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April,14, 2003: page looks little bit odd...wonder what I can add to it~ nice...i just added some flowers on~lol

OH GOD...this ESSAY is funny~ Link

I think I should add a chat board here...

Oh hey! i just updated the Math 152 exam..with's actually math 221 exam..but the guys in the math club says it's the same... Btw...the pictures are in png format, i think all computers should be able to view them~ If not, just tell me~

This person is so handsome! Link and guess what...this person is a...

Math 100/101 Shit

Math100 Exam
Probability Distribution Package
Math101 Exam
Nonhomogenous Linear Equations Package

Math 152 Bullshit

Do it first!! I will try getting the answers by tonight!!

April 2002 Exam (No Answer)
April 2003 Exam (No Answer)
Links to MC practice questions! (We are gonna get MC on the Exam!!)
Math 221 Exams Package (with answers!!)

Tell me if u have any questions~ E-mail Me!