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Scott Co May 26the 62

Dear Brother & Sister

I received youre letter and was glad to heare from you I am well and hope that this will
find you the same Nuck I expect you will feel like pulling my wool for not going to see
Ross I was at town a week a go yesterday but I was on special buisiness and did not
get time to go to Rosse I will go be fore I come home for I want to see that girl I saw
Melissa and she was well.

Nuck we finished planting corn on the 16th of May. We have been hawling wheat to the
river this week past and have one day's hawling yet. Wheat is worth 75 cts George on
private termes I think he got a bout 80 cts Corn is worth 20 cts at the river it is very dry
here and has been ever sence Easter Sunday it rained all day Easter but has not rained
on sunday sence and but little on week days I have been in all the showers we hav had
sence and never got wet through wheat is suffering very mutch for rain I dont think that
there will be over half a crop through this part of the country. we have corn large
enough to plow but it is so very dry it grows very slow

I cant think of any thing more that will interest you write soo and obl__ James Benton

No 1 PS

No 1 Have you dun gethering corn
No 2 Who have you got to work for you
No 3 How much do you [pay?] Mr g__per
No 4 is he a good hand
No 5 How is the galls Jas B

N 2 PS

Sarah is all Right on the Goo_ Jas Benton

Excuse bad Writing and Poor Spelling I am in a hura Hoy Hope By _ang ___ _

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