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Welcome to my DX and Radio Amateur page

I'm DX-ing now for years and am a Alva Tango member now for 6 years. I have many countries worked and its nice to speak to fellow radio users. For DX i use allmost the same equipment as for my Packet Radio.See here the info about it.


Tranciever: President Lincoln Power 0.1-25 Watts.
Amplifier: Zetagi BV603 Power +- 300 Watts.
Antenna:Sigma 4000 7/8 wave on 17m top.
Microphone: Sadelta Echo Master Pro.
Antenna Matcher: Zetagi M27.

My hobby is very big.I like to listen to the Amateur Bands,and surch on the Short Wave frequenties as well.I have two receivers for that. One is the ICOM IC-R70,you see the newer model under here. Its frequenty is from 100Khz till 30 Mhz in all possible modes. My second receiver is allso a ICOM,its the ICOM IC-R7000. That one runs from 25Mhz till 2.000Mhz all modes as well. And on this one,i have a Tv card as well,so i can watch ATV as well. ATV is short for Amateur TeleVision. I don't have a picture of my R7000 yet,if i have,i will add it inhere as well. Icom receiver IC R71 100Khz-30Mhz Fm,Am and Ssb.

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