some poems and songs
William Cullen Bryant (1794-1878)
Edward Rowland Sill (1841-1887)
Kate Douglas Wiggin (1856-1923)
Charles H. Gabriel (1856-1932)
Edward MacDowell (1860-1908)
Ethelbert Nevin (1862-1901)
John McDonnell (1946- )
presentations inspired by Sherlock Holmes
London Characters and the Humorous Side of London Life
_1870 book having correspondencies with Sherlock Holmes stories
publication order of Sherlock Holmes stories by A. Conan Doyle
notes on A Study in Scarlet re: blood atonement and polygamy
81 Sherlockian poems and songs lyrical praise and humor
"Sherlock in Chicago" a vignette inspired by "His Last Bow"
Adventures of Heather Key a novelette inspired by "His Last Bow"

MIDI sequences created from piano sheet music, supplemented
with some MIDI presentations made from piano rolls

John Philip Sousa (1854-1932)
Edward MacDowell (1860-1908)
Ethelbert Nevin (1862-1901)
Arthur Pryor (1870-1942)
"Marie Louka" (1870-1951)
J. S. Zamecnik (1872-1953)
James M. Fulton (1873-1940)
John F. Barth (1874-1947)
Charles L. Johnson (1875-1950)
Edwin Franko Goldman (1878-1956)
Eastwood Lane (1879-1951)
"Kenneth J. Alford" (1881-1945)
Ferde Grofι (1892-1972)
George Gershwin (1898-1937)
Jim Yancey (1898-1951)
Louis Armstrong (1901-1971)
Earl Hines (1903-1983)
Fats Waller (1904-1943)
Pete Johnson (1904-1967)
Count Basie (1904-1984)
Albert Ammons (1907-1949)
Sammy Price (1908-1992)
Art Tatum (1909-1956)
Mary Lou Williams (1910-1981)
Billy Kyle (1914-1966)
Jay McShann (1916-2006)
some American marches
130 compositions by John Philip Sousa (American 1854-1932)
(1872) Moonlight on the Potomac waltzes
(1873) Cuckoo galop
(1873) Review march
(1876) On Wings of Lightning galop
(1876) Revival march
(1876) The Honored Dead march
(1877) Across the Danube march
(1877) Free-Lunch Cadets march
(1877) Myrrha gavotte
(1878) Esprit du Corps march
(1878) Silver Spray schottische
(1879) On the Tramp march
(1879) Resumption march
(1880) Nymphalin reverie
(1880) Our Flirtation march
(1881) Guide Right march
(1881) President Garfield's Inauguration march
(1881) President Garfield's Funeral march
(1881) Right Forward march
(1881) Wolverine march
(1881) Yorktown Centennial march
(1882) Congress Hall march
(1883) Bonnie Annie Laurie march
(1883) Mother Goose march
(1883) Pet of the Petticoats march
(1883) Right-Left march
(1883) Transit of Venus march
(1884) The White Plume march
(1885) Mother Hubbard march
(1885) Sound Off march
(1885) Triumph of Time march
(1886) La Reine de la Mer valses
(1886) Tally-Ho! overture
(1886) The Gladiator march
(1886) The Presidential Polonaise
(1886) The Rifle Regiment march
(1886) Vautour overture
(1887) The Coquette characteristic dance
(1887) The Occidental march
(1888) National Fencibles march
(1888) Semper Fidelis march
(1888) The Crusader march
(1889) Queen of the Harvest quadrille
(1889) The Picadore march
(1889) The Thunderer march
(1889) The Washington Post march
(1890) Corcoran Cadets march
(1890) The High School Cadets march
(1890) The Loyal Legion march
(1892) The Belle of Chicago march
(1892) The Lion Tamer march
(1892) Triton march
(1893) The Beau Ideal march
(1893) The Liberty Bell march
(1893) The Manhattan Beach march
(1894) The Directorate march
(1895) King Cotton march
(1896) El Capitan march
(1896) The Colonial Dames waltzes
Three Quotations suite
————The King of France
————I, Too, Was Born in Arcadia
————In Darkest Africa
(1897) The Bride-Elect march
(1897) The Stars and Stripes Forever march
(1898) The Charlatan march
(1899) Hands Across the Sea march
(1899) The Man Behind the Gun march
(1900) Hail to the Spirit of Liberty march
(1901) The Invincible Eagle march
(1902) Imperial Edward march
(1902) The Messiah of Nations patriotic anthem
(1903) A Summer Girl idyl
(1903) Jack Tar march
(1904) The Diplomat march
At the King's Court suite Her Ladyship, the Countess .
————Her Grace, the Duchess . Her Majesty, the Queen
(1906) Powhatan's Daughter march
(1906) The Free Lance march
(1908) Fairest of the Fair march
(1909) The Glory of the Yankee Navy march
Dwellers in the Western World suite
————The Red Man . The White Man . The Black Man
(1911) Grand Festival march
(1911) The Federal march
(1912) In the Land of the Golden Fleece valse romantique
(1912) The Gliding Girl tango
(1912) With Pleasure dance hilarious
(1913) From Maine to Oregon march
(1914) Columbia's Pride march
(1914) The Lambs' March
(1915) The New York Hippodrome march
(1915) The Pathfinder of Panama march
(1916) America First march
(1916) Boy Scouts of America march
(1916) Willow Blossoms legend
(1917) The Naval Reserve march
(1917) The U. S. Field Artillery march
(1917) The White Rose march
(1917) Wisconsin Forward Forever marching song
(1918) Anchor and Star march
(1918) Flags of Freedom march
(1918) Liberty Loan march
(1918) Sabre and Spurs march
(1918) Solid Men to the Front march
(1918) The Chantyman's March
(1918) The Volunteers march
(1918) We Are Coming marching song
(1919) Bullets and Bayonets march
(1919) The Golden Star march
(1919) USAAC march
(1920) Comrades of the Legion march
(1920) Who's Who in Navy Blue march
(1921) Keeping Step With the Union march
(1921) On the Campus march
(1922) The Gallant Seventh march
(1923) Nobles of the Mystic Shrine march © Sam Fox Pub. Co.
(1923) Power and Glory march © Theodore Presser Co.
(1924) Ancient and Honorable Artillery Co. march © Sam Fox Pub. Co.
(1925) The Black Horse Troop march © Sam Fox Pub. Co.
(1925) The National Game march © Sam Fox Pub. Co.
(1926) Sesqui-Centennial Exposition march © Sam Fox Pub. Co.
(1926) The Gridiron Club march © Sam Fox Pub. Co.
(1926) The Pride of the Wolverines march © Sam Fox Pub. Co.
(1927) Riders for the Flag march © Sam Fox Pub. Co.
(1927) The Minnesota march © Sam Fox Pub. Co.
(1928) Golden Jubilee march © Sam Fox Pub. Co.
(1930) George Washington Bicentennial march © Sam Fox Pub. Co.
(1930) Harmonica Wizard march © Theodore Presser Co.
(1930) The Royal Welch Fusiliers march © Theodore Presser Co.
Sousa's Famous Marches Arranged for Piano Solo by Henry Levine © 1948 by The John Church Company
_____The Stars and Stripes Forever . The Liberty Bell . High School Cadets . El Capitan . King Cotton . The Washington Post .
_____The Thunderer . Fairest of the Fair . Semper Fidelis . The Invincible Eagle . Manhattan Beach . Hands Across the Sea

Library of Congress presentation on Sousa_____Dallas Wind Symphony presentation on Sousa
166 compositions and 13 transcriptions by Edward MacDowell (American 1860-1908)
op. 10 First Modern Suite (1883, 1891, etc.) Praeludium . Presto . Andantino and Allegretto . Intermezzo . Rhapsody . Fugue
op. 13
Prelude and Fugue (1883, 1895 edition) Prelude . Fugue
op. 14
Second Modern Suite (1883, 1911 Klee edition) Praeludium . Fugato . Rhapsody . Scherzino . March . Fantastic Dance
op. 15
First Concerto for piano and orchestra (1885) 2 pianos (1910 edition) I . II . III
op. 16 Serenata (1883)
op. 17
Two Fantastic Pieces (1884) A Tale . Witches' Dance
op. 18
Two Compositions (1884) Barcarolle . Humoreske
op. 19
Forest Idyls (1884, 1912 Teichmuller edition) Forest Stillness . Play of the Nymphs . Revery . Dance of the Dryads
op. 20
Three Poems (1886) piano 4 hands Night by the Sea . A Tale from Knightly Times . Ballad
op. 21
Moon Pictures (1886) piano 4 hands The Hindoo Maiden . Story of the Stork . In the Tyrol . The Swan . Visit of the Bear
op. 22
Hamlet and Ophelia for orchestra (1885) piano 4 hands Hamlet . Ophelia
op. 23
Second Concerto for piano and orchestra (1890) 2 pianos (1922 Hughes edition) I . II . III
op. 24
Four Compositions (1887) Humoreske . March . Cradle Song . Czardas
op. 25
Lancelot and Elaine for orchestra (1888) piano 4 hands
op. 28
Six Idyls after Goethe (1887) In the Woods . Siesta . To the Moonlight . Silver Clouds . Flute Idyl . The Bluebell
op. 29
Lamia for orchestra (1908) piano 4 hands
op. 30
Two Fragments After the Song of Roland for orchestra (1891) piano 4 hands The Saracens . The Lovely Alda
op. 31
Six Poems after Heine (1887, 1901 edition) From a Fisherman's Hut . Scotch Poem . From Long Ago . The Postwaggon .
————The Shepherd Boy . Monologue
op. 32
Four Little Poems (1888) The Eagle . The Brook . Moonshine . Winter
op. 35
Romance for violoncello and orchestra (1888) cello and piano
op. 36
Etude de Concert (1889)
op. 37
Les Orientales (1889) Clair de Lune . Dans le Hamac . Danse Andalouse
op. 38
Marionettes (1888, 1901 edition) Prologue . Soubrette . Lover . Witch . Clown . Villain . Sweetheart . Epilogue
op. 39
Twelve Studies (1890) Hunting Song . Alla Tarantella . Romance . Arabesque . In the Forest . Dance of the Gnomes . Idyl .
————Shadow Dance . Intermezzo . Melodie . Scherzino . Hungarian
op. 42
First Suite for orchestra (1891, 1893) piano 4 hands In a Haunted Forest . Summer Idyl . In October .
————The Shepherdess' Song . Forest Spirits_____piano 2 hands (1906) The Song of the Shepherdess
op. 45
Sonata Tragica (1893, 1922 Hughes edition) I . II . III . IV
op. 46
Twelve Virtuoso Studies (1894) Novelette . Moto Perpetuo . Wild Chase . Improvisation . Elfin Dance . Valse Triste .
————Burlesque . Bluette . Traumerei . March Wind . Impromptu . Polonaise
op. 48
Second Suite for orchestra (1897) piano 2 hands (1910 Taubmann edition) Legend . Love Song . In War-time . Dirge .
————Village Festival
op. 49
Air and Rigaudon (1894) Air . Rigaudon
op. 50
Sonata Eroica (1895) I . II . III . IV
op. 51
Woodland Sketches (1896) To a Wild Rose . Will o' the Wisp . At an Old Trysting Place . In Autumn .
————From an Indian Lodge . To a Water-lily . From Uncle Remus . A Deserted Farm . By a Meadow Brook . Told at Sunset
* op. 1 Amourette (1896)
* op. 2
In Lilting Rhythm (1897) I . II
* op. 4
Forgotten Fairy Tales (1897) Sung outside the Prince's door . Of a Tailor and a Bear . Beauty in the Rose-Garden .
————From Dwarf-land
* op. 7
Six Fancies (1898) A Tin Soldier's Love . To a Humming Bird . Summer Song . Across Fields . Bluette . An Elfin Round
op. 55
Sea Pieces (1898) To the Sea . From a Wandering Iceberg . A. D. 1620 . Starlight . Song . From the Depths . Nautilus .
————In Mid-Ocean
op. 57
Third Sonata (1900) I . II . III
op. 59
Fourth Sonata (1901) I . II . III
op. 61
Fireside Tales (1902) An Old Love Story . Of Br'er Rabbit . From a German Forest . Of Salamanders . A Haunted House .
————By Smouldering Embers
op. 62
New England Idyls (1902) An Old Garden . Mid-Summer . Mid-Winter . With Sweet Lavender . In Deep Woods .
————Indian Idyl . To an Old White Pine . From Puritan Days . From a Log Cabin . The Joy of Autumn
* by "Edgar Thorn" (a pseudonym of Edward MacDowell)

(1890) Six Little Pieces After Sketches of J. S. Bach (German 1685-1750) Courante . Menuet . Gigue . Menuet . Menuet . Marche
(1900) Le Bavolet Flottant for clavecin by Francois Couperin (French 1668-1733)
(1900) Jig for harpsichord by Carl Heinrich Graun (German 1701-1759)
(1900) Tempo di Minuetto after Giovanni Battista Grazioli (Italian 1746-c1820)
(1900) Jig for harpsichord by Johann Mattheson (German 1681-1764)
(1900) Courante for clavecin by Jean Philippe Rameau (French 1683-1764)
(1900) Sarabande for clavecin by Jean Philippe Rameau (French 1683-1764)
(1902) Sarabande for clavecin by Jean Baptiste Loeilly (French 1660-1728)

IMSLP presentation on MacDowell_____38 songs by Edward MacDowell
37 compositions by Ethelbert Nevin (American 1862-1901)
(1890) Four Piano Compositions Valzer Gentile . Slumber Song . Intermezzo . Song of the Brook
Melody and Habanera for Violin and Piano Melody . Habanera
Water Scenes Dragon Fly . Ophelia . Water-Nymph . Narcissus . Barcarolle
In Arcady A Shepherd's Tale . Shepherds All and Maidens Fair . Lullabye . Tournament
Two Etudes Romance . Scherzo
(1893) Barcarolle for Violin and Piano
(1896) La Guitare
May in Tuscany Arlecchino . Notturno . Barchetta . Misericordia . Il Rusignuolo . La Pastorella
A Day in Venice Alba . Gondolieri . Canzone Amorosa . Buona Notte
En Passant A Fontainebleau . In Dreamland . Napoli . At Home
O'er Hill and Dale 'Twas a Lover and His Lass . The Thrush . Love Is Astraying Ever Since Maying .
————The Lark's on the Wing

IMSLP presentation on Nevin_____31 songs by Ethelbert Nevin
31 compositions by Arthur Pryor (American 1870-1942)
(1896) Sweet Lorena Ray song sheet music
(1897) Ye Boston Tea Party march sheet music
(1898) Love Thoughts waltz sheet music
(1898) The Gridiron march sheet music
(1899) A Coon Band Contest jazz foxtrot sheet music
(1899) Southern Hospitality ragtime cakewalk sheet music
(1903) Mr. Black Man march sheet music
(1904) The Victor march sheet music
(1905) Razzazza Mazzazza rag-time two-step sheet music
(1905) The Whistler and His Dog caprice sheet music
(1906) The Baby Parade march sheet music
(1907) After Sunset intermezzo sheet music
(1908) Captain Cupid march sheet music
(1908) In Lover's Lane tone poem
(1909) Frozen Bill rag sheet music
(1909) Teddy-After-Africa humoresque two-step sheet music
(1911) That Flying Rag
(1914) Toute la Nuit one-step two-step rag sheet music
(1917) We'll Be There, Uncle Sammy march song sheet music
(1919) American Legion march sheet music

Perfessor Bill's presentation on Pryor
MIDI presentations from the piano roll collection of Frank L. Himpsl
Aeroplane Dip US 66857 . An African Beauty AEO 89725 . An Arkansaw Huskin' Bee QRS 30824 .
Arms of America March PE 80533 . Artful Artie QRS 30635 . Blood Lilies: A Japanese Romance QRS 30089 .
Danny and His Hobby Horse Virtuoso 65N 5603 . Down At Asbury Park AEO65N 69479 . On Jersey Shore Arto 88052 .
The Arcade Girl Virtuoso 88N 80761 . The Passing of Rag Time QRS58N X3087
36 compositions by "Marie Louka", a pseudonym of Johann C. Schmid (American 1870-1951)
(1901) Japanese Fire Dance characteristic sheet music
(1902) Flowers of Youth caprice sheet music
(1902) The Rajah march and two-step sheet music
(1903) Cupid's Dart idylle caprice sheet music
(1903) Karmara African bolo dance sheet music
(1904) A Silent Prayer reverie sheet music
(1904) Daisies song sheet music
(1904) Dance of the Snowflakes characteristic sheet music
(1904) The Fadette march and two-step sheet music
(1904) The North American march and two-step sheet music
(1905) Dance of the Dewdrops characteristic sheet music
(1905) Fire and Flame march and two-step sheet music
(1905) Fleeting Hours reverie sheet music
(1905) The Hour of Prayer reverie sheet music
(1906) Birds and Breezes waltzes sheet music
(1906) The Captain General march and two-step sheet music
(1907) Phasma shadow dance sheet music
(1908) Ocean Spray mazurka caprice sheet music
(1912) Cap and Gown march sheet music
(1912) Dance of the Toys characteristic sheet music
(1912) Dancing Dolls waltz sheet music
(1912) Mission Bells tone poem sheet music
(1912) Sunset on the Ocean reverie sheet music
(1925) Mother's Lullaby songs manuscript
(1939) Damask Rose nocturne sheet music
(1939) Dance of the Fireflies dance sheet music
(1939) Dancing Shadows dance sheet music
(1939) Thoughts at Sunset reverie sheet music
(1941) Beyond the Twilight's Purple Glow song manuscripts
(1941) Chins Up America march manuscript
(1941) Flowers From the Dust song 1940 manuscript
(1941) On Kailua's Shore song manuscript
(1941) The War Correspondent march manuscript
(1941) untitled 1 song manuscripts
(1941) untitled 2 song manuscripts
(1941) We're Standing By America song manuscript

Johann C. Schmid's "Marie Louka" music

49 compositions by J. S. Zamecnik (American 1872-1953)
(1908) College Yell march two-step
(1909) A Trip to the North Pole descriptive march two-step
(1911) The Bee and the Floweret moderato grazioso
(1911) The Secret of the Sea barcarole
(1912) College Capers march two-step
(1912) Mandy's Ragtime Waltz
(1913) Movie Rag novelty two-step
(1914) Co-ed march two-step
(1914) World Peace march
(1916) All America march
(1916) Ole Virginny one-step
(1916) The Last Farewell waltz
(1917) For the Freedom of the World marching song
(1917) Spirit of America a patriotic patrol
(1917) The Fox Trail march
(1917) The Wooing Hour serenade
(1919) In a Canoe serenade
(1919) Most Anything a one-step riot
(1919) Ole South a plantation patrol
(1920) Blue Bells moderato grazioso
(1921) Star of the Orient tone picture
(1926) Polly © Sam Fox Pub. Co.
Fox March Folio Vol. 1 for the Piano (1921) The Ambassador . Our Boys . Class Day . Royal Knight . The Patriot .
_____The Flying Ace . Field of Glory . On the Hike . The Diplomat . America's Finest
Fox March Folio Vol. 2 for the Piano © 1923 by Sam Fox Pub. Co. Varsity Cadets . Knights and Ladies . Pride of the Sea .
_____Brigadier General . Glorious America . Season's Greetings . West High . Class Colors . Bachelor Girls . College Stunts
Marches in the American Way © 1941 by Sam Fox Pub. Co. Army Officers . World Events . Dress Parade by "Frederic
_____Van Norman" (a pseudonym of J. S. Zamecnik) . The Fleet . Yankee Land . American Youth
Top Flight Marches for the Piano © 1954 by Sam Fox Pub. Co. Nation's Pride

Perfessor Bill's presentation on Zamecnik
8 compositions by James M. Fulton (American 1873-1940)
(1900) The Pioneer march sheet music . (1901) Colored Delegates cakewalk and two-step sheet music .
(1908) Battleship Connecticut march and two-step sheet music . (1908) The New Tipperary march sheet music .
(1909) The Indomitable march and two-step sheet music . (1910) Lonesome Little Me song sheet music

MIDI presentations from the piano roll collection of Frank L. Himpsl
Battleship Oregon March WURL Pianino 10-6 . Ragged Raglets QRS65N 03654

Jeff Yaeger's presentation on Fulton
9 compositions by John F. Barth (American 1874-1947)
(1903) Foxy Sam characteristic two-step . (1903) Rambling Mose characteristic march and two-step .
(1910) Frat march two-step . (1911) Rooters march two-step . (1912) School Days march two-step .
(1912) Toboggan Rag two-step . (1913) Sorority march . (1919) Moon-Glow

MIDI presentation from the piano roll collection of Frank L. Himpsl Ma Ragtime Queen Royal 4076

Library of Congress presentation on Barth
64 compositions by Charles L. Johnson (American 1875-1950)
(1895) Weary Walkers march
(1899) Belle of Havana waltzes
(1899) Doc Brown's Cake Walk Kansas City rag
(1899) Scandalous Thompson
(1901) With Fire and Sword march two-step
(1902) A Black Smoke dance characteristic and two-step
(1904) A Whispered Thought novelette
(1906) Dill Pickles Rag
(1906) Iola intermezzo
(1907) Sneeky Peet characteristic two-step
(1907) Southern Beauties two-step
(1908) All the Money march two-step by "Raymond Birch"
(1908) Beedle-Um-Bo slow drag by "Raymond Birch"
(1908) Fairy Kisses waltzes
(1908) Fawn Eyes intermezzo
(1908) Fine and Dandy two-step
(1908) Harvest Hop barn dance
(1908) Powder Rag by "Raymond Birch"
(1909) Apple Jack Rag
(1909) Dixie Twilight characteristic march
(1909) Kissing Bug Rag
(1909) Pansy Blossoms Rag
(1909) Pigeon Wing Rag
(1909) Porcupine Rag
(1909) Silver King Rag
(1909) Sunbeam intermezzo
(1909) Tobasco rag-time waltz
(1909) Wedding of the Fairies waltz
(1910) Golden Spider Rag
(1910) Heart Fancies waltzes
(1910) Lady Slippers Rag by "Raymond Birch"
(1910) Silver Star intermezzo
(1910) The Blushing Rose serenade
(1910) Under the Southern Moon two-step
(1910) Yankee Bird march two-step
(1911) Cloud Kisser Rag by "Raymond Birch"
(1911) Cum Bac Rag
(1911) Melody Rag by "Raymond Birch"
(1911) Queen of Fashion waltzes
(1911) Tar Babies Rag
(1911) The Barber Pole Rag
(1912) Golden Moon
(1912) Hen Cackle Rag a barnyard disturbance
(1912) School Life march two-step
(1912) Swanee Rag
(1913) Butterflies caprice
(1913) Crazy Bone Rag
(1914) Dream On waltzes
(1914) Honeysuckle one-step
(1914) Peek-A-Boo Rag
(1914) Summer Breezes waltzes
(1915) Alabama Slide fox trot
(1916) Blue Goose Rag by "Raymond Birch"
(1916) Doodle-De-Dum such a funny little tune
(1916) Golden Hours reverie
(1916) Teasing the Cat rag or fox trot
(1917) Fun on the Levee cakewalk
(1918) Snookums Rag
(1918) Sweet Memories waltz

presentations on Johnson
Perfessor Bill . Ted Tjaden . IMSLP
MIDI presentations from the piano roll collection of Frank L. Himpsl
By the Silvery Nile QRS 1843 . Croon Time Cremona A-508-7 . The Pink Poodle UprightandGrand 9405 .
Spanish Moon QRS 2247 . Where the Lanterns Glow AUTO A-678-6
30 compositions by Edwin Franko Goldman (American 1878-1956)
(1922) The Chimes of Liberty march song sheet music
The Schirmer Album of Twelve Goldman Marches for the Piano © 1935 by G. Schirmer, Inc.
_____On the Heights . The Age of Progress . Exposition . College Spirit . Equinox . The Interlochen Bowl . Tribute to Sousa .
_____Cheerio . Shenandoah . Children's March . Cuckoo March . Excelsior

The Goldman March Album for Piano © 1936 by Carl Fischer Inc.
_____The Emblem of Freedom . On the Air . On the Campus . On the Mall . On Parade . On the Farm . Central Park . Sunapee .
_____Sagamore . Eagle Eyes . Indian March . Radio City . Mother Goose . Boy Scouts of America . Young America
Top Flight Marches for the Piano © 1954 by Sam Fox Pub. Co. The American Way . The Golden Rule

photograph of John Philip Sousa shaking hands with Edwin Franko Goldman
40 compositions by Eastwood Lane (American 1879-1951)
(1913) In Sleepy Hollow In Sleepy Hollow . On Tappan Zee (A Boat Song) . A Mid-October Afternoon (Reverie) . Katrina's Waltz
(1918) The Little Fisherman song sheet music
Five American Dances The Crap Shooters (A Negro Dance) . Around the Hall (A Dance-Hall Ditty) . A Gringo Tango .
__________North of Boston (A Barn Dance) . Powwow (An Indian Reminiscence)
Adirondack Sketches The Old Guide's Story . The Legend of Lonesome Lake . Down Stream .
__________The Land of the Loon (A Camp-Fire Story) . A Dirge for Jo Indian . Lumber-Jack Dance
(1922) from
Mongoliana The Blue-Robed Mandarins
(1925) from
Eastern Seas Sea Burial © J. Fischer & Bro.
(1926) Persimmon Pucker © J. Fischer & Bro.
Sold Down the River © J. Fischer & Bro. Preamble . Uncle Tom and Legree . Little Eva . Topsy's Dance . Sand Shuffle .
__________Uncle Tom's Dance . Sold Down the River . Dirge . Little Eva Goes to Heaven
Pantomimes © J. Fischer & Bro. Girl on Tiptoe . Caravan from China . Abelard and Heloise
Fourth of July © Robbins Music Corporation Parade . Minuet for Betty Schuyler . Swing Your Partner .
__________Waltz on the Village Green
Here Are Ladies! © J. Fischer & Bro. Serenade for Madame Chiang Kai-shek . Grandmother's Sunday School Days .
__________Lines for Ann Rutledge . Her Mother Was Irish . Shropshire Lass

IMSLP presentation on Lane
10 compositions by "Kenneth J. Alford", a pseudonym of F. J. Ricketts (British 1881-1945)
(1908) The Thin Red Line march © 1925 by Hawkes & Son . (1914) Colonel Bogey march . (1916) The Great Little Army march .
(1917) On the Quarter Deck march . (1917) The Middy march . (1917) The Voice of the Guns march . (1917) Thoughts valse .
(1919) The Vanished Army march . (1921) The Mad Major march . (1929) Old Panama march © Hawkes & Son
17 compositions by Ferde Grofι (American 1892-1972)
(1926) Mississippi © 1926 by Leo Feist, Inc. Father of Waters . Huckleberry Finn . Old Creole Days . Mardi Gras
Three Shades of Blue © 1927 by Robbins Music Corporation Indigo . Alice Blue . Heliotrope
Grand Canyon Suite (piano arrangements by D. Savino) © 1932 by Robbins Music Corporation
__________Sunrise . Painted Desert . On the Trail . Sunset . Cloudburst
Music for Moderns (piano arrangements by D. Savino) © 1944 by Robbins Music Corporation
__________Ode to Freedom . My Old Kentucky Home . Christmas Eve . An Ode to the Star Spangled Banner . Killarney
16 compositions by George Gershwin (American 1898-1937)
(1917) Rialto Ripples Rag with Will Donaldson
(1922) Yankee Doodle Blues song
(1924) Rhapsody in Blue two pianos © 1924 by WB Music Corp.
Concerto in F (transcription for piano solo by Grace Castagnetta) © 1927, 1946 by WB Music Corp. I . II . III
Preludes (edited by Alicia Zizzo) © 1995 by WB Music Corp. I . II . III . Melody No. 17 . Novellette in Fourths . Rubato
Cuban Overture two pianos (transcribed by Gregory Stone) © 1933, 1944 by WB Music Corp.

MIDI presentations from the piano roll collection of Frank L. Himpsl
Nobody But You UN 3549 . Swanee MEL 3707 . The Sweetheart Shop MEL 203733

IMSLP presentation on Gershwin
5 compositions by Jim Yancey (American 1898-1951)
5 Boogie Woogie and Blues Piano Solos as Played by Jim Yancey © 1943 by Leeds Music Corporation
_____East St. Louis Blues . Slow and Easy Blues . State Street Special . Yancey Stomp . Mellow Blues
2 songs by Louis Armstrong (American 1901-1971)
Brother Bill words and music by Louis Armstrong © 1942 by Motor Parts Co., Phila., Pa.
Struttin' With Some Barbeque words by Don Raye, music by Louis Armstrong © 1950, 1951, 1955 by Leeds Music Corporation
3 compositions and 18 arrangements by Earl Hines (American 1903-1983)
Earl "Father" Hines Pianostyles © 1936 by M. M. Cole Publishing Co.
_____Dark Eyes . Frankie and Johnny . Carry Me Back to Old Virginny James Bland . La Paloma Sebastian Yradier .
_____Melody in F Anton Rubinstein . Humoresque Anton Dvorak . Way Down Upon the Swanee River Stephen Foster .
_____Serenade Franz Shubert . When You and I Were Young Maggie V. A. Butterfield . Andantino Edwin H. Lamare

Ivory Icing: Earl Hines' Piano Varieties © 1944 by Harms, Inc.
_____Embraceable You George Gershwin . Lover Come Back To Me Sigmund Romberg .
_____I Know That You Know Vincent Youmans . Somebody Loves Me George Gershwin .
_____The Hour of Parting Boogie Woogie Mischa Spoliansky . Get Happy Harold Arlen .
_____Jelly Jelly Blues Billy Eckstein, Earl Hines . Ev'rything Depends On You Charles Carpenter, Louis Dunlap, Earl Hines .
_____When Day Is Done Robert Katcher . Tantalizing a Cuban Earl Hines

Boogie Woogie on Handy's St. Louis Blues piano solo by Earl Hines © 1945 by W. C. Handy sheet music
21 compositions and 29 arrangements by Fats Waller (American 1904-1943)
African Ripples © 1931 by Joe Davis, Inc. Alligator Crawl © 1934 by Joe Davis, Inc.
Clothes Line Ballet © 1934 by Joe Davis, Inc. Effervescent © 1934 by Joe Davis, Inc.
Viper's Drag © 1934 by Joe Davis, Inc.

Fats Waller's Original Piano Conceptions No. 1 © 1935 by Mills Music, Inc.
_____Dinah Sam M. Lewis, Joe Young, Harry Akst
_____Ain't Misbehavin' with Andy Razaf, Harry Brooks
_____Margie Benny Davis, Con Conrad, J. Russel Robinson
_____Girl of My Dreams Sunny Clapp
_____Who's Sorry Now? Bert Kalmar, Harry Ruby, Ted Snyder
_____Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea Ted Koehler, Harold Arlen
_____For Me and My Gal E. Ray Goftz, Edgar Leslie, Geo. W. Myer
_____Just a Girl That Men Forget Al Dupin, Fred Rath, Joe Garren
_____Mary Lou Abe Lyman, George Waggner, J. Russel Robinson
_____Sweet Mamma Fred Rose, George A. Little, Peter L. Frost

Fats Waller's Original Piano Conceptions No. 2 © 1936 by Mills Music, Inc.
_____Stormy Weather Ted Koehler, Harold Arlen
_____Nobody's Sweetheart Gus Kahn, Ernie Erdman, Billy Meyers, Elmer Schoebel
_____I Can't Give You Anything But Love Dorothy Fields, Jimmy McHugh
_____My Honey's Lovin' Arms Herman Ruby, Joseph Meyer
_____To-Night You Belong To Me Billy Rose, Lee David
_____Just a Baby's Prayer At Twilight Sam M. Lewis, Joe Young, M. K. Jerome
_____Blue Grant Clarke, Edgar Leslie, Lou Handman
_____Strut, Miss Lizzie Creamer, Layton
_____When You're Smiling Mark Fisher, Joe Goodwin, Larry Shay
_____Rose of the Rio Grande Edgar Leslie, Harry Warren, Ross Gorman

Fats Waller's Swing Sessions for the Piano © 1937 by Mills Music, Inc.
_____Jealous Tommie Malie, Dick Finch, Jack Little
_____Truckin' Ted Koehler, Rube Bloom
_____Star Dust Mitchell Parish, Hoagy Carmichael
_____Shoe Shine Boy Sammy Cahn, Saul Chaplin
_____I Surrender Dear Harry Barris, Gordon Clifford
_____Happy As the Day Is Long Ted Koehler, Harold Arlen
_____When It's Sleepy Time Down South Leon Renι, Otis Renι, Clarence Muse
_____How Come You Do Me Like You Do Gene Austin, Roy Bergere
_____Yaaka Hula Hickey Dula E. Ray Goetz, Joe Young, Pete Wendling
_____Just Try to Picture Me Down Home in Tennessee Wm. Jerome, Walter Donaldson

Fats Waller's Own Original Tunes © 1937 by Clarence Wiliams Music Pub. Co., Inc.
_____Squeeze Me! with Clarence Williams
_____Waller-ing Around
_____Call the Plumber In! with Andy Razaf
_____The Heart That Once Belonged To Me with Clarence Williams
_____Wild Cat Blues with Clarence Williams
_____Senorita Mine with Clarence Williams, Spencer Williams, Eddie Rector
_____Crazy 'Bout That Man of Mine with Spencer Williams, Clarence Williams
_____Old Folks' Shuffle with Clarence Williams
_____I'm Not Worrying with Clarence Williams
_____Midnight Stomp with Clarence Williams, Chris Smith
_____The Short Trail Became a Long Trail with Andy Razaf
_____Swingin' Hound with Clarence Williams, Eddie Rector, Spencer Williams
_____Any Day the Sun Don't Shine with Andy Razaf
_____Brother Ben with Spencer Williams
_____Lonesome One with Clarence Williams

IMSLP presentation on Waller
5 compositions by Pete Johnson (American 1904-1967)
5 Boogie Woogie Piano Solos by Pete Johnson © 1941 by Leeds Music Corporation
_____Blues on the Downbeat . Kaycee On My Mind with Dave Dexter . Cherry Red . Roll 'Em Pete . Holler Stomp
7 compositions by Count Basie (American 1904-1984)
Blues by Basie © 1943-1944 by Bregman, Vocco and Conn, Inc.
_____Bugle Blues . Cafe Society Blues . Way Back Blues . Blues Boogie with Buster Harding .
_____Blue Room Jump with Milton Ebbins and Andy Gibson . You Can't Run Around (Blues) with Jimmy Rushing .
_____Kansas City Keys with Milton Ebbins and Buster Harding
5 compositions by Albert Ammons (American 1907-1949)
5 Boogie Woogie Piano Solos by Albert Ammons © 1941 by Leeds Music Corporation
_____Boogie Woogie Stomp . Shout For Joy . Boogie Woogie Blues . Bass Gone Crazy . Monday Struggle
11 compositions and 7 arrangements by Sammy Price (American 1908-1992)
5 Boogie Woogie and Blues Piano Solos as Composed and Played by Sammy Price © 1943 by Leeds Music Corporation
_____Blues in C . Teed Up . Jumpin' the Boogie . Sweepin' the Blues Away . Frantic

Boogie-Woogie Land (by Sammy Price and Irene Higginbotham) © 1944 by Edward B. Marks Music Corporation
_____Boogie Woogie in the Groove Sam Price . There'll Be Some Changes Made W. Benton Overstreet .
_____Riffin' the Boogie Sam Price . Tishomingo Blues Spencer Williams . Shouting the Boogie Sam Price .
_____Paper Doll Johnny S. Black . I Got To Boogie Sam Price . Dark Eyes Traditional .
_____La Cucaracha The Mexican Cockroach Song . Honky-Tonk Boogie Sam Price . Jazz Me Blues Tom Delaney .
_____Bye Bye Boogie Sam Price . Mama Inez Eliseo Grenet
5 compositions and 27 arrangements by Art Tatum (American 1909-1956)
Art Tatum Improvisations © 1939 by Robbins Music Corporation
_____If I Had You Ted Shapiro, Jimmy Campbell, Reg. Connelly
_____Stompin' at the Savoy Benny Goodman, Chick Webb, Edgar Sampson
_____I'm in the Mood for Love Jimmy McHugh, Dorothy Fields
_____When I Grow Too Old to Dream Oscar Hammerstein II, Sigmund Romberg
_____How Am I To Know? Dorothy Parker, Jack King
_____Just You, Just Me Raymond Klages, Jesse Greer
_____Good Night Sweetheart Ray Noble, Jimmy Campbell, Reg. Connelly
_____I'm Coming Virginia Will Marion Cook, Donald Heywood
_____The Moon Is Low Arthur Freed, Nacio Herb Brown
_____Should I Arthur Freed, Nacio Herb Brown
_____Don't Blame Me Dorothy Fields, Jimmy McHugh
_____Blue Moon Lorenz Hart, Richard Rogers
_____Pagan Love Song Arthur Freed, Nacio Herb Brown
_____Sweet and Lovely Gus Arnheim, Harry Tobias, Jules Lemare

5 Jazz Piano Solos by Art Tatum © 1944 by Leeds Music Corporation
_____Carnegie Hall Bounce . Night Scene . Gang o' Nothin' . Jumpin' For Sumpin' . Live Jive

Art Tatum Improvisations No. 2 © 1946 by Robbins Music Corporation
_____Lullaby in Rhythm Benny Goodman, Edgar Sampson, Clarence Profit, Walter Hirsch
_____China Boy Dick Winfree, Phil Boutelje
_____Don't Get Around Much Anymore Bob Russell, Duke Ellington
_____Wabash Blues Dave Ringle, Fred Meinken
_____Sunday Ned Miller, Chester Cohn, Jules Stein, Bennie Krueger
_____I'll Never Be the Same Gus Kahn, Matt Malneck, Frank Signorelli
_____Ja-Da Bob Carleton
_____What Can I Say After I Say I'm Sorry? Walter Donaldson, Abe Lyman
_____I Got It Bad and That Ain't Good Paul Webster, Duke Ellington
_____The Wang Wang Blues Leo Wood, Gus Mueller, Buster Johnson, Henry Busse
_____Hot Lips Henry Busse, Henry Lange, Lou Davis
_____At Sundown Walter Donaldson
_____Runnin' Wild Joe Grey, Leo Wood, A. Harrington Gibbs
13 compositions and 11 arrangements by Mary Lou Williams (American 1910-1981)
5 Piano Solos as Played and Written by Mary Lou Williams © 1941 by Leeds Music Corporation
_____A Mellow Bit of Rhythm with Herman Walder . Toadie Toddle with Sharon Pease . Scratchin' in the Gravel .
_____Mary Lou Williams Blues . Walkin' and Swingin'

Mary Lou Williams Boogie-Woggie Piano Transcriptions © 1943 by Robbins Music Corporation
_____Don't Blame Me Dorothy Fields, Jimmy McHugh
_____Roll 'Em Mary Lou Williams
_____Stompin' at the Savoy Benny Goodman, Chick Webb, Edgar Sampson
_____Runnin' Wild Joe Grey, Leo Wood, A. Harrington Gibbs
_____I'm in the Mood for Love Jimmy McHugh, Dorothy Fields
_____Lullaby in Rhythm Benny Goodman, Edgar Sampson, Clarence Profit, Walter Hirsch
_____Sleepy Time Gal Jos. R. Alden, Raymond B. Egan, Ange Lorenzo, Richard A. Whiting
_____If I Had You Ted Shapiro, Jimmy Campbell, Reg. Connelly
_____Clouds Gus Kahn, Walter Donaldson
_____I Never Knew Tom Pitts, Ray Egan, Roy K. Marsh
_____The Moon Is Low Arthur Freed, Nacio Herb Brown
_____How Am I To Know? Dorothy Parker, Jack King
_____Little Joe From Chicago Mary Lou Williams, Henry Wells

6 Original Boogie-Woogie Piano Solos by Mary Lou Williams © 1944 by Robbins Music Corporation
_____Special Freight . Dueces Wild . Twinklin' . Bobo and Doodles . The Duke and the Count . Chili Sauce
2 compositions and 3 arrangements by Billy Kyle (American 1914-1966)
5 Blues Piano Solos as Played by Billy Kyle © 1943 by Leeds Music Corporation
_____"A" Flat To "C" Billy Kyle . Pastel Blue Charles Shavers, Artie Shaw . Undecided Charles Shavers, Sid Robin .
_____Rehearsin' For a Nervous Breakdown Charles Shavers . Blues From Me To You Billy Kyle
5 compositions by Jay McShann (American 1916-2006)
5 Piano Solos by Jay McShann © 1942 by Leeds Music Corporation
_____Confessin' the Blues with Walter Brown . Dexter Blues . Vine Street Boogie . Hootie Blues with Charles Parker .
_____Jumpin' the Blues with Charles Parker
some American marches
OS = online sources
AW =
Marches in the American Way © 1941 by Sam Fox Pub. Co.
VB =
Left Foot, Right Foot March Album for Piano © 1942 by Volkwein Bros. Inc.
CM =
Warner's Album of Marches for Piano © 1946 by The Chart Music Publishing House
TF =
Top Flight Marches for the Piano © 1954 by Sam Fox Pub. Co.
(1885) OS American Patrol F. W. Meacham sheet music
(1896) OS The Monarch George Meade sheet music
(1907) OS National Emblem E. E. Bagley sheet music
(1910) OS University of Maine Stein Song E. A. Fenstad sheet music
(1917) OS Hail To America Fred K. Huffer sheet music
(1918) CM Salute the Gang Fred K. Huffer
(1923) VB Our Fighting Men M. S. Rocereto
(1928) AW Semper Paratus Francis Saltus Van Boskerck
(1932) AW President Roosevelt Louis De Francesco
(1932) VB The Freshman Louis J. Panella
(1935) TF Grand Old Grads Paul Yoder
(1939) AW Aces of the Air "Lester Brockton" (Mayhew Lester Lake)
(1939) CM Fame and Fortune Fred K. Huffer
(1939) VB The Rolling Hills of Pennsylvania Lois Miller
(1939) AW Youth On Parade Geoffrey O'Hara
(1940) AW The Ramparts We Watch A. Gordon Beecher
(1941) AW American Emblem Gordon Powell
(1941) AW National Defense "Lester Brockton" (Mayhew Lester Lake)
(1941) AW Our Marines William D. Wardwell
(1941) AW Pledge of Allegiance Arthur Bergh
(1941) AW Regimental Review Walter Westfall
(1942) CM Speed King George Theodore Johnson
(1942) CM Valiant Sons H. A. VanderCook
(1943) TF Americans All L. De Francesco
(1945) CM March of the Champions Fred K. Huffer
(1949) TF Band of America Paul Lavalle
(1949) TF Our United States Frank Ventre
(1950) TF Sousa Day Fran Wine-Gar
(1954) TF On To Victory L. De Francesco
(1954) TF Passing In Review Frank Ventre
(1954) TF Sound Off! L. De Francesco
(1954) TF Sports Classic D. M. Whetstone
(1954) TF Standard Bearer L. De Francesco
(1954) TF The Golden Eagle Erik Leidzen
(1954) TF To the Colors L. De Francesco
(1954) TF Victorious Arms J. Belasco

thoughts on scriptures
notes on scriptural prophecies
the first first year of Zedekiah
musings on Nephite money
musings on the sealed plates
miscellaneous presentations
letters to Enoch Williamson or included with them (1851-1863)
A Practical Method for the Pianoforte by O. D. Weaver (1906)
two songs by George M. Cohan about America's first President
"Give Me the Old Fashioned Love" a song by Della Mavity McDonnell
"Nymph" a short story by John McDonnell