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[envelope addressed to "Mr Enoch Williamson Burlington Desmoin Co Iowa"
with postmark of "BUSHNELL ILL MAY 9"]

Bushnell May the 7 1863

My Dear Companion it is with plasure I take my pen hand to let you know that me and
the Children are well and I hope this may reach and find you and all the rest well Jonny
and Carrie ses tell you that they are coming to see you in about too weeks from to day
the meeting is agoing on yet wee was at Mr ale's funerl last Sadur day at too oclock
Jonny and Carrie ses tell you that thay sleep with me Jonny ses tell you that he woorks
Carrie ses tell you that thay go to school the California folks started yesterday John
hendricson is ging to iowa with them Bob Spurling just ploud the lots this Morning and
I hav got that one by fuagat all planted but three rows and that I am going to put in
potato Bob comenst plowing this Morning for corn thay are agoing to plant corn to
morrow and thay will get yours planted next week mayby old Bob has bin so lame they
couldent hardly woork him but he is better this moring I want to com owt thare in to
weeks from to day I must quit writing and go to bed for I am tird Sindy is gon to church
and the Babys is asleep so no more but remain yours untill deth Julia Williamson so
good by

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