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Jackson Teennesee
no the 13.

Eenok i thoug i wod wright to you ______ and fore the first time i hope that it wont be
the last time i am well at present and i hope that thes few lines ma find you all well and
harty we ar in dixey land now we havent ben in a fight yet dont nowe how soon we will
be in won we left Quincy the sect day no and got to Klumbus Ketuckia the fourth of
november we left thare came here and tha sent haf of are rigment to gard the rale road
tha will stay ten days and we will go ten days and gard we hav loust forty men in are
compeny fore duty and we haf to go on gard evry _______ day be cos we havent got
fool compeny we dont like are captn some of the Boys told m____ __tes leav the
company tha is plenty nigers her now i wad like now whare James Williamson is i hant
had a letery fome him fore a long time if you now whare he is wright and tell me whare
he is at and wright and tell me what has com of James Benton and James and tell
them to wright me to me

plenty of Sholders her and all long the rale road fom Klumbus her won compney at
evry town tell Sind Wheller that John Mury is live yet tell Bill Wheller i am live and
fat as a hog i spose you all will hav fine time gathen corn this witer we will hav good
time gard this witer the rale road it is nise weather her now the devls not far of her
the griless kills are ficks wonc an while we hant few an ficks yet wright and tell me if
James Lo_ell the Sharp Shoots or not i herd he did Loned them tell me how all went
with them

i must close now tell Bill to wright to me and i will wright to him it ___ near role call
and i muss clos tell Luce that i am well tell all to wright to me you mus wright soon as
you git it good by to night

dreck by wa of care in car of capton McConnell Co H the 119 Rigt Lee Co

Ben Frankenbury

ex cus my bad writin

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