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Soothing poems to go to sleep on

The Poems I promise to make you feel soothing and relaxed. So get a chair and sit by your screen and get ready for the poems I have prepared for you this evening, or this afternoon. Quick get a cup of coffee and sit back....There does that feel better..LOL. On with the poems...

WHEN IS IT LOVE? You hear people say when is this love? When you have your first date? When you receive your first kiss? When you ask me to go steady? When we go out for our first real date with our parents aeound? When you hold me for the first time? When you and I make love for the first time? When we are walking down the street hand and hand? When the minister says he pronounces us Man and Wife? When we realize a child is coming? When we see our first child in all her glory? When we watch her grow up and marry a man who will love her? When she tells us we are going to be grandparents? When we are sitting on the porch in our rocking chairs and reflecting what has happened in our lives? Will that be when we know were in love today and tomorrow....


Is passion wrong when you hurt someone? Is passion wrong when you long for someone you can not have? Is passion wrong when you make love with someone who you should not be with? Is passion wrong when you want someone who is talking to you over the phone and you daydream about them? Is passion wrong when you meet in a chat room and have never met the person you are chatting with? Is passion wrong when he touches you and you want him but know it is so wrong? Is passion wrong when it hurts instead of feeling good? What is your definition of passion?.......


Is my guardian out there? Is he watching over me? Is he here with me? Does he know when I need him? Or when I don't Does he love me? Does he know what love is? Did God send him here for a reason? Is he here to comfort me? To help me through the bad times The good times? Was he there the night I almost died? Did he hold my hand? Did he cry when I could not say anything? Did he show me the journey home? Did he provent me from going to heaven on that day? Was it not my time? Is there such a thing as guardian angels? Yes there is and I was touched by one and I will never be the same again....


Will you always love me when I am bad? Will you always love me when I am good? Will you share with me? Will you always love me? Will you tuck me in at night? Will you hold me tight? Will you make the bad things disappear? Will you bring in the good? Will you always love me? Will you always be there? Will you yell at me when you are mad at me? Will you strike me when I am down? Will you take my hand and hold it when I need moral support? Will you always love me? I know I will always love you.....


I was walking down the road when I saw a glowing light It was an incredible sight It was warm and inviting It beckoned me to come over That is when I saw a glowing light It was bright orange and so bright white it was like crystal It had two beautiful wings It had a beautiful white gown on and a halo over her head I was seeing an angel in all her glory She was so incredibly beautiful So soft but gentle She smiled at me and waved for me to come over I hesisted but went anyway She told me she was sent from God to help me I could not get over the beautiful glow She took my hand and led me to a clearing The pearly gates were open The glow so strong but beautiful She said you are home That same day I heard someone had died and it was me and an angel took me to be with God you see...

Dedication to my brother-in-law Erik

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