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Camp Butler

March the 15 1863

Dear brother and sister [Julia Williamson was one of Thomas Benton's sisters]

I take my pen in han to right you a fiew lines to let you now that I am wel at presant and
hope that thease fiew lines will find you all the same

Enoch thare is 1800 hunderd of the ____ e But_n__s [prisoners?] hur in cant
[camp?] and there Is 3000 more a coming som time this wek thare was _00 come in last
thiras day and thaey was apurty hard looken set Enoch I want you to right to me and tell
me how the coprrheads are doing about this draft I hant got much to right now so i will
hav to bring my leter to a close an askin you to right as soon as you git ___ no more at
presant but remain yors truly

Thomas Benton

[notes: Camp Butler, Illinois, was a place to hold Confederate prisoners; copperheads
were Northerners who sympathized with the South]

letters to Enoch Williamson or included with them