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Avon Centennial and Reunion 2000
Here's what we looked like back when.
And here's what we look like now. Really, the ones at the reunion represented the class very well. Everyone seems healthy, fit, and enthusiastic about life.

The Greenfield house, just around the corner from where I grew up, and now beautifully restored.

 The school, showing the water tower, freshly decorated for the Centennial.

 A little out of place, maybe, because it's taken in Yankton, but representing Avon Classes of '60, '62, and '64, plus a teacher of many classes.

Second grade. Naturally, we didn't have enough rooms and teachers in the Avon Public School for each class, so we had to share with the little kids in first grade. Of course, this was traded the next year when WE were the little kids.
  Since somebody asked, we've made an attempt to figure out who those kids were. Please help out. Here's what we've come up with:
  Front (left to right) Curtis Dyvig, Janice Voigt, Mary Engel, Mike McLane, Ken Ulrich, Bob Smith, Lee Duane Denke, Gregg Voigt, Angela Fousek, Kristi Borin.
  Middle: Lora Lee Willemssen, Jim Borin, Flash Kinetic (could he be Dennis Durfey?), Morris Buchholz, Kieth Boese, Ken Juell, Jill Wepking, Ruth Eggers, Larry Oliver, Gertrude Wudel.
  Back: Jeff Pier, Terry Medjo, Dennis Hayward, Colin Voigt, Dennis Robinson, Donna Tolsma, Robert Fousek, Linda Sohler.
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