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Adkins My Family

THE THOMAS ADKINS FAMILY Thomas Adkins born 1760 in Ninety-six District, South Carolina,later cahnged to Laurens District. He married Rutha Lynch 1,Jan.1782 in Laurens District,South Carolina by John Montgomery.{It is not known if all of their children where born in South Carolina} For by Thomas's own words in his appication for Veterans Pension as a Revolutionary War Vet.that he and Rutha moved to Tennessee and later to Whitley Co. Ky. Where he and Rutha lived for 25 to 30 years,which would have been around 1803 or 1808 when they moved from Tenn. to Ky. He applied for his pension 21,Oct.1833. He was a farmer and land owner. He owned over 200 acres on Cane Creek. He entered the Revolutionary War at the age of seventeen. Was captured by the British and held Prisoner for sx months,until he made good an escape. Not much more is known about Thomas Adkins,only that he died 5 Aug.1845 in Whitley Co. Ky. at the young age of 85. Rutha applied for his pension after his death, due to an Act passed by Congress the 17 June 1844 and 2 feb. 1848. Rutha died at the young age of 94 years in Whitley Co. Ky. She applied for the pension 18,May 1853 and she passed way 11,Aug. 1853. After her death the children applied for the pension. But as far as we can assertain nevr recieved it. Thomas and Rutha are buried South of Williamsbur,Ky.{The DAR,place a marker on the grave site of Thomas.} Burgess Siler lived about one half mile from them,he took their measurments when they passed and made their caskets. Thomas and Rutha are my 4th Great Grandparents. On my Fathers side.
{1} Jeremiah Adkins brn 1785,South Carolina.Death 25 Aug 1854
Married 2 or 3 times not certain. First wife unknown
{2} Thomas Jr.Adkins brn. 1786,South of death unknown
Married Alcy unknown.
{3} David Adkins,brn.29,July 1792 dth.24 July 1866.Married Susannah Beams brn. 30 Oct. 1797. Dth. 25 July 1861. they had six[6] children.
{4} Talbot Adkins brn.1795 South Carolina or Tenn. We know nothing more of him at this time.
[5} Margaret brn.1798 in Tenn. or of death unknown. Married Daniel Petrie brn.1801 in of death unknown.they had four[4] Children.
{6} Jesse Adkins 1803 Probably Tenn.not sure
Died somewhere between 1824 and 1854.
Little is known about him at this time
{7} Sarah{Sally}Adkins brn.1804 probably Whitley Co.Ky.
Married William Petrie,they had 2 children.
{8} Abner Adkins brn.1805 Whitley Co.Ky.
Married Malinda Mahan. They had 4 children
{9} Luke Adkins brn. !808 Whitley Co.Ky.
Married Sarah{Sally} Woolsey 11,Feb.1838.Not known if any children where born of this union.He was living in Edmonson Co.Ky between 1837 & 1854

JEREMIAH ADKINS{my 3rd Great Grandpa
Was the oldest of nine children bor to Thomas and Rutha Adkins. Born in South Carolina ca.1783. His family move to Tenn.while he was a young child. And grew to manhood there. Sometime between 1803 and 1805,he and his fathers family moved once again. To Knox Co. Ky. later changed to present day Whitley co. He would have been in his early to mid 20's. At the time of the move to Ky. from Tenn.he would live the rest of his life working and living in Whitley Co. He was a farmer and a blacksmith all of his adult life. He inherited fifty three[53] acres of land on Cane Creek,from his father,following his death in Aug. 1845.[Cane Creek is in Whitley Co.Ky.] In his life he aquired three hundred[300] acres of land on the Cumberland River,known as the Rhodes Place.When he died 25,Aug.1854. He was buried in the Kiswick Cemetary in Whitley Co.He was 71 years young. [We know he was married at least twice. His first wife is unknown at this time and it is not known if they Divorced or if she passed away.But it is believed that she more than likey passed away due to childbirth. The last child being born in 1836.] His second wife [as far as we can ascertain] was Valentine Ballen Duncan,known to family asn friends as Vally. We know that Jeremiah fathered at least 15 children,that have been documented. His last child was born to Vally 3,July 1854,just one month and 22 das before his death. This left Vally a widow havngto raise all of her and Jeremiahs children,for te oldest of then was only eleven[11] years of age and the youngest from the previous marriage was 18 years old.[Jeremiah was 32 when his first child was born] Jeremahs children by his first wife are as follows:
{1} Rutha Adkins brn ca. 1815 in Knox Co.Ky. She married Wilbur Siler. Date of their deaths is unknown.

{2} Elijah F.,brn ca. 1817 Knox Co.He married three time. His first wife was Caroline McCorty.2nd wife Mary Freeman. 3rd wife Amanda Barton Sexton.Dates of deaths are unknown at this time.

{3} Christopher Borden[Barton] brn 23 Mar.1821 Knox Co. He married Elizabeth Jane Martin.He died 28,Aug 1899

{4} George Washington brn ca.1823 Knox Co.Died 23,May 1856.

{5} Lewis brn ca.1828 Knox Co. Died 3,Dec.1907. He married twice,first wife is unknown.Second wife was Mary Ann McCorty,brn 1,July 1829. Died 11,Sept. 1881. They had 11 children.
{6} Larkin brn ca.1834 Whitley Co.Ky. Date of death is unknown at this time.

{7} Elizabeth Adkins brn ca.1836 Whitley Co.. Our source states she ded 16 Sept 1859 and another 11,Sept 1860.
Valentine Ballen Duncan Jeremiahs secnd wife was born ca. 1811,Knox Co. Her parents are unknown to us. Jerry and Vally were married 4 Sept 1840 In Campbell Co.Tenn.,she was 29 years old at the time. [It is not known if she had been arried before or if Duncan was her family name. But it is believed that she was married previously.] Vally and Jerry at least eight[8] children. It is not known at th time of this writing when Vally died.
The Children of Vally and Jerry are as Follows:

{1} Caroline Adkins brn ca. 1843 Whitley Co. Ky. Date of death unknown.

{2} Thomas J. brn 4 Mar.1845 Whitley Co. Married Orilla Patnal 28 Jan.1882 in Whitley Co. Nothing else is known about them at this time.

{3} Nancy Adkins brn ca. 1848 Whitley Co. Married Robi Rains 18 Oct. 1864.

{4} Jesse brn c. 1849 Whitley Co. Married Charity ? Date of death unknown.

{5} Joesph brn ca. 1850 Whitley Co. Date of death is unknown.

{6} Julia Adkins brn ca. 1852 Whitley Co. Date of death is unknow.

{7} Pauline Adkins brn ca. 1853 Whitley Co. Married John Klein 29 May 1882. John was born in Scotland.

{8} Louisa Adkins brn 3 July 1854 Whitley Co. Date of death is unknown.

[on the 1850 Whitley Co.census,at the bottom of the page under their children listed,were these two children listed Grandville,brn ca.1847 and Matilda Jane,brn ca.1849.]
On The 2nd day of September in the yrer of our Lord Eighteen Hundred and Fifty Nine, in the County Of Whitley in the State of Kentucky. The Whitley Circuit Court,came the case of Lewis Adkins, Plaintiff,against Elijah Adkins and other defendants in which the decree the said Gillip was made said Courts Commissinoer in saiid case doth hereby uphold,part,convey and transfer to the said Lewis Adkins and his heirs forever all the rights,title,interest and claims of the said Elijah Adkins and the other defendants in said suit as heirs of the late Jeremiah Adkins,deceased. A certain tract or parcel of land lying and being in the County of Whitley and the state of Kentucky,on Cumberland River and known as the Rhodes Place and supposed to contain three hundred[300] acres more or less,and is the same land conveyed to the late Jeremiah Adkins by Adehsin Williams,a Commissioner of the Whitley County Circuit Court in the case of said Jeremiah Adkins aganst Charles Gattiff and others under date of deceased 25th day of August Eighteen Hundred and Fifty Four to have and to hold to the said Lewis Adkins and his heirs or assigns the said tract or parcel of land forever free from the claim or claims of six defendants,heirs of the late Jeremiah Adkins deceased afore said.ELIJAH ADKINS,JOESPH ADKINS,CHRISTY B.ADKINS,JESSE ADKINS, RUTH SILER,PAULINE ADKINS,NANCY ADKINS,JULIA ADKINS,LOUISA ADKINS,and their said heirs forever. In witness where of I have here unto set my hand as Commissioner of said Court this second day of September One Thousand Eight Hundred and Fifty Nine. [We don't know very much of the legal matters.Why didn't Lewis sue all of his siblings or his Step Mother? With continued searching maybe some day we will know the answer.] {Point of Interest: The closest large towns on the Cumberlan River in Ky.are Corbin and Williamsburg in Whitley Co.}
The 3rd.child of Thomas & Rutha dkins.
David & Susannah Adkins children are as follows.
(3a) James brn. 20June 1816 in Whitley Co.,Ky.Dth.5Aug.1871. married Margaret Sexton. Birth & death unknown.
(3b) Matilda brn.1818 in Whitley Co.,Ky.DoD. unknown.Married Wiliam Price.bth. & dth. unknown.
(3c) Susannah brn. 1818 in Whitley Co.,Ky.Dth.unknown.Married George Lawson.Bth. & Dth. unknown.
(3d) Malinda brn.1822 in Whitley Co.,Ky.Dth. unknown. Married Francis Fanlkner.Bth. & Dth. unknown.
(3e) Christina brn.1823 in Whitley Co.,Ky.Dth. unknown. Married Joseph Gray Siler. bth. & dth.unknown.
(3f) David Jr. 24 March 1824 in Whitley Co.,Ky.eath 19 Dec.1883. Married Nancy Faulkner.brith & death unknown.
The 5th child of Thomas & Rutha Adkns
Margaret Adkins & Daniel Petrie's childrn.
(5a) Adam brn.1826,where unknown.death unknown.
(5b) Sally brn.1830 unknown. death unknown.
(5c) Rosan rn.1833 unknown death unknown.
(5d) Jordan brn.1835 unknown.death unknown.
The 7th child of Thomas & Rutha Adkins
Sarah[Sally] Adkins & William Petrie's children.
(7a) Isaac brn, 1825 unknown.death unknown.
(7b) Nelson brn.1841 unknown.death unknown.
The 8th child of Thomas & Rutha Adkins
Malinda Mahan & Abner Adkins's children
(8a) Christopher C. brn.1825 in Whitley Co.,Ky.Death unknown
(8b) Nelson brn.1830 in Whitley Co.,KY.death 9July1864 in a Army hospital in Nashville,Tenn. of dipthria.Married Jane Williams on 5 Feb.1848.
(8c) Luke 1832 Whitley Co. Ky. died 9 July 1864 in Knoxville, Tenn. of wounds from the battle field.{ What a great lost to Abner & Susannah on that day. War is truely HELL.}
(8d) Elizabeth brn.1833 in Whitley Co.,Ky. death. One source has her deth as 16 Sept.1859,the other has it at 11 Spet.1860.She was either 26 or 27 at time of death.
(1a) Rutha was born ca.1815 n Knox Coonty, Kentucky,later changed to present day Whitley County.She was the first born child oj Jeremiah and first wife unknown to us.She married Wilmer Siler.His date of birth ca.1814.Death 31 March is not known where he is buried.He was the son of William Siler,MG. and Nancy Teague.It is not known the date Rutha died ,but she is buried in the Kiswick Cemetery in Whitley Co. Wilmer was only forty one[41] years of age at time of death.
Rutha Adkins and Wilmer Siler had three[3] children.they are as follows.
(1aa) Calvin Siler brn 22 Sept.1834 Knox Co. later Whitely Co.,Ky.He married Charlotte Bennett who w brn. in 1836,it i not known if they had children. Calvin fought in the Civil War on the side of the Union.He was mimmber of Company A,8th Kentucky Regiment,killed at the Battle of Dobbins Ferry on the 9th day December 1862.
(1ab) Sarah Siler in all probality in Whitley County,Kentucky.Date of death 1893 at the age of 56. She married Adam Pitrie on the 25 Sept.1855.Adam was 1837,death unkown.It has been said they had eight[8] children but as of this time I have not been able to find any of them.
(1ac) Martha Siler all probality Whitley County, of death unknown.She married John,date of death unknown.Nothing more is known of these folks at this time.
(2) Elijah Adkins the second child of Jeremiah,wife unknown. Married Caroline McCarty,or Perline {At this time I'm not sure.The two sorurces I have differ in the first names and dates of birth.Caroline brn. 1821 death unknown. Perline brn.1823 death 31Jan.1859 do to T.B.She 36.} Elijah and first wife had seven[7] children,they are a follows.
(2a) James 1842 death unknown.died in Oklahoma,he married Cyntha Galliff At this time I don't know any more these folks.
(2b) Emma E. brn.25 April 1844.Death 18 Dec. 1929,she was 85 years of age. At this writing I've no information on her.
(2c) Mary Jane brn.6 March 1847 twin to Joseph.Date of death unknown.She married Joshua B. Freeman.At this time this is all we know of them.
(2d) Joseph brn.6 March 1847 twin to Mary Jane,died 20 March 1847. He lived only 14 days,cause of death unknown.
(2e) William brn.1849,date of death unknown. Married Martha A. Clark. As of yet we know nothing of these folks.
(2f) Amanda M. brn.8 Oct.1852 in Ky. date of death unknown.Married Quincy Gray on 20 March 1873 in Whitley County,Kentucky.He was brn.1856 the son of William Gray and America Barton.Very little is known of these folks at thie time.
(2g) Perline brn. 28 April 1857.death unknown.Married J.Buchanan Word.25 May 1876 in Whitley Co.,Ky.J.B. was brn. 1856.That is all I have on these folks at present.
Elijah's second merriage was 23 Aug.1866 in Whiyley Co., Mary Freeman 1839.She was the daughter of Seth Freeman.It is not known if Elijah and Mary divorsed,or if she passed away.For he was remarried three[3] years two[2]mo.and five[5] days later for the third and last time.There were no children to this union.
Elijah's third marriage was 28 Oct.1869 to Amanda Barton Sexton,who was married prior and brough three[3] children to this marriage. She and Elijah had two[2] children The children are as follows.
(1) Alexander Sexton brn. in of death unknown.
(2) A.B.Sexton brn. in 1854. death unknown.
(3) Susan Sexton brn. in 1859 death unknown. ( I hope at a later dat to know more about these step children of Elijah's.)
Elijah and Amanda's children.
(2h) Laura Dec.1870.death 23 Dec.1961 at the age of 81years.She married J.H.Early.At tthis time we know nothing more of them.
(2i) Charles F. brn.1872.death unknown.Married 8 Dec.1891 to one Rachel Smith in Whitley Co.,KY.Rachel was March 1874. The daughter of James Smith and Sarah ? Smith.

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