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The Brock Clan

Joesph Brock brn. 1820 in South Carolina D.O.D. unknown
Miss. Nale [Mahala] Brock brn.1824 in Tennessee D.O.D unknown
There were four children born to this union they are as follows.
William A. Brock brn.1838 in Kentucky death 20 Oct.1926 at the home of his daughter Elizabeth Webb in Orleans,In. He married Maria Jane Dalton unknown date of marriage and death.
Luny Brock brn. in Tenn. 1844 death unknown
Sarah Brock brn. in Tenn. 1846 death unknown.
Madison Brock brn. in Tenn. 1848 death unknown.
William Brock & Maria Jane Dalton's children are as follows.
Joesph Brock In. 1859 date of death unknown.
William J. brn. in In.1861 date of death> Angeline brn. in In.1863 date of death unknown.
George brn. in In.1866 date of death unknown.
Sarah brn. in In.1868 date of death unknown.
John A. brn. in In.April 1869 death 25 May 1967 in South Bend In. in 1901 married Emma Van Dora Riggan in Cenerton In.She was In. 12 Sept.1880 and died 31 July 1951 In.To this union there were twelve [12] children.
Elizabeth brn. in IN.1872 date of death unknown married ? Webb place and date unknown
Alvis brn. in In. 1874 date of death unknown.
James brn. in In.1875 date of unknown.
Charles brn. in In.1879 date of death unknown.
John A. Brock & Emma Van Dora Riggan's children are a follows
(1) Frank M.brn. 22 May 1902 in In.Date of death unknown
(2) fred E. brn. 8 July 1904 in In. death 29 Jan.1981
(3) Mable brn. 9 March 1906 in In. death 3 Oct. 1974
(4) Mary brn. 1 July 1908 in In. death 9 April 1974
(5) Edith brn.22 March 1910 in In. living in Mi.
(6) Henry[hank] brn.14 Nov.1911 in In.death Nov. 1978.
(7) John W.brn.26 Feb1915 in In. living in Mi.
(8) Raymond brn. 1 Jan.1917 inIn. living in Az.
(9) Lula brn. 29 Aug. 1913 in In. living in South Bend,In.
(10) Maurice [Maurie] brn.30 Jan. 1919 i In. death unknown at this time.
(11) Leroy [Lee] brn. 20 June 1921 in In. living in Az.
(12) Cora [Toots] brn.22 Aug 1923 in In. living in Lakeville,In.

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