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+ July 1, 2000 +

I'm sorry to tell you that Kristen's Land is now closed. It is nothing but a mess and I haven't updated in over a year now. After I got rid of my webtv and got a new computer I have found many more exciting new things on the web.

Sorry to let everyone down, but I have neither the time or any desire what-so-ever to deal with this site. I had spent a great time on it, and now I have moved on to other bigger and better things. Things that mean something to me and much more important. Well thank you for visiting anyway...

In Regards,
k r i s t e n

Now you may either:

+ E-mail me at
+ visit my new online journal site (you need frame capability most likely) called + moon petals + which also has much more personal stuff about me. (it's my pride and joy!)
+ or visit my current project titled about drummer David Silveria called Silveria Net

goodbye!!! and thank you for your kind words you left in the guestbook and many hits on the counter!