images of envelope and letter greatly enlarged

[envelope addressed to: "Mr. Enoch Williamson, Canton Fulton Co. Ills."]

East Hennipin Nov. 30eth
Sanctum 1851

My Dear Cousin,

I sit down to write a line to you a letter And pray your pardon for its long delay.

Time passes with me, smoothly and pleasantly by. There is no sorrow like a canker
at my heart and no grief worthy of a sigh. And life of its charms unbereft, has
pleasure and happiness in the present, and hopes which point the soul to joys
beyond the grave.

I believe it to be every ones duty to endeavor to do good, to cultivate pure thoughts
and feeling, and to live in honesty charity and mercifuly before God and man.

And may God speed the time when the world in general will take the life of Christ
(who went about doing good) for their religious example. Then good feeling
among men and good works will abound instead of so much evil and

This is a beautiful Sabbath morning I wish you were here to attend Church with
me. I go twice every sabbath to hear an excelent Divine of the universal faith
or rather a "Free Thinker".

Hold I have this moment received a letter from Ida. I must stop to peruse its
contents. Well, Enoch I have read that which Ida has to say. And guess if you dare,
the news a secret. Ida is on New years night to change her name. Samuel and
Kate have met in Iowa, and have linked their fate. But, But, Charlotte poor thing!
must be an old Maid of course not from choice but necesity. ha ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.
I must now to Church where I shall not forget to pray for all those I dearly love, and
all who love not me.

I have just returned from Church, where I heard a good sermon from these words
"Watch and pray". And by expireance, I know the great necesity of this command,
of Paul's.

I have no news immediate from Oakland. The last stated that Elizabeth was on
the amend, she had been very sick.

Have you heard from Julia. I have not since she went to Henery I think strange
of her long silence. Give Uncle + Aunt my warmest love, and to the rest my respects.
Come up here soon, and write soon to your's, Charlotte.

[note: "Julia" may be the person who later became Enoch Williamson's wife]

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