truly so gud By

Julia Williamson

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