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Camp Benton
St Louis Mo
Dc the 25 1861

Mr. Williamson

Dear sir I take the Present oppertunity of sending you afiew linds to let you know how
I am getting along

The Boys in our Companey is all able for thare rations thare is nun of our co bin in the
hosptle scinc we hav bin he[re] and very fiew of the Regiment The Boys that had the
mese_ [mesenteritis] is all getting along well all that is her is able fo[r] duty thar is living
curiosity her all the time tha hav got 2400 Prisoner her they fetch in 1200 amonday
night and 1200 more Tuesday Evening tha think her that Price is a man of his word he
sent word her that him and his men would take diner in St Louis achristemas on in hell
and tha ane in afine way to spend the day her I dont know how tha tha will enjoy it the
Cavs 2nd is guarding then [them?] with well loded muskets tha will enjoy it nodout the
Mosburi [Missouri?] 7 got in Camp her last night just from Rolly tha say it is all quiet
out thare the _ou__ 2nd Cavelry reseived marching orders last night tha will leve to day
or to moraw thare is nothing her but Soldiers thare is over thirty thousand guards in and
around St Louis thare is over 60000 in all thare is about 20000 in camp her now thare
was about 27000 her when we first com her thare is Regimets going out and others
coming in evry day thare is more curios things her than you evry saw it is a living
wonder all the time it is something new all the time the Camp is two milds long and
amile long it is the old and the St Louis Fare groung it is as nice a plaic for a camp as
thare is in the State We hav not got our arms yet thare is plenty of arms her but tha ar
now acount thars asom of Hallmonte Selebrated arms thare is not one in evry hunderd
of them that will strike fire we hav them to Drill with the cocks will fli of by setting them
Down on the ground Colonel Stewert wont hav any thing but good arms He Dont Know
when we will get them we hav got our Dress Suts tha are nic anoug for any won to ware
we hav the nam of being the Cleanest Regiment that is in Camp the Colonel Lutenent
Co and Major go thro all of the Baracks and kitchens evry day to see that they are capt

I will hav to com to a close I hav not time to rite any mor [at] presant rite swon I send
my respects to all

Joshua Benton
Drect to Camp Benton
St Louis Co F 55
Regiment Ill ___
in car of Capt Haney

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