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The Ice Storm
Katie's Role: Libbets Casey
What it's About: A strange look at a family after the sexual revolution. They're seperated from each other although they live in the same house. In fact, the adults act as childish as the kids. Very good although not for everyone.
Warning: Katie is in no way the star, so anyone looking for her in a huge role shouldn't rent it. She's in it for three scenes only and maybe in the whole movie for ten minutes.
Rating: 3.5 out of 4
Disturbing Behavor
Katie's Role: Rachel Wagner
What it's About: In a seemingly peaceful, boring town, a high school and it's parents participate in a plot to turn all the bad, rebelious kids into Honor Roll students by a form of brainwashing.
Warning:Anyone that's used to Katie as an innocent "Joey-type" character and will have a heart attack if she's anything else probably shouldn't rent this. She's a rebelious student in this that wears a lot of tight clothes. Also, keep in mind that this is an extremely bad movie that tries to be a horror film but ends up as a comedy. I thought it was really funny, but it's not supposed to be. Beware!
Rating:1 out of 4 (Sorry Katie, but I have to be truthful)
Katie's Role:Claire Montgomery
What it's About:A black comedy that involves incidents of various characters that are connected by a drug deal that went terribly wrong. A very funny movie in the footsteps of Pulp Fiction and Reservior Dogs. I can't give anything else away because it would ruin the many surprises.
Warning:Katie is in the movie for about 30 or 40 minutes. She's not the main character like in Disturbing Behavor. Anyway, she is very good in this movie and I recommend it highly.
Rating:4 out of 4
Teaching Mrs. Tingle
Katie's Role:Leigh Ann Watson
What it's About:Mrs. Tingle is a horrible teacher that terrorizes her students. Leigh Ann Watson, an honor student that needs only a few percentage points to become class valedictorian. Much depends on the grade she gets in history, and of course Mrs. Tingle is her teacher. She gives her project that clearly deserved an "A" a "C". Things only get worse when Luke, a burn out student, steals a copy of Mrs. Tingle's final exam and stuffs it into Leigh Ann's backpack, where Mrs. Tingle finds it. This leads to Leigh Ann, Luke, and Leigh Ann's best friend going to Tingle's house to tell her that Leigh Ann had nothing to do with the stolen test. And then the trouble starts...
Warning:Another pretty bad movie. I was hoping for a lot more since Kevin Williamson wrote it. Katie still shines in her role though. I wish Katie would star in a good movie.
Rating:2 out of 4 (Not as bad as Disturbing Behavor, but bad enough.)