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Oskaloosa Mahaska Co. Iowa Aug. 3d / 52

Respected Friend,

In dropping these few lines I am doing what inclination and duty promts me to do but
time scarcely permits. I am roving from place to place and continualy on the go, so
that I would scarcely have time to marry if I should find some Hawkeye just suited to
my mind, but there is no likelihood of me trying to find. I think it is altogether likely
when I get ready to fish for a maid I shall fish for a sucker: Provided the boys of Coal
creek let the girls alone.

Oh! tell me how the Carpenters get along with their jobs whether they will get through
or not. If they will wait untill winter tell them I will assist for them if they stand in need
of it, especialy the off one.

Since I left old Fulton [Illinois] I have been tramping about the country considerable I
have found the health good with promising crops which bid fair to yield an abundant
reward to the hand of industry and fill the farmers barns and merchants pockets, for
you know that it is from the soil that all our wealth must flow.

In traveling through this State I have had to admire the richness of the soil the
diversities of land scapes with which there is no other State that will compare. I
believe that there are other places in the world just as good as old Fulton, and a
great deal better chance for a young man to get himself a home. The young hawk
will be the greatest chicken the Eagle has when she gets her growth.

Please excuse these few broken sentences that I have thrown together in haste and
give my respects to all inquiring friends.

Enoch Williamson Esq. Truly Yours,
_. _. Rynearson

P.S. write to Pilot Grove
Lee Co. Iowa

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