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[envelope addressed to "Mr. Eanoch Williamson Bushnell McDonough Co Ill" with
postmark of "PEORIA Ills. OCT 25 1862"]

Peoria Oct the 24

Dear uncle

I now im brace oppertunity to write you a fiew lines i am well at presant and are a gitting
a long rite side up i have neglectted to write to you be fore now but it is not worth while
to mak enney excuses at presant we have good times here and have not mitch to do and
now one to help we have got our uniform armes and equiperment and are ready to leave
here when ever they want us to thare is a grate deal of talk a bout us a leaveing here but
thare is nothing surten about it but i do not think that we will leave here be fore two
weeks i wanted to come out and se the folk be fore we left but i do not think that i will
git to come fore thare is sow menney that wants to go home that it is hard to let anney
of them go we have had a big time here lateley our cornel has resined and lieutenant
cornel has resined and our conel now Dickerman he was onc quarter master and wash
rite is lieutenant cornel me and John is in and nother company from what we started in
old John S. Wychof_ got mad at John and some of the rest of the boy and detailed John
out of that comtoney and sow i went out of it to i will pass on briefley to ntice in the last
place and clouse my re marks by sending my love to all in quireing friends write soon

James Le Williamson

[note: Charles J. Dilts's letter of October 19, 1862 mentioned the changes in command]

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