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Homemade Lemon Gin

Make sure you have the following ingredients before you begin.

1 Envelope of yeast,
12 Oranges,
12 Lemons,
4 Grapefruit,
7 lbs. of white sugar,
2 Slices of toasted bread.

First make sure everything is steralized. Then slice (or mince) all of the fruit. Before you put the fruit in your bucket pour all of the sugar in and dilute it with 2 gallons of boiling water. Now place all of the fruit in the bucket and fill the bucket with 5 gallons of water. Let the two pieces of toast float on the top and place the yeast in between the two slices. Keep at room temperature for 28 days.


After the 28 days are up take the specific gravity every day until you get 2 consecutive readings. Now you can A) rack to your carboy and leave until clear, or B) filter.

This is a general recipe for homemade lemon gin which will yield about 38% alc./vol. If you are interested in some tips on how to improve your gin surf on over to my berry and fruit wine tips page. Many of the tips are pretty obviously usefull here as well.


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