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Lagrange, Tennessee, Nov. 15

Deare uncle

i now imbrac[e] this oppertunity to answer yours of the 8th i am well
atpresant. we arrived here last weeek and have had some prospect
of a fight but i am a fraid that it will all winkout old price was at holly
springs when we come here but the news has come that he has gone
to Ritchmon virgia and some thinks that we will follow him but we
dont now whare we will go till we git started you said that Frank was
at columbus but he was not thare we come down to bolives and we
heard that he was at memphis but i do not now whurther he is thare
or not the most of the troopse is here from memphis and i think that
if he is thare he will be here be fore long we have bain sent threw
here on the double quick sence we left peoria we come down to
columbus in __ hours and come rite down here the next day and have
bin in one small courmish we kild one man and got fieve prisoners
there is a bout 50 000 men here now and troops a comeing in here
all the time i think we will do some thing be fore long unles they devils
sunes we have got good men fore officers i ges. our cornel was in the
seventh Cavulrey for a god while and wash rite does firste srate and
we all git a long fine and are all well ihave now more to write about
now give my love to Malissa my __o_aings

James Le. Williamson

Dear uncle

I gues I will write a few lines we drill and guard rebel property and that
is about all we have done the last week if they do not quit guarding rebel
property soon they will have one of the wickedest armies that ever lived
for they wil have things no differance wha they do with them I think we
will go to Richmon before long and donot care how soon for then I think
we can get water and here it is hard to get and one other thing they donot
guard rebel property there there is sellars close here that have loads of
sweet potatoes in them and they wil not get them for us nor let us get
them every thing that is worth aney thing they have a guard around.
slavery is about plaid out the negroes come in buy the hundred the all
say that their masters tell them that the yankies will take them up north
and sell them for two dollars a piece there masters kill them verry
frequently they donot think aney thing about seeing a ded negro and the
officers donot say half as mutch about it as they do if they see a hog
skin or bef skin there is somaney soldiers here that they can only get us
half rations nomore this time I will not ask you to write I have not had a
letter for a month

J. L. Williamson

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